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As the nation continues to mourn, the story that’s sparked national debate is now the focus of a Dr. Phil in-depth report. On January 8, shortly after 10 a.m., as Arizona United States Representative Gabrielle Giffords convened a constituent meeting in a supermarket parking lot just outside Tucson, 22-year-old Jared Lee Loughner reportedly opened fire, shooting 19 people, six of them fatally, including a federal judge and a 9-year-old girl. Giffords survived a gunshot wound to the head, and Loughner was arrested at the scene. Federal prosecutors have filed charges against Loughner, including attempted assassination of a member of Congress. Court filings include notes allegedly handwritten by Loughner indicating he planned to assassinate Giffords, while the specific motive for the shooting remains unclear. Described as a loner, Loughner, the primary suspect, allegedly posted anti-government texts and videos on the Internet long before the shooting, voicing opinions on religion, terrorism and more. In the aftermath of these events, many questions remain: What were the warning signs? Could this tragedy have been prevented, and how can similar acts be prevented from happening again? Join Dr. Phil as he goes beyond the headlines to examine the profile of a shooter and help those victimized by this tragedy begin the healing process.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: tucsonazcat on Jan 26, 2011, 11:21AM
Capitalizing on the pain of others is ghoulish – to do so under the guise of “helping” is as reprehensible as ambulance chasing. The worst case of exploitation I experienced in the tragedy that befell my corner of Tucson was @ the hands of the Dr. Phil Show when I tried to help a lady sobbing uncontrollably in the Safeway parking lot one week after the massacre. I was walking toward the store when a man, who was supporting a woman while repeating, "It's a normal Saturday, we can do this" etc. came up alongside me on my left. When the woman almost went to her knees, I moved around them to her side & put my arm around her to hold her up. That's when I felt the microphone pack strapped under her shirt and noticed that a cameraman was following us - which I not only found odd, but intrusive as well. Imagine my surprise when the footage showed up on this episode of the Dr. Phil Show.
Here’s some of what you DIDN’T see: You don’t see me catch her fall because that’s where they cut away to the people standing in front of the makeshift memorial. You don’t see that I stayed with her until we got to the entrance, or hear the man with her repeatedly saying, "We're just going grocery shopping, “It’s just another normal Saturday at the grocery store.” You don’t hear me, because I truly believed she was there to shop, tell her, "Let's go get a cart" or see me try to steer her toward the store’s entrance on the right only to have the two of them push toward the campaign sign on the left where she dropped to the ground, sobbing. You don’t see the multitude of people who went to her aid, or that she didn’t do what she did with the pillar until much later. Dr. Phil's editing makes it look like she went to the pillar first and that no one helped her – apparently the real story and the sequence in which it unfolded wasn’t sensational enough.
Replied By: tucsonazcat on Jan 25, 2011, 5:12PM - In reply to 1000wings
Using this tragedy to advance either side of the Second Amendment debate is divisive as well as unproductive, especially since no law in the world would’ve prevented him from buying a gun on the street in some parts of Tucson. Gun control advocates who are jumping on this incident need to realize that over 3000 people died on 9/11 and hundreds died in the Oklahoma City tragedy - all without a single bullet ever being fired. Gabrielle Giffords owns a Glock - just like the one Jared bought @ the same Sportsman’s Warehouse where I bought my Nordic walking sticks. Likewise, gun enthusiasts claiming Jared is proof that gun laws don’t work should realize that his mental instability and arrest records, while enough to prevent him from enlisting in the military, weren’t enough to keep him from LEGALLY purchasing a gun. Tweaking the 2nd amendment is a topic worthy of discussion, but just as we’ve seen in the aftermath of far too many similar incidents, essentially futile when emotions are raw.
