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(Original Air Date: 05/06/11) Saying she was concerned for the well-being of her grandchildren, Connie wrote in to Dr. Phil for help. Her daughter, Jennifer, has custody of two of her five children, while Connie cares for one, and two were placed for adoption. Five years ago, Jennifer was put on warning when her then 3-year-old daughter drank bleach from her sippy cup. Now 7, the child's backpack was found infested with maggots, mold and rotten milk! Connie says she believes her granddaughter may have been hoarding food because she's not being fed enough at home, and calls into question Jennifer's history of drug use and neglect. Dr. Phil delves into past indiscretions and takes a closer look at this mom's parenting -- are these children at risk? Don't miss this shocking show!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: jenamarie686 on Jul 2, 2014, 10:20AM
I'm sorry I mean no offense but seriously?! Dr. Phil throws people under the bus for way less, but he's not going to grill her!!!! Especially since he only cares about the kids, and yet it's obvious those kids are not in a good healthy environment!! I feel awful for those children!! Both ladies both need help but really dr.phil?! How can you be so mean to some people that are there for way less?! The kids are living in filth, they have no food, maggots, I just dont understand how not stern hes being!! I get she has problems and I feel bad for her but there's no excuse to put those kids in that situation!!
Replied By: damezoie on Apr 18, 2014, 8:07PM
I am watching this on DVR.  It makes me so very sad.  I want a child so very badly, and would take her children, especially the girl that had maggots in her bag.  And that little boy.  Oh my goodness.  I can't imagine how terrible it must be to think no one cares, no one wants.  It's disgusting.  It makes me so sad to know that this woman, with no regard to what she does, or what she puts into the world, is even thinking of having one more.  Her children deserve good.  Better.  The best.  It makes me cry.  They all, even the mother, deserve more. 
Replied By: dilligaf2u on Aug 26, 2011, 2:25PM - In reply to mmorgensen
I too was tricked into " temporarily signing over my kids" to my if you want to call it a mother, which I don't...I had a 2 year old boy, pregnant again, same man, and divorcing. Ran home to mommy like an idiot.... she belittled every thing I did then took my kids while I was getting my head together. 30 years later neither of my kids talk to me cuz of the crap she filled their heads with. " she's going to hurt you they were told, she's a drug addict so they thought...DO NOT LET YOUR MOTHER TAKE YOUR KIDS !!!Get the help you need but if she don't have your back... she never will !! Seek legal aid and get your 11 yr old out and PRAY TO GOD she hasn't ruined HIM! She so obviously TOLD him what to say and that was scary clear !!
Replied By: danigirl322 on Aug 25, 2011, 6:48PM
Jennifer, I dont know if you are reading these but im gonna take a chance and write it anyways in the hopes that you do. please sweetie, please dont give up. its gonna be ok. i know how you feel. you feel lost, maybe dead inside, maybe like giving up, maybe you dont feel anything at all and maybe you hate yourself for it. whatever you are feeling, one thing i know, is that you love your children. dont give up. its time for you to turn it around. you can do it. I dont know if you belive in God, but He loves you, and hasnt given up on you. How do i know? cuz you are alive, you are breathing , you wake up each and every day. becuz He allowed you to be on dr phil's show where you can now get the help you deserve and need. please dear, PLEASE its time to stop punishing yourself. you are worth so much more. maybe you dont beleive me but at least believe i know what im saying. my mother never loved me either, my mother loved to see me fail too. to this day she will not come to my house cuz i was so blessed that it eats her alive. why am i so blessed? cuz i started to trust God. call tbn and get prayer. or any televangelist, or church, it doesnt matter, just start getting some prayer and encouragement. read some of joyce meyers books, battlefield of the mind, power thoughts. u can get them anywhere. check out some websites for well known ministers where you can get help. you should find a church, but also find a therapist. dont only rely on child services cuz they only do so much, but sweeti, you need to be healied on the inside, and only God can do that. He started the process through dr phil, and He only used ur mother as a vessel to get you there, no matter her intentions, He uses what the enemy meant for evil to bless us instead. God is the author and the enemy is merely the pen in his hand. no matter what he spews at us, God can and will turn it around in our favor. please, realize this is ur day to move forward. yes, its hard and yes it hurts, but my friend it is so worth it. praying for you.
Replied By: danigirl322 on Aug 25, 2011, 6:38PM - In reply to mmorgensen
i totally agree with you. and i also believe that grandmother is enjoying watching her daughter fail. yes, jennifer needs help, she was obviously never taught how to be a mother and as i suspect, never had a positive example. hers was clearly never there for her emotionally or otherwise, so please, dr phil, get her some real help, not just childrens services but some real therapy and some positive people who will lift her up and encourage her.
Replied By: danigirl322 on Aug 25, 2011, 6:36PM
dr. phil, i hope that you read these as i dont know any other way to contact you. I watched this show today, only caught about the second half, and what i saw was so sad. yes, jennifer needs help. but its more than what you even realize, i hope im wrong. when the show ended and she was smiling at you and ' yes ' ing you, it was the fakest smile i have ever seen, and im a christian so ive seen some doosies, it was not only forced, but there was something very unnerving about it. And then at the end when the credits were rolling and the camera was on her for the last time the look on her face was that of despair. that woman, although was outwardly agreeing with you, is contemplating sucide. I have seen it so many times before. I can tell you, beyond a shadow of a doubt that that woman, who admitted openly that she needs help, is going to try and take her own life. from what i saw of her own mother it is not surprising that jennifer is in the emotional and mental condition that she is. If that were my mother I would be too. you dont honestly think that connie was sincerely worried for her grandchildren, do you? just by her attitude on the show and some of the verbage she used you could tell that jennifer was never really loved by that woman, and she is totally relishing the fact that her daughter is failing. she ' got off ' on making a mockery of her daughter on national television, she is not a nice person. I will be praying for jennifer as i encourage anyone else who reads this does. please. so please, dr phil, please check up on her, please dont only ' punish ' her as she is so obviously used to, but she needs someone to really love her, see her through this without condeming her, and someone to actually teach her how to be a mother as her own was clearly never one to her, nor ever taught her how to be one. thank you for your time.
Replied By: jdsk1976 on Aug 25, 2011, 5:45PM
Replied By: mmorgensen on Aug 25, 2011, 5:10PM
I agree this mother needs help but her 11 year old son was obviously coached by the grandmother because what 11 year old uses a word like hygiene.
Replied By: stevesgirl1986 on Aug 25, 2011, 5:03PM
I feel sorry for her.  She was clueless when the show started and so angry.  She looks so hard and worn for her age.  She is a gorgeous girl but, she's carrying the weight of the world and just not doing it well at all. 
Wow!  There she is---she looked completely different at the very end of the show.  She smiled and you could see the relief and some light coming back to her face.  Jennifer, God bless you.  I pray you grab ahold of this chance and change your life.  You did something right because you have a wonderful son.  Encourage yourself---you must learn to encourage yourself.  Tatum O'Neal's books are a good example of someone who had no one encouraging her.  If you don't like to read, get them on CD.
Replied By: lovnmybabies on Aug 25, 2011, 1:58PM
i believe that there is hope for this mom. Life was never promised 2 be easy. She has hit rock bottom and now its time that she starts over fresh and gets the help that she needs. Her children should be #1 in her life. Once someone does drugs, its hard 2 find the way back to where you want to be at, because drugs can take ur life in a downward spiral. I hope to see this family back on the show, and stronger than ever. Best of luck 2 this mom and her babies
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