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(Original Air Date: 11/17/10) Jessica, a mom of six, sent Dr. Phil a home video so disturbing it brings Robin McGraw and most audience members to tears. In it, she admits to being angry all the time and struggling to discipline her 7-year-old adopted son, Kristoff. As punishment for acting up in school and trying to hide his misconduct card, Jessica screams at the boy, pours hot sauce in his mouth and puts him in an ice cold shower as he shrieks in pain and fear. Several audience members give Jessica a piece of their mind, but she says she's tried other disciplinary methods and nothing has worked -- and she came to Dr. Phil for help. Can this stressed-out mom get the guidance she needs to control her temper and reform her discipline techniques? Can she establish a bond with her son? And, do her actions constitute child abuse? Attorney and child advocate Areva Martin weighs in. It’s an intense Dr. Phil you don’t want to miss!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: cat110892 on Nov 20, 2015, 10:34AM
Hell when I was a kid and backed talked or lied I would get Tabasco sauce or soap or a spanking. This mom is doing it right. Otherwise the mom doesn't punish the kid turns out to be a misbehaved brat who thinks he's better than everyone else and thinks that lying is good and misbehaving is good. I got spanked and all that and I turned out to be a great adult. I will do the same to mine one day because I don't want him or her to be like the crappy generation of bullies and druggies and criminals we have today. Types of child abuse Physical abuse is any injury to a kid's body that doesn't happen by accident. Hitting, beating, shaking, punching, biting, burning, scratching, strangling or choking a child is child abuse . Sexual abuse is any type of sexual involvement or contact between a child and an adult. It's anything from voyeurism (watching) to sexual acts and incest (sex between family members). For more info, see the sexual assault fact sheet. Emotional abuse is when a child is denied love, approval and security. Bullying, yelling, put-downs, ignoring and being made to feel shame are all kinds of emotional abuse. Neglect is when a child isn't given things they need to grow, like shelter, food, hygiene, supervision, medical attention, education or safety. Parents that abuse kids will break bones, starve the kid, light a cigarette and burn them with it, leaving your kid in a hot car tiill they die, or worse like what happened to that baby girl here in festus, missouri. When the abusive boyfriend punched the baby's face in and they used the excuse that she was bit by a spider. That is child abuse when you are harming kids like that. Those are the people that need to be put away and don't deserve kids.
Replied By: goodswin on Dec 19, 2013, 4:12PM
i live in the uk so i have to watch Dr Phil on you tube i have just watch the show about the hot sauce mom i was so shocked that someone would treat a child like that she is sick maybe someone should do the same to her. What is wrong with usa law when they allow this to happen and don't even send her to prison. Why did the Dr phil show not take action and phoned the police, sorry Dr Phil i usely love your shows and i am a big fan of yours but i think this was one story you should of steped in and took the kid away. i was abuse sexuly and hit when i was a child and i have 2 children i would never treat my kids the way i was treated it is not a reason for a person who had a bad childhood to grow up and do the same to there kids i think if you get treated like that yourself you know what it is like so if you love your kids you don't want them to go though what you had to. keep up the good shows and love to you Dr Phil and Robin.
Replied By: sande123 on Nov 25, 2011, 9:42AM
I watched this this morning, and it's now 5:30pm, and I am still crying, because I can still hear poor Kristoff, a little 7 year old boy, screaming from fear in a cold shower, and wimpering when being screamed at with hot sauce in his mouth!!  What an evil, evil woman, and she didn't even shed a tear or flinch!!!  She made out, this was an uncontrollable child, yet he followed her to the bathroom and knew he was about to get hot sauce in his mouth, and he undressed himself to get in a cold shower as punishment.  I'm shaking from anger writing this, and I'm disgusted and extremely sad, that this isn't on the news as a cruelty and child abuse case!  What is going on, that this is allowed as a discussion?  I want to take them kids off her, and I'd have them all.  Not just the twins! I fear for these kids.  I just can't believe this is allowed????  I don't think I'll get across in this post, just how sad I am or affected I am by that video!  That little boy will never leave me now til the day I die.  If I met that woman in the street, I don't know what I'd do!  I just want to bring that little boy home and give him a hug and keep him safe.  Put them parents in the jail, and give them cold showers for at least 10 years!!  He's only 7.  I don't care how punishment is carried out in the armed forces, he's a little boy!  A petrified and now scarred for life little boy!!!  I'm absolutely gutted that this is allowed to go on, surely Kristoff has some sort of voice to stop this abuse happening to him?  There's video proof of her abuse, that isn't just a one off!  The little boy knows the routine, I'm scarred for life and traumatised by that video footage.  Please re-home that poor child, I'll take them both!
Replied By: jjl225 on Nov 22, 2011, 4:36PM
Just watching this woman not even flintch at what she was doing to her son made me sick. She sat there with this blank stare on her face like a zombie. She obviously had no shame in what she was doing to her son or she wouldn't have let her Daughter record it.  I hope these children are safe.
Replied By: jeannekcfan on Sep 29, 2011, 6:44AM
I live in Denmark and i saw this today and i literally sat with my mouth like this :O when i saw the intro! You just CAN NOT put hot chili sauce in a child's mouth or put a child in the shower with only cold water running! I cried!! I watch the "Nanny 911" shows too and that mom has to watch them too or get serious help and that innocent child should be removed right now! The mom needs to know that only TALKING to the child helps. He doesn't know what to do or what he did wrong. Or obviously the mom forced him to say that he "pulled three cards today" but she has to explain to him what he did wrong and why it's wrong. When children get yelled at they shut down inside to not get hurt. That poor child.

