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(Original Air Date: 01/17/11) Many women are itching to run to the altar, but Dr. Phil’s guests say they’re ready to run for the hills! Kelly is a self-proclaimed runaway bride. She’s been engaged four times but says she gets cold feet before she makes it down the aisle. Rick, her current fiancé, proposed four years ago and is still waiting for her to set a wedding date. Kelly believes that most marriages end in divorce, and she doesn’t want to become another statistic. Should Rick wait for her to make up her mind, or should he cut his losses and move on? Then, Chad and Candi have been engaged for more than five years and have two daughters, but Chad says he’s not ready to tie the knot. He says weddings are too expensive, but Candi says he racked up $49,000 in loans for a car, a camper and a new deck for the house. Will Chad break down and give his fiancée the wedding of her dreams? Plus, Dr. Phil talks to a woman who says her fiancé left her six days before the wedding and stuck her with a $150,000 bill!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: amyeadens on Dec 24, 2014, 1:56AM - In reply to lovingone
Sounds like she has become a professional victim.  And the whole turning her wedding reception into a "broken hearted ball" just confirms to me that she is attention seeking sort of like a small child who if they dont get positive attention, will settle for negative attention, just so long as someone is paying attention to them. 

I mean think about it......how many of us if we were left at the alter would go ahead and want to go thru with the reception alone no matter WHAT it was called now?!!!!  Most of us would want to go home, hide under the covers, and sleep non-stop and try not to face anyone who might not know what happened (and would ask "how's married life?" or worse.....having to face those who DID know what happened and look at you with pity?  I KNOW I wouldnt want to see ANYONE!!! But, maybe it's just me?

Replied By: amyeadens on Dec 24, 2014, 1:46AM - In reply to skbruning
All I can add is AMEN!!!! Thanks for telling it like it is!

Replied By: amyeadens on Dec 24, 2014, 1:40AM - In reply to skbruning
I  didnt see  ADHD, but I did think there was a possibility of bi-polar there with rapid cycling.  Just a few of the symptoms that I saw  that she seemed to have were 1) rapid, pressured speech.  2)  grandiose thinking (indicated by having to have a  $150,000  wedding).   3) rapid mood swings. (Within a few minutes she went from laughing to crying to laughing and then crying again.   4) Emotional instability. (see #  3).     5) Dwelling on the past. (This was 7 YEARS ago!!!!)   6)  Attention seeking.  (Going on Dr. Phil and Anderson Cooper to tell this story.)  

I think it is great that she is seeking help with her weight. I think that losing weight would give her a tremendous boost in self esteem, which would probobly be even more beneficial to her than the physical health benefits, (which would also be tremendous.).  However, I think that she needs to see a good Psychiatrist  before she does anything else  so she can get diagnosed and started on meds.  Once she does THAT,  I think she will see vast improvements in ALL her personal relationships, including her dating life. (I suspect probobly the reason her fiance called off the wedding is because they got engaged quickly after meeting (I think she said on their 1st  DATE!!!), and he didnt realize she was mentally ill at first, and once he did realize something was off, he ran for the hills because he just thought that was her personality and didnt understand that with the proper meds, she would be a new woman.

I mean this comment very respectfully and hope I didnt offfend her or anyone else. I am only putting this here because I hope she will read this and seek out the help she needs.   My Mom is bipolar and I have several friends who are too.  That's why I could see the similarities.  Of course, she may have just come across that way because she was so nervous being on tv and in front of the audience and meeting Dr Phil. But, if she has any of these symptoms in her everyday life, there is definately help out there for her if she talks to her Dr.
Replied By: lizawren on Mar 27, 2014, 12:24PM
Weddings today are a huge commercial racket, and are marketed to make people think they have to have a big one to be properly married. If you can afford it, and you both want it, then go for it. But very few weddings will significantly add to a marriage, and plenty of weddings seem to destroy marriages before they even get started. The women who insist on having their 'special day' at any cost make me cringe. Who on earth would want to marry a vacuous twit who is willing to sacrifice the family's financial future for a one-day narcissistic fantasy? Dr. Phil, I can assure you that all women do not dream of a fairy-tale wedding from the time they are little girls. Maybe I'm weird, but my wedding day never crossed my mind. I did think about the kind of man I wanted to marry and the kind of marriage I wanted to have, and I've been married to the man of my dreams for 31 years. Dr. Phil, I adore you, but I think you hold some pretty stereotypical ideas regarding women. We do not all dream of being skinny and bleached blonde, with big fake boobs, fake tan, and slathered on makeup, and at center of everyone's attention. I'm perfectly fine with just being fit, wearing jeans and t-shirts, and saving makeup for very special occasions. I hope I'm passing on values to my daughter that encourage her to be happy in how she was created, and knowing she does not need a 'special day' to make her feel like a special person.
Replied By: lizawren on Mar 27, 2014, 11:46AM - In reply to sandyel
That is a really good idea!
Replied By: gussiemygirl on Mar 27, 2014, 10:03AM - In reply to grandmakathi
She says she spent $150,000 before the wedding. Why? She seems to me to be really manic and grasping. I don't wonder why the guy ran away from marrying her. She spends years ruminating about being "Jilted at her wedding". It is a neverending obsession that has taken on a life of it's own. And she just won't stop talking long enough to get any wisdom or advice. Yes it's sad that she's so upset, but she is also really annoying. Get fit and get some therapy. That is where you should have spent your money.
Replied By: maritgen on Aug 9, 2011, 1:02AM - In reply to skbruning
I don't need a paper or a party to commit myself, why should you marry?

