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Twenty-three-year-old Alexandra from the Dr. Phil Family is unemployed, only sporadically visiting her three children, and Dr. Phil and her family believe she is addicted to prescription pills. Her parents, Erin and Marty, fear she could end up dead. See how Alexandra responds to accusations that she may know some of the people who were arrested in a local drug bust. Judge for yourself: Is she telling the truth or running from it? Dr. Phil sends former guest and recovering addict Brandon to Alexandra’s hometown. Don't miss what he uncovers! Then, see what happens when Dr. Phil accuses Alexandra of failing to see her children for 68 days, and see the shocking discovery Erin makes about her daughter that enrages her. And, learn what occurred on the young woman’s birthday and why she says she feels cut off from her family. As custody of Alexandra’s children comes into question, will this be Dr. Phil’s last conversation with her?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: kowhai08 on Oct 5, 2011, 8:10PM
I watched this episode earlier today. Alexandra seems to be confused, very confused about what right and wrong is. She obviously 'hates' her mother very much, in a way that she wants to hurt the mother in whatever expense it takes. Clearly she didn't grow up with real love from her parents. The mother seems to be a control freak. She presents herself as the good guy. One thing she does not understand is love, real unconditional and unselfish love that is very much needed in a family. And when she speaks/touches/looks/etc, she should do it with heart and sincerety, not merely just following 'correct' rule so she can't be blamed for 'black & white' mistakes. She clearly doesn't have that. Whenever she said 'I love you so much to so and so......, she doesn't have any tears. And through her eyes, it is all just a 'show', not from heart at all. When she posted a love message to her deceased sister, she had a very thick red lipstick, gee.... for what??? Anyway,...... Alexandra, if you read this, move on please. If you want to 'revenge' to your mum, do it by cleaning yourself from drug and any addiction. Get out from the mess. Stand on your own feet. Proof you can look after yourself well. I know you can do it. You are a bright and beautiful young woman. You are deluted by making so much lies and unworthy way of living. If I were you, I would accept Dr Phil's help. I can see that he is really trying to help you. Once you get back on your feet, if you still can't forgive your mum, it's okay, you don't have to see her. Perhaps, only perhaps, ..... one day, you can accept her as who she is. But for now, love yourself first.... clean yourself from drug addiction, love your children as they deserve the love, care and attention from their mother, too.
Replied By: geobabs on Jul 19, 2011, 5:50AM - In reply to geobabs
As an add on to what I was talking about, I stumbled across this website when I was doing my PhD called Daughters of Narcisistic mothers.  I was blown away, it describes my mother perfectly and how they appear to be doing everything right but are basically self centred and want to make their children look terribly incompetent while they basically manipulate people into keeping them at the centre of their heirarchy.  PLEASE check this out, especially ALEX, if you read this. I think it's not your fault (tho is it your responsibility to take care of your kids, and I would recommend getting your life together  with your kids and getting far away from your mother as you can and just SEE how you will blossom, making friends with other people who truly love you and support you... your pain and need for drugs will go away).  Check out this website and see if it doesn't help you and answer your questions (and perhaps explain why your mother is dancing little circles around the Dr Phil staff and convincing them it's all about you).

Blessings and peace to you, and know that God has something great for you (and your children).

