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(Original Air Date: 04/25/11) Does it seem like some girls get all the guys? Want to learn their secrets? Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub, Miss Cougar California and Apprentice star Tyana, and self-proclaimed gold digger Baje proudly say they are bad girls who can get any man to fall in love with them. Then, self-described bad boy Steve Santagati teaches men how not to fall victim to a man-eater. And, Lorne says he foolishly chased his wife until he ended up in a federal penitentiary! Find out what he says he’d do differently.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: poikilotherm on Jan 2, 2012, 11:52PM
What bothers me is that It’s one thing to have morons appearing on his show but why are the books and shows their involved in promoted as well?  

For a man that offers advice on having healthy happy relationships and encourages adults to be good role models to then actually promote the books or upcoming reality shows of these self centred individuals clearly demonstrates a lack of integrity.

 Take for example attention seeking, self-overrating Danielle Staub with the colourful past that’s been engaged to be married 19 times. What a wonderful role model for her two daughters eh Phil?

While in the preface to her gold-digger book Baje Fletcher attempts to give own definition of what a gold digger is and claims to work hard there is no doubt that her definition of success is all based around money. This unpleasant person better make her millions while her backside remains firm.

While I have to admit the Baje technique has worked for her up until now she may eventually choose the wrong victim and pay a heavy price.

As for the cougar? These woman never seem to realise that they have a used by date.

Bad girls only attract men to a relationship for a short time unless they are a particular standout.

Mr Alfa male Steve spoke of his technique and confidence in approaching women pretty much in the in the predatory way Baje Fletcher attracts men like he was the Guru of pick up bars.  The deal with Steve is his own ego addiction and as he said from ten years of age he has been refining his technique (obviously a quick change of hands)

Thing is while he would be too poor for Baje he would be (in spite of her protest) just the kind of guy skanky Danielle would go for until she realised his ego couldn’t handle her baggage.

Unfortunately for Danielle it would not get to that stage as Steve would only see her as a one nighter as many men would have in the past.

But there is an antidote coming that will be of great benefit to all of us.

Superficial people (both male and female) may even become totally extinct and the nicer genuinely skilled, harder working, honest people will get the good higher paid jobs that those superficial fakes get when based on their goods looks and nothing else.

 This antidote will come in the form of the constantly being perfected silicon doll and when people become smart enough to realise the potential they have to replace any sexual interest in people such as those like Dr Phils superficial guest, everyone will also come to realise how they could revolutionise our lives to the better and beyond what you might expect.

Think about it. These things could save marriages, help prevent STD’s, stop rape, give disabled or handicapped people some sexual fulfilment, lessen stress and hopefully remove those only wanting sex  out of the so called mating game.  


Replied By: poikilotherm on Jan 2, 2012, 11:00PM
Danielle would be the old worn out old loner with a lot of mud underneath when getting your car serviced in redneck land.

Baje would be the gas guzzler with suspect vinyl upholstery with not a lot of life left in it before the back seat starts to burst and the front sags.

Tyana would be a poor young man’s first second hand lemon prone to break down at any time.

Steve Santagati would be the Goggomobile that thinks it’s a Ferrari.

