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After a riveting murder trial that received as much attention in the court of public opinion as in the court of law, George and Cindy Anthony, the parents of Casey Anthony, break their silence for the first time in an exclusive, three-part series with Dr. Phil. From the time their granddaughter, Caylee, was reported missing, to the indictment and imprisonment of their daughter, and throughout the sensational courtroom battle that resulted in a not guilty verdict for Casey, their lives have been subjected to an incredible amount of scrutiny. Now, in this candid interview, Dr. Phil asks the questions you want answered. Will they set the record straight? Do they think their daughter, Casey, was involved in little Caylee’s death? Is there a previously unexpressed explanation? "Everyone has an opinion about George and Cindy," says Dr. Phil. "All I ask is that you hear what they have to say before making your decision on what really happened.” It's a gripping Season 10 premiere you don't want to miss!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: caseywatch on Mar 15, 2013, 8:47PM
I watched almost every part of the Casey Anthony story and trial that was televised.

I watched the interview that Dr Phil did with Casey's parents.

It seems that my thoughts are in the minority.  I feel strongly that George Anthony is lying about everything.  It is possible, in my opinion, that he did molest Casey and maybe, even Caylee.  It is also possible that Casey IS emotionally and/or mentally unstable, or that she was on drugs.  Her behavior during the "31 days" certainly was not that of a stable, loving mother.  However, it could be the behavior of a disturbed, abused daughter with such an exaggerated fear of her father.

Since I was a "battered wife" for 6 years, and my ex husband sexually abused my daughter, I have no problem believing that Cindy knew nothing of any abuse.  On the other hand, it is apparent that it was a volatile household, that George has an explosive temper, and that Cindy is not consistant with what she says.

It's my belief that Casey did not hurt her daughter.  It is my belief that someone else did and that Casey was in such a state of mind that she acted as though it never happened.    My opinion is that George Anthony is responsible.  He is so angry at his own daughter, claiming he could not have her in his home because of "what she did to me".  

That sounds like an abuser, a narcissist, who cares more for himself than for anyone, including his own daughter.  Many batterers and other abusers cannot take responsibility for anything and will manipulate information so convincingly that they get their goals accomplished.

None of us know what happened.  The above is just my opinion.

