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(Original Air Date: 11/12/10) Dr. Phil sits down with Joey, a husband and father, who says his wife of 10 years, Shannon, once was a “7”, but now is a “3”, so he feels justified in cheating. He calls her obese and says that in a perfect world, he would have a different woman every day of the week. Shannon says even though she tans, gets mani-pedis and had breast augmentation, her beauty isn’t enough for Joey, a personal trainer and self-proclaimed “9”. You won’t believe the other reasons he says it’s OK for him to cheat. Will he get a wake-up call? See the shocking text messages to Joey’s mistress, and hear Dr. Phil’s strong message for this cheating husband when a disturbing secret is revealed. Can Dr. Phil convince Joey to choose another path and look beyond the physical?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: amrm09 on Jun 16, 2011, 2:36PM
I would like to know if Shannon ever got the help she needed. I feel so bad for her even after dealing with him for 10 yrs and hearing everything he was saying to her and about her on the show, she still was willing to try to work it out. Joey is a jerk and he will never be happy with anyone, he will always be looking for the next best thing, but that's just my opinon. Hopefully she did get help and did let go of him if only for her childrens sake. I don't think she would want them to date men like Joey, or be men like Joey.
Replied By: elizabeth74 on Jun 16, 2011, 10:52AM
You're a hot mama. You're not even fat. He started cheating right after you got married? Then how can he say that he's cheating because you put on weight? You couldn't have gained that much right after getting married. At any rate, he's obviously the type that will continue to cheat. Even if you lost weight (that you don't need to lose), he would just think of some other reason why you're causing him to cheat. Your weight is his choice of reason right now, next it will be something else you've done wrong. You will never meet his expectations because he doesn't want you to meet them-- he wants to be able to justify it to himself by blaming you for some random thing. He likes the normalcy you give him yet he likes to have his fun on the side. He looks feminine with his waxed eyebrows.
Replied By: thrudamotions on Jun 11, 2011, 12:00AM

Replied By: lb0wen74 on Jun 10, 2011, 8:17AM - In reply to jckc0602
This guy says he's not on steroids, but I think maybe he is.  Steroids make people mean and careless.  It's a very bad drug that messes with their moods, etc.  I know a guy who was on steroids and killed a man.  He fled the country to England and when the British police found him (they don't carry guns) he shot one of them and killed him.  The policeman left behind a wife and young kids.  He's now rotting away in a prison in England.  Has no life, nothing.  That is an example of how steroids can affect people's moods.  This guy on the show needs to get help for his steroid use immediately before he does something awful.  The drugs have already nearly ruined his life and his family's.  Dr. Phil, please help this guy get off the drugs.  I strongly believe the drugs are the root of the problem.  Praying for this family!
Replied By: misscherie on Jun 10, 2011, 8:03AM
Joey's arrogant with a dash of arrested development.  One day his lower hemisphere is going to shrivel up and fall off because of all the STDs he's contracted.  Shannon, it's time your "Give-a-dam" was busted.  Girl, let's go out and celebrate your independence and taking out the trash.  I'll buy the first of the margaritas.
Replied By: caramel4 on Jun 10, 2011, 6:57AM
This is the second time this woman has chosen a knuckle head as such.  I REALLY hope she gets herself together before she marries again.
Replied By: newleaf85 on Jun 9, 2011, 10:13PM
This show reopened old wounds for me.  I have an ex like Joey that was only in love with himself.  He was very built like Joey and was also very abusive like Joey.  I'd be surprised if Joey could even fit through a door his head is so big.  My ex would cheat on me all the time and would constantly belittle me.  His insults about my weight did motivate me to lose weight to please him, but I did it in a very unhealthy way because I was so desperate to make him happy.  I took diet pills, abused laxatives, lived on a 500 calorie a day diet and ended up having my bones stick out of me.  My self esteem was beat down so much that it couldn't get any lower.  Luckily for me, a lightbulb did finally go off and I said to myself "f*** this, and f****  you."

To Joey:  I can assure you you're nothing special sweetie.  Your arrogance shines through when you get that stupid grin on your face after talking about all the pain you've inflicted on your wife.  I believe in karma and I take great pleasure in the hope that one day it will come back to bite you in the ass.  I hope you end up weighing 500 lbs and that you end up all alone and totally unloved.  I see prison time in your future for your anger issues because clearly you take after your dad who also has anger issues since he beat someone to death.  And, I hope when you do end up in prison that you get pimped out since you're so "pretty."  And, you say you hope your wife gets the hint that you want a divorce.  Well I'm just wondering...if you're such the "big macho man" and you know marriage isn't for you then why don't you man up and get the divorce so you can go back to your true calling of being a lying, manipulative, abusive player?  I would call you a tool, but I can't since tools have use...you don't.

