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(Original Air Date: 09/21/11) From Botox to plastic surgery, to crazy dieting and countless hours of exercise, many women are going to extremes to achieve their perception of the perfect look -- but how is this adult trend impacting young girls? Dr. Phil’s first guest, Sarah, found herself in the middle of a heated debate on an episode of The Doctors. Sarah has had more than 100 plastic surgery procedures and doesn’t plan to stop any time soon. She even made headlines for administering Botox to her 15-year-old and giving her 7-year-old a voucher for breast implants for when she turns 18. The show’s co-host, E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork, encouraged Sarah to meet with Dr. Phil. Is she addicted to going under the knife? Find out the horrific event that she says led to her plastic surgery obsession and why Dr. Phil is concerned about the message she’s sending her daughters. Then, Debi says that after her 15-year-old daughter, Becca, lost weight, she not only started dressing sexy, she also started dating men in their 20s! Debi says that she battles with Becca daily about her inappropriate wardrobe and behavior and is now seeing her 8-year-old emulate her big sister. Can Dr. Phil get Becca to realize that she’s more than just a pretty face?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: imaginedragons on Jan 2, 2013, 6:47PM
This woman became very famous in the UK after she was in the media after being highly publicized in a television show named "Pushy and Proud", basically about how she encouraged her daughters to look beautiful, it also included talk about her surgeries and how she gave her young daughter a coupon for breast enhancement surgery. So this woman has been in the media a lot. 

Although I would not personally have over a hundred procedures to correct what I don't like about myself or to perfect what I believe are my worst flaws, I have to commend this woman for coming on a show like Dr. Phil at his request, knowing well enough that she was going on there to be told how her decisions were wrong and dangerous and how 'looks aren't everything'. She acted very appropriately and showed proper class and didn't yell or protest like an arrogant idiot like some of the immature people on the show.

It annoyed me so much as Dr. Phil is sat there telling her all about how her decisions are bad and basically implying that she is a bad role model, especially for her daughter and other children. Not only that though, as the camera fanned out to catch the reactions of the audience, I couldn't help notice that most, if not all of the woman included in the shots, were wearing makeup. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but makeup is a form of beauty enhancement, or if not that, a way to hide our flaws and blemishes. 

Although plastic surgery may be a bit more radical and extreme compared to the common use of beauty products like makeup, you can't say she is wrong for her choices as every day people are putting makeup on their face to hide what they don't like about themselves. I know people, including close friends and people in my family, that will not leave the house unless they have makeup on. A family member of mine has this routine where she will go in the shower, washing her makeup off, come out of the shower and put it back on - bearing in mind it's about 8 o'clock at night. This is because she wants to feel more confident and beautiful.

Just because this woman's form of beauty is just a little more permanent, doesn't really give people the right to judge her decisions and it definitely doesn't justify their right to criticize everything she has done. I mean, personally, if I hadn't been told that she has had over a hundred procedures, I wouldn't have guessed she'd had more than a few, if any. That may seem exaggerated, but I am being completely honest. 

What does annoy me are these self-righteous people who are complaining that 'my children watched this and want surgery', or 'oh my poor children, they are going to be scarred for life!', and basically saying what such a bad role model she is, are full of absolute donkey poop. Absolutely full of it. I hate people like that, it's like HAVE SOME COMMON SENSE PEOPLE! If you don't like it, don't let your children watch it. It's not like she's the only person in the entire world that has ever had plastic surgery. Not to mention the good that she has done; she counsells people who have suffered extreme domestic violence to the point where they have serious facial and other bodily disfigurments that leaves them with no confidence and feeling hopeless, she not only helps them psychologically, but she finds them great surgeons who know how to surgically help their situation. She's not a bad person. I mean, okay, physically - meaning the way she dresses and the way she is a free advocate to plastic surgery - may extremely offend some of you overly sensitive people who coddle your children and cover their eyes at every 'evil' sight, but really, as a whole person, she is such a great role model. She revived herself from a serious situation of domestic violence, she nearly lost her life and definitely lost her looks but gained back her confidence and now is a counsellor for those who have also suffered and works to help stop such violence from occuring. Doesn't sound that bad now does it?
Replied By: dominonellies on Dec 30, 2012, 12:20AM - In reply to mikesb
id just like to say that (in her defence) the mother probably did raise her daughter at least slightly better.if you remember the girl didnt start being a hellion till after shed lost weight and become more pleasing to the males she so sought the attention of. before that time she (being less attractive to those who would lead her astray) was more of a bookworm and  student that got good grades. her mother had probably never needed to disipline her before she lost weight. its just a shame that if she had let herself mature into her bodyshape (shedding the puppy weight by about 17 or 18) she would have a totally different outlook on life and would not crave the attention of men so much older than her,just to have people to call friends and feel like she was worth something.