And we know how it is in the shower when the water is a little too cold right? When it's just 5% too cold we think it's awful and that mom put ONLY cold water running at him the whole time! It's awful and we know how it is when it's just a bit too cold, imagine how it is with only cold water and it gets colder and colder! That mom should be put to jail and all her children should get parents that actually cares! Like one in the audience said: "how can she sleep at night?!" .. i'm 19 and I can see it, every parent -no matter what age- should know how to deal with when children makes mistakes. And it's plain knowledge to know that putting the child in pain with a cold shower or hot sauce in it's mouth is not going to help!! I get so sad and angry.. i hope her children were removed after the show because I think (i don't know of course) that when she can do that to a child, something is really wrong with her and she will never be a good mom. I'm sending the best thoughts to that child right now!
Replied By: seabeevet on Sep 17, 2011, 5:11PM
Wow!!! I just happened to catch this video on Dr. Phil's Youtube today. The screaming of the child was too much for me to handle. I just couldn't keep the tears away. Though  I could not see his face I am pretty sure that child was completely terrified.

I know how frutrating kids can be sometimes, but they are kids. It is not my place to tell anyone how to raise a kid. But I disagree with how this situation came about. He got in trouble at school, which kids sometimes do.  But now this child has this to remember for life, I am pretty sure someone at his school saw this, one of his friends maybe. I feel for Kristof and am glad that his mother is finally getting him and herself the help they need.
Replied By: gwilkins46 on Sep 3, 2011, 4:05AM
Replied By: cynarahere on Aug 30, 2011, 11:39AM
Replied By: twocubs on Aug 26, 2011, 9:39PM
What this mother did was inexcusable.  But how many of us have had moments as mothers that when videotaped and taken out of context make us look like monsters.  Let's have pity instead of crucifying her.  Who believes she set out to do this or be this way?  She set out to love and fell terribly short.

What this mother did was inexcusable, but what about Kristoff?  He was adopted from a Russian orphange?  My friends adopted a beautiful little girl from a Russian orphanage and realized as she passed out of her toddler years that she had severe attachment disorders from the severe neglect on account of the overcrowded orphanges.  The damage was done before they got her.  She never bonded with them and everything she did acted out of self-protection.  The love and praise of her parents did nothing more for her than if they were strangers.  Reward and praise did nothing as the girl continued to lie to protect herself.  I hear this is unfortunately common in Russian orphans.  I'm amazed Dr. Phil did not catch this or look into this at all.  If Kristoff does have a severe attachment disorder there is little his mother could do and will ever be able to do for him.  He may need the special attention of a group home.

Please don't fail to look at the boy's problems while blinded by the cruelty of the mother! 
Replied By: jjbmat on Aug 25, 2011, 11:04AM
Today this mother was conviced of child abuse for the video she sent to Dr. Phil asking for help.  She was Totally wrong with what she did but do you realize how many people will now be too scared to ask for help??  How many kids will be abused and killed by their parents who think asking for help will mean they will go to jail.  So sad.  So sad for those kids.  She should have been able to ask for help and get it without the severe repurcussions of being made an example of.  I don't know how to fix it, but people should be able to ask for help.  It's crazy to know she asked for help and was sent to jail where Casey Anthony denied denied denied and ended up with a dead baby and walking free.  That's sick.
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