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(Original Air Date: 11/08/11) Statistics show that 2,000 teens get pregnant every day. Moms and dads: Watch this show with your teenagers, because it can impact their lives and yours! Two families face off over who should raise 2-month-old Miley. Paige, 17, and her boyfriend, Jordan, 18, live with Jordan’s dad, Chris, and are determined to raise their child. But Paige’s stepmom, Nikki, thinks she and her husband should raise Miley, because they can better provide for her. Nikki also thinks Paige should break up with Jordan, and that he’s brainwashing her into doing whatever he wants. The teen dad says that he has stepped up to take care of his girlfriend and baby and that Nikki is the one who’s controlling. But do his actions show otherwise? See what Dr. Phil says they must do to ensure Miley grows up in a healthy environment. Will the families come to an agreement? Plus, 10 things teens want their parents to know about teen sex, and the biggest mistakes parents don’t know they’re making!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: sass0285 on Jan 16, 2015, 7:47AM
I am watching a rerun right now and this show is on. It boggles my mind that people think they know what's best for everyone. Not everyone fits in the same box and I don't know when people will realize this!! That baby is theirs!! Their decision!! I do understand most perspectives and agree with the adults. I was a teen mother. I had my daughter at 16. I knew I needed a plan and tested for the GED and recieved it before my daughter was born. If you treat the situation as a statistic they will end up as a statistic!! According to statistics I should have dropped out of school, I finished school before she was born. I should've had another child in my teens, I mean according to statistics. I am 30 and should not have a degree because statistics claim so, I have two. I started working after recovering from child birth and at 17 my daughter and I were on our own. I have a teenage daughter now and I don't wish a teen pregnancy on her and we have done things completely opposite of how I was raised by talking and keeping things open to have future conversations about sex, relationships, etc. I am not blinded by the notion that she will never have sex as a teen but she will be educated about safe sex and STD's. Oh and Dr. Phil it's now 2015 and just three years ago I had my last child who was a stomach sleeper! Give it a break. It's no wonder the teen mom acts the way she does, has anyone listened to her parents? I can tell you it is the same reason I pushed my parents away and we had no contact for a while. Do the teen parents need to learn more responsibility as to how the real world works? YES but someone has to let them!!!
Replied By: lizawren on Nov 4, 2014, 9:19AM
These grandparents are awful - critical, narrowminded, and negative.  This show is now two years old, so I hope things have turned out better than they were at the time of this taping.  I wouldn't choose to have a python, because I think it's cruel to feed them live animals.  However, it's not against the law and the snake poses absolutely no danger to the baby, at least at the size it is shown to be in the video clip.  The way the step-mom repeatedly mentioned the snake with a delicate shudder let me know this woman is about as deep as a puddle in a parking lot.  And two tattoos - the horror!  Grow up, grandparents.

I was really disappointed in the stance Dr. Phil took.  These kids have made a mistake that thousands of kids make; they need the support of their parents, not their toxic fallout.  The grandparents are fake, shallow, and unhealthy.  Dr. Phil said 'There is some real danger here.'  What, exactly was that danger?  The teens are immature, sure, but nothing makes you grow up faster than having a baby.  These kids need guidance from their parents, not handwringing, criticism, and judgement.  The thing is, these grandparents don't have a clue how to be good parents, so how are they going to teach it?
Replied By: amandarose926 on Nov 4, 2014, 8:30AM
Ok so i watched this show this mornibg and it blew my mind  thise parebts need to realize their dauggter is no longer a child  they chose to grow up and have a baby and tgey need to let them do that  thise teens need to realize their teen years were over the moments she got pregnant  and its ok to have shows like 16 and pregnant and almost the whole world supports it but when its ur own child its a different story  by no means am i saying its ok to get pregnant at 16 but now those kids need to grow up and face the consequences and the parents need to let them do that
Replied By: lambertamber on Sep 28, 2011, 11:21PM
Dear Dr.Phil,

Today I watched your show on TV, the topic was "Mom before Prom" or something similar. Wow, I was incredibly disappointed to see this 16 year old pregnant girl being encouraged to adopt out her baby because she wasn't emotionally, or financially prepared to be a parent. I disagree with much of what was said, and being a teen mom myself, i feel very strongly about teen pregnancy, so i decided to write you my story.