Replied By: tucsonazcat on Jan 25, 2011, 2:34PM - In reply to freebyrde23
Today two 18 year-olds were arrested for posting veiled threats on their Facebook pages toward another high school in Jared Loughner’s former school district. It was the parent of one of their Facebook friends who called the authorities. It begs the question as to what might have been had those adults speculating about what Jared might do had done more than just speculate. People blaming the Loughners for their son’s actions need to know that they have no power to force a 22 year old to do anything, except force him to move out of their house. His parents rights were identical to the rights of the college personnel, his friends, his co-workers, etc. to refer him for a psych eval under Title 36 – and with AZ being last in the nation on mental health funding, that evaluation most likely wouldn’t have occurred until February, if at all, given the current waitlist times and state of health care in AZ.
Replied By: tucsonazcat on Jan 25, 2011, 1:55PM - In reply to jwohlfeil1
This happened to my Congresswoman, in my part of town & @ the Safeway where I buy my groceries. That is my church where all the satellite trucks converged for Christina & Judge Roll's funerals, and those ball fields you saw are the same ball fields where my own daughter once played. The degrees of separation in Northwest Tucson are more intertwined than a Kentucky backwoods hollow. Gabby's older brother was a student of mine years ago, & three close friends of mine knew Jared as a child in grade school - one was his principal & two were his teachers - one of whom is a lifelong friend of Judge Roll. Two of those three are also friends of one of the more seriously injured shooting victims, Gabby's female staffer who taught @ the very same middle and high schools Jared attended. We all have a front row seat to a tragedy we never imagined would happen, and it gives us a unique perspective when we hear all the Monday morning quarterbacking and witness those capitalizing on the pain of others.
Replied By: tucsonazcat on Jan 23, 2011, 3:35PM - In reply to lanna89
We know that people DID reach out to him. What we don't know is whether he followed thru or not. AZ is last in the nation for mental health funding.  Given the current waitlist times and state of health care in AZ, chances are any evaluation most likely wouldn’t have been scheduled until February, if at all.
Replied By: lanna89 on Jan 22, 2011, 4:17AM
I cannot understand why most of the media seems to want avoid the REAL issue here.Which is that Jarod Loughner was and is a severely mentally ill man who committed an evil act.He is most likely an undiagnosed,untreated paranoid schizophrenic.Had he recieved the proper mental health intervention this tragedy probably would not have happened.We need to stop stigmatizing mentally ill people in this country as evil and make sure they get the help they desperately need.Otherwise tragedies like the one in Arizona will continue to happen.Jarod Loughner needed to be involuntarily committed to a mental health facility by his parents where he could recieve diagnosis and treatment.He had exhibited obvious psychotic,paranoid behavior for a long time.People with a mental illness need our help and compassion not stigmatization and judgments.Had just one person reached out to him and suggested he get professional help dealing with his problem that may have made the difference.Jarod Loughner committed an evil act.He is a very sick man.I have compassion for him and his victims.
Replied By: mesquitema on Jan 20, 2011, 8:46PM - In reply to clemsongirl
Actually you are right, in a way. In the state of AZ ANYONE can petition for a pych eval. I just found that out from my husband tonight. Here's the problem, not many people know this. The parents probably had no idea what to do. Pima Community College could have had Jared petitioned. They SHOULD have been aware and made the parents aware of where to turn for help. Maybe the parents assumed that because their son was over 18 they couldn't do anything for him. We DON'T know what was going through their heads. Hindsight is 20/20.
Replied By: 1000wings on Jan 20, 2011, 3:12PM
Individuals who sell firearms should be regulated and liscensed and required by law to have buyers submitt to a profile check prior to the sell of a weapon .