Replied By: shazza9 on Aug 19, 2011, 3:40AM
being in ireland i am only seeing this show today... Im in shock.... Dr. Phil you said it, when on earth did this become so complex??? what happened to meeting someone you get on with, laugh with, someone who makes you feel good inside and out, someone who will argue with you, someone to understand you and who is willing to compromise?!!! ok dont get me wrong here we would all like to find that very person and for them to wealthy too but seriously you only get one bash at life and if you are going to waste it analysing people and trying to win them over with games just for a quick meaningless *** or for money that will only buy you things you are sure to get bored and want more what happens when you have everything or everyone???!!
as for the guy on the show....! ha, he will never get a 'good' girl, why? he is too shallow and has no understanding of real woman.
beside the Cougar these women would want to have a look at themselves and see what they have for themselves rathar than what they have for men!
Replied By: sherrymanross on Jul 10, 2011, 6:38AM
i don't think that these women are bad.  they are sensuous and beautiful.  while some of their goals are shallow and self serving they just want what every woman/person wants - they want love.  the fellow who came to the panel was a huge ego.  he wants love, too, but his ego may hinder him.  i can see the charms of all these people in a social setting and can see how all of them could just tear out the heart of a lover.  in their own time they will each come to realize that it is very much what is on the inside that counts  i predict bage will give her heart to someone completely and he may or may not be wealthy.  i saw something in her that belied what her cool beautiful exterior was saying.   the "cougar" (i agree is a disrespectful term) wants something that she is not going to get from her lil' cubs.  unless!  she happens upon a mature man lurking beneath the surface of one her beautiful young men.  stranger things have happened.  The "ballbuster" doesn't seem like a ballbuster at all.  while not apologizing for her desire for attention she says what she thinks.  is that a ballbuster?  if so many women are, too.  i believe if a person's motives are pure there is no need to sacrifice honesty in your most intimate relationships.  socially you may not be able  to say that is the stupidest thing ever and you are the biggest jackass i have ever seen.  ah, no, that wouldn't fly well.  in our most intimate relationships we need that degree of honesty.
Replied By: den85730 on Jul 10, 2011, 6:25AM
The "bad girl" image sexually stimulates the man.  He no longer thinks about a long term relationship, he only sees what is in front of him.  Of course, he's an easy "catch".  The date may last for several days to several years.  Marriage may be part of the "game", but the truth about her/him always seems to come out.

Be  honest in the first place, seek what matters to EACH OTHER and go from there.  Well, a couple of good sexually stimulated one night stands wouldn't hurt now and then, either.
Replied By: stephie1975 on Jul 9, 2011, 1:36AM
The "women" on the show today give REAL women a bad name! Money doesn't make the world go round, LOVE does! I feel sorry for these predators that will never find love.
Replied By: bettyvarga on Jul 8, 2011, 5:28PM
I have 2 words for this guy "grow some"! It's scary to wonder just how far would he have gone to keep her, and does he wonder that to!? I sincerely hope he has healed that part of him!  On the top of my must haves for a potential partner is must already have some.
Replied By: lesly2001 on Jul 8, 2011, 3:47PM
Dr. Phil, I love your show. Thanks for presenting something interesting everyday!!! About todays show: 1st, I love your phrase "common sense is not that common anymore" What I see with this show is that people are so afraid to really love, to have emotional intimacy. There is just one fact that I fully  consent with this "bad girl" attitude is to have confidence  and self-esteem and some of the tricks that they comment in the show reflects a healthy level of self-esteem. As well I agree that we always should look good!!! That is the truth!!! We feel better about ourselves and people will respect us more. My mom always taught me that no matter what, even if we are cleaning the house or exercising to fix ourselves up. To take care of myself. My husband have comment many times how much he appreciate that I care about myself. But base the relationship on materialistic spirit or only looks only shows weakness and selfishness.  Also this guy Steve Santagati is not looking to have a respectful and meaningful relationship, he is just looking for sex. I think he fits in a full misogynistic profile. He made me angry!!! He shouldn't make fun of Lorne because he is looking for love. The poor guy have made very bad choices but hopefully they turn good if he learns from them. He needs to like himself from who he is and stop trying to measure his oun value with material possessions. Otherwise he wont find out if the girl really likes him for who he is. Steve is a very unappealing, unlikeable man!!!  For his information, I been married for 11 years to a very, very good guy that I wouldn't change for nothing and nobody, he is my best friend and we do everything together. He is sweet and romantic. NOT EVERY GIRL IS ATTRACTED TO THE BAD GUY!!!!
Replied By: lorax41 on Jul 8, 2011, 1:57PM
    I find it interesting and typical that people are so quick to condemn these women when they are simply turning the tables by using games and trickery on men as they have done to women forever. What's the difference if women do it to get money or men do it to get sex? 
    The bottom line is that it's all shallow,game playing, self serving behavior that has little to do with realness,genuine caring and unselfishness that it takes to have lasting love. After seeing this show, I am so thankful to not be on the dating scene. I feel bad for my daughters. What a cesspool.
Replied By: krislaria on Jul 8, 2011, 1:51PM
in the blue shirt in the audience who is a 'nice guy' and likes 'bad girls' he doesn't drink or go to bars. How do I meet HIM????????
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