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Is Alexandra addicted to prescription drugs? Find out what she’s taking, how much and where she gets them. When Dr. Phil arranges for a second opinion about her back injury, you may be surprised to hear the doctors’ assessment of the medications she’s been prescribed. See Alexandra’s response to their diagnosis. Dr. Phil doesn’t mince words and tells Alexandra he believes she’s addicted to drugs and needs to enter rehab. Is this her final wake-up call? Then, when Alexandra asks Dr. Phil show producers for money and is denied, she goes missing. Who is the one person Dr. Phil believes might influence her to make a change? Will Alexandra listen to reason, or will even those calls go unanswered? And, find out Dr. Phil’s biggest fear for the young woman.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: marianparoo on Mar 7, 2011, 11:47AM

This is how Dr. Phil treated CJ and her family on the show "An Addict in the Family."
Replied By: marianparoo on Mar 5, 2011, 8:07AM - In reply to cadescove99
The only thing that interests me about it is just why he is doing it, and why Alex isn't being treated like any other addict and/or abusive (if only by ignoring her children) parent.

I really don't want to hear more about her until she has gone into rehab or until Dr, Phil drops her.
Replied By: cadescove99 on Mar 4, 2011, 12:31PM - In reply to marianparoo
What bugs me about Dr Phil is how he's gotten onto Marty and Erin, in seasons past for overindulging and enabling their two daughters, so what does he call what he's been doing for Alex since last December whan she came to him with her hand stuck out. The same thing in my book. Yours, too, I'll bet.
Replied By: swalter62626 on Mar 2, 2011, 8:08PM
I was married to a drug addict for 8 years so I have first-hand experience with an addict & there's no helping Alexandra until she reaches her bottom.  If being a homeless drug addict who doesn't have custody of her 3 children is not her bottom, I'd rather not see what her bottom point is.  As a mom, she disgusts me.  I have 1 miracle child & am not able to have another, yet there are people like Alexandra that just give their children away for something as stupid as drugs.  I'd give anything to have another baby & she doesn't care that she has 3!  Please move on to someone who really wants help & doesn't want to just play games.  She's so transparent.
Replied By: bajabean on Mar 2, 2011, 12:03PM
Dr. Phil,

You of all people should know that you can't get an addict sober unless THEY want to get sober. And it's obvious to me, a simple viewer, that she does NOT want to get sober.  I've been in recovery for 25 years and  have seen lots of Alexandra's come in the program.  They all disappear and some may re-appear after they've had a more thorough beating.  Some die.  But it's the same for all of them:  THEY HAVE TO WANT IT TO GET IT.  And this woman clearly does not...at least not at this time.  She needs some more kickin around.  All we can do is pray that she stays alive long enough to get it.  And you know this.  All this hubbabalooo is for ratings.  RATINGS.  This whole segment is just frustrating to me. I won't watch you struggle futilely with this woman anymore. 

I still love you though.
Replied By: marianparoo on Feb 27, 2011, 3:04AM
... were she not getting special treatment from Dr. Phil.

You would think that if he really cared about her he would have treated her like any other drug addict/promiscous person/abusive parent.

It's not like he's doing any good paying her expenses and keeping her out of rehab.

It's totally beyond me.
Replied By: msrhea on Feb 26, 2011, 4:07PM - In reply to dorriebeth
I am so sick of Alexandra (i've been watching her since she was 15 and pregnant)...Dr Phil has done nothing but try and help her and the lasts show was just the last of her ungratefulness I can take...She sat there so annoyed that he was trying to help her stop taking medication ultimately so she's healthy and can be there for her kids....she talked out both sdes of her mouth saying yes she wants to stop but no she cant stop until she gets her own place and get into school....hellllo Drug Addict those things will not be possible if you're still on the drugs (remember the drugs controlled you so much you couldn't even leave the hotel to you see your only daughter's 1st play) ....hellooo uggh I'm sorry I know Dr Phil wants to help but you have people out here that would do anything to have Dr Phil willing to "pay for repairs of your vehicle, pay for your place to live, pay for your food " and she's on the phone yelling at the producer because she doesn't want a giftcard AS IF IT'S NOT OBVIOUS she wants cash to buy drugs SOMEONE IS WILLING TO PAY FOR ANYTHNG U NEED AND U'RE AVOIDING THEIR CALLS.......Dr Phil just needs to move on to the many people out here in the world that would welcome his help!!
Replied By: csidney on Feb 25, 2011, 4:58PM
I believe Alex has always had this self centered problem.  I believe she got pregnant at the age of 15 on purpose.I believe she has been screaming for attention her entire life.  This attention of course had to be on her terms. I believe all her subsequent pregnancies have been intentional as well.  She wanted her parents attention, her boyfriends attention,  and what better way to get it than to have a baby. She also knows Mommy and Daddy will take care of her kids.  Nothing like a built in nanny.Dr Phil stepped in at 15 and showered the family with gifts and became their new best friend.  Alex continues to repeat her mistakes and the one thing she can count on is Dr Phil .............. ready to step in and give more. I think Dr Phil has a lot to offer but he needs to toss the gift giving to a much needier family and bring in the best psychological help he has to deal with this family.  Alex has made a fool out of Dr Phil.  I can't believe he doesn't see that.
Replied By: marianparoo on Feb 25, 2011, 8:19AM - In reply to dorriebeth
...was a promiscuous teenager ever before she started drugs.
Replied By: dorriebeth on Feb 25, 2011, 4:44AM
I think the best thing for Alex is to go to rehab.  Not gonna happen until she is arrested for drugs, prostitution or theft.  Best thing right now, stop pushing her to see her children.  She is not what is best for them.  If she gets help, then slowly introduce her back  into their lives.  If  she doesnt then they are at least with their grand parents and have some stability.  Alex will regret the time she lost later on in life.  She cant get back first memories.  I give her parents alot of credit and it must kill them watching Alex spiral out of control.  She is a grown woman now.  Grown women have to face consequences.  I just hope its not going to be an overdose or worse.  Maybe the best thing to get Alex help is being arrested and having to go to rehab.  Sometimes rock bottom is where you have to be to get slapped in the face with reality and not alot of options.  I hope she finds her way out...i do but man she is a b-tch and i hope its from the drugs and not really who she is as a person.  Would be nice to see the real Alex if she makes it outta this hell.
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