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(Original Air Date: 11/24/10) Screaming, making excuses, irrational outbursts … No one knows how a drug addict behaves better than Brandon. With five years of sobriety under his belt, he and his mother, Debbie, are paying it forward. Now, Brandon meets his match! After seeing Dr. Phil’s intervention with Karli, Kim wrote to Dr. Phil for help with her 23-year-old daughter, Jaime, who’s addicted to OxyContin. Five months ago, Kim’s family performed an intervention for Jaime. After agreeing to go to a detox facility, Jaime checked herself out and tried to commit suicide. Now, Kim says Jaime has started injecting cocaine and takes any opiate she can get her hands on. Don’t miss the most dramatic intervention yet. Will Jaime finally agree to get treatment, or will she fight everyone tooth and nail? Plus, addicted to heroin and OxyContin, Karli had overdosed and relapsed many times before her mother brought her to Dr. Phil and Brandon for help. How is she now?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: savingjaime on Jul 28, 2011, 3:32PM - In reply to christaljr
Hi I'm jaime Gaiarin and I just want to thankyou for your kind words. there were some pretty harsh coments. I need all the encouragement I can get. congrats in your recovery. It's a long road but worth every step. all the best
Replied By: savingjaime on Jul 28, 2011, 3:28PM
I am the Jaime from this episode and I am extreemly greatful for all that this show has given back to me and my family. This truly saved my life. I feel that man people could benefit from me telling my story an unfortunatly I dont feel the show told very much of my story or my struggle at all. After the first time this episode aired in November of last year I came on this web site to see what people wrote and I heard some heart breaking stories. I am sober now and it is a struggle everyday of my life and I know it will be forever but it gets easier and I want more than anything to give back to others this gift that was so generously given to me. I dont know if I can help but if anyone has any questions I could answer I will be 100% truthful and honest I just want to help. I have no doubt in my mind that I would have been dead within a week of the intervention had they not come to my rescue and I am forever greatful. I know that they can't save everyone and I wonder so many times "why me" Imsure there are so many others who deserved a second chance at life more than I did. But I am here so I want to do anything I can to help others in my position. The times I tried to get help on myn own I was unable to find the help i needed because my situation was so rare no one knew how to help me. I know there are others out there who have encountered the same problem and I would like to help. write to me on here or find me on facebook my name is Jaime Gaiarin or contact me by email This really is me if you go to my facebok you will see all the pictures. please let me help.
Replied By: vljorn on Jul 28, 2011, 1:03PM
Dr. Phil:

I saw your show with saving Jaime.  I must say when watching this, I cried all the way through.  I too, have a grown child who is an addict.  I could totally relate to Kim in some instances.  Most of the time in watching I completely felt her fear, love and total helplessness.  My daughter Dawn, is a beautiful 31 year old mother of three beautiful children.  She has recently lost her children through CPS.  It only took seven (7) attempts in calling CPS to get the children out of an abusive, drug and alcohol infested home.  Dawn has been utilizing drugs from the age of 14.  She did, get clean for approximately six years before again going back into the drug scene.  Two of her children have been placed with her husbands mother and father due to my daughter claiming I was "dead".  You see Dr. Phil I am not an enabler and did call my daughter out regarding her usage.  This of course is why she will have nothing to do with me.  Currently, where we are at is Dawn and her husband, Jeff have moved from the County of Commitment (as they did get arrested) to another County.  Of course this being done because she doesn't want any of us to know what they are doing.  She apparently is attending AA/NA again not a rehabilitation facility.  She feels by going to these that she is attempting to get clean.  I know differently.  My problem is, I don't know how to reach her, to get her to realize that she needs inhouse treatment and then where she can go to get the help.  I live in Plumas County, in Lake Almanor, California.  Dawn has recently moved to Corning, California which is Tehema County.  She will not speak to me or have anything to do with me.  I am desperately afraid that my daughter will end up dead.  She does have to attend court in Lassen County on August 9th.  A placement hearing for the children has been set for August 15th.  Currently, my husband and I have an attorney i an attempt to gain guardianship of our eldest grandaughter and her younger sister.  The middle child is living with her father not more than 3 miles from our home.  I am in constant contact with all three children and spend alot of time with them which has been good for them.  My daughter wants her father and I to have nothing to do with the children. 

My concern Dr. Phil is the same as Kim's.  I have a tremendous fear of getting a phone call that my daughter has overdosed.  Her drug of choice is meth.  Is there anything that you can do to help me?  I would truly love to see her in a rehabilitation center where she can get the professional help both with her drug problem as well as mental health.  I am medically retired from working with the State of California for over 33 years due to two neck surgeries and don't have alot of money.  Living off of disability and Social Security as well as my husbands retirement.  Anything that you could do to assist us in saving our daughter Dawn would greatly be appreciated.

