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After a riveting murder trial that received as much attention in the court of public opinion as in the court of law, George and Cindy Anthony, the parents of Casey Anthony, break their silence for the first time in an exclusive, three-part series with Dr. Phil. From the time their granddaughter, Caylee, was reported missing, to the indictment and imprisonment of their daughter, and throughout the sensational courtroom battle that resulted in a not guilty verdict for Casey, their lives have been subjected to an incredible amount of scrutiny. Now, in this candid interview, Dr. Phil asks the questions you want answered. Will they set the record straight? Do they think their daughter, Casey, was involved in little Caylee’s death? Is there a previously unexpressed explanation? "Everyone has an opinion about George and Cindy," says Dr. Phil. "All I ask is that you hear what they have to say before making your decision on what really happened.” It's a gripping Season 10 premiere you don't want to miss!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: turtlepace on Sep 22, 2011, 12:00PM - In reply to mrswidlak
Cindy may have been inaccurate as to whether she "googled" "chloroform." Afterall, she had little experience with computers and the Internet and didn't understand what Google was doing when it asked if she were looking up "Chloroform." Cindy never said which day she looked it up. She just said that she had and that it must be the day in question thinking how else could it have gotten there if it wasn't her search. I don't know if Google's suggesting "chloroform" counts in terms of the analysis the police expert was conducting. Does just being prompted leave a record? Cindy simply answered the question to the best of her ability, and that's how she has answered all the questions. She isn't lying when she wonders if this, that, or the other could have caused Casey's problems. She really does wonder those things. So saying so is not a lie.
Replied By: turtlepace on Sep 22, 2011, 11:49AM - In reply to mrswidlak
There was testimony that Casey loved Caylee, and nothing that happened to Caylee's body after sdrhe accidentally drowned is going to change that. I don't care what scenarios are assumed from the unproved suspicions that the circumstantial evidence may evoke. There is no evidence that Casey killed Caylee and I think Casey accidentally drowned while Casey was suffering from a seizure that prevented her from helping Caylee. Casey panicked and then had delusions that Caylee was still alive but kidnapped. I don't know what caused her obsessive compulsive behaviors of lying and promiscuity, but I don't think she's guilty of murder because of them. Yes, I believe casey is innocent of murder.
Replied By: mrswidlak on Sep 22, 2011, 12:06AM - In reply to turtlepace
Where was she while her daughter was being held "captive" or more like killed already, during those thirty one days?!  Please don't be taken for a fool!  The mother had Full Control over the baby daughter, sad part; She did not want a baby daughter, She wanted to Party! Cindy called her an unfit mother on several occasions, but specifically the day prior, when it was Stated (by LEE) that there was a Huge argument over the mothers behaviour or lack there of.  Now all of a sudden the child is "missing"?, No she was killed immediately, so that the mother could party. The imaginery job, was an excuse for holding the grandmother accountable for having to babysit.  When the grandmother tried to put her foot down, the soul-less partier killed her daughter. Her entire life was a LIE. Just as I feel Cindy's is. That's where Casey learned that Lies from Mommy would protect her, and mad up a few of her own!  Cindy needs to Wake-Up and Understand that Noone is on trial anymore.  No Lies need to be "convincing" to Anybody AnyMore.  Please Just get your head together, Stop the Lies, Get professional help from a competent Psychiatrist, move on and deal and let the healing process begin.  George and Lee are "on-board" and definately in the right direction. Do not try to convince otherwise!  Allow your "innocent" Family to begin the healing.  NOBODY could have foreseen what the daughter was capable of! This Family needs help and Support to come to the realization that Casey is a murderer. There have been hundreds of parents who also had a murderer for a child.  It is going to take This realization and the Help from a "doctor" who has dealt with the parents of a murderer Before, in order to get the proper help.  ....... PLEASE, Do Not Forget, This Child that touched the Majority of America, DOES NOT HAVE CLOSURE! Her murderer walks FREE.