the only reason i say this is that it happened to me,i was a total bookworm till i (withought dieting) lost my cherub like plumpness. if you dont have a weight problem it does usually happen to girls and women as it does to the boys and men. we become leaner and more toned when are bodies decide we are old enough and ready enough to cope with the changes.  by dieting this girl sped up her bodys natural plan and got there at least 3 or 4 years earlier, and yet it would be those very years she would have needed to become more streetsmart without turning into what she unfortunatly turned into.

oh well. i just hope she managed to make some real friends that valued her for herself and not how many positions of the kama sutra she has memorised.

she made me feel so sad, she just didnt seem to understand or care how much danger she was putting herself into. i do hope shes ok still.
Replied By: poikilotherm on Sep 27, 2012, 4:41AM
Having repeated the same questions several times and not getting the answers he wanted and assumed he'd get  from his first guest the good Dr Phil ended the segment by saying "Well at least we agree on two things" One of these was, "You didn't hear a word I said".

Yes she did hear you and the words you said Dr Phil. She just didn't happen to agree with you! She just happens to have different opinions.

Not that I agree with all she said but there simply are some facts that Dr Phil and the rest of us need to acknowledge unfortunate as it may be.

When Dr Phil said to this woman, "Why couldn't you be happy just the way you were?" and gives the usual speech of relying on your inner beauty that looks don't really matter.  Having been bashed into disfigurement previously she closed him down quickly by poo poohing the notion of relying on your inner beauty by answering “For me it's a load of crap".

Well she's not entirely wrong in our narcissistic world of me,me,me image and attention seeking personas. It’s evident everywhere from seeing music videos’ with the sexy girl support dancers, reality housewives of this and  that.

We have the pretty grid girls at motorcycle races, the ring girls in UFC, the wives of footballers and the hand bag variety of rich men. This quest by women in this phoney but competitive market is what it is as the fifteen year old precocious second guest (I think) said.

A simple truth is that men particularly are attracted by looks more than anything else and woman, rightly or wrongly respond to it.

Dr Phil’s own wife is and can be well maintained with her own good looks as someone probably not too much younger that Dr Phil himself and I’d bet my home that she would not be allowed to seek attention on set the way she does if she looked like, say Susan Boyle.

So Dr Phil is lying to himself if he contends that he believes that inner beauty is all that matters personally to him.

So while I find all this narcissism and fake attention seeking madness more that just disappointing I also recognise an agree with the dangers these silly women and young girls expose themselves too.

Now Dr Phil if I knew someone that could provide the help you need to get over the fact that some guest simply don’t agree with you I would.

But for now maybe I’d suggest some Asprin to thin the blood and try and relax.


Replied By: alphak555 on Sep 24, 2012, 10:11PM - In reply to lsk49rs
I totally agree with you! Selfish stupid fake woman!
Replied By: alphak555 on Sep 24, 2012, 10:09PM
I can't believe this woman!My son just walled in and saw that woman and wanted to know what was wrong with her? Her kids should be taken away! No question! We are more than what we look like! I was bashed up and looked horrible but I couldn't care less as I have grown enough to be confident in who I am!!! I am considered to be very attractive, even saying that feels weird because I don't value my looks and do not believe that is who I am! I only mention this because when I was bashed I didn't feel any different , except for the fear of being bashed, I was the same person!

This woman's kids are going to be miserable because their lives are fake and beauty is over emphasized  as who you are! True happiness is being happy with who you are and loving yourself no matter what!

