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(Original Air Date: 09/20/11) During the 2008 presidential election, Levi Johnston was thrust into the national spotlight as the boyfriend of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol. The attention toward the young couple escalated when Bristol became pregnant. In the media, Johnston was portrayed as the sweet-faced 18-year-old set to marry into Sarah Palin’s happy family. But Levi says the moment the election wrapped and their son, Tripp, was born, the Palins grew distant. He and Bristol called off their engagement, and she later published a book criticizing Levi as a father. More than two years after their breakup, the 21-year-old dad tells his side of the story in his memoir, Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin’s Crosshairs. Dr. Phil sits down with Levi to discuss the book and his soured relationship with the Palins. What’s the latest in this political soap opera? And, find out why Levi says Bristol’s claims about his fathering skills couldn’t be any farther from the truth. Then, separated couple and feuding parents Devon and Bill are at war over custody of their 6-year-old son, Tyler. Can Dr. Phil help them call a truce? And, who’s the better parent for Tyler? Watch and weigh in on this heated custody battle!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: strine on Nov 5, 2012, 8:28PM
Bristol did it and now he's doing it. Sell books and tell every sordid detail because you think the public are suckers with boring lives...and this show keeps advertising these people's books rather than dealing with real issues. I tuned out.
Replied By: galense on Jun 20, 2012, 1:07PM - In reply to my9301
Seriously,.......people any man with over $20,000 in debt should be in prison, seriously - that probably includes your dad, uncle or brother.  Everyone has debt.....you cannot imprioson people due to that.  Wow.  Closeminded people shock me sometimes.  I think finally Levi's truth came out, he appears to be a normal guy that got sucked into a messed up  camera happy family.   Go Levi, live your truth
Replied By: my9301 on Jun 19, 2012, 7:45AM - In reply to sassysandi
I agree completely with that comment.  Dr. Phil was very one-sided-any man who is $20,000 in debt belongs in jail (or woman and unless seriously ill).  Levi got away with it because Dr. Phil quickly skimmed over it.  Shame!
Replied By: moogie41 on Jun 18, 2012, 6:56AM
wow that second  chick after Levi that was on with her ex husband... what a complete absolute fake!  Her fake crying was the ultimate... I feel bad for the kid having a mom like her... as well as a grandma.. the child should be with the dad!  fakers go down!
Replied By: amethystwoman on Jun 16, 2012, 9:38AM
Given that Dr. Phil is usually even-handed and holds all parties accountable, I was surprised that Dr. Phil did not take Levi to task for publicly disparaging the Palins and betraying their trust. We do not need to know every detail of a politician's life, true or untrue. With candidates and politicians, we have enough info to vote for or against them without trashy tabloid stuff. We don't need to know every embarassing, human moment or every family problem of the Palin family, Obama family or any other family. Both Levi and Bristol behaved badly in this, but Levi is responsible for his own behavior. Bristol should have honored Levi's visitation rights, but I think Bristol was very hurt that he betrayed her and her family, apologized, and then took back his apology. I blame Bristol for trying to cut Levi out of Tripp's life. I blame her for using Tripp to punish him. I also blame her for attacking Levi publicly. I blame her for making a bad situation worse, but I don't blame her for not wanting such a man in Tripp's life. What kind of a father behaves like that? She probably wanted to forget that she ever used such poor judgement in going for such a guy. As for Levi's sister's apology, Bristol was probably wary of it seeing as Levi apologized and then took it back. Do Levi and Bristol consider what they will do to their son? That they may leave him very confused or conflicted? As for child support, Bristol might have overlooked that if he were respectful to her and her family, if he quietly went about being a father and worked with her peaceably. I don't know how much she needs his money to care for Tripp.  He should of course help pay to care for him. I am very surpised by how many people are not saying what I am saying.
Replied By: sassysandi on Jun 16, 2012, 4:09AM - In reply to scotticher
Fake crying????? There are people in this world who cannot produce tears but still cry. I am one of those as is my brother. We have an autoimmue disease called Sjogren's that causes extremely dry eyes, mouth, as well as joint issues. There are other reasons why people do not produce tears. You can't judge someone by how they look cause you just might not know the entire story. I've been accused of "fake" crying my entire life and it is so unfair!
Replied By: sassysandi on Jun 16, 2012, 4:07AM - In reply to lmbg59
Sadly, Dr. Phil didn't seem to want to know what the truth was and allowed Levi Johnston to slide about child support and not seeing his son in a month. I admit to being shocked at Dr. Phil's handling of Levi and Bristol's situation. Levi still has an obligation to his son regardless of what Bristol may or may not have done. At least she's not pregnant again while Levi has another child on the way...out of wedlock.

