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(Original Air Date: 11/05/08) It’s hard to believe, but in America alone, there may be as many as 5,000 religious groups preying upon the weak and vulnerable, and all in the name of God. Dr. Phil’s guests have warnings for you and your children. Seeta says when her 18-year-old daughter joined a religious group called 1 Mind Ministries, she left home with her 7-month-old son and never returned. Soon afterward, Seeta received the horrifying news that her grandson was found dead and her daughter was being charged with murder. Learn the disturbing details of this case and why Seeta says her daughter is innocent. Then, meet Norman, a college-educated husband and father who moved his family hundreds of miles to join a religious group that came with a price he says he never expected. Norman says he was enticed to join the House of Yahweh because of his strong desire to be part of a group. The House of Yahweh is a mysterious organization out of Abilene, Texas, led by Yisrayl Hawkins, a man who some say has more than 30 wives. As Norman and his family prepared for the end of the world, as Yisrayl Hawkins preached, Norman says he eventually realized why they were selected to join the group. You won’t believe the reason he gives! Then, meet a former wife of Yisrayl Hawkins, and learn the warning signs of mind control. Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: dreamgyrl on Mar 17, 2011, 7:04AM
Okay so I watched the show. And This I feel must be said --
The majority of the things that the family had a problem with, are scriptural things.
It's the BIBLE that says a woman is unclean during her period and that no one should sit where she sits.
It's the BIBLE that says a woman is unclean after childbirth for x amount of days for a son and y amount of days for a daughter.
It's the BIBLE that says polygyny is allowed (in the sense that really, the bible says nothing much about it at all except to say that if you take another wife the first wife's rights must not be diminished and that if you have children from more than one wife, how to govern said children.
These are things that, amongst Torah Observant Peoples (Jews, Hebrew Israelites, Messianics, Hebrew Christians, etc.), cannot be disputed because they are IN SCRIPTURE.
If they have a problem with these things, they should definitely not go to this assembly, because that is what is taught -- scripture

Polygyny is NOT a commandment, that's for sure, and if this family did not want to participate in polygyny, they did not have to.

The downfall of Ysrayl Hawkins and those that follow them is that they are HUMAN. He tells the men they can have multiple wives and they have no idea how to fascilitate it. They start eyeing young girls (which should be PROHIBITED that is NOT scripture). Ysrayl Hawkins HIMSELF lied to his wife, with that falsehood of "I'll never sin". Come on, now WHY would anyone have believed that statement being that only ONE man did not sin and HE was the Messiah??
He tried polygyny and could NOT even be honest with his wife and communicate with her that he was going to start taking other wives. THAT's not scripture, either.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Why give a man that simply knows scripture control over every aspect of your life? In that respect, the people in the so-called House of Yahweh are no different from many, MANY Christian assemblies giving all their money to this or that pastor, and asking this pastor for advice on familial relationships. NOTHING in scripture says this man is going to be able to help you in all things in your life. He may not know anything about money and you're asking him for money help.
This is why, as Dr. Phil or SOME other wise body said on this exact show, you need to have a governing body of elders over these things. When Moses "ruled" he did not "rule" alone, there were many judges beneath him. Moses only judged the larger, community-wide issues.
But you give that ONE man all that power and he'll turn into Ghadafi. or Castro. Or Il Jon Kim. Or Hussein.

Torah is about SELF control. It's about governing YOURSELF (and husbands/fathers, your households, by extension of self). It's not about people governing other people. LEARN TO FOLLOW TORAH ON YOUR OWN, IN YOUR OWN HOUSEHOLD AND STOP GETTING UNDER THESE MEN AND EXPECTING THEM TO BE MESSIAH.
The order, given in the New Testament is this: YHWH (God), Yahshua (Messiah), Man, and woman. THAT IS THE ORDER. There is NO Pastor/priest/cohen/rabbi/minister there between Yahshua and MAN. ALL men have the capacity to be the earthly intercessor for his household.

BE STRONG. However YOUR household does Torah, DO IT. That family did not want to do polygyny -- fine, then don't. Because it's not commanded; don't do it if you don't want. They did not want to do the cleanliness laws -- FINE -- that's your house, YOUR sin. Don't do it. Just don't come to the assembly on those days, because there Torah must be enforced.
But don't run off into the public screaming how these people are worse than any other people. THEY ARE MEN THEY ARE HUMANS.

Ysrayl Hawkins falls under the biblical guidelines of false prophet because he keeps trying to quote dates of distruction and THEY NEVER COME TRUE. He should be ignored in that respect.

