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(Original Air Date: 11/11/10) Dr. Phil investigates a popular new website that dishes the dirt on non-celebrities -- tabloid-style. On TheDirty.com, people can anonymously submit photos and negative comments about anyone in their community, while the creator of the controversial site, Nik, proudly offers up his own opinions about the subjects in the photos. Nik calls his site the first ever civilian paparazzi, where people can be held accountable for their actions. Nik and his attorney say there’s nothing illegal about the website, and people need to be more careful about what photos they post online. And, Bruna says she’s an aspiring model whose pictures ended up on the website three years ago, accompanied by horrible comments and slanderous accusations. She says the insulting posts have affected her self-confidence and made her withdraw socially and second-guess her friendships. Should controversial websites like this be shut down? Plus, Nik’s wife, Shayne Lamas, often the subject of tabloid fodder herself, offers her opinion. And, Nik’s attorney gives his tips that everyone should know before posting on the Internet. Are you setting yourself up for ridicule? Don’t miss this heated debate!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: wallyrichards on Feb 5, 2016, 7:46PM
Both Nick and his wife know what there doing is wrong but they love the money so they'll try to justify it at any cost. The thing that really floors me is all the people who visit the site and post comments. I think what it says is there are a lot of really dumb peoplle in the U.S. For some reason we all like to think America is so advanced and smart but the sad truth is we're way behind most industrialized nations when it comes to smarts. I don't know how anyone could go to that site and participate for the entertainment value. They have to be sad pathetic individuals with very little going on in there life.
Replied By: treeves1998 on Feb 20, 2015, 9:18AM
Have a question? Dr.Phill said Nick's wife has done adult entertainment & nude photos. So, what makes her any better then the woman he degrades on his web site, seems like his wife is wrose then the women he speaks about, and belittles. Very sad you have to betlittle people to get famous, that says a lot about yourself as person! Maybe you should talk and you and your wife on your website instead of people you don't know. You seem to be a narcissistic man! Shame on you! Get a real job!
Replied By: cascotties on Mar 6, 2014, 11:14AM - In reply to rockinrobin246
 my grandchildren put selfies out to their friends on Facebook.  Does that give them the right to be victimised?

Not!!!   Can't you see that this website is bullying???
Replied By: cascotties on Mar 6, 2014, 11:07AM
In watching this program,, I felt the guy bringing his new wife to speak on his behalf did not help him.  It appeared that he married for her looks as they married within 24hours of meeting each other.  He obviously didn't know her. To marry a man that you don't even know what he does for a living, isn't too bright.  The fact that he had to promise her a bunch of new shoes to come on the show..... it was pretty obvious why she married him $$$$.

I agree they both are bottom feeders and this is a bullying website.  Shut it down
Replied By: prekteach on Mar 5, 2014, 12:45PM
Dear Dr. Phil,

I and writing about the November 11, 2010 titled "Dirt, Lies and the Internet." I don't usually get angry at talk shows. Some of your shows have helped. However, this particular show made me extremely angry!! What thedirty.com is reprehensible! You stated that three or four teenagers committed suicide. The owner of the site said he didn't care - I don't remember his name, I put it out of my mind. No one mentioned these children again and the fact that they killed themselves, not even you. I am very disappointed in you. This is a very relevant! The owner didn't even try to find out if what was sent to him was true. Even a news reporter has to find two sources before their article can be printed. He takes no responsibility for what he does!! His wife doesn't take responsibility for anything either.

Saying that, the point that celebrities are always in the tabloids is part of the industry. It's part of what they do. They know that they will end up in a paper somewhere. This man has no conscience, no honor, no respect!!! When those children killed themselves, he should have had the decency to discontinue his website!!!!!

Angry and insulted

Laurie Frank

Replied By: toddmercer1974 on Apr 25, 2013, 1:26PM
This site claims to hide behind the 1st Amendment but haven't we had enough suicides due to cyber bulling??? and if a suicide DOES occur because of or in part because of this website....there may not be any criminal charges.....BUT you can sure as hell bet a big check that there will be contributory negligence in the wrongful death action that would come faster than then next post!!!  Site should be taken down
Replied By: kalumnu on Dec 10, 2012, 3:49PM
You are entitled to say anything you want. I may not agree with you, but I'll defend you right to express yourself in speach unto my death.

