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(Original Air Date: 11/11/08) How well do you know your teenager? Could your child be participating in risky or illegal activities right under your own roof? One popular teen trend is smoking or snorting the herb salvia to get high, and some kids have posted videos of their “salvia trips” on YouTube. Rebecca says her 16-year-old son, Jerry, smokes salvia and that he’s withdrawn and failing school. Jerry wonders why his salvia use is a big deal to his mother, because he says she not only allows him to smoke in the house, but she uses salvia too! Dr. Travis Stork, host of the hit show The Doctors, gives some sobering statistics on teen salvia usage. Rebecca and Jerry both say salvia, which is legal in most states, shouldn’t be outlawed in their home state of Texas. Charles Anderson, a Texas state representative, says he’s doing everything in his power to make sure this hallucinogenic herb is banned. What does Dr. Phil think? Then, the "choking game" made headlines when it was reported that teens were dying or becoming seriously injured by strangling each other until passing out. Britt fears that her son, Kevin, may be starting a new version of this trend. Find out what it is, and watch shocking footage of Kevin engaged in this potentially deadly activity. And, sex texting or sexting is a new trend where teens send explicit photos of themselves via their cell phones. One mom says she caught her 12-year-old daughter forwarding nude photos of herself to boys and wonders what punishment she should impose. Plus, find out what you should do if you suspect your teen is involved in risky behavior. Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: stikky on May 13, 2009, 7:38PM
When this show aired today (14/5/09) on our local T.V. channel, I was distraught at the thought of losing a child in this manner. I only have one step-son who is adult (30s+) but when I first came into his life, he was 11. And troubled. Parents, TAKE AWAY THE CELL PHONE, TAKE THE COMPUTOR OFF LINE, AND GET INVOLVED IN YOUR CHILD'S LIFE. You brought them into this world knowingly, and you must dedicate time to your children. Find what they are really excited about and share the time with them doing what they are passionate about. They will love you without boundaries like you never thought possible.
My late father never stopped trying to do this before we left home.
(I never thought that I would cry as I composed this - I'm over 45 years in age).
Replied By: moira675 on Apr 15, 2009, 12:26PM
Oh my god.... I hope you can see through this kind of Dr. Phil style manipulation. He puts on a kid who has failed grade nine 3 times as a typical salvia user. This is pure propaganda. All you have to do is read an unbiased site such as wikipedia to realize that the effects he is insinuating the drug has do not exist. I am an expert in addictions and working with addictions and know for a fact that this drug is NOT addictive. Cigarettes should be banned before salvia, they do so much more harm and are proven to be addictive. 
Replied By: katebrooke on Apr 10, 2009, 3:30PM
I think that this was a great topic to discuss but I don't feel that it really had any effect on teenagers. I am 19 and I realize that the things discussed are ridiculous and would not personally do them but I don't think that this show or any of the things said by Dr. Phil had any influence on these other young people. I think seeing the effects of Salvia, the passing out on the roller coaster, the choking games, etc. will actually encourage these types of teenagers to do it. Telling someone (especially young people) NOT to do something, makes it all the more exciting and makes them want to do it even more. Dr. Phil needs to show the extreme damages that these things could cause because without that, they don't really care. Scaring these kids into not doing something is just about the only way to stop them. Just telling them not to do it, isn't enough and will NOT work.
Replied By: adl3ist on Apr 10, 2009, 3:19PM - In reply to jendaubenmire
You gotta stop thinking that hallucinogen are automatically bad. Salvia helps a lot of people with their spiritual life and I dont see why it should be banned...
Replied By: surcher on Apr 10, 2009, 1:22AM
 I have mixed feelings about saliva. True it is a mind altering substance and I do have to agree that teens don't have any business playing with the stuff, but I also don't think that it should be villainies in the sensational way Dr. Phil is so aptly a custom of doing. It is a sacrament similar to the Native American peyote. I discovered saliva while doing research on shamanism in collegee. I have had experiences with the herb and must say that it opened up a new world for me. The thing that I am most disappointed with is that our society is so shallow that the majority of people don't  seem to have the common sense to realize enchant cultures used substances like saliva, mushrooms, and other potions to find a spiritalplain on which they could communicate with a higher power. The people who I saw on the show seem to be devoid of any higher consciousness. I guess it says allot about were we are going, and how people are just looking to make a buck by abusing what I feel is a tool and turning it into a toy.
Replied By: ouechic on Apr 9, 2009, 7:56PM
What kind of mother would approve of her son doing this drug. Any drug? She only allows it so  it makes it OK for her to do it herself, and she is a high school teacher for petes sake!