My ultimate point: HOY is not Mind Control. People come and go through them; I know them.  The people that are there WANT to be.
Replied By: lightlou on Jun 15, 2009, 6:37PM - In reply to pokie5
If you are involved with a Christian organization it is very important to study and examine what the Bible is teaching and not just listen to what the person is teaching from the pulpit. If God says clearly one thing in the bible but others are doing something different and it bothers you, you may need to reexamine the organization your involved with. In order to catch counterfeit money you need to first know what the real thing is - by studying it and examining it closely, then when the fake stuff comes along you will recognize it easily. I find too though that there are some who are like oppressive wolves in almost all congregations but sometimes you have to put up with them. Jesus had to put up with corrupt religious leaders in his day -and he was the son of God!. But if you or your family are in danger that is clearly not a loving Christian environment. Are what these people teach and how they act closely following Jesus' example? If not then they most likely are fake and not true christians.
Replied By: afraid on Jun 12, 2009, 10:14PM - In reply to getrealtime
its only confused with God's words,too long the shriners have proof of aGod and they sit on that proof as if its going to take them and only them straight to God and leave all of us behind!, hummmmmmmm free masons , like wow relly they think  lol=hahahahahahahaha= hummmmmmmmm, i dont think even they know the true powers of aGod as they think they do  lol, God is not a mistic spirit as masons beleive he is, God is true love for ALL of man and woman and all of children in this world, when man tryes to keep God to him self well God gets peed, masons should know better than to think God is only for there way of life, all man and all woman are creations of God, let not no man or no woman stand in the light God shines for All.
Replied By: hashedink on Jun 12, 2009, 7:35PM - In reply to geologistguy
.......is that one day all wrongs will be made right. 

Harmful religion is a serious matter (understatement).  I am grateful for the laws of our land that can keep these (apparently) narcissistic leaders from physically executing certain of their followers/ex-followers.  I really think some would if they could.  Tragically, some have...in the guise of suicide.

Sadly, soul murder or soul rape happens much too often....not to mention the other abuses that travel as buddies to those.

Geologistguy, I read your story over on the RR forum.  It was painful to read.  I relate to much of what you wrote and have seen it in action in the group I was involved with.  There are so many layers to what goes on in cultic relationships/groups/etc.

I also googled and read more about Clark.  I watched a video from his website.

You seem like a strong individual who loves his family dearly; I have no doubt your children see and feel and can touch that with their inner souls. 

I have sent you a pm over at the RR forum.  I don't know how to send one at this forum.

Regards and silver linings,
~carol welch
Replied By: geologistguy on Jun 12, 2009, 10:53AM - In reply to hashedink
Some of us victims are victims of loving God enough to trust others who appear to know God. But then, their hearts become proud, arrogant, lazy, and greedy, and what was a good work in God becomes a personality cult, the leader exerting control over his/her followers in the name of God. John Clark in Burlington, NC is one such leader. He destroyed my life because I saw through his ways of control. He actually made claims that God was "cleaning house" as he threw several of us out. It was soon learned afterward that he was wrong, but still his followers can't see it. It is a case of not being able to see the forest for the trees. I've been out of the trees for almost 3 years now and can see the forest.
Replied By: getrealtime on Jun 11, 2009, 6:43AM - In reply to julescrawford
When so called religious leaders take away what God gave ( free will ) Then its never about God its about control for them over another.
Replied By: hashedink on Jun 10, 2009, 8:25AM
Sadly I missed the show.  Would like to have seen it, because of my interest in thought-reform groups. 

From my understanding, groups operate on a continuum of control.  That can even change within a group over time and at various times.  A person who falls prey and the nuances that influence that vary according to an individual's temperament, history, vulnerablity, etc.  Most folks who join 'cults' are good people who want to help change the world for a better place.  They are intelligent and hard workers.  Google 'strengths of former cult members.'

I like what I've read somewhere in my readings.  It was something like: "The question is not so much, 'Is this a cult?'  But rather, 'How much cultic technique is going on here?' "

I was involved with a cultic group for 28 years; I left 5 years ago. (I am currently 50 years old, no spring chicken.)  It's complex.  I recently stated those years were a mixed landscape:  joy, life, love, God, adventure, enlightenment, shame, manipulation, lies, licentiousness, suppression, control, deception.

To leave a group one has devoted their life to can be scarey; it was for me.  Freedom can be scary for a released prisoner too.  It's a new start, in one sense.....to find oneself after a foundational shattering.

To life and freedom!

Replied By: julescrawford on Jun 9, 2009, 3:34PM
I was raised as a Jehovah's Witness, my father was a minister my whole life.  I love and respect him deeply, but now that I am grown and have a family of my own I have changed how I feel about what I was taught.  I have two brothers one in Florida and one in California both younger than me.  All of us kids have chosen to leave the religion and are no longer active in the church.  We all have our own reasons I guess.  But I'll say this, I have a six year old son (their only grandson currently) his name is Preston and my parents barely know him.  They refuse to talk to me or have anything to do with me bacause I am a sinner basicly.  My mom rights me nasty letters quoting scriptures from the bible about why they aren't allowed to associate with me or my son.  I am 37 years old now and believe that I am a good person and a good mother I let him do all the things I was not allowed to do growing up, like celebrate birthdays and holidays, play sports in school etc.  I have learned to live with this situation, and I figure they are the ones missing out on their grandsons life.  Their religion means more to them than their own children.  All I can say is it's really sad, the choices that they have made.  God is not like that.
                                                                                                Julie Crawford from Orofino, Idaho
Replied By: mexicali2 on Jun 9, 2009, 11:57AM - In reply to coralouise
And there won't be any atheists in Heaven either.
Replied By: mexicali2 on Jun 9, 2009, 11:53AM - In reply to coralouise
There won't be any atheists in Heaven either.
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