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(Original Air Date: 09/16/11) Dr. Phil investigates the latest trend in online dating: sugar babies hooking up with sugar daddies. College girls and recent graduates who are struggling with mounting debt and a weak job market are turning to websites, such as SeekingArrangement.com, that introduce them to wealthy men who, in exchange for companionship — and maybe sex — help them pay their bills. Is this the Internet version of the world’s oldest profession, or just a niche dating site? Four self-proclaimed sugar babies: Kristen, 21, Jennifer, 28, Janelle, 30, and Tracy, 31, passionately defend why their relationships differ from prostitution. Are their arranged monthly allowances and extravagant gifts the equivalent of being taken to fancy restaurants by a boyfriend or financially supported by a husband? Meet the creator of the website, Brandon, and hear why he says there’s nothing wrong with these “mutually beneficial relationships.” Former prosecutor and CNN analyst Sunny Hostin has some legal words of warning for Brandon and the ladies. Plus, an outraged father confronts Brandon in defense of his daughter, who he recently learned is on the site, and see why a self-proclaimed proud sugar daddy makes a hasty exit before meeting Dr. Phil! Watch the show and then weigh in: If you could provide companionship in exchange for money, and nobody would ever know, would you?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: psinperth on Aug 7, 2014, 2:01AM
Seriously, any attempt to distinguish these 'arrangments' from what paid escorts/call girls/prostitutes do is 100% semantics.  Guess what, men pay women for the 'girlfriend experience' or for their company or attendance at an event and don't always have sex with them.  These sugar babies are paid escorts, who frequently also provide sex in exchange for money/gifts/etc.  It's ludicrous to suggest they are any different to any other sex worker.  Is there anything wrong with being being a sex worker per se? I'm not so sure...depending on the circumstances.  But these young college girls who are conned into thinking they are not sex workers (although I think deep down, they know exactly what they're doing), that seems to have a real explotative side.
Replied By: paulab12 on May 14, 2014, 6:20AM
I agree these girls are not protitutes they know what they are doing and good for them but then again dr phil is so judgemental
Replied By: cdhinch on Feb 1, 2014, 6:42PM
I recently watched your show about Sugar Babys and have several comments. 

I strongly disagree with the show itself.  First off Dr Phil, please stay away from shows like this.  Those type of topics are for Maury and Springer and are very below your standards.

Now, for my opinion of the topic, We live in a democracy and we are free to make our own decisions.  What we do and who we are as people are strongly defined by the enviroment we grow up in and or in the necessities we find we need in life.  I have no particular issues with those women and what they do.  I do not agree with prostitution nor call girls, however as a women who recieves monies for services either it be a full time or part time job would be the same as being a sugar baby.

I do not believe for one second that these women are prostitutes.  I find these women are creative in how they make their living.

I would have spent more time in finding why they do what they do and why they came to doing this instead of throwing an attorney who in my opinion was rude and judgmental in every way.

Please Dr Phil, do what you do best, get to the root cause and repair the issue, not place people on the cross and crucify them.

Replied By: beckmichelle on Oct 25, 2013, 2:13AM
I just watched this epsioide and I totally agree with Dr. Phil and Sunny Hostin on how its a HORRIBLE website. I think that Brandon SHOULD definately get prosecuted and they should take down that site. you dont know what could be happening on that site, there could be girls who get killed or raped because of it its a STUPID SITE! i woulid NEVERF be on that site and never do that I am not stupid and I think that those girls are extremetly stupid and that they should stop!!! and I think that Brandon MOST DEFINATELY should get procecuted.
Replied By: my_opinion312 on Sep 6, 2013, 8:12AM
I just watched this show on YouTube and I find this incredibly disturbing. It epitomizes the flaws in the modern day dating world. People don't want a serious relationship, but just want to have fun? No needy spouse to take care of? What went to wrong in the lives of these people that they resort to these emotionless relationships?

A few questions to ask:

Is this a dating site? Yes.

Are these women on this site expecting payment for their "services"? Yes.

So these men go on dates with women and in exchange for their companionship, they paid said women, correct? Yes.

If the encounter leads to sex, are the men essentially paying for sex? YES.

According to Oxford dictionary, 
A prostitute is "a person, typically a woman, who engages in sexual activity for payment."

Are these women prostitutes? YES.

Personally, I'm from Canada, so education is quite a bit cheaper here, but I think you have a problem when people are forced into essentially selling themselves in order to afford higher education. Keeping that in mind, I'm a 20 year old female and I work 2 jobs while in school in order to afford my tuition; neither of those two jobs involve going out with men in exchange for "an allowance". 

Society has gotten significantly lazier recently, people want easy money. This is easy money for these women. It's wrong. 

Replied By: brainiac65 on Dec 27, 2012, 5:26AM
I saw this show today in the Netherlands. 

I do not think that prostitution is a very bad thing for everyone, but......
The most disturbing thing is when people try to convince themselves and others that this kind of "commercial intimacy" is okay, or a good thing to do. Even if they give it another name, or call it something else. Deep inside they know that it is not okay! And I know there are even younger students in this line of business. Misguided indeed! Offcourse the "pimp" thinks it's okay when he makes a fortune of it. 

Remember that almost everyone thinks this is negative and a bad thing to do. They only say positive things if they have something to gain with it. 
Replied By: brainiac65 on Dec 27, 2012, 2:49AM
I saw this Dr.Phil show in the netherlands today. 
What really disturbes me is the fact that these women are really misguided, and not if prostitution is a bad thing or not. 

