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Replied By: redsun11a on Sep 5, 2012, 6:41PM
I don't see where theres a section for deserving-respectful hardworking teens-that need a break. My daughter is 16. A high honor roll student..since kindergarten. She always draws for homecoming week-because shes artisitic-and she has an undiagnosed problem with her hands always hurting her. She volunteers to the animal shelter-babysits-and has taken all college level classes last year-and this year as a senior-needs to go out of our town in January's semester for college classes. She aspires to study foreign languages (loves calculous-and is 100% spanish). When my mother got sick with 4th. stage lung cancer-she was understanding-when I wasn't home-as our family chose to take care of mom,in her home. It was the hardest thing ever,for all of us. And still is after losing her 3 yrs. ago. Basically,her birthday the 26th. (and his the 16th. ,and my other teen daughter also the 16th. ..oh and my son's,the 17th. of september. we need a used car for her so bad,and my 1998 grand jeep cherokee thats falling apart, will be her only means to get to classes in january. We simply can't afford a car. Heck-I need one And I see all these these girls,with ribbons on there cars..for there 16th. birthday..and they do everything wrong thats on your shows! My girls don't drink,smoke..they always say thank you. They only got 4 outfits,for school this year,2 pair of shoes,and school supllies. What makes everything worse-is an 80.00 consulatation for 4 wizdom teeth Julia needs out,as they are hurting her daily,and exrays show they are turned in. They want $850 AFTER insurance! Her dads  trucker with a clean almost 20 yrs. driving-my sweetheart needs 350. to renew his liscence..yes..before his birthday. Im just trying to be positive..He should make more,as I believe truckers "run" our businesses. I have rumatoid arthritis,plus scoliosis in my back-I am babysitting my grandbaby,as my single oldest daughter just got a good job. I cant do factory work ,Im tired alot..and am trying to be positive. I usually garage sale,or ebay months before all 4 birthdays hit-but everything has gone up. After watching Dr,phil for years now-I know..we should sell this house,that needs insulation,a new furnace,a roof,how many windows?But the housing market is horrible,and its not an option. We didnt go on vacation-we rarely go out to eat. I do not ever go to the Mall-lol ask my kids. I just wish I could get her a car-as not only does she need it-as she wants to suceed,and I never have to tell her to do any homework.  I can provide report cards,or give you the name of our principle..I seams like Im whining about my bills-Im sorry-I just meant to describe how hard its been ,and impossible to make Julias dream come true. I think good kids need to be rewarded as well.
Replied By: tahina on Aug 18, 2012, 2:34PM
I do feel misunderstood by my parents they don't understand that me and my sister are not little girls any more. I am 18 and my older sister is almost 22 we still live at home both going to collage both have jobs. They treat us as if we were little girls and i'm really startting to get sick of it. I feel that my parents have 2 amazing girls but they can't see that. I know they don't trust me and my sister and i do not understand why because i know that i have always been a good girl and never did anything behind there backs. and it kills me to know that they have no trust in me because i found out i have a tracking device in my cell phone. I don't understand why they would do that? to me it just shows me that they have no trust in me. people always say if you are always on top of your kids and do not give them freedom and trust they will start to rebel and i do feel that i am startting to rebel. but i don't want that i want them to trust me as the adult i am becoming. because they don't trust me i feel that i cant trust them. i want them to understand that i am not a little girl that i am not 8 years old but that i am 18 years old and that they need to start to trust me or i will start to rebel. because if they don't trust me now then i might aswell give them a reason for not trusting me. At lest thats how i feel all i truly wont is to be treated my age and to be trusted because i can tell you this right now there is no trust in my family.
Replied By: nephy_d on Aug 12, 2012, 6:01PM
Ever since i was young(6-8) My mother taught me to put others first. ALWAYS. Yet sometimes I feel that it's tearing me apart from the inside. When people ask for help, I cannot say "No". Even if its something as simple as "can you get me a glass of water". 

