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(Original Air Date: 02/01/11) Parents, are you worried your son or daughter’s frequent nights out on the town might be more than harmless fun? Believe it or not, binge drinking is not just a normal phase that college-aged kids go through. Kressa is extremely worried about her 20-year old daughter, Layla, who dropped out of college, started mixing drugs and alcohol and crashed multiple vehicles while driving under the influence. Layla, who has tried to quit drinking many times, says she loves the party lifestyle and has been waiting her whole life to be like the bad girls she sees on reality television. Can Dr. Phil deliver a wake-up call to Layla before she kills herself or someone else? Tiphany, a paraplegic, has a sobering message to deliver to the young woman. Then, Josh, 24, says he's addicted to shopping and has acquired nearly $100,000 in debt -- all to maintain his image as an up-and-coming recording artist. Don’t miss Dr. Phil’s strong words for these 20-somethings!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: layla2016 on Apr 15, 2016, 2:38PM

When I first watched my show aired in 2010, I had the awful idea to read the comments on this forum. Of all the difficulties and struggles of getting sober, reading some of these hurtful comments must have been the most devastating. I have remained sober since the taping of this episode, Nov 2, 2010. I own a Sober Living Home for woman in Orange County, CA.I have been on the show twice since the airing of my original show helping other young woman.

Sure, my mother (as many hurting mothers) did a lot of things wrong because she did not know how to handle an addict. My mother did so many more things right. If it wasn't for her kicking me out of the house and establishing boundaries, I wouldn't have agreed to go on the show and get help. We have an amazing relationship today.

The Stigma of addiction and alcoholism is very disappointing. It IS possible to turn your life around and get and stay sober.

It was truly a blessing being on this show and getting the help I desperately needed. I now own two companies, engaged, and living in beautiful California. I have the peace of mind I have been aching for my whole life.

Thank you to all who have supported me and have supported others in their journey.

Replied By: pcmcmeans on Nov 20, 2014, 9:58AM
Just wondering........is there somewhere to get updates on these show? They send so many people to retreats or other facilities for help. Would like to know the outcome on some of them.

Replied By: abbylane1111 on Nov 20, 2014, 7:21AM
I will start with this, Layla is right, it's not really abnormal to party in today's culture. I will give her that. We all did.

However, she is at the extreme end of the spectrum. She totalled four cars? This little witch needs a wake up call. 