However, in your right to express yourself, and impart your opinion. I reserve the right to judge, weigh, and decide the validity of your firtst amendment rights. If what you say is negative, I will judge you irrational and dismiss most, if not all, of what you have to say. If what you have to say is too positive, I'll assume you are a paid representative of the cause you favour. If what you say is balanced and rational, I will research, weigh, and decide for myself.

Like anything, the viewer, listener, or observer can walk away at any time should they choose. BUT! They Choose!!! Negativity should be allowed to rear its' ugly head so the world can have an opportunity to laugh at it.
Replied By: rockinrobin246 on Jun 8, 2012, 2:04PM - In reply to lezleed
You cant blame anyone BUT the victim.  No one twisted their arms to make the decision to publish their photos out where anyone anywhere can view them.  .  Chances are they wouldnt have been in the position they were had they not taken that first step.
Replied By: drphil100xcx on Oct 20, 2011, 3:00PM - In reply to zekamoni
Dear Zekamoni,

I could almost feel like your voice was shaking as you were being passionate about the potential impact these pictures could have on children, bringing themselves to the point of suicide.  I don't know if you have had a suicide in the family, but it almost sounds like that.  I found my brother when he committed suicide and it is nothing one should ever experience and nothing one will ever forget.

When I was living in an apartment complex and was getting ready to move, one of the live-in maintenance crew, a single woman and her 10 year old son, were like angels to me.  There were always there, even when I didn't go to their apartment they would see a problem and help me out immediately.

So when I was moving, I was packing but I need to get rid of a lot of my college text books - they were 20 years old.  I gave him a generous tip, which did not want to accept, but he gave me time to box up and saved me back breaking work.

I asked him was it difficult to throw them away and he replied no - they lived one floor down from me and he kept them.  I am a Chemical Engineer and I was so touched by child that I bought a new laptop (I knew he did not have a computer).  Now I paid for parental guidelines and his mother would have a person from Best Buy come out and install the child safety.  And with the tip money, they bought the camera so they could speak and see their family in Mexico.  So I was under the impression that parents could block kids from these sites.

My feelings about the Internet and children is that they should not even be on Facebook, Twitter and of the social websites, as these are where the kids would not only use words, but could also display these types of photos to children.

This is a part of history that our parents did not have to contend with and it is growing faster as we speak.  I would say innocence is lost, but it was lost when mankind began.
Replied By: drphil100xcx on Oct 20, 2011, 2:34PM - In reply to ryleesmommy702
Eleanor Roosevelt had a quote "...Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission."  Some people derive power when they think they have yours - don't let anyone take yours.

Let's look at the good things in you life.  Your daughter.  What would your life be without her?

Next, you do not need a man to have a happy life.  I think you need to focus on you.  I don't think you love yourself and that is a good place to start.  Can't you tell me one good thing about yourself?

I know it seems hard now.  And I grew up in a poor family - I only had one outfit that I washed and wore every day in the 9th grade.  I did not date until college; but I was the first one in the family to enter college.

And when people would tell me I could not do something, I excelled in it - in college they would not let me take entry level chemistry because I did not do well on the entry level mathematics class.  I was embarrassed because I was singled out.  But did I quit?  Hell no. 

It made me stronger.  I ended up with a Degree in Chemical Engineering, and engineering requires enough mathematics to almost get a major in math

There are many programs trying to get people into receiving tuition and education. So if you focus on you, increase your education and you will also be with a new group of people, you will see changes in yourself.

I know you are going through a difficult time.  But this man is not worth it - let her have him.  She is only acting this way to get under your skin - but she can only do it if you let her do it.  Once she knows you don't care, it won't be fun anymore.

It is difficult when you are young and it feels like everything is falling apart.  But you know what, sometimes it is good, because you have a chance to pick up the pieces and put it back together again

If your are feeling down or want to talk you have any close friends or family there to support you through this time?  You can write to me on this message board - if you are feeling depressed or suicidal and the feelings do not go away, then go the hospital.

A depression is not just feeling sad.  With a depression one can lose interest in things they used to enjoy, sleep patterns can change, for me it was sleeping 18 to 20 hours per day, crying at the drop of a hat, some people gain weight, some people lose weight ; and these symptoms persist for a long period of time.

Even if you are not sure, just in case see a psychiatrist or go to an emergency room, where you can be diagnosed or just talking to someone who is objective..  It may actually be helpful for you to be able to speak with a psychiatrist that does therapy, because you could be feeling anxious, nervous, things are hard to focus on.....just stick in there kid
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