I have spoken extensively to CPS and to be quite honest it seems that they listen to Dawn and Jeff more than they do her parents.  I am at witts end and the stress of all of this is tremendous.  We also have three other children all of them grown and not into drugs or alcohol.

Your help and assistance would greatly be appreciated.

God Bless you and your staff for all the hard work and time you put in to help others lives.

Worried sick mom
Replied By: wantmysonback on Jul 27, 2011, 7:38PM
I was only able to catch part of this show.  It was like a reason for me to turn it on. It just gave me encouragement and hope for my son.  You see me 20 year old son is also has a severe drug addiction to meth, heroine and I think just anything he could get his hands on.  In March he assaulted me in my home and I had to do the tough love thing and I kicked him out of the home. I was worried sick about him.  I kept thinking every phone call or any knock on the door would be the police telling me he was dead.  I finally heard from my son. He apalogized for what he did but when he started wanting something and I would not give it to him he turned violent over the phone wishing death upon me. After that I tried the tough love thing again but 4 months later after a few times in and out of jail for a few days, one time 10 days being his max and 6 days in detox I searched for him because I heard he was sleeping in a shelter downtown. It was a rainy day and I searched everywhere i knew the homeless would hang out. I searched and searched.  I couldn't imagine my son being and living like the homeless I was seeing.  It broke my heart.  I searched many places and started becoming hopeless in finding him.  I looked at the library because I was told that the homeless will hang out there.  I still did not see him.  I decided to go in.  Every chair seemed to be occupied by a homeless person, dirty, unkept hygiene and all with a look of despair.  None of them were my son.  I saw one last seating area with homless people.  The very last chair that was left to look at I saw my son sitting there looking like everyother homeless person I just looked at.  He was dirty, his personal hygiene was neglected and his mind was half way gone.  He was shocked to see my.  He said Mom Mom you found me, how did you find me, I thought you gave up on me, I thought you didn't want anything to do with me.  I called you and called you and you would never answere my calls. My heart was so broken.  This is where tough love put my son. I don't know if he can be saved.  The drugs have deteriated his mind so quickly.  I then took him to see his probation officer because he never showed up when he was supposed to and he was going to have a warrant.  I wanted him to get his life straightened out so that he could go to California to be with his uncles who can help him get his life together but he needs to take care of all his legal matters first and be drug free. I tried to help him for two weeks before he ended up in jail. During those two weeks no matter how I tried he did not remain drug free.  I know jail is where he needs to be.  Tomorrow I can say Tim has been drug free for a week.  It meant the world to me to hear Brandon say that 6 months in jail was the best thing for him.  It also meant the world to me to hear Dr. Phil say I would rather see you alive in jail than dead in the streets.  I am going to use that line to my son.  I know I am going to get the phone call to bail him out.  But no way, that is not happening.  I am excited to see and talk to a drug free Tim.  It will be the first time in almost 7 years.  I am going to talk to the D.A. and fight for some kind of rehab for part of his sentence.  I don't even know if Colorado offers that.
Replied By: alabudz on Jul 27, 2011, 7:29PM
I am a mother trying to help my daughter get passed her addiction. I never gave up on her and have done whatever I could to truly help her. At the time when she needs family support my whole family has given up on my daughter and look at her as "she has to help herself" they all hate to see all the pain she put me through and they all love me to death, but not my daughter, to them she is the family shame. I understand them, and I understand the hurt they feel  but at the same time I feel they have abandoned her. I am her only support person, her only words of encouragement. I understand that she has coused all her own problems and she wants to "fix" them. I do not trust her as of yet and I stay on guard but I try to be there for her. To keep her clean. I feel so alone in this battle. I hate going to family outings because my daughter is not welcome, I hate when they ask me about her because they offer her no support. At a time when she needs her family they write her off.
This passted April I remarried, my daughter was to be in my wedding, she was not completely off the drugs yet, in preparing for my wedding she stopped contacting me and I was afraid she had gone back to her drugy friends (she had) two days before my wedding she called me up and wanted to know what she had to do, I explained to her that I did not want her there if she was on drugs. She begged me to let her be in the wedding, I told her to call her grandmother up for a ride and to pick up her dress,  I also told my mother that she would be calling her up for a ride to my wedding, since I was already at the hotel I could not pick her up. When my daughter called my mother she told her she did not have room in her car for her amd would not be picking her up. Later that day my mother told me she did not want her coming to my wedding and ruining it for me.  
I wanted my daughter at my wedding, I wanted to show her that she was part of my new family, but my mother thought it would be best not to have her there.
I am 52 yrs old my daughter is 23, and I have not one single picture with her at my wedding to show her that I did not give up on her. I am the only one that loves her. 
Replied By: roliva826 on Jul 27, 2011, 7:04PM
My husband has a bad back.  He went through a few treatments such as chiropractors, physical therapy, etc.  One day he found a doctor that prescribed percoset.  The number of pills in the prescription increased gradually.  Eventually the doctor prescribed Oxycontin, first 10 mg, then 20, then 20mg 3x a day. At one point he was taking ten 80mg pills a day -- I am not kidding.  This was UNDER A DOCTOR'S CARE.   He was always running out of pills and our marriage and financial situation deterioated.  I was very unhappy so I started self medicating (ie, taking his pills).  I never understood how withdrawal felt, but it wasn't too long until I found out.  I was hooked and he was worse.  We couldn't make it through a day if there was a shortage of pills.

