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Dr. Phil continues his exclusive interview with George and Cindy Anthony, weeks after their daughter, Casey, was found not guilty in the death of her little girl, Caylee. How much do you really know about the couple who has lived under a microscope for years? "Their story has never really been told, and there's so much more to it than we've heard in the media," says Dr. Phil. In Part 2 of this in-depth interview, where no question is off limits, Dr. Phil continues to take the Anthony's through the timeline of the case and their testimony during the trial. While the couple's recollection of events differ, each parent agrees that Casey created a web of lies. Why does Cindy continue to defend her daughter? Could a medical condition have contributed to their daughter’s actions? Dr. Phil asks the tough questions that America wants answered. And as parents and grandparents, how are they dealing with the loss, heartbreak and broken relationships that have torn their family apart? Don’t miss the riveting two-part premiere of Dr. Phil, and tune in next Monday for an in-depth look at the trial that captivated the nation.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: moviemaster on Feb 6, 2012, 6:10PM
I think Dr Phil is right by not interviewing Casey, because she would probably just lie about everything and not give the honest answers needed for this family. George, I felt awful for because he is the grandpa who getting thrown under the bus, just so his daughter could walk. Cindy..... I feel bad for her too. I think she wants her daughter back, I don't think she's a liar, I think she is in denial. I feel bad for Lee because he didn't get to tell his side of the story and how much the loss of his niece affected him. I thought this was a good interview done by Dr. Phil, and I hope he stays in touch with the family and helps them cope with this horrible loss. Rest in peace Caylee
Replied By: carvajal8491 on Oct 3, 2011, 4:00PM
I am at lost for word with all of this. I feel sorry for the Anthony's and all they have had to go through. I did like what Cindy had said " I am not her judge or jury, that I leave to God" This is true, though many of us are disappointed in the verdict of Casey Anthony, I think it is safe to say that She is a "free prisoner" She will never live a normal life. Always worried who is around the next corner and who might actually take the law in there own hands. She can't hide away for ever and it seems the whole world has heard the story of what Nacy Grace calls "TOT MOM" I in a way feel that Caylee has had justice. The media and all the comments she will read horrible things she will hear about herself will lead her to her own demise. it has been proven in study's that thousands of school age kids commit suicide each year from bullying and well lets face it, this is far worse than bullying. I myself do not think Casey will ever be able to escape this and it will get the best of her. The truth shale set you free. Funny how it never specifies how you will be set free isn't it.

Replied By: nluv62 on Sep 21, 2011, 5:00PM
I've been following this case from the beginning. I watched the trial everyday, watched the interviews and the news. I joined groups and signed petitions. I've been horrified, heartbroken and outraged to the point that I could have killed Casey myself if I saw her. I've cried and prayed and searched for answers to help me understand why this happened.
How many times have you heard someone say, "Everything happens for a reason"? Well, what's the reason?  Why? Why? Why?
I watched the interview with George and Cindy Anthony on the Dr. Phil Show. I was disgusted by the excuses Cindy kept making in Casey's defense and especially when she said that when Casey walked free, it was a sign from God that she was innocent. Also, how she tried to justify Caylee being thrown in the woods as it was just her body. I got chills thinking about this, then, all of the sudden it hit me. I realized what happened and why Caylee died and now, all my other questions don't matter anymore.
The truth is, that Casey is a selfish, manipulative, liar without morals or values. I believe that Casey frequently used drugs on Caylee to sedate her while she partied with her friends. Caylee was an innocent little angel who wasn't loved or appreciated by her mother. That was obvious by Casey's behavior after Caylee died.
I believe that God took Caylee away from her mother and brought her up to Heaven with him. Casey didn't deserve this beautiful child.  I know this isn't the case with every child that dies. God has other reasons for them, but for Caylee, I believe this is the reason.
Now that I understand this, I don't feel sad for Caylee because she's in a place that we all hope to be one day. Perhaps if she grew up with Casey raising her, she wouldn't have gone to Heaven, but she's with God now.  She's safe, happy and loved.
I don't care what happens to Casey or her family.  I'm done following the story. Caylee was rescued by the Hand of God and that's all that matters.
I hope this helps others who are struggling, by realizing this was a blessing, instead of a tragedy.

Replied By: isportzlvr on Sep 21, 2011, 11:48AM - In reply to waltdia
George and Cindy should have woken up years ago and taken Caylee away from Casey. Their eyes were SHUT.....
Replied By: isportzlvr on Sep 21, 2011, 11:47AM
I still thin Cindy is lying and in deep denial and an enabler. I feel Lee helped dispose of Caylee and also lied and enabled. Geroge is the only sane one...
Replied By: isportzlvr on Sep 21, 2011, 11:46AM
Casey and her attorneys are Liars. Casey is a spoiled pathelogical liar and wanted Caylee out of the way. Cindy is in denial and I believe lying for her. Either that or she is in deep denial. I think Lee helped Casey dispose of Caylee's body and tha'ts what he meant at the funeral when he said he would never tell.,..  That is another reason she didnt want him implicated or accused. I hope that someday she will pay for her actions and lies. I do not think she will change and I do feel she will end up in trouble again. I pray she never has any more children...  And I think and hope Lee will feel guilty for his lying and all of them enabled her for years and still probably will or would if it weren't for George. He is the one who has been hurt the most in all of these lies.....  Him and Caylee.
Replied By: noname15 on Sep 21, 2011, 11:29AM
Dr. Phil asked: Did his Anthony interviews change my opinion of Cindy and George?  Yes. 

