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In a daytime exclusive, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Taylor Armstrong speaks out about the shocking suicide of her husband, Russell, and the events leading up to that horrible day -- the allegations of abuse, the financial challenges, and a family life that wasn’t quite what it seemed. Were the pressures of stardom too much to bear? How is Taylor coping now? And, how will she preserve his legacy? Don’t miss this gripping one-on-one interview with one of today’s most talked about reality stars.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: strine on Oct 24, 2012, 9:05PM
I watched the first 5 minutes and saw through her overacting drama queening her way through it. Why didn't she go to the police if he was abusive rather than wait until he was dead to start making claims? Need more money for the botox and lip injections? Fake woman. I hope her child has someone around who shows her attention and love or she will grow up the same.
Replied By: poikilotherm on Mar 15, 2012, 12:50AM
I’m half ashamed to admit that I’ve watched a couple of episodes of this reality show. My excuse is that I am somehow fascinated as to why so many people are drawn to watch and bunch of attention seeking pretentious phoney no talent wannabes being over indulged by their stupid husbands as they carry on with their bitchy and hysterical behaviour.

I saw this female gold digging fake Taylor in an episode throwing a party for her own precocious looking child that has her as a role model. Then when seeing part of another episode she’s having a total out of control tantrum. She apparently claims her now dead husband was violent towards her and if true I can fully understand why and hope that he has left this manipulative freak with enough debt to keep her in the poorhouse for the rest of her life.
Replied By: brook57 on Mar 2, 2012, 3:38AM - In reply to brownie_c
I agree with you, things dont add up. I think they both agreed to do the show for different reasons. I think Taylor aka Shana craved fame and the financial rewards that can come along with "reality celebrity.   I also feel she, like Russell worried about their faux financial status being exposed.

I think Russell agreed to do the show to portray himself as a  hugely successful businessman in the hopes he could attract more investors.  But clearly both knowingly paricipated in a sham and as more info comes out, it seems Taylor was heavily hands on in promoting at least two of Russell's investment companies aka ponzie schemes.  Im afraid, whatever the truth, Taylor now has the cry wolf syndrome.   
Replied By: sftraveler on Dec 22, 2011, 1:43AM
I know that Taylor lies, manipulates and uses people, it is abundantly evident on the RHOBH.  Russell admitted he pushed her but her claims of being beaten are completely unsubstantiated by any source.  She had, at least in the last two years, the support of her friends who offered their homes to her and Kennedy and access to legal assistance through the domestic violence center she worked at to get out of the situation.  Still, there is a part of me that recognizes her lies, manipulation and staying with Russell could be because of dysfunction from early childhood.  The problem is Taylor has lied so often about so many things that I wonder if I’m being played by simply more, better lies when I feel even a bit of sympathy for her.  What bothers me the most is (a) the woman in the video who said she lives in the Armstrong house said Russell would come home angry and call Taylor names but never said he hit her.  (b) Taylor doesn’t take any responsibility for anything, it is all Russell’s fault but she worked with him in defrauding investors of millions of dollars, that doesn’t sounds like she was helpless and unknowing about their financial affairs.

My sister was a victim of DV and I’ve worked with DV victims, I know they can be contradictory in word and behavior but all though this interview and others I haven’t been able to shake the feeling that Taylor is merely repeating what she has been told by other DV victims of their situation and her new found therapy speak.

If she was beaten by Russell I hope she is able to grow and change the traits that lead her to establish (she has said she had to chase him for three months before he would go out with her) and continue to stay in this relationship.  If she is lying again, I fear for her daughter’s future.
Replied By: burqawoman on Nov 6, 2011, 7:18PM - In reply to lollywho
I couldn't agree more and you used same examples I did before reading your post!
Replied By: stargazer225 on Sep 25, 2011, 7:49PM - In reply to dbush26
For the woman who thought herself a burden on her husband because of depression, may I just say that women turn in on themselves when they are depressed.  Men like Russell turn it outwards and blame others, and try to fulfill themselves by being worthy in other people's eyes.

Do not take the route of suicide.  Your husband would be devasted and I can almost bet he just wants to see you joyful again.  And he waits in anticipation.  Even Taylor did that.  Did you hear her say she wanted peace?  Just a year of peace?  She thought he could get better, but the fact is a lot of these guys refuse to think they are the problem.

Women, when depressed, are more likely to get help and get out of it.  I'm not ragging on men. Only men like Russell who are never at fault for anything.  His eyes were so cold.  I'd recognize that look anywhere and it fills me with fear.
Replied By: stargazer225 on Sep 25, 2011, 7:25PM - In reply to honorrae
As a woman who is college-educated and works in an artistic field that less than 1% of people can make a living at, I will tell you, I looked as crazy as Taylor to someone looking in from the outside.  My husband had me walking on eggshells.  There was no making him happy.  But a healthy person wouldn't get in that position to begin with.  I also had abandonment issues and would do ANYTHING for my relationship.  To the point where I was the frog in the proverbial water and about lost my mind to keep things together.

IT is very hard to get the approval of someone who has no empathy and blames you for their own shortcomings, but like Taylor, I gladly took them on like I was his personal Jesus.  A healthy woman would never have been with Russell Armstrong, but I can tell you that now that he's gone, Taylor will get healthier and healthier as she finds out what SHE wants out of life. 

My ex is stoic, Ivy League educated, works in an incredible job, and he has no self worth other than money.  If he's poor, he is nothing.  Water rises to its own level.  I felt if I had no relationship I was nothing.  So yes, Taylor may not look right, but I think she was very honest on the show.
Replied By: livingwelldch on Sep 25, 2011, 10:34AM
If I had access to Taylor and Russell's family, I'd ask questions to fill in info about Russell's background growing up. Listening to some of the info so far, I'm wondering if he possibly had BPD--Borderline Personality Disorder: Impulsive; explosive anger. She felt like she was walking on eggshells. She didn't know what would trigger his rages. He was accusatory, with trust issues, AND he [reportedly] committed suicide. 8-10% of Borderlines commit suicide. Russell may not fit all criteria (again, we don't know his upbringing), but he has some of the traits.

Phil needs to inquire about family background. I am now a strong advocate for increasing awareness of BPD in males. It is underdiagnosed, overlooked and needs more national attention. Check out "Borderline Personality Disorder in Men? It Happens" online.

Dr. Phil REALLY needs to do a show about BPD; I would like to be a part of that one. I am a physician and I have developed an evaluation protocol that I think the psych's need to/could implement for a more uniform, consistent way to pick up this condition earlier in sufferers lives.
Replied By: brokebai7 on Sep 24, 2011, 4:39PM - In reply to thebluerose
What we as women go through. We love our men No matter what they do. Thanks for the kind words. I am hanging on
Replied By: fromthesquare on Sep 24, 2011, 3:54PM
You and Kennedy are in the prayers of so many people- me included. May you find the peace that you are looking for. When you do find someone find someone kind- that is the best kind of strength.  Controlling is manipulative- not strong. 
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