What happened Dr. Phil? Where did you disappear to on this show?
Replied By: sassysandi on Jun 16, 2012, 4:00AM
I am disappointed with the reairing of the Levi Johnston episode and sorry I watched it. I managed to miss it the first time around but am sorry I watched today's show. I've joined the message board simply because of this show even though I watch Dr. Phil every day. I guess I've never been as bothered by a show and disappointed with Dr. Phil on a show before. This took me by surprise. Glad it was the first time I was disappointed by Dr. Phil and hope it's the last time.

None of us know everything about what has gone on with Bristol and Levi or with the Palin's and Levi's family. It's nice he wrote a book that Dr. Phil enjoyed but that does not mean that what he said on TV was accurate. I am disappointed that Dr. Phil seem to give Levi a pass on two huge issues...child support and visiting his son. He said he hadn't seen his son in a month. Why not? They have a stipulation and if he is being denied visitation, why hasn't he done something about it? Maybe because he doesn't want to go to court and remind the Judge that he's $20000 behind in child support and hasn't paid any in a year? His "bodyguard/manager" spoke for Levi and said the child support would be taken care of in a month but Levi didn't speak for himself and I feel Dr. Phil really let Levi off the hook over this and not seeing his son.  

Obviously this show was about promoting the Levi's book and not about holding Levi accountable for his actions. How sad since Levi might have learned something and avoided getting his new girlfriend pregnant. I realize this probably wasn't known (she was in the audience sitting next to "Tank") but she was there so he was involved with her at taping. Did Dr. Phil know she was expecting Levi's second child out of wedlock? Why didn't Dr. Phil give Levi some guidance that being a "Dad" is more than buying a room full of toys, writing a book, and posing for Playgirl? I can't figure out why Levi isn't seeing his son and why Dr. Phil let that go. He won't be much of a Dad to his son if he never sees him.

Where was Dr. Phil's usual accountability with Levi Johnston?
Replied By: gracieg on Jun 15, 2012, 10:03PM
Normally think you are very good at focusing on the important issues, but you missed this one Dr Phil.  The interview with Levi was THE perfect opportunity to address the 'deadbeat dad' issue and you didn't do it.  And in giving Levi a pass, you gave one to all of the tens of thousands of others just like him.
Replied By: pizeta on Jun 15, 2012, 9:46PM
Levi presents as young man with integrity.  He  appears to have a better than average interest in his child, which is encouraging to see.  So his in-laws have no ammunition to throw at him - keep the child support payments up to date.  They will have no concrete evidence, only inuendo, to throw around about him.  What a great  manager in "Tank", no insult intended, he truly is a refridgerator with a head, but what a head - this is a smart man, let him keep talking, he is on the ball. 
To help make his decisions, Levi should consider, what will benefit my son and what will he look back on when he is 20 years old to decide who really cared about him and who had his best interests in mind.   That is what I did after leaving a similar home environment.     Levi go involved in a family whose matriarch appears to be badly broken - that flaw is suffered upon all the family progeny including Bristol.  Her idea about "changing" a man is as old as Alaska, no one thinks that way any more.  It is sad to see that attitude in such a young lady.  She has obviously had some misguided rearing.  It's equivalent to, changing someone from heterosexual to homosexual or vice versa - goofy!
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