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Ted Williams, a homeless man with a smooth announcing voice, found himself living on the streets in Columbus, Ohio after his life was ruined by substance abuse.  Williams, who says he’s been sober for two years, became an overnight celebrity after The Columbus Dispatch posted a web video of him this week, culminating in job offers and a reunion with his mother, whom he hadn’t seen in more than 10 years.   Dr. Phil sits down with Ted Williams and two of his nine children to talk about meeting the challenges of sudden fame, and the life-long journey that brought him there.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: wawwiz on Apr 4, 2011, 12:03PM - In reply to evstevie
You can be my friend anytime, everyone needs friends.
Replied By: varnay on Mar 5, 2011, 9:42PM
Where is Ted Williams Can't Dr. Phil give us an update on his show??
Replied By: freelance42 on Jan 31, 2011, 10:20PM
My view seems different than most on this subject. Getting sober is a mammoth task. Just wanting to 'want to' is major. After years on the street, it is extremely difficult to remember what good self esteem feels like.  Feeling 'worthy' of sobriety is non-existent.  Unless someone has been down there, they can not imagine what it feels like.

I feel Ted was set up to fail.  He was presented with an overwhelming look at sobriety...5 years into the process.  Sobriety IS a process.   Family should not be brought into it right away.  Very often family members are unwitting contributors to the situation.

The pressure for success, the expectations of millions of people across the country, was too much too soon.

Dr. Phil offered a wonderful gift.  But, I believe that part should have been totally in private, without the family and the viewing public.  Williams needed time to digest what he was accepting.  The fear on his face showed that. 

As it stands, this man has one more failure in his life.  As an alcoholic (with 18 years sobriety) I understand where Williams is coming from.   He still is not 'worthless.'  And he doesn't deserve the derogatory titles given to him.
Replied By: cnmireles6 on Jan 31, 2011, 12:59PM
Dr. Phil, Say it isn't so... Please.. Has Ted left Rehab? Did he check himself out?? I had so much faith in him to do the right thing.. But maybe it was just too overwhelming for him, maybe he just couldn't take all the lights, camera and the action.. Maybe he just needed to be left alone to figure out what to do about his new found fame.  Maybe you PUSHED him too hard; maybe he just wasn't ready for such a commitment so far from his family.


I was so sad to hear of his leaving that I felt immediately compelled to write on this blog.  I have been keeping up with Ted Williams and the series of shows.  I saw the look in his eyes, the confusion, the worry, the bewilderment.  This man was a walking bundle of nerves.  Dr. Phil as a psychologist, you should know that “Shock” therapy doesn’t work for all people with these types of illnesses.  


Alcoholism and the drug use that Ted was experiencing were to keep him sane on the streets.  I know he claimed to be sober, but maybe that was for the moment, the moment of his interview.  I find it hard to believe that you believed him when he said he was sober for two years.  He may not have been drinking as much because he had no money to buy it.  


The girlfriend is all he really has.  Her going to rehab was a good thing as well, but did she leave to? What is happening to Ted now? I was so hoping he would do the right thing, I really was.  I defended him in some of my blogs and I was really hoping he would be that shinning star he is on the inside.


I really wanted a GREAT Human Interest story in Ted Williams.. But maybe he is just one to add to the millions on the street.  Maybe he does have a golden voice, but maybe he is not worthy to use it as God plans.


Replied By: ann682 on Jan 28, 2011, 6:05AM
TEd, please go back to rehab..12 days is not enough..PLease take this 1 chance and fix yourself..Do it for your
Replied By: sox101957 on Jan 26, 2011, 2:24PM
I feel that Ted Williams used everyone and lied to everyone saying he wanted to get help and broke so many promises and all the money spend on him and being put up in hotels and rehab and etc... I am sorry but he won't amount to anything and will be back on the streets again... It's really a shame when there are so many out there that really want the help and would be so grateful to get the help... I do not feel sorry for him at all
Replied By: jessicabox on Jan 25, 2011, 3:21PM
Being an addict myself for over 13yrs. I can relate to Mr. William's story. My prayers are with him and I only hope the best for this man but I feel that all of this media attention and job offers that have been thrown his way have just been WAY TOO MUCH for him to process let -alone handle. The fact that he is able to now have access to money makes his thinking only about one thing and that is to use. I believe that he feels that he can handle his addicts on his own and that he can handle having the money.
Addicts who have access to money will use it to get their high, period. They fool themselves into thinking that they can handle money and only spend a little but in reality they blow through all of their money in a matter of days and sometimes hours.
I must say that Mr. Williams has a wonderful smile that has somehow gotten to me and that voice is a gift!! I wish him all of the best and hope that somehow his story ends up with a happy ending. My heart goes out to his mother.
Replied By: muphouse on Jan 25, 2011, 8:57AM
I just learned of Ted Williams decision to leave rehab.. Very disappointed!! Not surprised.. I have to say that I will make extra effort to not buy or partake in anything that Ted Williams sponsors as long as he is an active addict.. There is a severe addict in my family.. He has damn near torn my entire family apart! The lies and denial and pain it causes is devistating, and I do not want to be any part of it!! I will not buy any product that pays this man and enables Ted Williams to continue this serious level of drug addiction. His addiction has become a lifestyle! It took many years to get this way and it will take many years to get better!!  Tell these businesses to QUIT offering him MONEY!!

Can you let us know what companies are trying to use Ted Williams so they can be warned to not put this bad example as the voice of their company!!

Sick and tired in Columbus, OH!!
Replied By: papillon0509 on Jan 25, 2011, 7:52AM
I feel so dissapointed in Ted Williams. I am from Columbus and had seen him on the side of the road. I was so excited to hear of his second chance. I was really rooting for him. However him leaving rehab I feel like he just blew it all. He had the world at his feet and he is giving it all up.... He is not ready to be out of rehab yet. I feel almost like we were all apart of a big episode of Punked. Ted I wish you the best but I longer am rooting for you. If you make it then you make it. If not it is no big suprise. I hope you can live with the fact that you are dissapointing your children and grand children yet again.
Replied By: prsntk on Jan 24, 2011, 7:58AM - In reply to whowill
You were WAY TOO QUICK TO BRING UP THE PAST...and TOO STRONG!!! He can't change the past and TED SUFFERED ENOUGH! HELP THE MAN!!! Ted was given the chance for a new future.... all you did was bring up the negative past and belittle him!! I feel for him if everyone is more worried about how he made them look bad. What was Ted's "advantage" to meeting his WHOLE family RIGHT AWAY and get boom-barded with all this PAST family history??? Especially when something positive was just about to happen! Is Ted living comfortable now? Enjoying his new fame and job? Is he taking classes to learn how to be a radio announcer? ...or just working? I wish Ted great success! Look forward to your update!
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