My name is Amber-rose and i am 19 years old. I was just 17 when i took a home pregnancy test and discovered i was pregnant. Within seconds a thousand worries and fears ran through my mind, but never once did i consider giving up my baby. At this time i was living with my boyfriend Daniel (aged 16) at his parents house. Daniel was very calm and supportive of my pregnancy, but i was terrified about sharing this news with Daniels parents and decided to leave this responsibility to Daniel. When i arrived home that day, to my surprise noone was crying or yelling, and Daniels mother calmly asked if i was to going to keep the baby.

"Yes", i replied and she said "okay".

That same day (the 21st October 2009 to be exact) my Mom and two younger sisters came to visit, I worriedly shared the news with them.

"Yay", replied my Mom, smiling. My younger sisters were also delighted. I was so surprised.

Can you imagine, Dr.Phil, your 17 year old daughter has dropped out of school, with no job and now you find out she is pregnant, and you still give her a hug and say, 'Yay', i mean that's crazy, right ?

But my mom believed in me, supported me and never once did she discourage me. The hardest part is over i thought. Boy was I wrong!


The next four months consisted of nothing but mood swings morning sickness, and arguments with Daniels family, I admit i was super hormonal! There came a time when Daniels Mom and Dad decided it was too stressful for me to remain living in their home, i was around 12 weeks pregnant at this time. I refused to move home with my Mom because of unresolved family problems, but i did understand that Daniels family couldn't support me any longer as Daniels older sister Stevie-lee and her one year old daughter Aaliyah were also residing there, along with Daniels two little brothers, all in their small 3 bedroom home.

So my 4th and 5th month of pregnancy was a hectic game of musical chairs as i lived between Daniels parents house, my Mothers house and my Aunty's house. Daniel barely left my side, until the situation was eventually resolved after Daniel and i went and stayed with a friend for two weeks in another state. By this time my hormones had calmed down, and both families became excited about my pregnancy.


Accommodation was still an issue because Daniel and i knew that we didn't want to raise a baby in this situation, we applied for house after house with no luck, until an emergency house became available when i was 24 weeks pregnant. Thankfully the house was fully furnished and was a nice home in a good neighborhood.


When i was 26 weeks pregnant, we spent the night at Daniels parents house. That morning i woke up feeling very sick and in pain, i asked Daniel to please not go on a fishing trip that he had planned with His dad. He told me to calm down and that i would be fine, but later that day I started to bleed and have contractions. My Mom drove me to the hospital where i was transferred to the Maternity unit in early stages of premature labor. I layed in the hospital bed not knowing what to do. It was hours before we could contact Daniel, and he arrived at the hospital covered in mud and smelling like beer, i have included this because it shows that teen dads don't always have their priority's sorted right away!!

I spent the night in hospital and was given medication to hopefully stop my contractions, and by the next day the bleeding has also stopped and baby was fine. It was nothing serious but enough to scare me into reality, i had a baby to take care of! And he or she would be here very soon!


Daniel and i were both receiving Centrelink benefits at this time and saved as much money as possible, we were able to buy baby clothes, baby blankets, lotions, nappies, bottles, a car seat, a breast pump, and other items that baby would need. My mom and Dad bought us a baby cradle as a baby shower gift and Daniels parents purchased us a pram. With the support of our families we had everything we needed and more.


