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(Original Air Date: 05/19/11) Dr. Phil’s guests say they have a moocher in their midst, but they don’t know how to kick the freeloader to the curb! Karen and Rex say they’re tired of their 24-year-old twins, Andrew and Justin, living under their roof. They say their sons don’t pay for rent, groceries or utilities and to make matters worse, are disrespectful and verbally abusive. The twins feel their parents owe them a lavish lifestyle, and say their father never enforces the eviction notices he gives them, so why would they ever leave? Will the couple finally be empowered to kick their grown sons out of their house? Then, siblings Kermeth, Patrice and Portia say they’re fed up with their younger brother, George, bumming off their mom. They say he can’t keep a job, lives rent-free and even stole his niece’s TV and sold it for gas money! George says he feels like the family outcast, and he’s doing the best he can. What can this family do to help their little brother get back on track?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: mskamish on Dec 19, 2014, 8:23AM - In reply to juana50
Because everyone has to have standards High or Low, Good or Bad.Do something to establish a life of your own.  Self-Sufficiency is something we ALL have to teach our children.  LIFE happens, so do bills, aging, relationships with others, children, ect.  Get an Education, establish yourself. Be SOMETHING independently.    Letting them mooch from YOU is letting them MOOCH eventually from ME, and the rest of the self-sufficient citizens.
Replied By: juana50 on Nov 8, 2014, 10:04AM - In reply to crazycatlady11
I totally agree. I recently joined drphil.com and posted a comment /blog about this show. I hqve been trying to find my blog/contact/email on the subject of this show to see if people agree with me. This comment  I am responding to is basically the same as my view. Change a few things in this home situation, and make the best of it. I don't think 24 years old is an unheard of age to still be at home. Parents can't panic, like the father in this case, when the kids are grown and still dependents. How did they get that way ?  The answer to that question is a big clue to what needs to take place, now, to make the father feel better. The situation will not be rectified in a short period of time; after all, it took  24 years in the making.


Replied By: nikkidd on Aug 8, 2012, 12:17PM
55 acre apple orchard we were unable to harvest 2010 crop due to crop damage (Son did not spray in a timely manner)

Son (dont want to mention real name) let a couple of individuals plant marijuana in the middle of the 55 acre apple orchard that we own.  August of 2010 4,000 marijuana plants were  seized by DEA.  Plants were discovered by Crop Insurance adjusters 2010.  The DEA was 100% confident we had no knowledge of the plants and there was no investigation involving us. 

As a result of the crop insurance adjusters finding  the plants our 2010 Crop insurance canceled by company on all of our ranches.  We were unable to collect indemnity.  Lost over ½ million dollars on crop ins., disaster assistance, proceeds from crop.

We no longer  qualify for any USDA disaster assistance programs due to marijuana.  Son has never apologized or showed any kind of remorse.

 Father gave Son a total of $20,000.00 (
not all at once) to move from a ranch house.  Son gambled the money.  The uhaul truck that father rented was stolen.

Father paid the deposit and first months rent for a house in Hughson for Son.  Son did not pay any rent and was evicted.  The deposit was lost.

Barn- A black chevy truck was found in one of  buildings.  Son was told to get the truck off fathers property.  A few days later the truck was found on on another ranch in a locked container. 

Gas card-Son gave his gas card to people so he could trade gas for money or drugs.  Surveillance camera photos showed vehicles getting gas on Son’s card.

Son & wife’s house-father put down payment and paid all the house payments.  When the house was sold proceeds were used to pay off loans.   Son had taken a loan against the house without wife’s or fathers knowledge.

Chevy Blazer-(paid for by father) is broke down, Son burned transmission from pulling to many bins on a trailer, gave to his friend Charlie to fix.  Charlie took the Blazer to Madera and did not want to return it.  father located where Charlie had moved to in Madera father sent someone to go in the middle of the night and pick up the Blazer.  The Blazer was missing the throttle body when we got it back.

Ford dueler- (paid for by father & given to Son) towed by police when Son was pulled over cited for Driving on suspended license .  Son did not pay the storage fees so sold at auction. (father paid for auto insurance, diesel, tires, etc)

Polaris-( paid for by father) Son wrecked while running from police

Yellow flat bed truck- paid for TWICE by Jon. Originally father paid $1,500.00 for the truck. Son sold to friend without father’s permission and kept the money.  father bought the truck back from friend for $2,000.00. The motor seized up when Son used it and left at friends.  Friend called Son daily for over 2 weeks to get truck picked up each time Son saying “I will be there today” and never showed.  Father finally called tow truck and got the truck back to ranch.  It cost father $300.00 for towing.  There were approx.. 6 bins of apples on truck, they were not tied down.  Tow truck driver had to find rope and tie down bins.  Father had to buy new motor for the truck .  Approx $4500.00 for the motor & to put new motor in.