At the end of the trial, I wondered what  could make a person depart from the truth as much as Casey Anthony does  on a regular basis.  I wondered if sexual abuse could do this to a person, as the defense insisted---however, I've known trustworthy women who were abused as  children---they didn't turn  out  to like Casey Anthony.   I chalked it up to an attention-getting exaggeration.  But, I wondered about George and if he helped cover up the death----seeing as all the evidence was gone by  the  time the body  was found----maybe Casey had been given some advice from someone who knew more than the average person........ someone in the police, for example......

I didn't have an opinion of Cindy figuring she was just your typical mom who didn't want to lose a 2nd person in the family, would think nothing of lying about the chloroform search  to cover, and I imagined she was happy that her daughter got off---guilty or not.

Whoa----I saw something else on these interviews.  By the end of them, I saw George as a person who had been shamelessly victimized by his loveless daughter, who would have sacrificed each and everyone of them, including Cindy, if she had to, to get off.  After all, the loss of Caylee didn't stop her or slow her down at all---what's a few more family members on the road to getting what she wants?

And Cindy?  By the last interview,  I saw Cindy as the role model  to Casey.  And more frankly, a person who used the Dr. Phil platform to get a message to Casey.   The message I heard was "I still want to know what really happened to my granddaughter.  Casey is the only one who can tell me!  I need to court her to find out." 

So to Casey, the message was:  "I will do anything you want, Honey, because I beliieve that you will eventually  tell me what really happened to my granddaughter if I do the right thing.   Until I find out what happened,  I AM YOUR HOSTAGE.  I will let you come home and I would let you stay here (except your father finally put his foot down).  But, I will have a relationship with you and offer support to you and I know your brother will, too, Honey.  AND even more---to "prove" I believe in you--- I will even offer up your brother's future child and my future grandchild  to you!!!  (Notice I've already stood by with no objections while George was offered up to get you out of this legal mess---you, Honey, are the real #1 to  me).  Look, here I am on National TV telling the world and you---- I still love you.  I know you'll tell me if  you can just see that  I "love"  you and won't abandon you no matter what happened.  You can trust me.  I KNOW in my Heart  it was just an accident ---I just want to know  what kind it was.  You hold the cards, Dear."

Way to go, Cindy!!!  Keep on offering to SACRIFICE others in your family in order to get what YOU want, too!  Sound familiar???  The apple doesn't fall from the tree.  Scary.


Cindy:  How about taking charge and getting out of the grovelling position!  How about setting some conditions on that pitiful daughter of yours and rules for her to abide by and conditions for her to meet BEFORE  she is ALLOWED to come in  contact with any of the family again-----hasn't she done enough damage? How about being the  parent here and setting some consequences for once in your life.  This is not a game.  Be a parent.  Finding out exactly what happened----is that worth the other people in your life?   Really??

Thanks,  Dr. Phil for showing these inteviews.  Just goes to show how wrong the impressions the media gives can be..  Thank you----great questions, too.
Replied By: janicefracchia on Sep 20, 2011, 10:19AM
This case has been so emotional.  My heart goes out to Casy's parents.  Their biggest crime is loving their kids, grandkid and trying to live life with all of its difficulties.  Unfortunately I do feel that George is correct.  I think Casy was wanting to go out partying and tried to put the baby to sleep until she returned. She made a big mitake and then tried to cover it and was not very successful.After that she did everything wrong from panic and covering her butt at everyones expense. She should not have gotten 1st degree murder but certainly manslaughter.  Never in a million years should she have walked free. Cindy needs to continue counciling as she is still in denial.  I can understand that as what caring mom wants to believe that her child could do anything so horrible.  Facing that eventally will free her and she will be able to live better.  Cindy can only take care of her life to make it better.  Casy has her own life to live and she will never be free until she tells the truth about what happened and deal with the consquences. Lives in this family will never be the same but could be better if all face the real truth and build on that.
Replied By: readandreply on Sep 19, 2011, 7:19PM - In reply to appleblossom62
The glue that allowed her daughter to get away with thinking it was ok to behave like this.  The lies from both mother and daughter.  The apple did not fall far from the tree.  To think that Cindy, a nurse, would lie or manipulate to save her daughter, at the expense of her granddaughter's memory?!  Wow.  That is actually a dangerous person to have in dealing with the public health sector.
Replied By: waltdia on Sep 19, 2011, 3:04PM
I don't know why I watched today's episode.  I kept talking to the tv.  Cindy wake up!  The big difference here between George and Cindy is;  George is all about Caley and Cindy is all about Casey.

Cindy, did you know your granddaughter is dead!  She would let Casey babysit her grandchildren!!!!!!!!
I don't believe for a minute that Cindy has been in theraphy for the past 3 years.  If she has, it's time to get a real therapist.  I found these interviews to be a joke.  Cindy is still a liar.  She didn't change my mind about her at all.
Here's hoping we don't hear from them again.
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