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(Original Air Date: 02/10/11) Imagine being terrified to stay in your own home. That’s what Caroline says she lives with every day of her life. Despite two guard dogs, a first-rate security system and a panic button she keeps on her always while at home, she says she can’t let go of the fear. What has her so frightened and find out how Dr. Phil says he can have her completely cure her in just days. Then, Steve has had 47 plastic surgery procedures and is aiming for a record breaking 50th. What is at the root of his desire to totally transform his appearance? And, Lisa has the dress, the venue and a photographer. This happy bride is missing only one thing — a groom! Learn why Lisa says she embarked on this “social experiment” and whether she’s met any potential candidates yet.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: liliv83 on Jun 15, 2011, 5:51AM - In reply to girlwithnolife
I was diagnosed with panic/anxiety disorder in June of 2002 and have been on Paxil ever since. When I first started taking the Paxil, it was great. All my symptoms went away and it was like I never had panic/anxiety disorder. In 2009, my symptoms slowly started coming back. I am now back to the point where I won't travel far from home and experience anxiety and panic quite frequently. I have tried so many other medications and nothing works. I decided to just get back on the Paxil since it was once my lifesaver and seems to keep me the most at ease, with little side effects. I feel like a prisoner in my body with this disorder and I don't feel like I can be all that I can be because it holds me back. I am going to try and go back to work by the end of the summer and I am going to try my hardest to keep my job, but like you, I see myself becoming disabled due to this condition. I am only 28 and it's sad that I can't have a normal life like others my age. It makes me dread the rest of my life because it holds me back but I feel like there is nothing I can do :(
Replied By: sindeeyy on Jun 14, 2011, 7:19PM
Wow is all I can say.It was like seeing myself but was not aware of it til she told her story.I have the same thing,i'm afraid of the house too and I definitely dont like to be alone! I shower but hate it and I definitely dont take a bath  thats the worst.i dont snuggle,when Im in bed I dont like to be touched when im sleeping,but I dont  like to sleep alone.when I go to sleep and hubby not with me cause he is watching t.v. I have my son who is 5 to come in the room and watch tv with me,who I  know will fall asleep.I jump out of my skin when my hubby comes up behind me and starts talking.I have panic attack.Anyways I'm strange,lol and didnt even know it until I heard her.Thank you!!!I hope Dr.Phil keeps up the story and tells whats going on  with her.
Replied By: duckychick on Jun 14, 2011, 2:57PM
Does anybody know what ultimately happened to her?
Replied By: sweetteacher on Jun 14, 2011, 2:42PM
Steve was a sweetheart!  Its sad that our society sets ppl up to think only about looks.  I like tho that he said he was happy with himself at certain ages.  So true that self image is different than self esteem.  ;)
Replied By: girlwithnolife on Jun 14, 2011, 10:40AM
I will be watching as I do with all shows with these topics. I have lived with anxiety and a phobia all my life. I have been to therapists and psychiatrists all my life. I handled it till my late 40's when I had to go on disability cause i was so anxious going to work and out of the house. i watched the intro on how Dr. Phil said this could be treated and don't necessarily think that is true with everyone. As I have said I have been in counseling most of my life and the only thing they did that helped me in any way was medication (Paxil). I still get very anxious and would love to live a "normal" like but I don't see it happening anymore. Good luck to all, Steph
Replied By: hpmx59 on Jun 11, 2011, 9:41AM
Desperate Doctor Measure Phil/Robin. I hate to say this but are you out of your mind?  When people get m- rry they have kids. See you on 06/14/11. Sincerley Your. Russell Vlaanderen.-----------------------------------------
Replied By: lisahinda on Feb 18, 2011, 10:34AM
My mother and I were watching the show about the man who keeps getting plastic surgery but is never satisfied.  She kept saying that he reminds me of someone that I can't think of right now......then she remembered!  "Charlie McCarthy, the "dummy" of Edger Bergen in the 1950s.  That's who he looks like!"  We had a good laugh.  However, it is really sad that someone looks not even human anymore and can't see it himself!  He did look good at one time....the picture before he had any plastic surgery.  We think any doctor who would keep on doing plastic surgeries for someone like that should have their license revoked.  It is really unethical for any surgeon to keep operating like that.
Replied By: nmp123 on Feb 13, 2011, 1:50PM
Interesting story about the woman who is afraid to be in her own home.  When I was 16 I was a victim of a home invasion robbery while I was actually taking a shower.  It has been a long journey trying to heal with the help of a variety of therapists and therapy styles.  I am a survivor but it isn't easy and I still live each day as it comes.
I do have my own rituals that I use to feel safe but I am very aware that these rituals do very little to protect me.  I am concerned, though, that some of the steps the woman on the show takes are extreme.  Taking all of those items into the bathroom might actually lead to her being injured further in the event something where to happen.  There is no way she could maintain control of all of the weapons she brings in to the bathroom with her.
I also like the suggestion that the viewer wrote about volunteering but I would caution the woman on the show to wait until she had better understanding of her PTSD and anxiety issues otherwise she might compound and internalize the fears of the victims she is volunteering with (or give them some of her own anxieties).
I have survived 26 years of no longer feeling like I have a home and I hate that these individuals who broke into my home stole my innocence, my sense of home, my comfort, and my peace.  I probably hate myself more for allowing them to take that from me and not yet being able to regain it back.
Replied By: twobrauns on Feb 12, 2011, 3:56PM
I had a wonderful hairdresser 20 years ago named Ted Jones.   I loved Ted and his perspective on life.  One day we were discussing plastic surgery and he told me about "pec implants or breast implants" for men.   As he watched my amazed reaction, he explained that it was just God's way of telling  people they have too much money.......Steve, you have too much money, and not enough common sense.  I miss Ted....he died in 1992 from an AIDS related illness.
Replied By: gboynton on Feb 11, 2011, 2:08PM
I can relateto Caroline's fear of being alone.  My now ex-husband used to be in the military and was often away several nights at a time.  I had no family close by and had never lived in large cities.  How I used to dread those nights alone and I did the same thing Caroline does - check under beds even though nothing larger than a dog could squeeze under there, check all of the closets, shower and doble and triple checked doors and windows to make sure they were locked.  If I woke up in the middle of the night I followed all of the above steps again.  In my case I did have several occassions when someone tried to enter my home; that is when we got a huge dog.  Now I am in my 60's and still have the same fears of being alone.  I would love to be able to overcome all of it and am anxious to hear how Caroline does after Dr Phil provides her with the tools to overcome her fears.
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