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(Original Air Date: 02/18/11) Dr. Phil continues his work with a family ripped apart by accusations of child molestation. Melody says she’s convinced her 5-year-old granddaughter was touched inappropriately by her father, Jason, and says the little girl told her herself. Jason agrees to take a polygraph test to prove his innocence. Tune in to find out the results and what’s next for this family! And, learn the warning signs to look for that could indicate child sexual abuse. Then, an update on Jessica, a mom of six whose discipline tactics, including administering hot sauce and freezing cold showers, brought Robin and many studio audience members to tears. How has Jessica and her life changed since appearing on Dr. Phil? It's a lesson in tough love you don't want to miss!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: prfbones on Feb 18, 2016, 10:03AM
Hi Jason and Karen

My family has a story that is so similar to yours. I thought you might feel better hearing it. My mother accused my sister's husband of sexually abusing his stepson who was eleven at the time. My sister had just had a premie baby and I was living with them to help her care for her family during this time. I left college in order to help my sister's family. I lived with them for months. I never once saw a thing that was inappropriate. they appeared to be a family in crisis that was completely obsessed with keeping this tiny child alive. But in addition to their family situation, I left college because I was raped by a faculty member, so I myself was hurt and trying to recover from this very issue, but still, I never saw a thing between the father and his stepson. My sister's husband sent me the money to leave Boston and come to their home to be with them. When I finally had to go home to go back to a different college in my home state, my mother went to spend Thanksgiving weekend with my sister's family to meet the new baby. She was in their home exactly one day and left their home to go to a hotel. While there, she called the police and reported my sister's husband of sexual molesting his stepson.

My mother's accusation wrecked that family. It ended in divorce. My nephew was taken from school, not told was going on, rushed to a hospital where they also found nothing. The other son that was five was also taken from school and taken to the hospital where nothing was found. What my mother did to that family was horrific. It was a lie and my mother was the instigator of so much trauma.

I should also add, that while I was with my sister at her home, I was phoned daily by the lawyer my mother worked for in order to try and get me to sue the school and person that raped me. I was being harassed beyond belief by both of these two women on this subject. So I think my mother was primed for something to happen.

Years later, my mother was living with my brother. One day, she told my brother that she was going to call the police because she thought the babysitter was sexually molesting their five year old son. My brother told her to get out of his house and never return. He was not going to let what happened to our sister happen to his family.

When I introduced my mother to the man I was going to marry, she met him for 15 minutes, kicked him out of her apartment and phoned the entire family and told them that I was going to marry a homosexual pedophile (because she wanted me to marry someone else).We married anyway. My sister was my matron of honor and my brother gave me away. My mother was not invited.

My mother had a borderline personality disorder along with extreme paranoia. When she accused my fiancée of that heinous crime, I cut off all contact with her and did not have any contact with her again until her deathbed twenty years later. I had to protect my family and the careers of both my husband and myself. We both have TS security clearances and could not have her vile toxic poison that she spewed to anyone that would listen affect our careers. We would lose our home and everything we owned if we kept up our relationship.

My mother believed whatever she said. There was no grey area with her about anything. She was a horrible human being that was believed everything she said. She was sexually abused as a child as well. She craved attention in any way she could get it. When I was diagnosed with scoliosis as a teenager, she would show my x-rays to everyone with her on a city bus. When she did this to my sister, she told everyone she could that would listen. She wanted the attention.

I know you didn't ask for my advice, but Karen, get therapy. Be specific about your relationship with your mother. I was with mine and he was the one that convinced me that my mother was doing my family more harm than good. It made me come to my own decision to sever my relationship with her. I became a bulldog in protecting my family from her toxic manipulation. I absolutely had no contact with her at all and I would not let other family members try to use her manipulation to try and get me to re-establish contact with her. But much to my surprise, the vast majority of my family on her side, supported my decision to sever from her. I didn't know it, but many had done so themselves already.

At first, I tried to try and tell myself that she did these things because she was mentally ill and had no real control over what she was doing. But when her actions became so harmful, I could not continue to use that to justify her actions. In the end, she never got the help she so badly needed. I hope she has found more peace in death than she did in life.

There are so many details to this story that I could not fit here. I tried to get the big ones in for you. In the end, I just wanted you to know that other families have endured this horrible situation. You are not alone. How you resolve this is something that you will have to decide with your husband and children. Those are the people that are your responsibility. Please, get professional help to make those decisions. This is too big to handle alone. I hope my story helps you in some way. I know there are people out there that find disowning a parent unthinkable and will judge you without knowing or caring about the situation. But this is your life and you have to do what you think is right and will protect your family the most. If you think she will break your family apart, then you have a lot of thinking to do and make hard decisions to make.

I hope in the time between your show aired and this message reaches you that things have resolved in some way. But sometimes it's nice to know that you're not the only one out there facing these decisions and staring these traumas in the face.

