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(Original Air Date: 01/26/10) Parents: How well do you know your teen? Could your child be indulging in harmful activities right beneath your nose? Anna says she was outraged when she discovered her daughter, Allie’s, secret addiction to prescription pills. Allie maintains that she’s been clean for four months, but Anna doesn’t believe her. She says the 19-year-old has been involved in three car accidents in the past seven months, and the police recently brought her home for erratic driving. Does Allie still have a problem with prescription meds? Will she agree to take a drug test? Then, a 17-year-old girl wrote in to the Teen Talk forum because she says she’s leading a double life. She says her secret is eating her up inside, and she wants to confess to her parents. Find out what the young woman’s been hiding, and see how her folks respond when she drops a bombshell.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: michaelsweet on Feb 22, 2015, 10:29PM
I am doing research on substance prohibition for an Australian university.
A few years ago I recall an episode of Dr Phil where Phil spoke about the protective factors involved in teenage drug abuse. From memory, Dr Phil said that a study had been performed where teenagers were asked why it is that they do NOT take drugs. The answer was predominantly that yes sure, they could take drugs but they do not want to get involved in that sort of lifestyle. There are other things that they want to do with there time and lives and there simply isn’t room for drugtaking.
I have been unable to find any studies that substantiate this. Can you point me to the study or studies that Dr Phil was quoting in the episode?
Replied By: whiterabbit on Apr 16, 2011, 10:37PM - In reply to refinedverse
Your story touched my heart. How strong of you to share it. I so wish I could have given you the hugs you needed after you were violated through rape, bullying and indifference. Take your story and share it, write a book, write a blog ,do something, for you can write and explained your emotions and circumstances very well! I pray you find peace and true love and are cherished now as you always should have been. God bless you!
Replied By: cindeesue on Apr 16, 2011, 11:54AM
I watched your show today, and it was awful similar to me.. My daughter was bullied so bad as a young girl, we eventually ended up home-schooling her, trying to do all we could to help her.. but now, she is 22, and addicted to vicodin. She went through so much trauma as a young girl and turned to everything she could find to hide her pain.  She went through pot, ecstasy, drinking and mushrooms. Now, she has turned to Vicodin, from which she has taken mine and her dad's. She denies stealing them, but no one else could have done it. I finally realized she was addicted, and I don't know what else to do. I am trying to help her wean off of them here at home, so it does not go on her medical record, but I don't know if its working. Although she seems to tell me she is staying within her limits, which are very few, she then goes out and gets some more from her dad, unbeknownst to me, and apparently, last week, sneaked over to his house and stole some more, although she denies this, they were missing...

I really dont know what else to do. She is 22, and I cannot force her to a doctor, and as well, I would hate for this to be on her medical record... She went through something very painful in December, and the docs kept giving her prescriptions for Vic and Percocet, and now, she cannot seem to go a day w/o.  She has stopped everything else she ever did, but not this, and I am petrified and heart-broken. I have tried to talk to her, like you did with the  young lady yesterday, in an email, telling her she is a lot more than she keeps telling herself, but I am at my wits ends.. Any ideas? 
Replied By: agentmaxsteel on Apr 16, 2011, 1:42AM
Replied By: wizardman on Apr 15, 2011, 8:49PM
I watched the show where the young gal was doing drugs to "escape". About 40 years ago, ironically enough, that was the language I used when I drank or smoked dope.
Replied By: omino24 on Apr 15, 2011, 8:41PM
I am a 15 year girl with an addiction to pornography since i was in the 6th grade. I'm over the worst of it now. I just want to say that if there are other teens out there who have this problem you don't need to keep hiding it. Especially girls. It is not easy to talk about because it is not as talked about as other teen problems. But this is an issue. 99% of teenage guys and 70% of teenage girls have been exposed to pornography some time in their young life. Addiction to pornography is an issue and is very common. It is also hard to deal with. Porn is everywhere, On tv, computer, at school,magezines, books, everywhere. If you do have this problem you need to know that you aren't alone. Also know that, even though it is very hard, talking about your problems brings freedom, even if it's to people online that you don't know. Talk about it. It is an issue, don't let it go onspoken. And don't let yourself get eaten up by it.

