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After a shocking discovery was made in her home, 23-year-old Peanut lost custody of her two children to her father, Randy. For the last 10 months, Randy and his new wife, Angie, have been raising Peanut’s kids, and say they’ve spent more than $10,000 for the children’s expenses. Now, after a major life overhaul, Peanut says she's ready to care for her own children, but Randy disagrees. This tense father-daughter feud has festered into a full-blown custody battle that’s tearing the entire family apart. Can Dr. Phil repair this broken home before it self-destructs? And who is the best parent for Peanut’s precious pair? Tune in and sound off on where you stand in this heated custody battle!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: pattig on Sep 10, 2011, 1:24PM - In reply to marianparoo
Hmmm.....You are right!!
Replied By: pattig on Sep 10, 2011, 1:09PM
I want to yell at the TV every time Dr. Phil asks a parent of a drug addict, how could they NOT know their kids were doing drugs? I'm an intelligent, hardworking mom and an RN. For most of my kids lives I was a stay at home mom because I wanted to be the one to raise my own 5 kids and raise them well. We went to church every  Sunday, I monitored who my kids played with, and we had a good home. What I didn't know, was that my 3 oldest children were becoming drug addicts right under my nose. My husband and I had played around with pot while in college, as well as some binge drinking. When I got married, it all stopped. So, we weren't clueless about drugs. I also had brothers who were a mess because of drugs and assumed that I was very knowledgeable of the signs and symptoms of drug abuse. NOT. It wasn't until my 3rd son was a teenager that we were hit with a new reality. My boys had been smoking pot and cigarettes for years. At this point, we found out that they had recently done much more than smoking pot, and that one son was doing heroin. Why didn't we suspect? When I would discuss erratic behaviors, an increase in sleeping, changes in moods, bursts of anger and changes in their eating habits, every single person I knew would assure me that "they're teenagers!" Teens are moody, hungry, sleep a lot, get sullen and angry, have up and down grades in school. I believed the idea that when your sweet child goes to bed one night and wakes up the next morning a different person, that it's just 'welcome to parenting a teenager.' How was I to know that my son could look me in the eye and say there is no way he's doing drugs and be lying every time he opened his mouth? Our whole lives ended up turned upside down. This summer, one of my boys had a friend over, and while they were supposed to be in his room playing video games, the friend overdosed on heroin IN MY HOUSE. I had to do CPR until the paramedics arrived. Thank God the young man survived. I will never forget one of the policeman saying to the other, "How could you NOT know the boys are doing heroin in your own house?" Maybe I'm stupid, maybe I'm too trusting, maybe I have a mental issue, or MAYBE I'm just a mom, who thinks my kid is playing video games and would NEVER in her wildest dreams imagine this was happening in her own home. How could I NOT know? Because my boys aren't sitting on the side of the street in filthy clothes with needles hanging out of their veins. Because you can snort, swallow and shoot up heroin in ways that are undectectable intill it's too late. Because you don't have to have rolls of cash anymore to keep your habit going. Because you can't imagine the kid up the street who skateboards by your house every day is a heroin dealer only 5 houses away. THAT'S HOW. So PLEASE, PLEASE, Dr. Phil, stop making parents feel even lower than they already feel by basically accusing them of neglect. And don't even get me STARTED on "Why didn't you get him some help?"  Oh my. What help? There aren't any facilities out there with welcome signs on their doors for a kid who does heroin on the weekends, who doesn't walk in the treatment facility wasted (you wouldn't believe how many require that) and these facilities don't treat your kids for free. It is a heartbreaking and frustrating situation for parents, and I know MANY families going through it. If there was ever a question that I would take out of Dr. Phil's mouth it would be, "How did you NOT know your child was doing drugs?"
Replied By: sbutler521 on Sep 9, 2011, 1:07PM - In reply to browniz62
I too had my daughter move in after a 3 am phone call that she was being beat.  We picked her up with the baby had him arrested and moved them home.  My daughter chose to not come home at night leave the house as soon as we got home from our 40 hour per week jobs and left us with the baby.  He was just one then.  After a year of being verbally abused in front of the children we have another grandson who was 10 at the time living with us sleeping all day when she was to be watching the baby, doing drugs and not supporting the baby we had her removed from the home.  It took 2 years but we got perm. custody and she visits with him he is 6 now and she does not pay child support and has no desire to change how things are.  I am in my 50's and love them dearly but would love to just be grandparents.  We will raise these two lovely boys as our own.  I have two older grandchildren we did not get to early enough and it is to late for them.  By the way my husband is not the "real" grandfather but has stepped up and is a better father/grandfather than the real dad's will ever be.  He is there for them, has done cub scouts, is doing it again now, football, baseball, school activities.  Hang in there its worth it and you can't always have a relationship with the parents, I talk to my daughter but do not like her and it kills me to say that but the kids are who is important now.