As a teen I did every drug I could get my hands on. And today I have nerve issues, back problems, and liver damage from the crap I put in my own body . How on earth can any mother who cares about her child ever be accepting of this. We always want better for our kids.

She has a problem and I am living proof that all chemicals, over the counter or not, are damaging, mind altering and bring life long consequences. She shoudl be arrested for contributing. How sick!
Replied By: janathome on Apr 9, 2009, 6:08AM - In reply to mitzisweets
I find it very sad that parents feel the need to be a "friend" rather than a responsible parent!  We must communicate with our children and be interested in what they are doing.  Being a friend is not taking responsiblity for the child's persent and future behavior.  I am shocked that this child's mother is choosing to use the drug herself as well as her son.  Good discipline is crutial to a child's development and prepration for the real world.   Parents, would you want  your child to be in this person's classroom?  Teens especially. may think that a teacher who does risky things to be a "cool" person and would certainly use this example to prove to their parent and this drug is OK.  

To Mom:  Be accountable as a parant and an example to your chid.  It is a very challenging job to parent with all of the "stuff" available to kids these day 's that may be cool but not necessarily good for you in the long term.  Get the boy off the computer and out doing some sports or some other activity that would give him a different perspective on life, something that will make him feel good about himself his accomplishments!  Do something together to get him started.  Without help which Dr. Phil has kindly offered, Mom will be supporting him when he's 50 for goodness sake....Most of all Mom, be responsible and accountable for your actions as a parent.
Replied By: raysmith4 on Apr 8, 2009, 11:06PM - In reply to dbuki0288
  • it hasWhat is safer than what?  I hope you do some better research about how dangerous "Mary Jane" and these other substances you mentioned really are.  The thing we need to do is get better educated on what happens from using these drugs and help educate the world in which we live:  our family, local community, fellow employees, etc.

    I saw what happens in a family that has alcoholic parents, a sister that is now a leader in a local AA chapter since giving up alcohol and other drugs.  Yes, whether one realizes it or not, alcohol is a drug.  In fact, when you look at its chemical composition, the only thing  alcohol has that  ether doesn't is WATER.  I also have relatives who use marijuana, crystal meth, crack, excstacy, and LSD.  My sister's ex used differnt combinations of drugs, beat her, bound her with duct tape, shoved her head down the toilet to try and drown her,  et cetera, et cetera.
  • Yes, I don't like drugs of any kind as a result of seeing first-hand what they can do.  People need to get educated about all of them and help turn people away from them.  One cannot put them on a weights and measures scale and determine that any one of them is less destructive than the other.
As for me and my house, ALL of these things have the potential, and often do, to: destroy lives (their own and/or others, and most of the time when someone survives, it is usually the druggy)
Replied By: raysmith4 on Apr 8, 2009, 10:13PM
Identified my mood about this as "touching", but it was far more than that!  I have a teenage granddaughter that is visiing with me while I'm in Fresno, CA at my parents' house.

Since this is Easter vacation week for students, my folks have had their teenage grandson with them, too.  Their relationship is not of concern.  I am concerned about a printed copy of a "myspace" page that I found on the computer desk of a young teenage girl.  It is not my granddaughter.  It is a girlfriend of a friend of my nephew.

Red flags went up immediately!  When I took a closer look at the page, I noticed it was "Page 1 of 2", but Page 2 could not be located.  I will probably never know what was on Page 2, but since Page 1 was only about 2" of pictures long and the rest was blank, only God and those teenage boys that looked at it know.

Oh yeah. 
 I almost forgot; so will the rest of the world's population that can extract things on Cyberspace!!!  I will talk with my sister tomorrow concerning this matter when she returns.  I believe there is a time and purpose under heaven for everything in our lives.  I do not believe in "coincidence".  And, that includes the fact that my mom came in and told me she thought that I would probably like to watch the remainder of the show.
Replied By: mitzisweets on Apr 8, 2009, 9:00PM
Don't these kids have better things to do? I find those behaviours totally stupid.

Please kids, do something more productive. There are lots of things that are fun without resorting to stuff like that.

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