We hit rock bottom.  Lost our house and we were on the brink of divorce. My point is that this stuff should be banned except for maybe terminal patients.  If we had to do it all again, we NEVER would have allowed this monster into our home.  But of course at the time we thought it was OK ... a doctor prescribed this (well, at least for him).

In any case we finally had to say NO MORE.  We both went on suboxome, which is a VERY VIABLE alternative to rehab as long as you have the willpower and/or no more access to Oxycontin!!  It's been about 2 years, and yes we still are taking an ever decreasing amount of suboxome, so we should be done with this completely very soon and can put the whole mess completely behind us.

But it breaks my heart that we lost the house that my children grew up in (we now rent a very nice place, but it's not ours).  We're not kids -- we should have known better.  But sometimes we get fooled just because a doctor is involved.

BEWARE TO ANYONE WHO HAS BEEN PRESCRIBED OXYCONTIN.... I cannot stress how addictive it is.
Replied By: alabudz on Jul 27, 2011, 5:48PM - In reply to issues247
Dear Help,
People do care, they just don't know how to help you. Maybe if you cared about yourself others would follow. I don't mean that in a bad way. Look in the mirror and see the YOU that you do like and start taking care of that person. Baby steps, insist on getting help. The person you have become due to the drugs is not who you realy are. I wish you luck and strength to get passed this. 
I have a daughter that overdosed, and went right back to the drugs. She spent 45 days in jail and claims she is clean. I don't know if she is, but I do know she wants to be, and she too, takes baby steps everyday. Good luck to you, and I am sending you a loving and caring hug .  
Replied By: aintnofoolnomo on Jul 27, 2011, 4:35PM
I have two children who traveled into the abyss of addiction and sat at death's door on many occasions; I feared jail and embarrassment until I learned that death was a very real consequence that could have befallen them.  I can relate to how dejected Jamie's mother was; she was a broken spirit who had become sick too.  Addiction is called a "Family Disease" because it affects everyone in the family and many need to get into recovery too.  It's an odd concept to some; after all, why should we get into recovery when we're not using any drugs.  Well, the truth of the matter is that obsession is our drug of choice and our obsessions can rob us of the lives we want to live.
I spent a great deal of time in denial and fear until I finally got up the courage to attend my first Nar-Anon meeting.  It was there that I came to know that I was not alone and that I could choose to live another way, if I was willing to "keep coming back" and invest as much effort into my recovery as I prayed the addicts in my life would invest in theirs.  My life has changed because I chose to change it, just as the addicts' lives have changed because THEY chose to embrace recovery too!
Please check out recovery for yourself ( and
Replied By: boxered1968 on Jul 27, 2011, 4:35PM
i am singlr parent who is deal witha  my 21 old son who wont stop taking xanx and roxxy cotton  he has been in out of programs in teh past 5 yrs  he almost died  this pass march by crashing his car ina pole in mastic long island  he takes more then 5  2 mg xanx a day  i dont no what to do with him
Replied By: aintnofoolnomo on Jul 27, 2011, 4:26PM - In reply to harleygirl07
Hopefully, you will find your way to Nar-Anon Family Groups if you haven't already:

We also have an online group that has meetings and chats:

Your sons can check into Teen Challenge (adult programs) and the Salvation Army Adult Rehab programs - most free programs are going to be religious based because they depend on donations. I've heard of another placed called, "Cenikor," but I don't know if it's religious or not!

Don't give up hope.............start your journey today!
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