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When Ted Williams, the homeless man with the golden voice, last appeared on Dr. Phil, the rags-to-riches star confronted hard questions about his sobriety and the peaks and pitfalls of sudden success. After urging Ted to acknowledge his alcohol and substance addictions, Dr. Phil offered him treatment at Origins Drug and Alcohol Recovery Center. Williams promised to attend after a brief trip home to Columbus, Ohio, but the stop spiraled into a three-day drug and alcohol binge. Ted checked into Origins, but only stayed six days before disappearing for weeks. Now, six months since his first interview with Dr. Phil, the man with the voice of gold says in May he checked back into Origins and now, 90 days later, he is clean and sober. With a new lease on life, Ted meets face-to-face with Dr. Phil as a changed man. Has he made amends with his past and kicked his addictions for good? And what happened during those hazy three days in Columbus? Tune in as Dr. Phil helps Williams get the closure he needs to finally forgive himself and move forward with his life.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: jumbeen on Jan 20, 2012, 5:02AM
The Ted Williams Apology was aired on Australian TV this past week and I was thrilled to see how wonderful Ted's girlfriend, Kathey was looking.  At the first program, I really felt she would quit the scheme, and was positively delighted to see she was almost more dedicated than Ted was to recovery.  No complaints against Ted as he has also done a fantastic job and should be equally proud of his achievements.  But he is already a star - so I wanted to let Kathey know that I was genuinely concerned for her after the first show, and this week I felt so very proud of her achievements too.  She looks really healthy, fresh, confident, and most of all delightfully happy.  I realise addiction is a life-long journey, and every day can put little challenges in your way (I recently quit smoking - 8 months and still counting!).   My journey is a walk in the park compared to Ted and Kathey, and I cannot even guess how much work and energy they put into this each day.  PLEASE keep up the excellent work - know that many viewers, from around the world, are cheering for you both.  Kathey:  Keep Smiling - it looks great on you!
Replied By: jeannekcfan on Jan 10, 2012, 1:47PM
I'm so glad and so proud that Ted made it!! And of course his girlfriend too! The last thing i heard before this episode was that Ted left from the rehab and i was like noo! ): But i'm so happy that he got back and that Dr. Phil and the rehab wanted to put him back! It's big of both! 

But Dr. Phil is so right. They COULD fall back again and they CAN really be triggers for eachother! And specially if they get back to that town. I so hope with all my heart that they are going to stay sober forever! :)
Replied By: elovanime on Sep 20, 2011, 6:18PM - In reply to sandmanaz
Well that's because AA didn't work for YOU!! RECOVERY ONLY WORKS IF YOU ARE WILLING TO CHANGE YOUR PEOPLE,PLACES AND THINGS!!! It sounds like you are a lot jealous of Ted and Kathys Recovery. Ted and Kathy WANTED to go back to REHAB!! He was given a window of opportunity to change his unprofessional and trifling Management team and wrote Dr Phil asking for his help. JUST BECAUSE AA DIDN'T WORK FOR YOU DOESN'T  MEAN IT WON'T WORK FOR SOMEONE ELSE! You need not give your UGLY thoughts and experiences about AA on others unless you are ready for recovery and can help someone else in their Recovery there's NOTHING you can say!! GOD BLESS YOU TED AND KATHY!! Ted you lookin' GQ Cute and Kathy YOU LOOK SOOO PRETTY!! Love the necklaces!
Replied By: bellarosagal on Sep 19, 2011, 5:13PM
Thank you, Dr. Phil, for once again reaching even further to save this couple.  They look wonderful.  Of course, we know its up to them now to keep themselves up and it will be a daily chore for them to do so.  I hope and pray that Ted can stay "clean" this time.  He does not have a good track record.  And, generally people who have gone through re-hab programs do not usually stay together, because each is the other's downfall.  Only 90 days is way to soon to tell if this couple will make it.  But, I will pray for them in their recovery.  You have given them a great jump-start back into life.  It would be wonderful to see them make their way in the world of sobriety.  Its hard to save every starfish, but let's hope you saved these two!