I have seen even younger students in this line of work, and offcourse the "Pimps" use all kind of words and excuses to convince them it is not prostitution and therefore not against the law and OK. But most of these women feel it is not okay, and their self-value wil sink more and more, still trying to convince themselves it is OK. The truth is that they sell their most intimate things for money until there is nothing left to share in a really special realtionship with special people. 

These sugar-baby students are simply NOT independant, and want a "Daddy" to take care of them and make things easy for them. This goes (and grows) very deep sometimes, and they'll do anything for "Daddy" as long as they do not have to work themselves, or take their responsability in any way (like a little baby). Maybe this may seem okay for a while, until the relation ends, or worse. The "sugar-baby" is not interesting, attractive, or wanted anymore. 

Be carefull with asking money for your most intimate things.  It seems like a lot today, but garbage tomorrow. 
Replied By: gr8m8eh on Oct 12, 2012, 10:28PM
After watching this show, on you tube, I was not gobsmacked in the least. So what! ? Really? I listened open minded.  Girl goes to a website that hooks her up with a man that wants someone to spoil and seek "attention"  Girl wants man to spoil and give her attention.  Regardless of how it goes down, it is "arranged" before it happens.  It is mutually agreed on, and is totally free will on both parts. Grown ups.  Each is able to make a stupid decision and a smart one.  

Modern day Prostitution?  Sure...ok...but who cares? The people involved don't mind.  Its the others out there that have their opinions on what this is. 

If you don't like it, don't worry about it. If its affecting your current situation.....its not the website or the women that got you here.....its the decision by your spouse to seek an arrangement.  The girl involved doesn't want him full time.  "arranged that way."

Call it what you like. Its not my idea of what I want in a partner or "lifestyle" but I certainly don't think its wrong for these people on either end to pursue their fun..."arrangement."  Too many people with opinions that should just find something more productive to fight against....this is "entertainment" at best.


Replied By: missvalentine on Jul 22, 2012, 10:09PM
This show is airing currently in Australia.
I just wanted to say that I don't think this is being shown fairly. I think it shows a very one sided opinion of the sugar-daddy/sugar-baby relationship dynamic, and I don't think it's fair to call these women prostitutes.
Personally this is not the kind of relationship that I would chose to have, but I don't think that it's fair to absolutely degrade the people who do.
For instance, the single mum of three who doesn't date married men, and only sees one person at a time, she is very clearly using the site for it's intended purpose - which to me seems to be bringing people with similar opinions together. Is it really any different from a dating website that brings together dog lovers, car lovers, or in a more extreme case, people who are interested in BDSM etc. etc. etc. etc...?
I think that the law-student did a lot of damage to the case for, and helped very much with the case against.
My main problem here is that only the extreme cases got a chance to speak, the woman who had her sugar-daddy 'feed' her purse, and the rather outspoken law-student.
The single mother who dates these men didn't get a chance to speak her mind, or to discuss her point of view.

Is this a life choice I would make? No, because money is not something that I consider to be important in my relationships. But I don't think that makes people who DO value money in a relationship bad people, wrong, or engaged in prostitution.

I don't know, I guess I just wanted to say that there probably are people who abuse the intended meaning of this website and who do use it to find purely sexual encounters, but to call all of the women engaged in this sort of relationship prostitutes is unfair, degrading, and well, basically, it's down right rude.
Every relationship has it's perks, and some that this particular form of website helps to create happens to be that the sugar-babies have financial backing.

It's not for everyone, obviously, but it is for some people, and I don't think it's fair to judge them all by the actions of the few.
Replied By: texas76034 on Jun 20, 2012, 9:16AM
I am recently divorced. The divorce was the result of repeated infidelity y my ex-husband. The divorce process was the most painful experience of my life. At the center was a battle for custody of our 13 year old daughter. The courts were determined to treat our case as a simple case of "he has moved on" and she is "the woman scorned". I did not agree. My ex-husband had been displaying behaviour that I felt was damaging to our daughter, but I could not get the social workers, counselors, etc. to take me seriously. After a one year fight and $300,000 in legal fees. I gave up.We share custody 50/50.

I work from home and sometimes watch Dr. Phil while I work. I just happend to catch this show. Some portions of the stories sounded familiar. During the divorce process I asked for 3 years of financial records. I was able to trace purchases of fitness center memberships, tanning club memberships, spa treatments, women's clothing, handbags, air tickets, hotel rooms, expensive meals, etc. After the show I checked his credit card statements and found a charge to seekingarrangements.com.

Now it all makes sense. My ex-husband was hiring prostitutes. What ended our marriage was that he actually fell for one of them. In addition to sex, he actually paid her to befriend our daughter and turn her against me. She tutored my ex-husband on how to look good for the courts. She even tutored him on the divorce process and how to make me look unstable. I finally got a restraining order, so he was unable to bring her in contact with our daughter and he was unable to help her financially. That ended the relationship. He thought she would leave her husband for him, but she was only interested in the money.

It really disturbs me that some of you people out there actually think that this is OK. My daughter is going to have to live the fact that she befriended this prostitute for the rest of her life. My marriage has ended. My ex-husband is now re-married to another one of his "sugar babies" who he treats like a prostitute in front of my daughter. How is she going to grow up with positive feelings about womanhood?

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. The courts need to become much more aware. If I had known this during the divorce process it would have made a big difference.
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