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Kelly and Tony are frustrated parents with an out-of-control teen. Kyle, 16, was smoking marijuana, drinking, stealing, sneaking out of the house and failing school. At their wits’ end, they sent him to a rehab center for young men. Kyle may be making progress, but are his parents and home environment ready his return? Dr. Phil meets with Kelly and Tony to get the whole story. Find out why Kelly and Dr. Phil have a rocky first meeting, and why Dr. Phil says they haven’t begun to prepare themselves for parenting an addicted teen. Then, Kyle meets Dr. Phil. Does the teen think he’s ready for life in the real world? And, do these parents need help battling their own issues before a stable home can be created?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: kluvcards on Apr 22, 2011, 6:24PM
I was a little disappointed in this story....It needed a part 2! Would have loved to know if the Mom cooperated with the detoxing and the testing that was offered to her, and if the home life improved...
Replied By: fortworthtexas on Apr 20, 2011, 9:12AM - In reply to xploreher
I do agree with you that environment is not always a cause for bad behavior.  It really doesn't matter where you come from. I have not watched the final outcome of this show, but plan on doing so this afternoon.  Like we all have agreed, it's a blessing that this family has been given an opportunity for a second change.  Enjoyed reading your message!
Replied By: fortworthtexas on Apr 20, 2011, 7:50AM
It really breaks my heart to watch this show and see the mother (Kelly) be in such denial! She has all the tools available and is too self-absorbed to even see it.  I have a dear friend that has not one but two teenagers that are out of control.  She has tried to get both of them in teatment, however, being single parent that works fulltime, she makes just a "little too much" to meet the income qualifications to get them help. Which is sad because she barely makes ends meet.  I worry about the health and safety of my friend, so when I see a parent like Kelly, I just want to say to her....shame on you for being so self absorbed.  The only blessing is that Dr. Phil is able to provide your family the tools.  You are a very lucky lady and I will pray for you.  Your husband seems to "get it" and I hope you can before it's too late.
Replied By: galense on Apr 18, 2011, 10:35AM
This poor child doesn't have any hope if his mother doesn't change her attitude. I will say it was extremely impressive the stance the stepfather took on this whole situation.  I know many step dads who dont put that much effort into their step kids.  What a great guy.    This mom may need more help than her son.   Way to be step dad, you are the only reason that family has hope (that and DR. PHil)  Good luck Kyle, you are so cute, you have a male father figure who seems wonderful.....take advantage of that and try to live a good productive life.   I am rooting for you. 
Replied By: lr02iu on Apr 17, 2011, 8:25PM
Coming from a family with an addict... this mother's disguisting behavior makes me so upset!
For 12 years I watched my mother help my sister fight her addiction & saw the cries needing help first hand that a mother has when her child is in need. And there are not a lot of resources that a family has, to help work through addiction (until the person decided to get help him/herself). As a family, we just had to support each other & hope that we wouldn't get "the call".
To watch this mother's face on my television, with a smirk & the eye rolling, & completely unapprecative behavior brought tears to my eyes. My mother would have given ANYTHING to have the resources, money, time, & professional help that Dr. Phil was providing to this family. In the future, all I ask is that these guests get pre-screened better & we the audience, don't have to bear the pain of watching someone who does not want help! This does not make good tv. Don't get me wrong- I am glad that the teenager got treatment & got his life back on track, but am saddened for the father & the teen for dealing with the sorry excuse for a mother.

Replied By: debrisyat on Apr 14, 2011, 10:30PM
I saw this show and I just had to say how disgusted I was with that "mother." She is a  my mother-in-law all over again, which of course set me off.  I get so angry when I see someone that is so self-centered and broken who felt the need to ruin some helpless kid's life.  If you are so "high strung" that you need drugs, what gives you the right to think that you could benefit a child in any way shape or form?  Sharing your drugs with your teen and then crying about his drug problem?  Are you kidding me?  What kills me is that this "mother" has no problem with demanding her son get "fixed," that her son be clean, that her son needs to be home and at her needy, clingy side, while she sits there with her arms crossed refusing to make any changes herself. 

If she wanted a friend, she should have gotten a dog.  My husband spent his teen and early twenties drinking and drugging with the help of his mother.  She was so emotionally crippled and desperate not to have her children leave her she would do anything to keep them happy.  He resents it to this day.  Instead of cutting off the money, and putting her foot down like a real mother is supposed to do, she let him quit school because he didn't like the teacher, she purchased whisky because he felt sad and it would help him, she laughed and giggled and even went with him in the car when he went about vandalizing property as a teen.  When our son was born he was just floored at how crappy his mother really was; he would never do those things with his kid.  His mother nearly ruined his future, thank God for his father.  The hope in this family lies not with the mother, but with the father.  That woman is too far gone to be of any help to that boy.
Replied By: kathleen27 on Apr 14, 2011, 11:36AM - In reply to loridawns
There is hope for this Family.  Kyle seems to realize that he has a fight ahead of him, but I think he will make it.
Dr. Lawless had the best offer for Kelly.  Detox, then, evaluate.  Bi-Polar disorder is no joke.  The common medications may work for some, not for all, and very often it takes time to hit on the right combination of medications to balance the deamons of this serious dis-order.
People who are properly medicated lead very productive lives, and Kelly should jump this chance to be getting high quality medical help.
I felt for her yesterday...it was so obvious that she is not right, and the meds she is on are making things worse.

I wish the Family all of the best.  Cannot believe how harsh people can be to the mentally ill...like they asked to have something that is a psychosis.  Hope Kelly gets the right levelers and those people can be a funcional, happy family!
Replied By: xploreher on Apr 14, 2011, 10:29AM
My message isn't about the family itself. I would probably just go off on the mother. My comment is on something that was said by Dr.Phil. When the mom talked about not being in a good neighborhood. And Dr. Phil replied with something to the affect of driving in the area and not hearing gunfire or seeing lowriders. Honestly WTF! I'm sorry although I get it, that was completely insulting. From someone who grew up in that type of environment I didn't turn to drugs and gangs...really? The members of many of the lowrider car clubs that I knew always did good things for our kids. Yes you have those that are just idiots but there are those that had fund raising events and provided a positive image for our neighborhood. Now I know Dr. Phil didn't mean anything by it. But still as you know we have to choose our words carefully, you never know what hood rat may be listening. My kids are in the same type of environment and are doing fine. But as a parent, we discuss, we ask, we watch, and try to educate them. So far, so good, knock on wood. And God willing they will be great teens, and awesome adults.
Replied By: didisaythat on Apr 13, 2011, 9:59PM
I agree that the mother should be taken off as many meds as she can tolerate. I have narcolepsy and  was given Provigil.  Many terrible side effects from this drug.  Too embarrassed to go into detail, but sexual inhibition is one of the side effects.  Yes, definitely get her off at least the Provigil.
Replied By: loridawns on Apr 13, 2011, 9:02PM
I think the only way to save the child is to make the mother face reality. Diagnosed with anxiety, we all have anxiety--some just learn how to deal with it, no drugs needed.  If mom doesn't change, neither will the kid.
The one that seems to want to do the right thing is the dad, he admits that there is a problem and wants to geniunely help the boy.
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