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(Original Air Date: 02/23/11) Fifteen-year-old Madisen says she wants desperately for a place to belong and has made terrible choices in an attempt to fit in. She claims to have already gotten pregnant and started cutting herself to heal her emotional wounds. Everyone, even Madisen, agrees she is troubled, but why does Dr. Phil say it would’ve been a bigger surprise if she didn't turn out this way? What caused her father to try and forfeit his parental rights? Hear the impact that decision had on Madisen, and how her parents’ reactions may have contributed to more bad behavior. Learn why Dr. Phil believes it’s not too late for this teen.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: nberry on Nov 2, 2014, 3:03PM
I usually can't stand when Dr Phil let's these teenage horrors off the hook and puts it all on the parents, but this time my heart bled for that girl. She is cclearly in a lot of pain caused by the adults around her and is looking for attention and love but going about it wrong. Her parents were supposedly going to get back together but he married the new woman instead, bad enough, this would pissed her off but she could learn to accept it if her dad and step mom dealt with it differently. Step mom is seriously the wicked step mom stereotype, not only does she abuse Madisen but she forces the dad to choose her and her daughter of his own and then bad mouths her mother. The father is just a pathetic weak punk and I feel Madisen would be better without him, unfortunately you can't turn off the love you feel for a parent.
Replied By: m25turpin on Aug 14, 2013, 3:45PM
how is maddi doing now? is the family more loving? has she graduated HS, with honers? is her step morther nicer to her?

hope she is doing well. very pretty girl
Replied By: bubblychrstn on May 4, 2012, 7:16AM - In reply to paris07
I agree! I am contemplating moving on. I love the father, but I have really tried to stick it out here. I am always going to come after the kids, even now that they are adults and should be able to do things on their own, he is still taking care of the daughter like a child. She has her own child now and we're having to take care of both of them! When I try to tell them he isn't helping them, he just gets mad and tells me I knew he had kids when we got married. I told him I know that, but I thought they would grow up one day....mine did!
Replied By: sorenreece on Dec 31, 2011, 10:27PM - In reply to kemara12
I just love Dr. Phil and the way he has helped this precious child. He is my hero. He is like a saint in my eyes!1
Replied By: poikilotherm on Dec 21, 2011, 10:52PM
The promo I saw said Madison only wanted to have somewhere to belong but then after moving in with her father and stepmother we find out she doesn’t really want that at all.

She wants to get out party, do drugs, have sex and not be bound by rules or respect.

In every still photo that appeared on that show this 14/15 year old is posing as if she is some sultry sex siren.

Her bottom lip even appears to be injected with Botox.

This child is manipulative and the stepmother had been put in an unenviable position of wanting to see that some house rules were obeyed and Madison’s disrespect for any authority was not going to transfer to her own daughter.

Once again I’m afraid Dr Phil overlooks that fact that the parents are not the only influences that make kids disrespectful unruly brats.

Maybe he should head a campaign that challenges the makers of those music videos and reality shows that promote the sexualising of young girls along with their disrespectful bad behaviour.

Starting back in the late sixties early seventies responsible parenting in many cases flew out the window. Kids have been raising kids for the last four decades so each subsequent generation has less and less respect, no core values or consideration to the point that bad behaviour has become the norm.

Not surprising as many of the people supposedly educating and influencing the young currently were born within the last four decades themselves.     
Replied By: kemara12 on Aug 15, 2011, 6:06PM
I just watched this today and I had 2 questions going through my mind.... Are these parents serious? Do they hear themselves? I can't believe they are actually tryiing to blame a 15 year old when they are the ones who are supposed to be parenting her! Madisen has done wrong but it will only get worse if these parents don't change. I cannot believe that the stepmother tried to say that the letter Madisen wrote was just bashing her! To me it sounds like a cry for help, I feel so sorry for this poor girl, she is beautiful! These so-called "adults" need to grow up and get along, and this step mom needs to stop fighting with her step daughter over the fathers attention. It's Madisen who should be most important in his life, God bless this beautiful girl!
Replied By: enigma142 on Jul 20, 2011, 8:18PM
I have just seen "The Trouble with Madisen" episode in Australia today.  I agree that Madisen is the victim in the current situation.  The decision on the upbringing of the child should have been made 15 years ago when the mother fell pregnant after a one night stand.  Did the mother keep her baby because she wanted to give a young person the best possible life they could have or did she keep the baby to keep a man or to keep herself company?  There are so many loving people who could have embraced baby Madisen and given her a loving and stable life with people who have made a decision to be parents.  I know giving up a baby for adoption is not easy as I made that decision when I was 16 as I knew I could not give my son the best upbringing he could have.  I am so blessed now to have a 31 year old son in my life who loves me because I gave him the best I could by having him adopted out.
I wish the whole family every happiess in the future and that Madisen learns to be a responsible adult.
Replied By: emily_marie91 on Jul 17, 2011, 2:35PM
I cried through the entire show. I feel like I'm not the only one... My dad chose my step-mom over me, I live with my grandparents b/c my dad couldn't handle me, and I cut. I have the show recorded and my heart goes out to her. I really hope she comes to know how truely beautiful she is. =)
Replied By: diana102 on Jul 17, 2011, 9:39AM
I feel so bad for this girl on one side she has a mother who is very lenient with her ande on the other side she has a father who could care less about his own daughter. Like you said no wonder she is like she is. She seemed to me to be a young lady that  just wants to be heard and cared about by both her parents.The girls father  is a selfish you know what, he does not deserve the privalage to have any children. I was so glad that you sent her away from the situation so she can get the help she needs . Please bring her back on the show so we the viewers can see how she is doing,
Replied By: jillianrn on Jul 15, 2011, 11:30PM
As the mother of 11 adopted children and 3 biological children, Madisen broke my heart.  Her father broke my heart with his statement of wanting to "terminate my parental rights".  She is a beautiful gift.  What an excellent portrayal of what is happening to this little girl by showing a picture of her and seeing Dr. Phil tear parts away as all involved are doing.  Sure, mom can be more involved, but after raising a TON of teenagers, it is difficult to know every move and I feel that bio mom is doing her best and perhaps just needs some better coping skills and structure.  Stepmom Teacher, however, was quite frightening.  No, she is not her flesh and blood, neither are the 11 adopted children I have but they are MINE.  I love them unconditionally.  It broke my heart to hear this young lady say to Dr. Phil she felt "broken"....so young, so very young to have to feel that already in life.  I hope this entire family gets the treatment and skills they need to give Madisen what she needs; not merely a roof over her head but to be HEARD and loved and not feel like she is no better than a dog.

Jill Burress Dickerhoof, RN
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