This clearly would solve some problems so mentally ill people can not just go purchase a gun

Rules should also be applied to the sell of  ammunition
made that fires the gun .

It may be near impossible to regulate people publicly and otherwise
and attempt to determine what they may or may not do

but it is not near impossible to regulate what is sold to people

clearly the sellers of Guns and ammunition made to fire guns
would not have a reasonable cause to be against requiring buyers
to submit to a profile check first
I cant imagine why ? they would be

unless they believe they have the  freedom to distribute weapons
capable of doing  mass destruction to the public as being free and  lawful

which in my opinion it should not be

with out reasonable responsabilities taken
clearly al it takes is one monster

surely the gun sellers would understand why
stricter compliances should be imposed prior to the sell of
guns and ammo to who so ever is buying

It would make me feel that all the inmates of lawful abideing society
have not totaly  just been appeasing the demands of
all the inmates of unlawful   society !

gun sellers could help make a difference if they had to
after all most of them make a sizeable enough a profit !

let them appease the innocent for a change
after all children should have rights to

Its not fair that the not so innocent
never has any responsability after the fact
they sold some menace a gun
Its not the guns fault of course not
It is the person who sold it 

to not prevent a murder is morally wrong
firearm and ammunition  sellers can take preventitive steps
seriously regulate the sell of  ammunition
since guns dont kill people

I wouldn't care if they sold blank bullets
to people that dont pass the profile exam

maybe at least then,  after the fact
would be less deadly for the innocent

and  the killers
could be arrested based on
while the judges take a mental placebo
before determining if any harm was done
before snging the praises of  the seller of the ammunition
for saving the life
of the innocent

let the bad go down on a big empty
who cares if  they complain they were sold
dead ammo !!!

pop went that weasel!

Replied By: jwohlfeil1 on Jan 20, 2011, 2:26PM
I love Tucson where we have about 3 degrees of separation instead of the 6 most communities do.  It is nice to drive down the street or go to a store and see someone you know - that would never happen in Atlanta! RE: Jared Laughner and his parents being responsible for this tragedy my take is - you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.  That being said, when his parents were confronted by law enforcement and told he was kicked out of Pima College and that a psychological evaluation was recommended I sure hope they confronted their son with this - however - they could leveraged that by telling him to get help or move out.  Maybe that would have worked, maybe not but he was still living at home when the shooting happened.

On another note, my next door neighbor who has some strange quirks texted some disturbing comments to me the day after the shooting.  Things like, the mayor of Tucson should have "got it too" (being shot); he hoped Gabby Giffords never got back into office, he "could only dream that the judge who was shot was one who wroned him in the past", "politicians are God mentality pieced of s - - - and deserved to die.  You'd better believe I don't even talk to him any more!  I have a local crime reporter for one of our national affiliates checking to see if he as a criminal record which I suspect he does.  In light of his recent comments, that brings his strange behavior that I have seen over the last six months since I moved here to another level.  My only concern is retribution if I report this to the police.  Anyone got any suggestions about that?  This is a guy who works on his truck and cleans out his storage area with a pistol stuck in the back of his pants.
Replied By: 1000wings on Jan 20, 2011, 2:03PM
If you don't live in Arizona, you probably aren't aware of our gun laws unless you've done your homework - and I commend all who have. ANYONE can walk down the street with a weapon, concealed or not.

Our law allows the IMMEDIATE sale to any person wanting a firearm. There are no waiting periods and no in depth back ground checks (in this case that wouldn't have mattered) and our law allows the sale of accessories and ammunition not allowed by other states. This is still very much the Wild, Wild West.

We need to change our state in that the waiting period should increase to AT LEAST 2 weeks and a thorough background check needs to be conducted. **********No one in law enforcement or gov't ever said our 2nd Amendment is going to be compromised. I have carried a firearm in the past and think the public does have the right to carry - we just need to set some stipulations instead of allowing a free-for-all********

Have you heard any official stating "we may revoke your privileges"?

****edited**** just waiting for an answer to this.

This is what I was attempting to refer to that really concerns me the most
In most states there are at least background checks and a waiting period
done prior to the sell of a firearm

why? not in Arizona ?

yes I agree your state is like the wild wild west
most states prohibit the sell of firearms to felons and such
they are prohibited from owning or having a gun of anykind
the state of Arizona should consider at least asking people to register to buy and own
before they just sell them a gun ..

Back ground checks should be a requirment as well
It clearly is not the guns fault it got sold !
again a people problem

It should at least  be a gun sellers mandatory  reasonable duty to know who it is
they sell a gun too prior to selling the gun
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