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(Original Air Date: 11/29/10) First the bad news: You could gain 12 pounds during the holidays. The good news is the hottest diet around could help you drop 10 to 12 pounds in 17 days! Dr. Mike Moreno, creator of the 17 Day Diet, explains how to shrink your waistline fast. Then, Kim says her weight is out of control, but she says her husband, Clint, sabotages her efforts to slim down. Clint is a chef, and Kim says it’s hard to say no to his delicious cuisine, especially during the holidays. Dr. Mike tells the couple how they can work together to achieve their weight loss goals. And, Bekki says she went from Barbie to unbearable in four years. She says she weighs more than 200 pounds, and she gained 40 over the holidays last year. Her husband, David, says he feels like a single parent because Bekki is so ashamed of her body, she won’t take their 3-year-old son out to play. Dr. Phil and Dr. Mike tell Bekki the most important thing she can do to take charge of her weight. And, learn how to eat healthy at holiday dinners and get tips to avoid packing on the pounds this season!

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Replied By: rocket56 on Jan 22, 2011, 9:01AM
I cought the end of the show on the 17 day diet, I was intrigued. I am an 54 year old woman who is obeise. I ordered the book and this is my day 11, I have officially lost 15.2 lbs. I have never had a diet plan so easy to follow and had such great results. I must admit I am looking forward to the second phase so I can add some new foods. But the loss  is so motivating to me, it keeps me going. I have cheeted two days ago I had one bean burrito, which is not on a list but the rest of the time strictly on the diet. I feel good, my metabolism has improved and I am so happy. Dr Phil you touch lives daily with your show, but with this one you have made a life long decision possible. I thank you, and the Dr's show for the show on the 17 day diet!
I do see posts that just say diet exercise, will do it too, but believe me I have tried and no results like this, I am exercising 30 minutes every other day. Not to strenious either mostly with my WII Fit Plus. Weigh in every day and every day I have lost. I just can't thank you enough. :)
Replied By: teamlindy on Jan 13, 2011, 9:45AM
I just can't say thank you enough to all of the people who have reached out to me regarding this show.  Words would not do justice to how hard it is to put it all out there...but....I honestly thought I was alone in all of this.  I learned through the over 100 facebook messages and friend requests that I was wrong.  You people are humbling and inspiring all in one.  Just because you're not on the 17 DAY DIET CHALLENGE with us don't think I am not thinking of all of the encouraging words at times when I just don't think I can do one more minute on the eliptical machine, I find the strength to dig deep & sometimes it comes from you! 

Thank you again so very much,

Replied By: evaperon226 on Dec 23, 2010, 3:28PM - In reply to cat006
Cat006, after reading your entry I wanted to ask you...how do you know?  How do you know that she doesn't have a job?  If so, perhaps there is a reason.   And, do you even realize the extent of damage that a family members actions/words can have on a person?  Let alone your mother?  The only thing to consider is this:  she was always second best, never lived up to unrealistic expectations, was never acknowledged and basically shunned.  The fact that she made something of herself by losing weight, performing and modeling only show her strength of character and willpower to change what she didn't like about herself.   You see, I identify with her because I was in the same boat...basically the opposite of what my mothers idea of what a young girl should look/act like.  Now, she is back in the young girls mind and body. Only now, it's MUCH HARDER TO LOSE WEIGHT the older you get.  Especially after children!   Sounds like she never wanted to be Barbie...it was thrust upon her. 
Replied By: kingsfan12 on Dec 23, 2010, 7:56AM
I can't believe all of these comments about not being able to get Dr. Phil's help to lose weight. Do you really need Dr. Phil to help you?  Get out there and exercise!  Don't overeat!  It is not a difficult concept to understand.  It is also NOT easy!!  I have been struggling with my weight my whole life.  I am at a healthy weight now, and I feel great!  I exercise daily, and I control the portions of what I eat.  It takes discipline and hard work.  Don't blame your condition on health problems or heredity.  Don't be a victim.  There are always exercises that you can do.  You just have to get moving!  Stop looking to outside sources for motivation.  Value yourself enough to help yourself.  Good luck!
Replied By: josephfreet on Dec 22, 2010, 2:03PM - In reply to cat006
You people are being a bit harsh on this poor woman.  I say she's pretty brave for what she did.  My wife & I have spoken of her own wieght issues many times & she was inspired by Bekki.  As for her "longing" to be what she once was.  As I heard it, she said she wanted to be better for her son & husband.  Not to be Barbie again.  I normally would never write on these things but my wife and I were very upset to see that people could actually come down on this woman who is obviously very depressed and is reaching out for help.  We respect Dr. Phil and have been watching for years.  Good for you Bekki!!  Please do not let these haters discourage you.  We will be looking forward to seeing your progress.
Replied By: barbwire on Dec 22, 2010, 1:15PM
The science behind this 17 Day Diet is frankly unproven - especially the bit about changing the protein/carb/fat ratio resulting in no plateaus. But, if you follow the diet instructions, you will consume fewer calories and exercise regularly, and in that way it will work just like Weight Watchers or any other diet out there.  Eat less, move more. It's just that simple for most of us. By simple I don't mean easy - if you have struggled with your weight all your life or most of it then you will always have to watch and be as active as possible. But this diet won't save you any more than any other diet. Your resolve will, though.
Replied By: babs1204 on Dec 22, 2010, 7:20AM - In reply to queenv
was never sorry I didn't live in CA, but this time I am. I really wanted to try and be a part of this. I need some motivation. I am ordering the book today. I need to get started!
Replied By: katymcdowell on Dec 21, 2010, 8:43PM
You're a gorgeous woman, you can do it, better than all that you have a sweet spirit.
Replied By: june25 on Dec 21, 2010, 8:07PM
Dr. Phil, why didn't you address the underlying unhealthy issue of even trying to look like Barbie today? That doll is not only unrealistic but unhealthy model for our children. The fact that a grown woman would want to emulate such a model is sad.
Replied By: june25 on Dec 21, 2010, 8:02PM - In reply to cat006
I have always had a problem with the Barbie doll concept. It is a poor model for girls. Perhaps this is part of the woman's problem on today's show. The fact a grown woman would want to look like Barbie is so out of touch with reality. I wish the doll had never been designed.  My husband always said, "If my daughter looked like that, I would send her to the doctor."   Whenever I had opportunity to say so, I would make this point of view known.  The American doll company is on the correct track.  Those dolls are better for our daughters/grandaughters to have.
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