I was ten days overdue when i went into labour, It was Saturday July 3rd 2010. Daniel and I were so excited, the day had finally came! I admit that we were somewhat naive about what parenthood would bring, but still we couldn't wait to meet our baby. I spent the day eating cake and relaxing until 3pm when i had an appointment at the Hospital. (Mildura Base Hospital) The pain wasn't bad at this stage, and my doctor determined that i was 2-3 cm dilated, things progressed rather quickly once i arrived at hospital. My Mom and sisters came to see me and soon Daniels Mom and sister were also present. The best way to describe my experience is, I went into that Birth Suite as a young Girl and came out a young Woman! Towards the end of my labour i had quite an audience! Daniel was beside me the whole time, while Daniels mom, my mom, my two sisters, Daniels sister, my aunty and my cousin enjoyed the experience! I had a natural labour with no pain relief, and at 3:36 am on July 4th 2010 i delivered a healthy baby girl, 7pound 14oz. We named her Skyla Anne-Marie, after my two sisters. And from the moment held her, she became the hardest, but best part of my life so far.


Shortly after Skyla's birth we moved into our first real home together as a family. More than a year later we are still overjoyed to be teen parents and though we don't condone teen pregnancy, we believe that pregnant teens should be supported not criticized about their decision to become parents. Whether the father is in the picture or not i want these girls to know that they DON'T have to give up their baby. There are services and people out there who will enable them to become great parents, and though life is hard, and money is scarce, it is possible to end up where i am now, a happy and successful teen mum.



Daniel and I are to be married this November 2011, on our four year anniversary. I will be 19 and Daniel will be 18. I am a self taught photographer and doing some small work from home. Daniel is between jobs at the moment. Our daughter Skyla is 14 months old now and recently she learned to walk... I hope to go back to TAFE in the next year or so and study photography or media.  Daniel is close to receiving his drivers license. And we look forward to the future, no matter how hard it may be. I hope that others will hear our story Dr.Phil, and i want you to consider that even Teens coming from difficult homes and lifestyles can succeed at being young parents.


Thank you,

Amber Lambert and Daniel Rosebottom.
Replied By: janicet68 on Mar 25, 2011, 8:47AM
You have a very cute baby if your parents forgot to tell you that. If you have question im sure you can find someone or maybe a online support group to ask advice to...remember all new parents have questions and dont know much so find someone and ask. To all 4 of the parents..Grow Up. All i see out of paiges parents is nagging when she should be able to come too you for support and questions and concerns all i see is you breaking your daughters heart. To jordens father really a 18 yr old girlfriend really..not a very good role model for your sons future, even if he says its cool you know its kinda freaky when your father is going out with someone his age. Jorden and Paige it will be hard dont think it wont but finish school  jorden and then try and try till you find a full time job then schedule college classes around your work schedule. Paige finish high school and get a part time job if possible to start then go to college when Jorden is done ...or ...Jorden try till you find full time work  and no college yet...Paige no job but go to college full time around Jordens job schedule..there are ways to work things out....i hope your parents come around. good luck
Replied By: becca1210 on Mar 24, 2011, 4:18PM - In reply to whiten36
true i am proud that this boy is trying to do the best for his actions. I know young man that is working and trying to get ahead and his baby mommy is taking all his money and trying to kturn the child against his dad it is so sad that we cant rally behind the dad for trying his best and yea we all need a break from our children at least once or twice a month that is healthy for the parents to work on their relationship   There is no going back now so enbrass the blessing and applad the dad for not being a dead beat   gosh !!!
Replied By: ncornford on Mar 24, 2011, 3:11PM
What upsets me is that Paige's parents are pushing her away every time they say something bad about Jordan. I must say great job Jordan for staying with Paige and taking on the responsibily of a child. Only thing I see here is Paige's parents whatn their control over their daughter. Jordan is that baby's father when you agree with it or not and if he wants to be there for Paige and Miley don't push him away.
Replied By: jessnflip on Mar 24, 2011, 2:01PM
This show struck home for me. I felt the advice Dr. Phil gave was not the right advice, i also felt that Dr. Phil was angry over these teens trying to raise their daughter- i felt like he thought the
Replied By: holland3 on Mar 24, 2011, 1:54PM
Why is everyone saying all you need is love? That is rediculous: Baby Miley needs love from all parties but it also takes money!!!!!
Replied By: kathleen27 on Mar 24, 2011, 8:33AM - In reply to concerned619
When I was pregnant with my first baby, I went out and book the Dr. Spock book...such were my parenting classes,and I have 3 healthy children!
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