What is her parents deal?  I know parents, loving parents, who have thrown out their kids at a younger age than Layla. I have done it myself with my own teen.  Her mom is 100% fault right along with Layla by allowing her and enabling her to do these things. Sometimes I wish there was a law for enabling parents that they are NOT allowed to help or provide for their adult children.  Layla wants to be treated like an adult but still lives like a CHILD at home so should be treated AS SUCH a long with all of her other party friends that have enabling parents as well.  It makes me SICK that these parents, especially wealthy ones , allow their children to do all of this while providing a comfortable life for them. The mom know that her daughter is drunk drivng. Layla knows she is drunk driving and totaled four cars. Her mom helped her get those cars. My daughter and my loved ones drive on the roads everyday while Layla is drunk driving. While her mother (and father if he is in the picture) knows she is drunk driving and providing her the vehicles to do so.I can't even say how I really feel because just thinking about these "young party animals and their parents who enable them" is inciting rage deep with in my soul. I better just stop talking.
Replied By: mamamia0605 on Oct 18, 2011, 4:51PM
i know this girl. i work with her currently and she is a great girl. funny, beautiful, awesome personality (sober), sweet. it blows my mind that i happened to catch this episode after meeting her. upi can imagine my shock while channel surfing! i have had friends die because of drunk driving and it makes me sick that someone this sweet is capeable of being so stupid. I can say that i love this girl dearly i just hope she gets it together before she loses everything in her life or is the cause of someone elses lost life.
Replied By: saradeal on Jun 23, 2011, 12:46PM
let me start by saying i never post comments about shows but this show really got under my skin!! this 20 year old girl is sitting here saying, that she loves goes out and drinking, she thinks she deserves more freedom!! she thinks she is an addict but i can tell you know she is a spoiled 20 year old year. i have been there i was only 16 when i thought i was addicted to every drug under the sun. i was also 16 when i wreaked my car after a night of partying. i hit a tree going 60 mph, flipped my car three times and should have been dead. that was enough of a wake up call for me. i cleaned up my act but i will not lie i still had plenty of nights where i went out drinking but always had a sober driver. yes it sounds like many other post on this wall but the reason i felt the need to post is because i am 20 years old now and getting ready to deploy to afghanistan. when i hear a 20 year old sitting there saying she deserves more freedom because she is 20, it blows my mind. i would like her say that to the soldiers who are 18 or 19 who have no freedom because they are deploying to a foreign land. i do love america and how we stand for freedom but she has NOTHING to deserve more freedom, she is taking what freedom she has for granted. any parents that has a child who is in the same mind set as this girl, wake the hell up because they have nothing for their freedom. and any child that have this mindset open you eyes!! go talk to someone who actually done something for their freedom, but wait they are not only doing it for their freedom, they are doing it for spoiled kids like you also. please open your eyes, you are not going to be guaranteed  your freedom your whole life, so please dont take it for granted.  well i know there are many grammar and spelling errors in this post and i am sorry for that but its late here, but i hope i got some of my point across.
Replied By: cutelil222 on Jun 21, 2011, 11:49AM
I have seen this episode before but decided to watch it again today! One of my great friends in California just celebrated the 7th anniversary of the day she was hit head on by a drunk driver. Yes I said Celebrated! She was in the hospital for three months, after leaving the hospital they did not think she would be able to walk again. At 29 she is walking and walking well. She still has bad days where the damage to her ankles, knees, hips, back,and face show their ugly face but she is alive. This time the show made me cry. I hate that someone so young is so insecure that she believes putting someone else's life in danger is cute! I know this is an old show and I hope this young lady made it out ok and has changed the way she choses to live her life. I hope one day the ignorant people who think it is ok to drink and drive realise it is not about them! Kill yourself, but do it in your own home. Do not get on the road and put me or others at risk. All it takes is that one time of you hitting someone and killing them for your life to be over. I know people who allow alcohol to consume thier lives do not think about this, but someone needs to.  I do not think there should be second, third, fourth chances for DUI offfenders. Laws need to be passed that if you get a DUI, regardless of age, your license needs to be gone for good. I do not care if you go from 20 until the day you die never being able to drive. Atleast you will not be putting someone else at risk. My friend was hit by someone who had already have two prior DUI charges. After being caught a 3rd time and almost killing someone he has a drivers license and did a whole 13 months in jail, only because he was on probabtion. The answer is to not allow it to happen legally....we need to stop catering to criminals. They need to start living with the consequences of their actions. I think tougher laws would help avoid some of the problems.
Replied By: hwesterback on Jun 16, 2011, 8:59PM
