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When Alexandra from the Dr. Phil Family last sat down with Dr. Phil, she revealed she’s homeless, has lost custody of her three kids, is panhandling for money, and her relationship with her fiancé, Tony, is on the rocks. After the taping, Alexandra allowed the Dr. Phil cameras to get a glimpse of a day in her life. See where she’s living and how she spends her days. Next, find out if Alexandra is truly working to get her life back, on track or if she’s let Tony derail her progress. Dr. Phil drills down to determine why Alexandra settles for men with troubled pasts, and she breaks down in tears while making a surprising admission. And, Alexandra hasn’t seen her children in more than three weeks, and broke a promise she made to her 3-year-old daughter, Leilah. Are drugs to blame? Plus, watch the hostile exchanges between Alexandra and her mom, Erin, and see what’s driving a wedge between mother and daughter now.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: marleneaw92 on Dec 19, 2013, 12:41AM
All of these comments about shes an addict give up on her, move on and she doesn't deserve her children, there horrible. Is this what our society suits best for people with a problem?? Of course those kids should not be subject to drug addiction. I was, my mother was a drug addict for my whole childhood, I can never forget that but now that shes gotten help shes a WONDERFUL person and shes been clean for about 10 years. My sister died of an overdose and if someone would've just helped her she would still be here with me and her children. Dr. Phil please don't give up on Alexandra. I know exactly what she and her family are going through. I was addicted to meth and I got help from my father. He took me away from all of it and now i'm going to school to become a Forensic scientist. Addicts become addicts because of an emotional reason that they could not handle not because there worthless or don't care. When your high your not thinking about anyone but the next bag. No one understands that until you've actually been in that situation. I respect Dr. Phil for helping this person. She needs to figure out why she started using in the first place.
Replied By: sjcshadwick on Jul 19, 2011, 5:06PM
Replied By: lawrmuf on Jul 19, 2011, 8:49AM
I truly hope that you are DONE bringing The Dr. Phil family on your show.  You have been working with Alex for how many Years?  She ain't gettin it!  Mom loves a life of Drama!  Poor Dad, that is all I can say.  I know that your time and resources can be appreciated by many other families. 
In my family we have diabetes, renal failure, mental retardation, to name a  very few medical problems.  Lack of jobs, families living together because they have no home or jobs.  This affect the entire family.  The kids involved are confused, who is my boss, where will I lay my head tonight, will my family fall apart, will I stay close to my extended families? 
The time and resources spent on Alex alone could benefit an entire school.
I try to preach  "Priority" and let everything follow.
Replied By: tangofever on Jul 18, 2011, 11:24PM
I have enjoyed watching and learning from your show over these many years.. I have not made the effort to send my thoughs even though I must say I have had many opinions over the years LOL.. And yes I (one of many) followed the journey of the Dr Phil Family with frustration, compassion and hope that they will all take this opportunity to learn and hear what you are offering them.. But I must say that I was relieved at the end of the show today (we are a bit behind here,LOL) With Marty suggesting to Erin that there is a distintive difference (that I also think needed to be said out loud) between saying we love someone with our words and sharing our feelings of love is what we actually need is these trying times.. Easier said than done for some of us.. Sometimes we cant see the forest for the trees.. and this family understandably have many a forest that they are having to deal with.. Thank you for your work I will keep watching and if by some chance you feel the need to have me in your audience I am a willing spirit LOL Virginia Tangofever
Replied By: lapisblue on Jul 18, 2011, 8:17PM
I feel sorry for all involved in this situation.  Alexandria just has to step up and stop making bad choices, and i believe with Dr Phill's help she can change her life around.  Many people have changed their life around on their own, she just has to want to do it.  Ever since her boyfriend Tony was introduced, you could see that he would be volitile.  The very 1st time he was in the audience, he was clenching his jaw, you could see that he wanted to snap!  Her mum and dad is doing a fabulous job, she is so lucky that they are avaliable to help.  Not every grandparent would dedicate their time to do it all again :)  Just wondering when she says that she has no money and no money for gas, how does she pay for her hair to get done and i saw one picture of her there and it looked like she eyelash extentions in, and she is always dressed so nicely...??? \