Please take care; be safe, and good luck with your family decisions. I support you as a husband and wife.
Replied By: curtainbach on Apr 4, 2015, 12:35PM
I can't believe all of you attacking the mother and father so strongly, saying that they have no concern for their daughter and that they are being way too harsh to the grandmother. Come on, it's not like the grandmother came forward to say 'I think something has happened to your daughter, i am very concernced for her, we should really try to figure this out'. No, she came forward spewing disgusting, hateful accusations about the childs father, convinced that it had to be him, terrorizing both of them with her accusations and her actions on the matter. And don't you think that after what had happened, the mother would have spoken to her little girl multiple times about this? I doubt that she would just ignore her own daughter completely. As well as the fact that she was examined more than once by the hospital for physical trauma that would show a rape had occured (which is much more prominent in such a young girl. It doesn't mean a molesation couldn't have occured, but nobody forcibly had sex with her concerning her gential region) as well as CPS doing multiple investigations of their own, which undoubtably include interviewing all the children and family and looking at evidence, and not a single thing was found. I would be incredibly mad at her too, if I was being accused of such terrible things, having my children taken away from me, and feeling that there is no way to ever convince her otherwise. He even took a polygraph test, and some of you are still saying that he did it. There is no evidence that he did anything. I believe that something might have happened, but unfortunately there was no evidence to go on to even prove that something did actually happen to her. I also was very disgusted by the claim that the grandmother had her granddaughter naked, cleaning her privates with a qtip. She never explained herself on that one. I can believe that the comments about 'someone could be hurting my privates' from the little girl could have been about that, or if a rape exam was done prior to this, it could be about that as well.
Replied By: medtechmom on Sep 5, 2014, 12:50PM - In reply to birger
I am new to this website. I just seen the show about the grandmothers accusations regarding the father. I don't know how to find out the results of the fathers polygraph and I also believe something happened to the child. The mom needs to stop being mad at her own mother and show concern for her own children. Get them counseling and stop wasting time worrying about other stuff  and protect her child from all sources until its clear what happened to her little girl.
Replied By: birger on Mar 14, 2014, 6:45PM - In reply to sulywi
I completely agree.  There was something off about that woman.  I truly believe that she had an agenda of her own, based from her own molestation when she was a child.  I would never let her near me or my children again.
Replied By: kellytucker on Jul 26, 2011, 5:05PM
what seems to kinda be brought up, but not really discussed is the fact the the child claims daddy was wearing a mask! has it not occured to anyone except me, that molesters are master manipulators. SOMEONE DID INDEED MOLEST THIS CHILD..and that someone, wore a mask and claimed to be daddy in case the child decided to tell someone...i was happy to hear at the end of the show you encouraged the angry mother to seek gentle help for her child, because i truely believe this monster molester is still out there, and she is still in danger..he has been alone with her before, so its obviously someone close to the family that they trust..i am so scared for this little girl..i cant sleep at night! dr phil, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch this family closely, and encourage the parents to make a list of folks that are around the child, who has been alone with her and so on...have each and every single person questioned or investigated..there is NO DOUBT in my mind that this child has been sexually abused on more than one occasion.
Replied By: library23 on Jul 23, 2011, 7:15PM
I was very concerned about the people on this show. The Grandmother rightly wanted to help her Granddaughter. Even though the father passed the polygraph the polygraph is 93% accurate not 100%. That would leave an error rate of 7%. If someone was used to deceptive practices they might be able to pass. This is not normal behavior for a young child and the daughter was very rude and unkind to her mother just because she was trying to show love and concern. The grandmother has a history of child abuse which is coloring her view of reality.. The daughter should lose her value judgement attitude and accept her mother's apology.
Replied By: lmarie010 on Jul 22, 2011, 11:23PM
dont be an idiot. now that u know ur husband passed the test, its time to pay attn to ur child. its so obvious ur daughter has been sexually molested. educate urself. just bcuz she hasnt come to u doesnt mean nothing has happened. children are sometimes afraid to tell their parents, mostly out of fear. she sees ur reaction towards gma & her aunt. speaking from experience, i was molested at 9 years old and raped at 17. i was molested by a cousin who lived w/us. he threatened me not to tell. so i didnt. i was raped by an exboyfriend. again i said nothing because i wasnt supposed to have anyone over. to not have to deal with it, i "forgot" about it. then his daughter confided in my parents he molested her. they didnt believe her. i was 22, and i screamed "he didit to me too." my father consoled me. my mother never believed me. to this day she has issues w/acknowledging it. let me tell you, iF YOU CONTINUE to not believe her, listen to her, trust her.....ur relationship w/her will suffer. mommy responsibilties come before wifey responsibilities. and if hes such the great father u say he is, he will go above n beyond  to protect his child. btw,  she doesnt have to be penetrated to be molested. touching her inappropriately is molestation. again, EDUCATE urself. my mother & i have a very strained relationship. i love her, but i feel hatred when it comes to this.
Replied By: sulywi on Jul 22, 2011, 10:20PM
i would be much more suspicious of that grandmother. from the look on her face to her attitude she just seemed to be ...off....i believe she knew what questions to ask and how to lead a child on. i'd like to see her take a lie detector test. i wouldnt let her near my kids .
Replied By: ewkrusten on Jul 22, 2011, 8:07PM - In reply to hezahchan
I don't have anything to add, because you just said it all for me. I completely agree with everything you said and I thought the exact same thing about the grandmother.
Replied By: azamour7 on Jul 22, 2011, 7:46PM - In reply to niccol
I have just heard the second part of the show "Accused of the Unthinkable". I agree with the first response to this show. As a child myself whose Mother NEVER acknowledged my molestation by an uncle and never believed me when I told her, I believe this mother needs to step up and believe her Child. A mother who does not support her child damages the child as much, if not more so, than the abuser. If this mother truly loved her child she would do anything and everything to get to the bottom of this issue with her Daughter. I believe someone has to step up and support this little girl. I applaud the Grandmother for tying to protect her Granddaughter. I am happy it was not the Father but please, please, find out who is the abuser. Get the counseling for this girl or she will spend years spiriling emotionally making bad choices, I know, I did. It was only with counseling as an adult that I found healing, don't have this precious child wait that long, it would ruin her life if she did.
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