John Deere tractor- (paid for by father) stolen while in Son’s possession father paid to have tractor brought to ranch after it was found months later

 Gambling problem-Son has been gambling since he was 18.  Father has on several occasions paid off Son’s gambling debts over 25,000.00.  Son continues to go to the card room

Son forged father’s signature on ranch checks for more than $2,000.00 & fathers personal account checks over 3000.00.

8/12-9/6/11- Son kept $5,059.00 in cash from the apple sales.  Went to the  poker room after swearing he was not gambling any more, and continues to go.

Sad to say there is much more but I think you get the situation.


Replied By: bettysmommy on Aug 31, 2011, 8:48PM - In reply to kpearl
Really, Rex & Karen??? I say give the twins the boot. They totally have your number. Grow a backbone. I promise you the twins have plenty of friends to mooch off. After taking advantage of them, they will figure out how to survive. Honestly. I have 7 kids. All are self-efficient. I have done my job well.
Replied By: jeanneweanne on Aug 31, 2011, 7:50PM
Tomorrow, September 1st is Dr. Phil's birthday!
Hope it's a great one!!!

♫•*♫•*♫♫•* ♫•*♫♫•* Happy Birthday To You !! * ♫•*♫* ♫♫•*♫ ♫•*♫•*♫♫•* ♫•*♫♫•* Happy Birthday To You !! * ♫•*♫* ♫♫•*♫ ♫•*♫•*♫♫•* ♫•*♫♫•* Happy Birthday To You !! * ♫•*♫* ♫♫•*♫ ♫•*♫•*♫♫•* ♫•*♫♫•* Happy Birthday To You !! * ♫•*♫* ♫♫•*♫ ♫•*♫•*♫♫•* ♫•*♫♫•* Happy Birthday To You !! * ♫•*♫* ♫♫•*♫

(It's my birthday too- so his is easy to remember.  Ha, ha)

Replied By: kpearl on Aug 31, 2011, 6:00PM - In reply to crazycatlady11
With all the abuse the parents have put up with, I think if one of the parents passed, the situation would only get worse for the parent left behind. What incentive is there for change? They tried to kick them out by putting it on paper, and apparently it hasn't worked. What makes you think they would make the offer to pay rent and lease the space? Heck, no!

The parents need counseling on getting the respect back for each other. Then they need to kick the kids to the curb. By letting the kids do what they want, I believe it only lowers their respect for their parents because they know the parents are rugs to be walked all over. Respect for the parents will come when the kids are out on their own and making their own way in life rather than have money handed to them when they need it. It's as if the parents don't believe their boys can make it on their own..who doesn't respect whom?

I know..I just did that with my daughter...and I'm not calling to find out how she's doing..offer her advice or anything. If she calls to ask me a question then I will feel the door is open for the respect to start.

And there are plenty of older folks who live on their own. I have an aunt who is 94 and is doing very well..and when the time comes when she can't..there are nursing homes and assisted living residences to consider.
Replied By: kpearl on Aug 31, 2011, 5:41PM
Get  the twins to leave and move in with their friends..
Replied By: stevesgirl1986 on Aug 31, 2011, 4:37PM
They're going to be so sorry when they're parents are dead.  It's too bad.  I would hope they get things straightened out before it's too late.  I can't believe how 'RIGHT'they think they are.  It's just sickening.   Too many kids have a sense of entitlement abd it's going to bite them in the a.s.s. in the long run. 
Grow up and get a life.  You are an embarrassment to yourself.
Replied By: mstodd1958 on Aug 31, 2011, 3:44PM
I never had that problem. I have two sons and they learned very early, I didn't live for free and they couldn't either.

Why lie to your children letting them think they can live with you free of charge after a certain age.

Both sets of parents need to stop their crippling behavior, especially the last guest on your show.
Replied By: doreene6878 on Aug 31, 2011, 3:31PM
Very concerned for the parents with the mooching twins, they obviously need more help and a step by step plan monitored by Dr. Phil.  The father mentioned physical contact from the boys, these folks are definitely afraid of these kids and cannot do this by themselves.  Dr. Phil, please follow up and I didnt hear anything mention that the authorities may have to get involved if these folks are threatened or feel they are in danger.

I have never written in, but felt compelled to do so for this couple. 

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