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On Thursday, Dr. Phil talked to Ted Williams, the homeless man whose platinum pipes helped catapult him to stardom. Now in rehab, Ted gives a glimpse of his life at the treatment facility and vows to seize this opportunity for a second shot at success. But part of turning his life around means ridding his environment of toxic elements, including the people with whom he once used drugs. Kathy, Ted’s girlfriend, admits that they got high together for many years and realizes that her addiction is detrimental to Ted’s sobriety. Will she accept Dr. Phil’s offer to get clean? Should Ted cut ties with his girlfriend of 17 years and move on? Learn what Dr. Phil thinks and if he believes that Ted’s future is still golden.
Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: jeannekcfan on Oct 28, 2011, 6:06AM
I have no idea what so ever how hard it is to get clean and sober. No idea. But i seriously hope that this man succeeds!! I've seen all the "Ted Williams" episodes so far and i really rule for him :) His voice is just so crazily good. I don't think that the girlfriend is good for him though. She says herself that maybe being clean isn't what she wants- if she's not 100% into getting clean i don't think she makes it. Just because they explain how hard it is. You really have to want it like more than 100%. I hope Ted makes it and if he's better off without the girlfriend even though she's an old friend then i hope he's not in contact with her anymore. :)
Replied By: alwazepat on Jun 5, 2011, 7:08PM - In reply to tangrine13
How is he doing?  Did he complete the program?  Is there any information on him?
Replied By: gboynton on Jan 28, 2011, 2:43PM
While I had serious doubts about Ted making it in rehab I was truly sorry to hear that he left.  Had he at least stayed for a month then he would have had enough time to determine if this was going to work for him and if it was what he really wanted.  Now it would seen that he has lost this wonderful second chance in life.  It was all right there!  Perhaps he may decide to return.  I hope so, not only for his sake but for that the family that was so willing to stand behind him and give him support.   I feel especially sorry for his exwife - so forgiving of all that he put her through and so happy to think that he was going to turn his life around and have this wonderful opportunity.  Here is hoping that there may still be a happy ending.
Replied By: cadescove99 on Jan 28, 2011, 12:50PM - In reply to rascal0161
Yes, but let's not forget the "Octomom" (Nadya Sulemen) situation. He did almost a dozen shows on her, getting played like a fiddle. It should have been a lesson learned. But, he put himself out there again, letting Ted Williams do the "playing" this time. As for the Alexandra situation, it resumes next Thursday. Dr Phil has been running two different previews. In one. she's broke, she's lost her children, and she's got nowhere to go because Tony is gone and Dr Phil asks her "what the hell happened?" Exactly what Erin and almost everyone else, including myself, expected of Tony. And, Alex. In the other preview, is worried that she's pregnant. AGAIN!
Replied By: wendyc1995 on Jan 27, 2011, 8:12PM - In reply to joanne1949mari
As a recovering addict, I've watched this story with cynicism. The reality of the his situation was that had he had 2 plus years sober; he would have not been homeless. I mean 365 days twice and he was still out on the streets. Not realistic!!

I understand that Dr Phil wanted to help but to put him back in touch with his entire family was too much too soon. During the early stages of recovery, the disease of addiction or denial is still in control of the addict. The addict must be able to be honest about his problems first. And this guy just wasn't there yet.

An addict has to get honest about the disease and what its done to him and he has to be willing to stay clean, one day at a time. I didn't see it. However, Dr Phil if you want to help an addict . Hook me up with one of your top job recruiters. I have educated myself since I've been clean and I've not been able to get a decent job. Help!
Replied By: cdm346 on Jan 27, 2011, 6:00PM
This could be your husband, father or brother except for the grace of God. Poor Ted. He is not a rat running through a maze, but a human being with a soul. It was too much, too soon. Could you stand being followed around constantly, harassed and harangued,  Right, poor Ted.  He has hardly had a chance to breathe, let alone to begin to heal.  Let's pray earnestly for him.  Let's not assume that he doesn't want to change; let's get behind him.  More than anything I would love to see Ted develop a personal relationship with the Lord.  He is the only One who knows exactly what he needs and knows how to provide it.  "If two of us agree as touching anything it shall be done".  So let's pray for him.
Replied By: gblass53 on Jan 27, 2011, 2:21PM
Doctor Phill

I wish that Ted would had made it.  Please don't let this discourage you from helping people.  I love your shows; keep up the good work.

Replied By: cnnclb on Jan 27, 2011, 6:30AM
Does Ted think that people will still hire him when he drinking and drugging?  He's got dollar signs in his eyes, and I think he was scared all of the offers would go away if he stayed in rehab.  That PLUS he wants to continue to drink and drug.
Replied By: joanne1949mari on Jan 26, 2011, 1:55PM
What was he thinking??? I have been married to a recovering alcoholic for 23 years.  If they don't want to quit drinking , it just will not happen.  Ted reminded me of my husband when he said, I don't want to do this anymore, I want to quit, I am sorry, I won't do it again, over and over and over.   Bunch of B--- S--t!   they will only quit when THEY have a reason.  My husband's reason was when he got into an auto accident and for the grace of god, didn't kill any one.  He went to jail for DUI. that was the last time for his drinking.  He said "When I realized I was a threat to society, I new I had to quit"!  He has been sober for  over 10 years now.  Thank God, if he had not quit, we would not be together.  Things are tough enough with out drinking. I hope Dr. Phill prays for Ted, but needs to treat him as he has others that have been on the show and play hard ball. Do this or pay the consequences, end of story.
Replied By: jilllcsw on Jan 25, 2011, 6:38AM
I just heard on the radio that he checked himself out of rehab AMA after 12 days. Dr. Phil, please no more updates! This man's 15 minutes are up!
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