To Shannon:  You're an amazing and beautiful woman who deserves SO much better.  I hope you get the help you need to rebuild your self esteem and move on with your life.

To Dr. Phil:  I have one issue with you.  Why do you always tell the woman guests on the show that they need to lose weight?  I have seen some overweight men on your show and I have never once seen you tell them to lose some weight.  And, since Joey belittled Shannon by calling her fat what do you think she actually heard when you said that to her?  Did you even think before you opened your mouth?  Shannon's self esteem is so low right now that I can assure you as someone who deals with low self esteem myself I can tell you she actually didn't hear what you said.  She didn't hear that you care about her health.  What was going through her mind was "wow, my husband was right about me.  I am fat and ugly."  And, you Dr. Phil successfully further inflated Joey's ego by telling her that because all he heard when you said that to Shannon was "haha, I was right."  I guess I shouldn't be surprised though since we live in a society where it is perfectly okay for a man to be overweight or obese, but if God forbid a woman puts on weight she is judged and shunned.  Shame on you Dr. Phil.
Replied By: jennef on Jun 9, 2011, 8:29PM
I wonder if Joey realizes that many, many women find his type of body unattractive ,even deformed??
Replied By: reerob926 on Jun 9, 2011, 7:11PM
(With regard to Beauty Isn't Enough)  This guy is obviously a gym rat.  True, his hours in the gym have yielded impressive results, but anyone can achieve these results if they're permitted unlimited time lifting weights.   Most people consider themselves lucky if they have time for a quick twenty minute jog before heading off to work each morning!

I hope (for his sake) that he can maintain his physique, because he is otherwise quite ordinary (there is nothing particularly attractive about his face... I assume that is why he's adapted the intricate beard). To make matters worse, his narcissism and lack of integrity will repulse people who cherish qualities such as intelligence, kindness, creativity and compassion.  What if he suffered a brain or spinal injury?  His gym days would come to an end, and he'd be a mediocre-looking man at best.  Does he really believe that the "10's" will still be around if he's in a wheelchair?  Will they drive him to physical therapy?  Change his catheter?  

Married folks who've been seriously injured or disabled, and were forced to rely on their partner for the most basic necessities (eating, bathing, using the bathroom), can attest to the fact that their partner is a "10" in their eyes. Love, compassion and kindness make people RADIANT!

Finally we must ask ourselves what type of example he is setting for his two children.  Does he really want to explain that he left their mommy because "she gained some weight"?  I'm stating the obvious when I say that we already have enough self-serving, shallow people on this planet.

To the wife:  You are beautiful both inside and out.  Walk away from this man-child with your head held high.  Devote yourself to raising those children with character and integrity; the universe will provide for you, I promise!
Replied By: spiritmatter on Jun 9, 2011, 5:44PM
Sex has two primary purposes, reproduction and sexual pleasure. 1) Without reproduction the human race would die out. Without sexual pleasure, the male becomes psychologically and physically dysfunctional and the female focuses on the kids, her friends or shopping (which a recent survey revealed a majority of women would rather do). 2) Without marriage and in the traditional patriarchal society of male power, the woman and any child are at high risk of abandonment and death.
Marriage is a contract with stipulations that have been primarily controlled by religions. The Judeo/Christian rules of marriage have supposedly come from God, but a closer examination reveals they come mainly from what the Christ called "the traditions of men" that make the torah (law/instruction) of God of no effect. Marriage was designed by God to be a social castle within which the man and woman could become one flesh (not spirit) through reproduction and the resulting child could grow up in a stabile and safe environment. The primary and priority relationship should always be between spouses. Other secondary relationships however are not ruled out. The husband cannot supply everything the wife needs in human relationships and the wife cannot always supply everything the husband needs in sexual fullfillment. Any contract in which a stipulation is not fulfilled by one of the parties, the other party can break the contract or seek mitigation. The man (from Mars) usually went in to the marriage primarily not to have kids or a friend but to achieve sexual fulfillment. The woman (from Venus) usually went into the marriage for protection, economic support and children. The man often fulfills his side of the contract but is expected to suck it up when it comes to getting his sexual fulfillment achieved. A man goes into a marriage with certain standards of what sexually turns him on and they usually do not change with time yet he is expected to be turned on after marriage by what he would have judged as not sexually attractive before marriage,
Solution: Honesty and transparency are mandatory for any healthy relationship. Cheating is breaking an agreed rule and hiding the fact. The husband's needs and desires are no more nor no less important than the wive's needs and desires. The spouses need to know themselves and each other and be honest about it. The spouse relationship should always be number one. If a spouse cannot supply an agreed upon need or desire of the other spouse. he/she must find an alternate source for that spouse's need or desire. Reproduction should always stay within the legal and moral protection of the marriage contract but disease free, consensual non-reproductive sexual pleasure is not a marriage monopoly.
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