Please reply if you personally or someone you know has had or is having this problem.
Replied By: shape4all on Apr 15, 2011, 5:00PM
I'm so glad to see that Dr. Phil is dedicating himself to domestic violence, which I don't believe can be separated from sexual assault. We really do need to get these issues out of the closet. Just Google "1 in 4 women" and see what comes up - sexual assault. And we know this data is off since most people don't report sexual assault.  Young girls are at incredible risk.  It's so sad.  And college campuses are less safe for women than off campus.  Odd but true!  I'm so glad that we are finally addressing these issues.  Yeah us!
Replied By: o_botticella_g on Apr 15, 2011, 4:29PM
their are better ways to cope with bullying at school than resorting to drug use and "partying." i was bullied a lot in school like Allie and let me tell you, their comes a point in time in every teens life where they make a discission to believe the bulliers or filter them. I was one of the few who chose to filter them. Because at the end of the day i go home to a good family who loves and supports me. And guess what? Those bulliers wound up pregnant/druggies/incarcerated or what have you and I'm gong on in my life. And from experiance, bulliers HATE to be ignored.

Now that I'm an adult their are still bullies out their that are "adults". Allie needs to knwo that bullies are an unfortunate fact of life. bulliers led a very shallow existance because they are jealous of those people they are bulling. Why? Because they want their life and bulliers feel like they can never have that kind of life. Once a month or so, I see one of the bullies that I went to school with on TV on some criminal charge, and guess what? I point and laugh and roll my eyes, and I think to myself, "If you would have stopped being so busy bullying others you could have worked on yoruself."

Bulliers need upmost seriousness as much as pity. Sorry Allie you went through it and hopefully your at a better place in life.
Replied By: acammi on Apr 15, 2011, 3:54PM
Watching Dr. Phil today, Allie's mother was me 6 years ago. My daughter, now 21, has been incarcerated since December 29, 2009 because of behavior that started just exactly like this young girl's did.  Drinking and abusing perscription drugs, smoking pot, running with the wrong crowd, all of which I just shrugged off as "typical teenage behavior."  I had NO idea what I was really dealing with because I believed every word she said, she was my best friend, my mini-me?  If the names in the story were ours, this family could be mine.  I beg this young girl, and any like her, to seek help and come clean with her parents; everyone saw my daughter's addiction, I put on blinders.  After totalling the car twice in 2 months and several arrests, she is now serving 2 five year sentences for her actions which were brought on by her addictions.  I miss her, I love her, and I feel guilty for how her life has turned out.  She will be paroled in 180 days or so and I'm so afraid that my enabling will continue after her release.  She was 20 years old last time she slept in her bed, she'll be 22 the next time.  Please don't let this happen to you and your family.
Replied By: siempre2 on Apr 15, 2011, 3:06PM
Today's show was really an eye opener to all parents. Thank God my daughter is an adult now, but I too went through some tough times with her just like these two families in today's show. First family, Allie teenager, Anna mom & Vinny brother need to pull together to help Allie get over the trauma done to her while in high school. I can understand why Mom & brother felt the way they did towards Allie because they only knew what they witness and not heard from Allie's past meaning being bullied at school. I have heard many times how teens especially turn to drugs when they have had bad things happen to them. I was happy to hear Allie finally confessing all that she has gone through so now Mom & brother can help her and not badger her as Dr. Phil said.

Second family, Lindsey the teenager who started having sex at 14 yrs old. I have to command her for contacting Dr. Phil so she can finally come clean with her parents. It takes a lot of strength, courage & will power to speak with parents when teens know that what is going to be told is really bad. Lindsey's parents were pretty upset especially dad but finally with Dr. Phil explaining a little more to them why Lindsey needed to come clean her parents were more understanding and willing to work on this mistake done by her as a family. I thank Dr. Phil for showing the public shows like this because there are many families who go through some kind of bad drama like this. I HOPE THESE TWO FAMILIES CAN REALLY WORK TOGETHER AND GET BACK ON TRACK. GOOD LUCK!
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