Replied By: mrswidlak on Sep 21, 2011, 11:44PM
Cindy DID lie! We are Not MORONS nor do we live under a rock!  American people have more then enough common sense to SEE the TRUTH.  THAT'S  why WE are ALL so disappointed with the verdict.  Cindy Anthony is either Very Much in demial or as I believe, she is still trying to convince someone, anyone of a lie.!  The game is over Cindy!   Please go get the appropriate help that you so desperately need, so that You, Your Husband,  and Your Son,  can begin the healing process.....PLEASE give it a break already, You are no longer under oathe.  Not That that matters to You, However I do see that it matters a great deal to  George Anthony.  A Loving Giving Father and Grand-Father who had been dragged through Hell by being accused of the Worst of the worst by a spoiled rotten daughter.  For their sake and ONLY their sake,  I am Glad that their Child was not put to death.  I feel in my heart that Cindy will "come around" and begin to face her worse nightmare, and That's when the healing and the dealing will begin. CINDY STOP THE LYING,  There is NOONE to Try to Convince  None of You could have done Anything different or Controlled the Adult that Casey Anthony had become.  Yes she was aquitted of murder, but that,  I believe, is Only because the jury felt sorry for her "mind", (the LIES that were presented by her Defense Team against the people who loved her the Most) and just did not want to have her death on their hands.  Meanwhile, this beautiful child's murderer walks free!!   ..............  So To those of You who say, Give it a break, etc...she was found not guilty!, A verdict of Not Guilty cannot be Confused with an Innocent Verdict.  .................. and Again, This Angel of a Child's murderer Walks FREE. .... A VERY SAD DAY In the History Books of The American Justice.    .
Replied By: turtlepace on Sep 21, 2011, 9:07AM - In reply to teacher1953
Why is it alright to say that you feel that Casey is guilty but not alright to say that I feel that Casey is innocent. The legal system is set up to protect innocent people from being railroaded into conviction. With the cost of defending yourself so high most people cannot expect to get justice.They're expected to cop a plea if they're accused. It's even worse if the defendent has to pay court costs just because of losing. You have to cop that plea for fear of going bankrupt. That's even Since there was insufficient evidence to prove Casey guilty, our Constitution protects her from having to defend her innocence again. That's the way it should be.
Replied By: turtlepace on Sep 21, 2011, 8:59AM - In reply to aberry
Cindy has had to live with the way Casey evolved into adulthood. Cindy didn't understand what happened to Casey and is still trying to determine just that. I don't know what happens to the thinking process of a teenager even though I once was one. If Cindy explores different possibilities, that's not making excuses.
Replied By: turtlepace on Sep 21, 2011, 8:55AM - In reply to bhartenfeld
There was no evidence that Casey obtained Xanex. That she named her imaginary nanny, Zannie, stirs up suspicions that she gave Caylee Xanex, but there is no proof of it.
Replied By: aberry on Sep 21, 2011, 7:57AM
I'm appauled that Cindy Anthony continues to make excuses for her horrible daughter! News flash Cindy...Any one who would cause the death of a child either through neglect or on purpose and wait 31 days to report it is NOT a good person! Two things that Cindy said literally made me nauseous: 1st: She believed Caylee drowned and didn't suffer...Really! Well, I nearly drowned once and speaking from personal experience it was terrifying and painful...so how dare you make and ignorant statement such as that! She also said that Justice had been served for Caylee...What a gross miscarriage of Justice this trial was! If there had been justice Casey's rotten flesh would be parked in jail for a long time. What really ticks me off is Casey destroyed a precious life that was dependant on her for love and protection among other things, and in so doing cause pain and suffering to her  innocent child, family, and friends. She acted unconscienably and she basically got away with it on earth! Makes me sick! I pray Casey's womb is closed and she never has the opportunity again to abuse the gift of a child.
Replied By: teacher1953 on Sep 20, 2011, 9:05PM
I wish there could be a new trial......Hearing George and Cindy talk about Jose Baez and his tactics for the defense makes me question our legal system.....There are so many things that just plain are not right!  Too, there are so many things that weren't said, that in my mind, would have certainly affected the outcome.....like so many Americans, I feel that Casey is NOT innocent!