Replied By: mandat03 on Feb 1, 2013, 12:01PM
Im an educated individual that has followed the details, conversations, and everything having to deal with this case. Obviously I do not know every single detail, but what I truly believe is that George and Cindy are not at all o blame for this incident. Life happens, and we can critisize the parents for not doing anything more during those 31 days but I feel that MANY MANY other parents would have reacted the same way. Hindsight is 20/20. I feel terrible for George, and I hope he finds a way to move forward with his life. As for Cindy, I do feel she still is denial about some things but thats just how some people deal with really tough info to swallow. Hopefully she will continue to go to therapy and have a clear picture of what really happened. My message o Cindy would be to support your husband, and focus on your health and your husbands before you think about Casey. I know she is your "daughter". But she did so much to betray you and wreck you. You need to focus on the people who DESERVE your care, like your son and husband. Your daughter might not ever be someone you can trust, but there are many other people in this world who will give you endless love and respect.  I know as a parent I would NEVER be able to except my daughter back into my life until she told me the 100% truth of what happened. Through how she destroyed many lives, she owes it to her family. If she can't do that for them, then that relationship isnt worth it. God bless the people still grieving from the loss of this little girl and the effects of the trial.
Replied By: mommyofdaisy on Aug 9, 2012, 7:47PM
If it were my child I wouldn't wait 31 days to call 911. I would have called that second. I can't believe Cindy said that Casey was an awesome mom. I can't believe that Casey would party while Caylee was missing. The only reason Casey was crying is because she was afraid of going to jail. I would never hurt my child. Cindy is making excuses for Casey. I can tell. This makes me so sad. RIP Caylee.
Replied By: thinker007 on Jan 5, 2012, 12:12PM
There is proof that Cindy knew her daughter was unfit. We know that that the white car was already cleaned up a bit and tampered with by both Cindy & George prior to Casey being brought to the Anthony home from Tony L.'s. In Dr. Phils interview Cindy says that she believed that God answered her prayer & that CA is innocent because of the verdict. The defense team diverted focus and the evidence in the car was tampered with. Once Casey was arrested and charged with murder etc. with the death penalty, Cindy flipped her story that Casey was a good loving mother. I think when these parents testified that in the back of their mind the reality of the death penalty to Casey was priority. I can't imagine going through something like that. Now there are letters that Cindy wrote to her daughter in jail and she is trying to save Casey by telling her she doesn't have anything to confess to and at the same time feeding her the Gospel. I think giving Casey the Gospel is great. Cindy feeding her lines that everyone is trying to set her up... Not great, very manipulative. Cindy is so overwhelmed that she confuses truth and lies to her daughter. We all have free will. She could have given Casey a bible and let God deal with it. Put it in His hands. But no, Cindy feeds her daughter a portion of righteousness to chum up to Casey to ease guilt for calling the police which led to her arrest etc. Cindy was justified in calling the police especially after going through that white car which probably revealed more insight to her unstable daughter. I hope Cindy gets some clarity soon. She really needs help & prayers. God knows all. That little girl is safe in the Lord's care while the circus continues on earth.
Replied By: thinker007 on Jan 4, 2012, 4:12PM - In reply to sam2011
I think Casey did not want her father to come home for various reasons. Some which may be that Casey can manipulate her mother because Cindy avoids being judgemental to the smallest degree and accepts all the verbiage at face value. IMO Casey is totally insecure. She expessed dreams to at least one of her friends that she wanted to be married to one of her previous boyfriends and live a dream life. OK that relationship didn't last but it appears that her new boyfriend became her new dream. Normally there may not be anthing wrong with that. In her case she's ill, mentally ill, totally insecure, no job, no diploma, no respect, jealous, no accountabilIty to a higher authority(God), dependant on her parents, unstable relationships, many sexual relationships?, falling into alcoholism, irresponsible, a pathological lier, wants an instant imagined lifestyle that she does not have to work to achieve so she spins her lies, deceit and uses anyone who stands in the way of her getting her dream which includes deceiving others to preserve her imagined self image of being this deserving, loving, ideal woman and mother (which she in reality is not)! Casey is not dumb but CRAFTY. Cindy is overwhelmed to the point that she can't think clearly. I think because of her not wanting to be judgmental and maybe confusing that with God's judgment and human moral discernment clouds her thinking. Separating her responsibility from Caseys is another issue. I understand the seriousness of the death sentence, judgement and how this must have caused great distress. Maybe Cindy feels like the aquittal can be overturned or that somehow her daughter is not safe from the guillotine yet. Like the officials can still go after Casey and Cindy is trapped & overwhelmed.
Replied By: thinker007 on Jan 4, 2012, 1:50PM - In reply to thinker007
It was Amy Huizenga who during an interview on 7/23/08 at the Orange County Sherriff's Office that Amy tells Mr Edwards about The plans that Casey Anthony has about Amy and Child moving in with her at her home that will be signed over to Casey by Cindy. I don't remember if this was part of AH's testimony but it is definately discussed around 3+ minutes into the interview. Amy was lied to by Casey and was robbed by her too. Amy helped Cindy by being honest and going with Cindy to track Casey's where abouts. This is why this would have been good to discuss this with Cindy at some point on Dr. Phil's show. Maybe the lie of that plan along with the truth of danger if it was carried out. The danger to Amy, her child, George, Cindy and whoever would of stood in Casey's way to be with her boyfriend happy home illusion. The comparison of truth & lies including the lies of Casey and the honesty of Amy may trigger a light to go off in Cindy's head. Maybe not if she takes medications that might contribute or cause the lack of clarity to not judge but discern the dangers of her daughters sickness. If it wasn't for Cindy and Amy more horrendous things may have happened. As far as Cindy thinking that her daughters acquittal was an answer to her prayer that her daughter is innocent could have been misinterpreted too. Maybe it could be a sign of God's grace to wake up people to the reality of darkness and bringing to light to help Casey and keep innocent children safe. Who knows. Using the bad for the good of others. Not what Casey can get but give? Wouldn't that be something.
Replied By: thinker007 on Jan 4, 2012, 5:16AM
In my opinion Cindy Anthony really needs prayers/ strength/ protection / guidance and maybe some common sence. There was a point in the Casey Anthony Trial when someone had testified that Casey said her parents were moving away (she gave a specific time frame) and she would have the house to herself. When this came out in the trial it made me ill. To me, this was the point at which I knew she was capable of calculating the murder of her parents and that the possibility of an accidental OD of chloryphorm on Caycee may have just been a deliberate attempt to kill her innocent child to accommodate Caceys determination to keep the relationship with her new boyfriend and live happily ever after. This did not get attention in the media but should have. I watched Dr. Phil's interview with the Caseys and was hoping that it would have been brought up. IMO Casey has a serious mental health issue and really shouldn't be out on the streets. Her mom Cindy loves her daughter to a fault that she too is in a dream world. I think Cindy does and should forgive her daughter but at the same time understand the seriousness and danger that both her and her husband / others would be subjected to if Caseys serious condition is not addressed. Maybe Cacey should not be in jail but in a longterm hospital which specializes in her specific Illness. Ignoring this does not benefit anyone. Safety for all.
Replied By: julybaby8 on Dec 15, 2011, 11:09AM
Has anyone heard the dates of Cindy and George Anthony on when the last time they saw Caylee? Casey states in many documents, videos, etc., that it was June 9th. Unfortunately, Cindy and George stated in this interview, many others, and even in depositions that the last time they saw Caylee was on June 16th. Am I the only one that is catching this? Why hasn't this issue been brought up and why has nothing been done about it? How can a child be missing on June 9th and the grandparents last saw the child on June 16th?

Please Explain.....
Replied By: hawkinsmarisa on Nov 28, 2011, 1:27PM - In reply to sam2011
I thought that too.  Especially when it was said by(?) that George wanted to sell the house and kick out Casey and Caylee.
Replied By: hawkinsmarisa on Nov 28, 2011, 1:21PM
 I do pray that Casey is working through the truth with her family and professional help no matter how painful and ugly the truth.  She wants to be a mom again, so she owes it to her future child, family and ultimately to herself.  She is far from ready to care for another because she has to take care of herself first.   She is not well.  We know that.  She knows that.  It's time to be real.  I hope she heals so she will truly be a responsible young adult or at least have a support system in place to truly help her when she needs it.
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