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(Original Air Date: 04/01/11) What is the one thing in your life that you wish you could do over? Is there a decision you made that still haunts you years later? Dr. Phil speaks with guests who confessed their mistakes on SecretRegrets.com and are ready to open up about their secret in an attempt to heal and move on. Kelsey, 19, says she regrets contacting her biological father, Bryan, who left when she was 6 months old. She says getting to know her father has been nothing but disappointment. Bryan says he’s not even sure Kelsey is his daughter. Will a DNA test confirm his suspicions or inspire him to plug in and get to know Kelsey? Then, Jaimi, 21, confesses, that she regrets a heart-breaking decision that she says her boyfriend pressured her to make. Can she get past her choice and get over the man who broke her heart? Plus, meet the creator of the website and author of the book, Secret Regrets, who says his website gives people an outlet and a chance to heal.

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Replied By: sheilawrigley on Mar 27, 2011, 12:06PM
I so regret deciding that I could not look after my mother anymore. I asked my eldest sister's advice on the matter as I wanted to put her into a retirement village with frail care and I was undecided on the matter. My mom was 82 and had emphycemia, she was mostly blind and deaf. She was so much work and her behaviour was so strange. After being assulted in town one day by a complete stranger, for not reason, I just cracked under the pressure of looking after my mom and still having to run a house and bring up two children. My very supportive husband was working long hours and was also under a lot of pressure from work and home. My sister turned on me and took my mom away to her house three hours drive away. My mom was so cross with me she did not speak to me again (bar once) and then the whole family turned against me. I felt to lonely and isolated and so much nastiness developed and lies told, eventually they convinced my mom that i would take them to court for my part of the inheritence once she had passed. In her confused state of mind she signed a document at the lawyers that I had received all my inheritence and could not claim a thing more!!! What utter rubbish that was, just greed on the part of my eldest sister and brother really. That hurt me so much, I just decided this far and no further and decided to 'disengage' from my family. I have not had contact with them for about four years now. I miss them so much and just wish that I carried on looking after my mom then all this would not have happened. It has changed me so much. It is so difficult to mourne the loss of people you love when they are still alive. I often cry about the situation and try not to think about it but every now and then someone says something or I see something that reminds me of them especially my eldest sister and then I long for her so much I feel physical pain. If I could turn the clock back I surely would to just before I spoke to her that fateful night.
Replied By: unfundedhunter on Mar 27, 2011, 9:38AM
I know we all have our own regrets in our life mine are over my children, when I was going through my divorce in 1982, the mental health of my ex-wife to be was an issue. The mentally ill can do so many things a person would never believecould be done to them. When it is so easy to fall victim to what the person of poor mental health decides to do. Just 2 years after my divorce my ex-wife was jailed for drugs, and robbery. I did receive custody of my son and daughter, but I made the mistake of thinking all children need to know their parents and keep in contact. Little did I know it would cost so much, of my life and my children's lives. My ex-wife has been in prison a number of times that range from theft, robbery, child endangerment, drugs, and ID theft. To this day her life has haunted me, she has 3 brothers, and 2 sisters, the 3 brothers have been in prison for many years, brother #2 was involve in a murder, drugs, and child molesting, 1 was involved in making meth and selling where a man was killed in the making of meth, he received 47 years and a life sentence. Brother # 3 was prisoned for rape and now lives in a mental unit, Sister # 1 was in a mental care unit for a number of years, sister #2 got away from her family when she was 17. My daughter has lived a normal life raising her 2 sons as a single mother and doing well, my older son died in 2005 but the contacts of his mother would be a large drain, when she got him involved in drugs. Before he died he had started living life with his 2 daughters and wife, but his mother was still having contacts with him till she went she was prisoned for the 6th time. With my son dead his mother got out of prison and would soon be in contact with my daughter-in-law, her contact with things she would do got my granddaughters taken into state custody, my daugher-in-law died of heart attack, in April the state is to start turning the custody of my granddaughters over to me. My regret is when my ex got out of mental hospitals I should of never tried to help her when I was requested by her doctors, just because a person is said to be sound as long as they take their meds, don't fall for it.
Replied By: starbarham5 on Mar 27, 2011, 7:02AM
my family all met out of state for my little brothers wedding, I had been staying with my parent in North Carolina with my two yr old, because I left my husband. He was a loser. Anyway, my mom asked me if I would please meet them at her house after the wedding, as she wanted to see me and her grandson. Meanwhile, the husband showed up, before my mom could make it home, and I left with him. I will forever regret that because I never saw my mother again! She was killed in a car accident, an accident that I had dremnt about three day's before it happened. This bothers me to this day, and it has been 30 yrs....
Replied By: marylouisem on Mar 27, 2011, 3:16AM
The one thing I really regret is not being bad enough or exciting enough when I was young enough to handle it. I was the good daughter who looked after her mother. Then I eventually left home and made a new life far away. But my new friends had already done the interesting things like travelling and working overseas. Finally my own children have grown up and I have few commitments, but I am too old to climb mountains or trek deserts. Your health does not wait until you can afford to live the perfect lifestyle. Being "good" does not make a worthwhile life. I am good and dull, good and left behind.
Replied By: hpmx59 on Mar 26, 2011, 10:20AM
Doctor Grets Phil Re Robin Secret. I have no secrets at all. But I donot know why people keep secrets at all. See you on 04/01/11. Sincerley  Your. Russell  Vlaanderen.------------------------------------------------------------------
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