Replied By: pink187 on Sep 20, 2011, 8:18PM
A lot of what happened to the Anthony's during the weeks and months after Caylee was determined to be "missing", they brought on themselves. Our family followed this case from the start & we got tired of the media being blasted, especially Nancy Grace. She's one of the few people who was not afraid to speak her mind, no matter if it "offended" some people. The truth always hurts & the more people deny the obvious, the more they lose credibility. The actions of Casey Anthony, both towards the death of her daughter, to the way she threw her entire family under the bus to save her own skin was deplorable at best. NOBODY goes out partying & carrying on after the loss of their child, unless they are seriously disturbed & by Cindy's own admission, Casey had a complete work-up & was found to have no abnormalities of her brain function. I get tired of hearing Cindy's excuse after excuse for the actions of Casey. I understand being loyal to your children, but when that child has no regard for the parents who raised her & throws out allegations of the worst sort against a father who clearly loved her, makes me sick! My parents are both gone now, & the fact that Casey still has hers, but has no regard for the damage she has done to her father & brother, made me want to slap her silly. Casey Anthony has to be the most self-centered, narcissistic, "I-can-do-anything-I-want-&-you-can't-stop-me" attitude I have ever seen. Casey came from a good family with 2 parents who gave her every advantage, basically spoiled her rotten & prbably the worst of all, took EVERYTHING she told them at face value. I tried to picture my Mom doing what Cindy is doing & it just doesn't work. My parents would have been on the "fake job" BS in about 3.2 seconds. We will never know exactly what went through their minds during the time leading up to Caylee's disappearance, consequent death & dumping like trash right down the street from her home. It makes me sick to watch the jailhouse tapes where her parents are BEGGING her to tell them anything & Casey KNEW all along her daughter was dead, yet she continued to torture her parents with hope that would ultimately be shattered. I have met parents like Cindy Anthony, who refuse to see that there is something seriously wrong with their child. Most of the time, things don't go as far as they did with Caylee, thank God. My husband & I discussed this case & if our daughter was responsible for the death of our g-child, that would be it for her. Caylee never stood a chance, as a little 2 yf old, she had no way to defend herself. Ome thing I can NOT stand is anyone who takes advantage of/hurts/kills children, the elderly or those that are mentally/physically handicapped. Too bad Casey didn't get convicted, as child killers are the lowest of the low in the prison hierarchy & their prison stay is miserable at best & downright dangerous at worst. They are ostracized by the rest of the prison population. But God does everything for a reason. Casey is out in the world & there's always going to be a gazillion nuts who will be happy to take her out. For the rest of her life, with public sentiment towards her being what it is, she'll have to watch over her shoulder. Our hope is that little Caylee didn't see her mother coming towards her with a roll of duct tape & a rag of chloroform (remember all the accounts of Casey's friends, who said Casey would bring Caylee to these parties & the little girl slept through the whole thing? Yet, Cindy says Casey was an excellent mother-HA!). The only 2 people who would not be afraid to ask the Anthony's the hard questions would be Dr. Phil & Nancy Grace, yet Nancy came under all kinds of fire for her comments about Casey & her questionable behanvior. Funny how the ENTIRE US, with the exception of a few, KNOW she murdered her daughter. Yet, once again, Cindy will defend Casey til her dying day. The 2 people who have been the most real througout this ordeal, has been George & Lee. But they've been the 2 that have been villified to all ends. If Cindy cared about her G-daughter the way she says she does, then why is she making excuses for her killer? There will NEVER be any justice for a beautiful little girl who's life was cut down by a selfish, vindictive mother who considered her daughter as "being in the way". If you want to party...do NOT have kids! And if you make a mistake & have a baby anyway, but know you can't/won't take care of the baby, give him/her to someone who will love them & raise them right. But the ultimate judge will be GOD & He's going to be none to happy when Casey goes up before Him.
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