Replied By: kksgrandma on Sep 17, 2011, 12:07PM
I HAVE A REQUEST: MY NAME IS GRANDMA K, A 77 YEAR OLD FEMALE RETIREE, who has raised a grand-daughter for the past ten years, due to additions in our lives, she is now 18 years of age.                              My request is for Ted Williams' wife, the mother of their children. It appears as though she has an addiction to food, my guess is, due to all of the mental, physical and financial stress over the years raising their children.                                                                                                                                                             The times that she has appeared on your show, I never heard her say on unkind word to or about Ted Williams or Cathy, quit the contrary she has always seemed to be very supportive and compassionate.             She deserves the same respect to have a full-filling program, and then some, to help her recover.           I do admire any one for their diligence; however, from my past experience, which  are many, it takes longer than a few months to fall into the clutches of drugs and/or alcahol it takes as long if not longer to re-adjust . If any one, out there, agrees with me about Mrs. Williams, please say so, she too has had a hard road.

Replied By: thedonnie on Sep 16, 2011, 9:48PM
It was too much, too quickly for me, too, but I hoped for the best for them. I see and feel a definite change in them now and hope and pray they stay as well off as they now realize they are. They both look more like real people, rather than spirits talking through a shell of a person. What stood out to me most was (aside from being clear-headed and not hiding within themselves)... THE TEETH!

I wish I had that ladies teeth!!! I have been a jaw-clencher since my disability came on and have broken off a lot of teeth due to stress. I was almost jealous of their picture together, smiling so big! LOL! they are a beautiful pair of people, now! Personally, I am relieved and happy for them. Two more humans, saved!!!!!

Great way to go, Dr. Phil. I KNOW God loves you!!!
Replied By: missbertha on Sep 16, 2011, 9:19PM
Dr. Phil;

I want to say how good they both looked on the show, quite an improvement from the first time.  With recovery, one can't always tell the outcome.  I am going to pray for them and hope for a great and strong will for the both of them.  Although I want this, they are the ones to change.  I am hoping they will remain with resources to help keep them on tract - they are very vunerable right now and their old friends may start coming around. 

Thank you Dr. Phil for your good heart and the way you cut through the chase when it need be. I want to say that you have inspired me to enter Grad school for a M.A. Counseling.  I just completed my first week of classes at the age of 74.  Thank you again for the inspiration.  God bless.
Bertha Washington
Replied By: idareyou on Sep 16, 2011, 8:38PM
I was struck by a revelation as I watched today's show about Ted. It's true that Ted is a teaching tool because what you taught us through him is love. I think this is because it takes a genuine love for others in order to exhibit the patience and endurance you had with him. At a point when others may have given up on Ted and his girlfriend, you went forward with your commitment to see if he could bring his own best self out of the damaging world he was living in. In doing so, we saw an amazing turnaround for both Ted and his girlfriend. I thought maybe you would give him a hard time for his backsliding, instead you emphasized the positive by pointing out the achievement of 90 days sober and for his taking ownership of his lies. Thanks for helping us to see how to be kinder and more loving as well as forgiving. It certainly worked in this case!
Replied By: choco226 on Sep 16, 2011, 5:36PM
i watched ted williams and i am an avid fan of dr. phil, i have never missed a show - but today made me uspet when i watched the ted williams show - a day late - lol - i was hoping there would be a good outcome as i am a spouse of an addict who until today was in recovery. he was clean and sober from drugs and alcohol for 5 years when we realized in nov 2010 that he was also addicted to gambling.   he blew it on our 5th anniversay cruise and lost a freaking ton of money. he was clean for 20 months and worked really hard . went to meetings everyday.

today you said that you wanted ted to be an example. a shining star of hope. if my mike could have someone pay for 90 days of the top of the line rehab and gave me help with our bills while he was away and not working - there would be hope. but right now - all i hear is recovery   bull****- its a disease - relapse is always a problem - its a process not  perfection  etc.  as a dr. phil fan i want to say - please be real not all of us have you on their side. ( i am surviving all this after my first husbands suicide 6 years ago- i am in recovery as well for co-dependance - i knowi have a part on it - is there a rehab for me ?? i need a break from all this crap )
Barbara Saati
Replied By: belanro on Sep 16, 2011, 2:12PM
I was so excited to watch the show about Ted Williams. I had wondered for several months where he was and how his recovery was going. I'm glad to know he re-entered rehab and that his fiance, Kathy, went into treatment as well. They both look amazing. Truly a phenomenal transformation. Recovery is a process and a journey and I pray for their continued recovery. Stick close to the program, its members, and your mentors and you will never have to live like you were ever again. Best to Ted and Kathy.
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