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(Original Air Date: 05/13/11) Burned by love in America, today’s guests say they set off halfway around the world to find their soul mates. First, Meg met David for the first time in a Romanian airport, and she says she was smitten and overcome by his friendliness. Now, two years into their marriage, she says she now feels more like his slave. David dismisses his wife’s complaints as trivial, and you won't believe his shocking comments about American women. Then, Wayne says he lost over $100,000 in the quest for his first foreign bride, but he presses on in search for a mate. The middle-aged man says he’s found love with a much younger blonde beauty from Eastern Europe, and they are planning their future together. What does Dr. Phil think? And, Bill was held at gunpoint and mugged not once, but twice, in his overseas travels to find a wife. Will he try again? Plus, hear from two mail order brides. Did they live happily ever after in America?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: hutch47 on Nov 26, 2015, 12:47PM
These men are being played for fools. The reason they are rejecting American women is that we wont put up with their crap. The Romanian and Russian women want out so badly and they are so desperate, they will do "whatever" inclduing acting like stepford wives. It also disgusts me that these overweight, bald, older men who accuse American women of "letting themselves go" are only seeking 20 year old think blond Romanians. What hypocrites. Very sad.
Replied By: dgonzalezrios on Apr 6, 2015, 12:00PM
I feel so bad for these men. I get them. They want love and a woman to see them for who they are and not how they look. Many woman in the USA feel the same. They are playing with a risky game. The internet is a dangerous place. They should try dating here with direct contact with women.

I listen to these men and I feel bad they feel they are not attractive. Beauty or in this case handsomeness are in the eyes of the beholder.

I think they are very sweet and attractive men but they need to be guided in a safer direction. Frankly I know I am not the average 31 yr woman in America. I have dated all age groups and in many ways. I have tried online in person or phone chatting. They all have their risks however I think online is more risky. My online dating didn't end well. The guy just used me when I moved in with him. These men should stick to dating in person.

They can find good grounded women here in America. If younger women is what they prefer thats fine too. They can find these women here in america. I am attractive to order men (Dr. Phil, Maury Dr Pol a few examples of older celebrities I find attractive). I just married my husband. He is older than me and I love him.
Replied By: jlexpat99 on Dec 9, 2012, 7:20AM - In reply to roniroca
This seems to upset you.  I agree American women get a bad rap in this show, which is not right.  On the other hand everybody is allowed to choose what they want in a mate.  If the choice is skinny, fat, young or old this is an individuals choice.  I have years of experience working and living overseas and I have seen and experienced first hand how things are with women from different countries (particularily third world countries).  I chose my 11 year younger than me Indonesian wife not because she is my pet, but because she is a inteligent, loyal, fun and beautiful person.  She does have an opinion and yes she does look good.  I know of other relationships that are similar to mine.  So I think anything is possible.  Lets not stereo type and generalize groups of relationships/people.  Its okay to be open minded.
Replied By: jlexpat99 on Dec 9, 2012, 7:09AM
First of all I do not agree with stereo typing of North American women or NE European/SE Asian woman.  Reading the comments and watching the show there is too much of this.  My story is that I have married 2 Canadian women and divorced, dated many Canadadian women.  I have had some good experiences and alot of bad.  To me it is all about personal choice.  I started working overseas 6 years ago: SE Asia, Middle East and NE Europe (Russia).  Since that time I have met women through the internet and in 1st person.  I have had mostly good experiences overseas and I have come to prefer SE Asian women.  The majority of the women show respect, loyalty and loving that I have never experienced before.  This is not a bad thing to want in a mate and it does not matter what part of the world they are from.  I married a woman from Indonesia who is 11 years younger than myself and it has worked out great.  Yes she is more subservient than alot of women from a 1st world country but that does not mean she is a slave.  Our relationship is built on mutual respect to which we do not have to demand from each other.  So my point is that this is all personal choice and there can be positive and negative in any relationship no matter what part of the world the people are from.
Replied By: pagot7 on Apr 2, 2012, 7:20PM - In reply to sololobo1
How do you wind up in relationships where you are attached to narcissistic, abusive women for so long. Here you are kind and understanding.  Do you not recognize warning signals that you may be involved with a toxic person?
Replied By: gemathorp on Apr 2, 2012, 4:15PM
Well, I have to thank Dr Phil for airing this show today....at least I will know who NOT to vote for in Arizona for govenor! I can't believe that this Mr Delgado wants to even try to run here....after saying there aren't the right type of women here in  the US for him...good...go to the Ukraine and stay there.
Replied By: strine on Jan 8, 2012, 8:43PM - In reply to kingerik
After readin each of your many posts, I can see that you are bitter. No doubt you didn't get a woman you thought should fall at your feet (just because you are you). Get over it.
Replied By: strine on Jan 8, 2012, 8:42PM - In reply to definca
You think the American mendia has made women lose respect for men? You mean the media that objectifies women so these old guys think they deserve a young girl as a plaything? Yeah real women in America have respect for themselves and they deserve to have it too (other women earned it for them).
Replied By: bailey58 on Aug 21, 2011, 1:35PM - In reply to frightwig
This guy has been on various istes for years, lies about his age, income, life and experiences. And you wonder why he dresses like a Joker? LOL
Replied By: sheltonpg on Aug 16, 2011, 2:42PM - In reply to kleigh69
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