Replied By: geobabs on Jul 18, 2011, 8:08PM
I know that Alex is a drug addict, but from my own history, I feel that basically Alex is not loved by her mother, and she feels empty and painful inside.  This is not something that comes out of the blue in a person, it is a result of feeling very empty and umwanted.  She cannot possibly "grow up" if she does not have the foundation of love and acceptance that she needs.  I know because of my own childhood and the lack of acknowledgement by my mother and sexual abuse by my father  Luckily I I did not become a drug addict (the pain went deep, tho, and continues, even now at the age of 45), but I became addicted to pleasing others, and this led me into some bad relationships.  It also led me to strive extremely high in my education, which is a good thing (look at some of the highest acheivers, they are seeking approval).  I am not any different to Alex.  I now have two children, and I have made a concerted effort to love my children.  However, I am still haunted by my childhood, and seeing the mother Erin reminds me of myself with my oldest son and being so hard on him and not always giving him a break and expecting so much from him. This show reminds me that I need to keep loving my son more than anything, so that he knows despite his mistakes and my perfectionsism (resulting from my abuse) that he is so loved.  Alexander's dad said at the end of the show we just saw (just aired in Australia, we are often months behind the us) that his wife needs to show her love more.  I think that's the crux of the whole problem (not saying alexander doesn't need to take responsibility for her actions) and they need family counseling to figure out what dysfunctional family dynamics led to this.  If the parents adopt the kids, they are going to create another generation of alexandria's, I guarantee it.  Maybe Dr. Phil should counsel the mother Erin about her own childhood and attitudes towards her own children.  Just providing food and shelter to children does not a parent make.  Loving your children deeply and wholly does.
Replied By: honeylocs on May 25, 2011, 3:33PM
Alexandra is getting her needs met while on the show. She has little desire or motivation to change. I once had a friend who loved getting high, but would tell other people what they wanted to hear, that he hated it, wanted to stop. He told me that he had done all he wanted in his life, there was really nothing else for him. After about 8 rehabs (at the urging of others), he's now doing his thing, getting high and drinking. Sometimes, people are purposely destroying themselves. I say if that's what they want, let them.
Replied By: armamawolf on May 25, 2011, 3:31AM - In reply to darkdreamer
There is a medical condition called TOLERANCE. When you take pain medication, your body grows accustomed and it requires more to get the same relief. Unless you are her doctor with full access to her medical history, you have no fact, only your assumptions. 

The "doctors" that Phil had on his show obviously have an agenda and don't think that pain medications should be used.  That's ridiculous.  Chronic, un or under treated pain is an EPIDEMIC in this country.  And this type of show is one of the reasons.  Narcotic pain medications are one of the legitimate treatments for chronic  or acute pain.   Would you tell a diabetic to stop taking their insulin because they are "addicted" to it?

I suffer from Chronic pain and am lucky enough to have a good doctor who understands that untreated or undertreated pain is an epidemic.  I suffer from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome as well as fibromyalgia and a herniated disk in L4/L5.  Surgery for the disk is impossible because of the CRPS, right now the CRPS is just in my right foot, leg and hip, but surgery can cause it spread.   I take my medication exactly as prescribed and I am lucky enough to have good insurance that pays for my prescriptions and doctors visits.  I am currently in the process of being fitted with a spinal cord stimulator to help lower the need for the medications.   I am tired of people who do not understand chronic pain make assumptions without any facts.  Try looking at my links....with an open mind.  You'll see that the epidemic of untreated and undertreated pain is a far bigger problem than any supposed addiction issues.
Replied By: redpop2352 on May 23, 2011, 1:14PM
Moce on. This one is a bottomless pit and not worth the trouble. Mom, Dad, Sis; ALL screwed up. Help people who WANT the help!
Replied By: valerielynne17 on May 20, 2011, 8:29AM
Alex will not get help as long as she is getting the attention she has from you nor will you be able to come through that wall while on tv; she is too invested in her lies right now. There is not much more I can say that is helpful, it is what it is ...
Replied By: marianparoo on May 18, 2011, 4:07AM - In reply to bzbluiii
The truck was her first major reward from Dr. Phil for stupid and bad behavior. It was supposed to help her commute between Nathan's day care, high school and home.
Replied By: bzbluiii on May 17, 2011, 3:23PM - In reply to tobie123
You're right, I do not remember that at all. Seriously? She was 16 years old?
Replied By: gingerflower on May 16, 2011, 9:18PM - In reply to cuttillgirl
Maybe I could have been more clear, addicts who lie,cheat, and steal. I was given medication by my doctors too, that caused me to have many health problems and gain alot of weight.  Our medical doctors hand out to many pills. I want to tell you I am very sorry for what you are going thru. Dont give up there is help out there.
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