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Custody battles are difficult, but they get even more complicated when there are accusations of abuse. Brittany says she lives in fear of her ex-boyfriend and father of her 13-month-old son every day. She claims Frank was abusive throughout their one-year relationship, and that during one instance when she was four months pregnant, he assaulted her, trapped her in a car and headed for Mexico, while telling her that she would never see her family and friends again. After the alleged incident, she says she left him, and she now fears he will snatch their son and leave the country. Are the courts failing to protect Brittany and her son? Frank admits he has a temper but says he’s never laid a hand on Brittany. It’s been eight months since he’s seen his son because he says he’s afraid her allegations will land him in jail, so he stays away. Will Brittany allow Frank to have a supervised visit with the boy? Then, a heartbreaking story that will leave you speechless: Tisha says when she divorced her abusive husband, she never imagined how he’d retaliate. It’s a tragedy no mother should have to endure -- could it have been prevented? Don’t miss the child custody precautions every mother needs to know before leaving an abusive relationship! Learn more about Dr. Phil’s End the Silence on Domestic Violence campaign and pledge to become a silence breaker!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: cctxgal on Jul 6, 2011, 8:37PM
I just watched the 5/30 episode on my dvr and I had to register on Dr. Phil just in order to give it another voice.  My situation was typical (as far as abuse goes).  I left, came back, left, came back again.  The thing that really struck me about this show were the kids and the involvement (or non-involement in my case) of law enforcement.
I took my step-daughter (his daughter) while he was at work and left.  Unfortunately, she was very aware of the danger we were in as she had seen him do things to me and experienced his anger toward her.  Thank goodness that she's old enough now to think for herself and knows right from wrong.
The reason I'm commenting is that there were many, many scary days and nights that we had.  We were both terrified of him, but I had to stand up.....got her out and I stupidly went back to him.  I never understood how a woman could do that until I was in that situation.  I thought I loved him, and he loved me, and things would change.  I became one of "those women" that I just couldnt understand.
I digress, because one of the points I wanted to get to was the way I was treated by law enforcement.  I called 911 (the only time I ever did) because he threatened to kill us both, pulled out a gun, and then walked out into the yard.  The police showed up, talked to him for awhile and then escorted me to a women's shelter.  He told them that I was crazy and had mental problems.  We lived in a rural area where he knew the "so called protectors".
I've since been out of that for many years.  I never thought I would be in that situation, but when I was, the people (law enforcement) that should have helped me, didn't.  Be glad if you don't live in a "good 'ol boy" place.
The only thing I can say to other women, and I have, is the first sign you have of violence.....GET OUT.  You can't change him and he won't change.
Replied By: jamie415 on Jun 22, 2011, 10:36PM
An incident of sexual abuse occurred between my ex and my daughter four years ago. I spent three years in family court. They told me that if I didn't agree to unsupervised visits, they would reverse custody.

Now I believe that he's done it again. She is acting out sexually. He has been in the psych ward for the last few weeks and will probably remain there for a few more weeks.

I have been told that the county I live in will grant custody to pedophiles. I researched online and this is true not only for the entire state of California, but Nationally also. If moving would allow me to protect my daughter, I would go in a second. Unfortunately there is not a court in this country that would disallow an abuser or pedophile thier "parental rights".
Replied By: mattyboi14 on Jun 9, 2011, 2:58AM
I think that Brittany did come off as pretty unemotional and stonecold. But I think that she has been suppressing these feelings of fear and anxiety to have a semblance of a normal life. She also seems like she's angry about what has happened to her and I feel like that is a very appropriate response to abuse. A lot of people may cry about and breakdown. That is one, possibly more popular, response to abuse. But another is to stare it in the face and contront it. I think it showed strength for her not to breakdown. And I think anyone who's judging whether or not she's telling the truth based on her not breaking down should really check themselves. Any time a person is a victim of something, they can sit there and cry and weep and live in fear or they can stand up, get angry, and stop it from happening. She isn't asking for Frank to outright be removed from her or Remy's life. She's asking that the visit's Frank makes be made with supervision. So when Frank says "Brittany wants me gone" or whatever it was.. that doesn't seem to hold much water. She is afraid for her son. She is willing to allow Frank to visit. But because of her fear for her son, she wants supervision. I don't understand how people can say she's being vindictive to him and trying to wreck his life.
Replied By: mattyboi14 on Jun 9, 2011, 2:48AM - In reply to hauguelt
Does that make it ok to commit these acts? Should Frank be cleared of all wrongdoing? Should Brittany stand by and just let it keep happening? Aren't her fears for herself, her family, and most importantly her son very valid if he is capable of committing these acts without actually being in control of what is happening?