Replied By: erikaross on Sep 8, 2011, 4:46AM
I think Peanut has worked hard on recovery and deserves her kids back. We all make mistakes. Peanut's parents have made many and they were not held accountable. Peanut's dad is using these grandkids as pawns--- cruelly not allowing their mom to visit, complaining about money while spending plenty on his "man cave," not setting up a room for them while his guns have their own room--- making the grandkids seem disposable and trying to paint Peanut as not trying. I know some people hate recovering addicts so much they can't see beyond it, but what about bullies who use grandkids as leverage over their own daughter, the kid's own mother? Give Peanut her kids back!

Peanut, cut the cord with your parents. They will make your life miserable until you finally learn to protect yourself and your family! Keep up the good work with your recovery. Concentate on showing your kids love, getting them back, and building a lucrative career and a stable home with a worthy partner.

Good luck to all!
Replied By: angela62 on Sep 7, 2011, 7:28PM - In reply to tlhewitt
Thank you for your support in our families problems. Also, for understanding the BIG picture that when you have already raised your children, and you look forward to your life going a certain way, it is quite an adjustment.
My Husband and I are doing the work, and everything Dr. Phil has asked of us. That is ALL we can control. We choose to stand together and do the best for these precious Angels that we can.
My Parents raised my 2 nephews from very young, and I was not raised that when times get tough, you bail.
Randy and I lost 3 parents in 3 years, and we have learned alot about how to handle adversity.
Your support means that world, and in tough times, will definitely get us through.
God Bless
Replied By: angela62 on Sep 7, 2011, 7:21PM - In reply to momgarl73
Thank You for your input. However, I urge you to watch the show again. I stated I cut my EVENING job from 22 to 6 hours so I can be home with the children.
I do home health care for the elderly during the day. I have bills to pay also, so I don't have the luxury of staying home to not pay daycare. Please keep in mind, you viewed our lives for 38 minutes and could not possibly know what this does to a family unless you have walked a mile in our shoes. I pray that your children are well adjusted and free of any wrong doing so you may never have to find out.
Replied By: angela62 on Sep 7, 2011, 7:16PM - In reply to crossesfour
Thank you for your powerful imput. I did some research on the subject and there are 8 million Grandparents and Great Grandparents raising kids.
You have given us hope that if  Peanut never does the work to get her kids back, we are not alone. I love success stories, It keeps us going. Thanks So Much,
God Bless
Replied By: crossesfour on Sep 7, 2011, 1:27PM
Dr. Phil, you have a strong inclination towards children being raised by their biological parents.  This is great as an ideal, but not so great in practice.  Just because a woman contibutes an egg and a womb, and her man is a sperm donor, does not necessarily qualify them for parenthood.  We are grandparents who have been raising two of our grand daughters for the last 14 years.  Our son, their bio-dad, is irresponsible and emotionally incapable of parenting.  He had impregnated 3 women with 4 daughters before he was 30.  One of our girl's bio-moms is bi-polar and Childrens Services removed the child; the other bio-mom is a drug user and an alcoholic.  We have spent tens of thousands of dollars raising these two girls without financial support, encouragement or appreciation, and they are both succesful at 21 and 18.  They would have been destroyed by their bio-parents.
Replied By: angela62 on Sep 7, 2011, 12:05PM - In reply to browniz62
Hello Browniz,
I wanted to send you a special message to thank you for your input on our show.
Your story is one of the reasons I agreed to do the show. Their were times when we felt so alone we didn't know where else to turn.
As much as I appreciate all the feedback, No One could understand this until they go through it with an addict.
It is absolutely true that is turns your life upside down, but we do look at it as a blessing that God has Bestowed upon us, and we are the ones that get to hear Good Night Pawpaw and Grammy.
I wrote the show to heal my family. I have been with Randy for almost 10 years and Dr. Phil has always said the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. So having been through all the disrespect and victimizing for so many years has been very hard. We have learned a lot from the show, and when Dr. Phil stated that Peanut's development is arrested, it makes sense. We all say your a Mother act like one, but the truth is she needs to skills to do that.
Hang In there and when times get tough, just focus on the Grandkids and look in their eyes and it will get you through,
God Bless
Replied By: grandmimi2 on Sep 7, 2011, 8:16AM
I do agree also, with the statement that the grandfather needs to absolulty make bedrooms for the children and that should have been done the first day!!!!!!!  The guns well they need to go out and buy a gun safe and lock them all up.  Or take them to someone elses house if you dont have one.  Thats is only what a normal thing to do is....
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