I don't understand the eager to get married at all, I've been with my men for about 10 years, he was the first man in my live, I'm his first girlfriend (we were around the 30 year). You can commit without a paper very much. We waited with giving ourselves (for about 3 years, so it is not true that people who live together necessary sleep together) until we were sure that, he/she is the only one.

After 8 years we married because of financial reasons, we were about to emigrate and in that country it was the best in case something would happen to one of us. Otherwise we were stille together, not bein married. Does it feel different? no, in no way. I've kept my name, he kept his name, nothing changed, we are as committed as we always were. Our moral hasn't changed a bit, our moral is high, was high and will be high.

A wedding doesn't have to cost much, it's what you want to spend. I don't know what the costs are in America, I hear about the same. Low budget: only hire the official, have you're witnesses and ready you are! I didn't want a dress, we want to get married and take the bike afterwards to get to work.  To avoid much people we married outside the country, where my husband is been born, the few people who got along, paid there own hotel etc (we didn't ask them to come) , we paid the food on that day, I made a dress for the show and it was about 2000 euro's, including the trip, costs at the embassy, and two weeks vacation afterwards. The same vacation as we have done before. Afterwards a little reception, made the food ourselves, at work.

It's only a paper and if you don't need one, its okay, if you need one, it doesn't have to be that expensive.
If someone doesn't want to merry, why should he/she? I really don't understand!! I don't understand people who make a point of that.
Replied By: deb0717 on Jun 18, 2011, 2:15PM
I am not a "runaway bride" but I have been engaged for over 10 years to the same man and I am very happy. I have all the same benefits that a wife has I just dont have his name nor do I want it. We dont have any particular reason for not getting married  just dont want to do it. I have had people ask me " why cant you get him to marry you" I tell them I dont wanna marry him. that usually shuts them up. we have no plans to get married in the future and love each other just as a married couple do.
Replied By: sandyel on Jun 17, 2011, 8:25PM
My husband and I have a game that called "We are divorce proof".

We prepare a list of points that we can increase or decrease our divorce proof list.

Everything we do increase or decrease our points.  For instance, chores around the house doesn't have a lot worth but it do have some.  On the other hand, all other things that we do for each other counts.

We are always trying to improve our divorce proof points.  It is a fun game and brings a lot of joy.

You should try it.
Replied By: michelegyselin on Jun 17, 2011, 4:28PM
While I was watching your show today I was thinking about the sort of wedding I'd want if a man came along who'd want to marry me, and my priorities have changed with the passage of time.  When I was younger I dreamed of the fairy tale wedding.  You know, the gown with a long train and all the trimmings, but no man was around back then, and I wasn't going to do things the wrong way around if for no other reason than that I couldn't afford it.  These days, the wedding would be short on trimmings like gowns and jewellry--an engagement ring fine, but not too busy, and a wedding ring--and longer on food.  I'd want to spend enough on food to have all the people I love around me to share this day with my groom and I.  The wedding gown you only wear once, but the memories of a beautiful ceremony is something you can share with all those who witnessed it.  I've come to realize over the years that life is all about relationships, and it's more important to invest in those than in trappings like a diamond necklace or matching earrings.  When my best friend got married in 1983, she had a Dutch wedding because she was of Dutch origin, and in Dutch weddings the family and the other guests are expected to provide the entertainment, so they have to come up with skits about the bride and groom that are a bit of a roast.  Believe me, it's a lot less corny that a d.j. and a lot cheaper too apart from being funny.  Trust your relatives to come up with mildly embarrassing stories to tell.  It's not supposed to be humiliating to anyone.  The rule of thumb is that if it's not funny for everybody it shouldn't be told.  It isn't supposed to spoil the newlyweds' day.
That's the sort of wedding I would want now.  Beautiful music, a meaningful text and sermon, good food and good company.
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