Replied By: mattyboi14 on Jun 9, 2011, 2:43AM - In reply to karenlynn54
Are you kidding me? Women like her? Perhaps it's these women from the past who have abused the system that make it harder for Brittany? People want proof of abuse but why does she have to have had actual injuries for people to believe her? That's like saying we can't change drunk driving laws until a certain amount of people have died already. You don't have enough information to make the kinds of judgments you've made about her. And Franky looks like a complete act to me. It seems to me that Brittany has suppressed the feelings of anxiety she's had as much as possible so she can live a semblance of a normal life. Meanwhile, Franky is crying because he's coming to grips with why she hasn't allowed him to see the baby. As some other poster said, with PTSD it's possible to completely forget any behaviors you've had. And even if he didn't forget, how many of us have been able to lie and deny any wrongdoing when someone has asked us upfront about it? Honestly, it's not hard to do. Why would he ever admit to any of that outside the court of law? Let's be real here. It's the easiest thing in the world to sit and deny accusations. And in a way, that's why this country's court system is fucked up. All the defendent has to do is sit there and say "No I didn't do it." Meanwhile the plaintiff has to get hard evidence. Unfortunately, journals, diaries, videos, and recordings are usually taken as circumstantial. The hard evidence the courts need is an actual injury or death. And fucked up. Is it going to take Franky actually taking Remy for people to believe Brittany? Will he actually have to cause her physical harm for people to believe her? I mean, we've all seen the other story from the show. Does it have to end that way for people to believe Brittany?
Replied By: karrieisalive on Jun 6, 2011, 7:44AM
I am in the SAME situation right now AND my lawyer WILL NOT help me!!  I was left for dead, my son witnessed the abuse..BUT my Lawyer will not help me protect my soon to be 3 year old daughter!!  I need help before this abuse goes to my baby and it causes her trauma!!  I was left for dead..severely abused..but again my lawyer will not help me properly protect my baby!!!  She is only doing standard divorce proceedings because I cant afford to pay her extra money for proper protection..HELP ME..I am in the same shoes as this lady!!  My son suffers from PTSD because he was left to watch my almost die..I was care flighted even..BUT NO ONE WILL HELP ME PROTECT MY BABY FROM THIS ABUSE..HELP ME PLEASE!!  karrieann.howe@yahoo, showe@safetyresc.com
Replied By: sweetiesmurf on Jun 5, 2011, 2:25PM
I am Tisha's step mom & wanted to give an update on the new baby... she certainly has her own name :) and even her own birthday.  Tisha continues to be an awesome mom, to Teigan's memory and to the new baby.  We are all so proud of her and thank you to Dr. Phil for the show.  We are coming up on the 2 year anniversary of Teigan's murder and although the show was taped awhile ago, it gave me comfort seeing you give Tisha comfort.  Thank you again.
Replied By: iluvcats4ever on Jun 4, 2011, 4:44AM
Regarding Frank and his PTSD and probable TBI, I was thrilled that Dr. Phil is going to have Frank talk to an expert on PTSD.I am not making excuses for Franks behavior but I live with a 100% disabled vet who suffers with both PTSD and TBI and it is a roller coaster.  Frank says he doesn't believe he said the things that Brittany claims he said.  While I believe Brittany is using this to her advantage, there is every chance that Frank does not remember what he said and sometimes what he has done.
From personal experience, my BF has said things to me that have devastated me and when I tell him, he is truly clueless, and trust me I know when he is lying.  He has pointed a loaded gun at me and basically attacked me sexually and the next morning he didn't remember a thing.  I have gone to the Psyc doctor with him and that behavior is VERY normal when suffering from combat injuries.  Also the medication that they prescribe for these conditions add a whole new dimension to the cognitive skills that are suffering anyway.
I hope Frank gets the help he needs and can be a father to his child, but he really needs evaluated to make sure he is stable enough to properly take care of a child. Brittany also needs education on his injuries so she may better understand the challenges that Frank faces, after two years there isn't a week where I don't face something new.   I hope they work it out for the child's sake.
Replied By: toshat on Jun 3, 2011, 2:24PM - In reply to sinsy42
It was so funny when I saw this reply for the book "Heaven is for real" because it is perfect for Tisha right now. I thank you for recommending such a wonderful book in her time of need, thanks. I read it and loved it.
Replied By: karenlynn54 on Jun 2, 2011, 7:25PM - In reply to amyinflorida
I initially had the same response to Frank's covering his mouth but the more I saw of him, the more I believed him.  I've seen two women use the system to get what they wanted with no regard for the children involved.  Brittany's failure to allow a supervised visit arranged by Dr. Phil convinced me that she is using this child as a weapon again Frank.  Unfortunately, it's women like her who screw things up for the women and men who really need the system to work.  And, as Dr. Phil always says, when a third party (judge) makes the decision for you, it may not be the right decision.  The courts and CPS are so overloaded, they don't have the time to really look for the truth. 
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