Replied By: chaffins on May 1, 2011, 10:19PM
I think it's ridiculous that Alex has all the excuses she has, about her kids,the drugs,her dr., all of it. She has a drug problem, it's plain to see & it's absolutely awful that she has gotten out here & had 3 children, that she obviously doesn't care about or she'd be getting the help she needs & being a mother. Speaking as someone who wasn't blessed to have children & wanted them desperately,it really upsets me when I see someone like Alex,  just having one right after the other & not taking care of them. She doesn't care about anyone but herself & what she wants. You can tell she doesn't want help,cause Dr. Phil has offered her every kind of help you could get & she just laughs in his face. I think it was awful how she acted with Dr. Phil & the 2 specialist he brought in to offer help to her. The way she snickered & snurled her nose & done her eyes, it was very disrespectful to them all.  She should be very grateful to Dr. Phil & especially her family. If it wasn't for them, where would her children be!  THANK GOD FOR THEM! I don't think she should have her children back, unless & until they are absolutely sure she is clean & has straightened up her life, especially for the childrens sake!
Replied By: atkinsar on Mar 23, 2011, 11:38AM - In reply to elaine5715
I posted my comment a few weeks ago and was wondering what ever became of Alexandra. I completely agree with you. It has been just nuts watching Dr. Phil give her stuff so she will hang around for the show.  She won't learn to help herself until she hits bottom.  Maybe that is where she is, on bottom somewhere. 
Replied By: atkinsar on Mar 16, 2011, 1:58PM
It has been a month and I have not seen any updates on Alexandra? I hope she is in a drug rehab center some where.  I think she has been enabled by her friends and to some extent, Dr. Phil. She should not have any contact with her children until she gets clean. I don't feel sorry for her at all. I feel sorry for those kids and her parents.
Replied By: terry50 on Mar 13, 2011, 10:05AM
As a mom, I just can't help but tear up every time I watch the episodes involving Alex.  At this point, yes, it does appear she is addicted to pain medications.  However, as a chronic pain sufferer myself, I realize her pain must be addressed.  Dr. Phil did the right thing in sending Alex to those two "top notch" doctors for a pain assessment.  
As far as her Mom, Erin, I feel for her as well, however, we cannot control the circumstances we are given in life, only how we deal with them.  Alex needs her parents more than anything in the world right now.  Her father seems to have a softer approach toward Alex.  If Erin replaced her complaining with encouragement and discussing plans about how she and Alex could work together as a team, I think the results would be amazing.  Things would calm down.  They would start communicating 'with' each other instead of 'at' each other and the children would reap the benefits of a more relaxed and pleasant environment.   Alex is in need of that "soft place to fall" that  Dr. Phil speaks so often about.  But so does Erin.  Perhaps they could help each other with that and nurture their relationship in the process.  They both need to have some empathy toward each other.  It can be an eye opening experience when one puts themself in another's situation.                               
Replied By: keegz11 on Feb 22, 2011, 11:32AM - In reply to sarah8316
Dear Sarah, I agree with you 100%. The 1st few years that Dr Phil helped this family I did feel sorry for Alexandra, but bad choice after bad choice any sympathy I felt for her disintegrated. She has refused at her own demise the help that Dr Phil and her family has begged her to get. Her refusal to admit her mistakes and bad choices, and most of all her denial that she has a drug addiction will only bring her further down. Her rock bottom seems to be death and sometimes as much as you want to you can't help someone that doesn't want help or refuses to admit they need help. Cut the ties and let her fall and hopefully she will hit her rock bottom and finally realize that she has a serious addiction that is destroying her and her kids lives as well as her relationship with her parents that have done nothing but try to help her.
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