In october of 2000, i had a vehicle issue in which my car wouldn't start.  i worked at a local fast food place and i had been a closer that night.  my parents and i lived in the country about 16 miles from my job.  i had to get my parents up and out to get me at  1:30 in the morning.  i did not know then that approximately and hour after i called my parents that not just the 3 of our lives would be forever changed but every family members life would be changed and close friends of ours would be affected too.  at 2:34 a.m. on 10/6/00 my parents and i were hit by a drunk driver.  i was able to get my car running and they were behind me.  the song on the radio at the moment of impact for me was Travis Tritt It's a Great Day to be Alive.  i was lucky when i was hit.  my car was totaled and although hit nearly head on the drivers side it remarkably looked like it had been t-boned.  my parents weren't so lucky.  i stepped out of my car and looked around in the cold darkness and didn't see their car.  i could hear a familiar, yet unfamiliar, womans' voice screaming for someone to call an ambulance.  i searched the darkenss untill i saw the tail lights glowing in the ditch on the other side of the road.  i realized the woman was my mother and i ran over see if they were ok.  she said we needed and ambulance.  i looked for my dad and found him pinned in the car.  the dash board was shoved in his leg and he was going into shock.  although i hadn't fully assessed the situation i knew i had to get back into town--only 1 mile from anywhere that would have been open with a phone--and get help.  i began running down the road and within maybe 25 to 30 feet i was confronted by a stumbling man in the ditch asking what just happened.  i kept running and straight for the car the was coming down the road.  this car turned out to be a state trooper.  he called for an ambulance and within the 5 mintes that felt like an eternity, the fire dept. and ambulance arrived, so did 7 state troopers.  in my brief, initial contact with the trooper, he said he too had been hit.  the ARCH medical helicopter had to be called out.  my father had to be airlifted 50 miles away to a better hospital with better facillities to save him.  while my mother suffered little injuries, my father had suffered his left forearm being compound fractured, rods and pins now hold it together; his left thigh bone had up to a few inches shattered , bone graphs, rods, plates, screws, pins hold it together; his left kneecap is shattered and could not be re-assembled, he cannot bend it more than , 30 degrees or the screws will meet in the back; compound fracture in his lower left leg, held together the same way as the rest, all titanium.  he was in surgery from about 3:30 a.m. til about 1:30 p.m. on the 6th, nearly 12 hours of surgery to repair his arm and leg.  the driver of the other car got a cut on his forehead, was passed out at impact, didn't know he hit anyone, and refused treatment, along with this he showed no remorse for what he had done.  this driver was uninsured, driving on a suspended license, and drunk.  he hit me before my parents and impact with my car was excess of 90 miles an hour on a local highway at 2:30 in the morning.  drs. did not expect my dad to heal, let alone ever walk.  while he is disabled to a degree because of this occurrance, we still have him, eventhough we almost lost him after the bone graph.  my youngest niece will have only memories of a grandpa who could not RUN and play with her as he was able to with my two other nieces.  some of my fathers closest friends had a very hard time with this accident and being there to see him laid up in a hospital for two weeks and at home in bed for another 5 months.  while it brought other family back into our lives, it shouldn't have taken that to do it.  this put a strain on my relationship with my dad because i had such a hard time seeing him hurt like he was.  yes, for mere minutes i felt if i had only not called then it wouldnt have happend, this could be true but then it could have been so much worse.  the drunk driver was senteced 8 years in prison for great bodily harm, this case was used in the next state--only 50 miles from where the accident happend--to sentence another person for injuries caused by drunk driving.  Layla is lucky she is still alive, but one day it could be her being sent to prison for great bodily harm or even death.  she shouldnt have a drivers license and needs to a huge wake up call.  i am sure the drunk who hit us wasnt palnnning on getting in an accident, but he did and it affected so many people because of it.  i hope her parents and her both grow up and learn how to be adults and she quits the party stuff before she kills someone. 
Replied By: nancy2cats on Jun 16, 2011, 7:34PM
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for taking this topic on by the horns. 

Clean & sober 15 years this March, I wish I'd known as a teen where drugs and alcohol would take me.
Replied By: madysnana on Jun 16, 2011, 7:05PM
If Layla feels she has the right to drink and drive then she needs to watch the coroner cutting up the bodies of people killed by drunk drivers and them also. She also needs a years boot camp with Kenneth Copeland and Pat Robertson!! The Lord gave her her life and will take it also. She thinks partying is the answer she's wrong!!!!! Jesus paid the price for all of us, and she needs to see the truth!! I praise the Lord that other Chriistains are posting about this also!!!! 
Replied By: dollyfresno on Jun 16, 2011, 4:26PM
THANKS,  For open the eyes of these blind/zoned out parents. It makes me wounder if these binge drinking college students are some of the same that complain and protest about tuition hikes? lets do the numbers,  One night of binge drinking  with friends cost more then the hike of a  local college semester!  I never had the fortune of my parents paying for my education,  And if I did the temptation too take advantage would probably take over.  Then my sense of responsibility would kick-in or my parents cutting me off, which ever came first.  So parents if you think your just helping you really might be HURTING!!
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