Somehow I've developed into the "relationship guru" even when i have relationship problems myself. I become the Dr.Phil of people in my generation. (So to speak). I'm always there to help and try to at least bring peace to the situation. I'm always the nice and considerate person. And it has begun to take advantage of me and how my life had developed. You know how most people are when they help others they feel better about themselves? I'm the exact opposite. I help others even if it ruins my life and i can't seem to stop. No matter how hard i try to change my being, I'm always around to try to save the day, comfort or even brighten ones day. Then i come home and i'm in the dark, i begin to hate my life, i cry to myself and i can't seem to get out of it.

It had become so bad to the point where i actually attempted suicide. I had regrets after i had taken mixed pills. I sent out letters to people i cared about and if two of them hadn't shown up that day, i would have died. 

I've had a terrible childhood. Bullying, mental abuse from the family and even rape that i had kept to myself till just recently. I don't want others to go through what i had been through and its hard to make sure it doesn't happen to my closest friends and family. 
Replied By: iceycreamey on Aug 11, 2012, 7:50PM - In reply to gettingworried
I think this is an anger thing. Your angry about something, so feel the need to hurt something... but your too nice to hurt another person and your too nice to hurt property, so you hurt yourself. It makes you feel better because you feel in control of the pain you are in, right? For one moment you feel powerful and in control, right? I think you need to talk to an anger therapist. Anger therapy is not just for angry people. It is actually for any really intense feeling. You get to scream at people and things and get away with it. Even if I was wrong and your not angry, it will still be good to go to an anger therapist even if your sad of stressed out, because you feel an intense feeling burning deep inside you. The therapist can bring that out of you; let you release the intense feeling you have. you wouldn' cut unless you had an intense feeling. As for your friends, I am not trying to be mean or anything but if your friends haven't told one of your teachers of your mom yet, theyre probably not the best of friends. A really good friend would get you help before something terrible happened. Also, tell one of your family members, someone that will understand you and what your going through. Get yourself some therapy. You can also try this thing called the butterfly project. You draw a butterfly on your arms and you have to let it fade, if you cut while it is on you, the butterfly dies, if you let it fade, it gets to be free in the wildlife. Or you could, when you want to hurt yourself, cut up a peice of old clothing or something.
Replied By: worriedncmom on Jul 21, 2012, 8:45PM
My son is in jail right now for a destruction of property charge. I bailed him out 2 days after he got into trouble but revoked his bond on Tuesday because of a call from his bestfriend about him freaking out and being sick and incoherant. I called the bondsman and had him put back in jail until his court date 8-22 because I didn't know what else to do and thought he would be safe in there and have time to sober up. He has lied to us repeatedly, he has stolen multiple items from my home. I am at my wits end and after studying this epidemic online DO NOT understand why they don't make this stuff illegal in all 50 states and not just 6? There are so many stories and deaths and bad situations associated with this product yet they continue to market it as a safe alternative and sell is legally. How many kids have to die before they do something about it. Dr. Phil, your influence surly must have some power in this matter and I can't be the only parent going through this. We need to ban together and make it known so others will not succomb to this horrible product!!
Replied By: gettingworried on Jun 23, 2012, 11:28PM
I have been self harming since i was in grade 7, im now in grade 11 and i am getting scared. Everything is getting to be to much! I have told quite a few people about it and i have even gone to emerg to get my self assesed. But i continue to harm myself and it is getting worse and worse. I wish i did't tell my friends only because i feel so far away from them now. Every conversation we have sarts and ends with my self harm, and i really miss when i could just talk about them without them knowing. But the only thing is that neither of my parents know about it, and im not ready to tell them yet. I don't even know when i might be in a situation where i could tell them. What should i do?
