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Is Alexandra addicted to prescription drugs? Find out what she’s taking, how much and where she gets them. When Dr. Phil arranges for a second opinion about her back injury, you may be surprised to hear the doctors’ assessment of the medications she’s been prescribed. See Alexandra’s response to their diagnosis. Dr. Phil doesn’t mince words and tells Alexandra he believes she’s addicted to drugs and needs to enter rehab. Is this her final wake-up call? Then, when Alexandra asks Dr. Phil show producers for money and is denied, she goes missing. Who is the one person Dr. Phil believes might influence her to make a change? Will Alexandra listen to reason, or will even those calls go unanswered? And, find out Dr. Phil’s biggest fear for the young woman.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: mcmanus64hack on Jul 21, 2011, 5:16PM - In reply to polaris1
All families have their problems but even Dr. Phil couldn't help Alexandra because she wouldn't let him.  I just wish and pray that some how they can get it together as a family  Each person looking at what is best for the entire family.  Now each one is concerned with what they want or expect.  This is an extremely sad situation and I've been hoping we would get some news on the scene.  Doesn't look like that is happening.  I'm sure that if Dr. Phil can't help no one can.  I just pity her poor children and her because she is missing out on the best days of her and their lives.  I am just so sorry and feel such compassion for their entire situation.  This makes our problems seem like small ones.  I don't know what to say except each and every one of them has my heart felt wishes for a brighter future - communicating and truly talking tone another.  I'll keep praying
Replied By: polaris1 on Jul 21, 2011, 3:09AM - In reply to tiger7
I completely agree with these sentiments. I don't believe Alexandra has any great chance of progressing in a positive direction being in Erin's toxic presence. Erin has the children so Alexandra can't move to the other side of the world which she should do with a mother like Erin. As things are Alexandra is simply living up to what her mother thinks of her. I just wish someone could scoop Alexandra and her kids up and give her a chance to be a mother far away from her family. With compulsory detox and career counselling and education. It wouldn't be pretty in the short term but she would learn quickly. At the moment she is using such resilience simply to survive. That resilience and strength could be directed towards thriving. It is an awful catch-22 to watch. The children really do deserve better which at the moment, in terms of security, is Erin. But ultimately they deserve to be with a happy, independent, healthy mother and for Alexandra to achieve that she needs distance from Erin. 
Replied By: tiger7 on Jun 27, 2011, 4:59AM
Being from another country and not knowing this family,nor am I a therapist. I am solely commenting on the shows I have seen. I believe all the problems ensuing this young girl has stemmed from her parents, her father for not standing up to the mother who appears to be a control freak, she tells him what to say and do. I believe Erin always wanted those grand children for herself, she seems to be a jealous mother and is only thinking of herself. if both of my daughters turned to drugs or other bad things/people, then I would be seriously taking a good look at my parenting skills,   I have no pity for Erin she comes accross as a cold, manipulative, heartless, very argumentative, deceitful, false, jealous person. she needs to take ownership of her failings as a mother, and being a major contributor to  her daughters problems. I think she is jealous of  Alexandra since she was born, she got all the love and affection from her father, "his princess", and Erin feels pushed out. she comes accross as trying to be a lot younger in years than she is, while her daughters were looking for a mother, Erin was looking for friends in her children,  she is not the right person to have her grandchildren, she constantly fights with there mother in front of them, and accuses her of all sorts of awful things. what kind of mother does that? isnt that why they are on Dr Phil in the first place, to sort out all these issues, not to upset the children and try to turn them against there mother.   in my opinion she needs some serious therapy.  one day those children will see these programs. and no I am not condoning Alexandra's behaviour in any way, she has a serious problem, this is how I interpret how her problems started.
Replied By: chatycathe on Apr 28, 2011, 8:04PM
Alexandria does not want any help or intervention. I suspect a personality d/o. Why waste time on her when other's want and need help.
Replied By: tigerstripes on Apr 26, 2011, 9:46AM - In reply to supersarah
Oh boo hoo, cry me a river.

If it wasn't for Erin being their for her three kids, they would be in foster care. You would be as angry as Erin if you were being held hostage because of Alexandra's poor decision to breed.

Alexandra has the best of both worlds: she gets to have the problem of being a druggie and be able to pass off the consequences to those around her.
Replied By: leolady13 on Apr 25, 2011, 4:25PM
I have to agree with many of the other posts from other fans -- Alexandra is not ready to admit she has a problem - and continues to do whatever she wants because it appears that you continuously are there to bail her out. 

Why not help someone who really wants help vs. wasting your time on someone who is continuously being disrepectful because of the way she takes your help and throws it away when it suits her. 

I admire Marty and Erin for taking her children, but you washed your hands of Katherine, and others who you gave a chance too.  Why not Alexandra?  Why do you keep trying to help her when she clearly doesn't want it? 
Replied By: ephemera on Apr 24, 2011, 6:32PM - In reply to meredith721
Well said. Many have asked these questions of Dr. Phil, but where are his answers?
Replied By: meredith721 on Apr 24, 2011, 11:48AM
Dr Phil...

Something many of us cannot understand is how you keep on giving Alex chance after chance after chance when with others they get one chance and if they don't take it you're done with them...  I personally cannot understand why Alex isn't given the same treatment.  I honestly believe that if you tell her you are so done with her and her drama and that you are not going to waste any further time or money or resources on her until she comes to you and is serious about wanting help.  I really feel you should sever all ties with her until she hits that bottom and she comes crawling back, heaven knows that I pray she lives long enough to hit her bottom to get the help she needs but if she doesn't no one can say that you or her parents didn't try your level best.  I am saddened that everyone else is given the tough love one chance (which is why people like Brandon have made it) and Alex is getting away with everything and the sad reason she isn't changing is because she knows you will always bail her out.  I understand you have a "bond" with her but it seriously is starting to look like you are enabling her because she knows when things get a bit tough she can run to you, that should no longer be an option for her until she is ready to sign herself into a rehab and is ready to get her life back.  Please show her the tough love you show other guests, because seriously Alex and all her drama is now going a bit overboard and is quite honestly getting boring.  Nothing you or her parents say or do will stop the drugs or disgusting immature behaviour, only she can change when she is ready and has seriously had enough.  Tough Love Dr Phil Tough Love...

Still love you to death and the Lord knows watching your shows has helped me and even helped me to help others LOL.... Thanks...
Replied By: marianparoo on Mar 18, 2011, 10:40AM - In reply to annie135
I don't believe that lie detector tests are 100%, which is why they are not allowed in court as evidence.

But Leilah's fear  of men following the alleged incident speaks volumes.

Why didn't Dr. Phil tell her, as he told so many others, no rehab, no more contact?

That really bothers me, esp. after he severed contact with Katherine.
Replied By: annie135 on Mar 17, 2011, 8:26AM - In reply to marianparoo
I was thinking about the Dr. Phil family the other day, and I realized that we still don't know who injured Leilah -- there was certainly a lot of speculation about who choked her, but I don't think viewers have forgotten about this incident. I hope a future update will tell us how all three of Alexandra's children are. I hope that Erin and Marty will be given the floor for a change so they can talk about their challenges as grandparents who are raising 3 children, and how all 3 children are doing.
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