I would not want to associate with that woman because she is not real and doesn't have a clue as to who she is! Grow up and stop being so shallow and teach your kids the value of self worth and not a plastic body and twirling on a pole like a stripper!
Replied By: mom4hire on Jul 9, 2012, 3:09PM
Daina.....pls contact me asap....i am so in your shoes right now you would fall off ur chair if u knew just how so??... Wish i lived so much closer to you to give u a great big hug...i hurt just as you do..the one who betrayed me when i was asked to be maid of honor was my sister ( she was the bride ) As far as ur sister goes...mend things with her, after all that is ur sister...as far as that so called friend goes...i watched the show and her look , her attitude was as tho she felt she was holyer than thou.. it was clear to me that she doesnt value friendship...I hope for her sake her marriage lasts a very long time...because when he is no longer there..she will come running back to u!!! thats a guarantee... add me on fb stella correia machado..ty
Replied By: bwix492 on Jul 8, 2012, 6:40PM
On part one of the show on the woman who had around 100 plastic surgeries I was more scared for her kids than I was for her if I am being perfectly honest. I can see having the surgeries to put her face back together to restore her past image. However, the surgeries after I do believe were an example of plastic surgery going way to far. I agree with anyone having plastic surgery to fix what they had before or what was taken away by an unfortunate event, but add ons just for appearance reasons are simply dangerous and can do damage on the self worth of a person. The damage done is the stock a person takes out of their personality to put into their looks. Don't get me wrong I think a person should feel good about how they look, but I also believe that there should be balance between how you feel about yourself on the inside and the outside.

 Part two to the show with the 15 year old girl is one the the most out of control teen situations I would say I have witnessed on the show based on how little the parent was involved. Parents please take todays show to heart and ask yourself how much you know about what your child is up to and where they are. One thing I took from this show is when the mother said the older boyfriends were not alowed at the house. I get that in a sense of not condoning the older boyfriends, biut she robbed herself of a chance to get the info of these guys and get them taken off to prison where they belong. If you see or hear of your child dating someone that you dont aprove of for the reason of age or just lack of information the first thing you should do is invite them over to the house to learn more about them. Today was a lesson to parents of how important it is to

1) Install Self Worth in your child
2) Be an active parent and know what is going on in your child's life.

 LIke I said I hope parents that watched this show really took to heart and asked yourself how much you are involved in your child's life and what values you have installed in your children such as self worth. The values you instill in your children early are the ones that live on.
Replied By: lsk49rs on Jul 7, 2012, 5:35PM
The woman from England is making money out of mutilating herself and her children, and then has the nerve to get upset when 'the media' attacks her?  come on.
Replied By: upsydasy on Jul 7, 2012, 9:27AM - In reply to unis1965
The mother needs a major wakeup call because her kids are running the household, not her.  I suppose it’s normal that the 7 year old should look up to her big sister and want to be like her someday, but when the example is so harmful and self-destructive then you’ve got double trouble on your hands.   I really don’t understand how mom let things go so far before getting help for herself and for her two daughters. Having that many sexual partners by the age of 15 is absolutely horrifying.  She’ll be all used up with a couple of kids in tow by the time she’s 25!  Why wasn’t she encouraged to play sports or join healthy monitored groups of girls her own age such as summer camp?  Despite the overall bad manners that she displayed towards Dr. Phil and her mother, what got to be the most was her body language, which was no better than that of a cheap Tijuana hooker with missing teeth twice her age.  The short animal print dress and long artificial nails were completely inappropriate for a young teenager.   If I had tried to leave the house looking like that at 15, I would have been grounded for at least a decade. 

When I was growing up, we had structure, rules, strict curfews and boundaries.  It’s tough standing up to an angry teenager who thinks she knows everything.  I know because I did it to my own mom, but she NEVER let me win.  Even though I truly hated her for being so strict, she still held her ground no matter what I threw her way.  In the end, we became best friends and even though she’s been gone for more than 20 years, I still miss her every single day.  (Thanks mom for loving me enough to let me hate you during those horrible and confusing teenage years!)
Replied By: busterbrown11 on Jul 6, 2012, 8:33PM
The show today frustrated me. I usually don't watch afternnoon TV but today was an exception.  The girl is out of control and needs to be held responsible for her actions.  My frustration comes with no responsibility on the girl's part.  I know of a person who was arrested, charged and sentenced for having sex with a minor without consent.  The without consent is regarding to age.   The person faces life as a sex offender and as  a convicted felon.  The girl - no consequences.  Yes, this girl has to deal with her choice but again she needs to be held accountable for her actions.  The show reinforces why I feel this way.  The girl on the show knows what she is doing and continues.  All it would take is for someone to report and the men she has been with will find themselves under investigation.  So, I don't understand how this can be on TV and not reported.  How old was she when this all started?  14/15?  This is what is wrong with our society today.  Your show, Dr. Phil has brought attention to a major problem with our youth, media, social media, and perhaps even our laws.
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