Replied By: hallykat on Jun 7, 2012, 12:59PM
I am a teen girl and I live with my grandparents. My grandparents are very good people and they were very generous to take my little brother and I in when we were very young. The thing is...our religion is Pentecostal Holiness. For those of you who do not know what that is, it is a religion that has very strict rules. I am not allowed to wear pants, jewlry or make-up. I am not allowed to go to the movies. We do not have a tv at all. I am not supposed to date outside of my religion, and as you can imagine that does not give me very many choices. My sleeves have to be to my elbow and my skirts have to be halfway down my calfs. I am also not allowed to cut my hair, not even a trim. Add all of this to the regular pressures of high school and my self-esteem is not very high. I do not have many friends because people put me in a category before they even talk to me. I do not act like the goody two shoes church girl everyone assumes I am. I do not want to hurt my grandparents or seem ungrateful so I do not challenge their rules. I do not know any other way. I do not know if I want to stay in this religion when I move out or not.
Replied By: latda04 on May 31, 2012, 8:58AM - In reply to idkwhy
You seem to have determination, focus and motivation! Having a support system is great and as long as you are happy with what your doing now and excited about your future goals, go for it!!! Because you are so determined and motivated your beauty shines even brighter than you can see , BUT others see it. You will someday!!!! You have a few wounds to heal first. He wasn't worth dating and you moved on, that's something to be proud of, don't let him to continue have any power over you with the words he said to hurt you. I do know words hurt and sting deeply, but you learned that earlier than later. Facing your past daily (school, work environment) can take a little longer to heal, take it on you seem stong and have a great support system. Trust me when you remove yourself from high school and move forward in life you will feel like your the whole package, beautiful, smart and accomplished. I am someone who dealt with an abussive relationship for 5+ years, I left and moved forward. I am in college and in a MUCH better place than I could have been staying with him. It was alot of repair to myself esteem but I can say it was worth every bit, I wouldn't be who I am now if it weren't for that jerk. It sounds weird but I do reflect back and thank him for where I am today, HE surely doesn't get to hear it, but just saying it alloud works for me. Good luck my dear, I wish you all the best!
Replied By: idkwhy on May 20, 2012, 4:24PM
I am currently a junior in high school looking to go to college soon. I am known at my school as the "army barbie". It's been a joke since my freshman year since im plan on going into the national guard as a surgeon. Even with people calling me pretty and stuff, I still have the hardest time looking at myself like everyone does. I was hit by my ex before and i took care of that, with the support of friends and family. I'm currently in a relationship with a guy graduating this year from my high school. I am 5'4 and 105lbs, but I still see myself as ugly, this didn't start till after my ex did what he did. Is that the reason I can't look at myself without seeing someone who's ugly?
Replied By: theatregeek27 on May 7, 2012, 3:39PM
I know that telling someone is the most important step when you're bullied; but usually thats as far as it goes. It's true. When I finally told my parents and teachers in grade 3 that I was bullied, all that happened to the three boys was a half day suspension of picking up garbage and writting letters of apologies. I was sent for counselling for 3 years and made to look and feel like it was my fault that this happened!!!! After that, I kept quiet about being picked on because I knew nothing would be done; most of the time it was verbal and simple exclusion. A lot of the popular kids made sure that I had no one to talk to; especially kids in my grade. In grade 6 halfway though the year I moved schools. I thought I could put this behind me and just get on with my life. Didn't happen. I told someone who I thought i could trust something very private; three seconds later they shout it out to everyone in the hallway. I ended up being a laughing stock though the whole school. After that, I was picked on most of the time, they made sure that I only had one or two friends and worse. I ended up having a nervous breakdown because of all this. That was three years ago. I've moved on and put this behind me now bu I want to say this; I think this could have been avoided if the teachers had done more than they did. Yes I should've kept saying or shouting that I was bullied; but there should've been more help for me when I needed it. And I also think that all teachers need stop turning a blind eye and actually put a stop to this and not just "make peace" by getting both sides to shake hands or say sorry because that means nothing what so ever.
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