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(Original Air Date: 11/03/10) Brandon is a drug addict in recovery who credits Dr. Phil’s Intervention with saving his life. Now, he and his mother, Debbie, pay it forward by staging interventions for families and their drug and alcohol addicted loved ones. Dee saw an episode with Brandon and wrote to Dr. Phil for help with her 23-year-old twin daughters, Brooke and Tiffany, who are addicted to heroin and prescription drugs. Both women have young children who are often left to parent each other and take care of their sick mothers. Dee, her ex-husband, Danny, and the twins’ siblings, Ashley and Derrick, are united in the goal to save the girls’ lives, but are they prepared to take a hard look at themselves? Find out why Dr. Phil says the whole family is sick. Will the twins agree to treatment? And what will happen to their children? Don’t miss this shocking story!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: julspv6859 on Feb 18, 2016, 4:43PM
This really effects me.  I am so angry at drug addicts. I can't believe the selfish acts of the two girls.

My son in law was hit head on on Dec. 6, 2015 by a guy that was high on herion.  My daughter and son in laws life is crushed.  My healthy active, hard working son in law is now in a wheelchair and can't walk.  He is very lucky to be alive but he is laid up do to the actions of a drug addict.  They care about no one but their selfish selves.   If these girls come out of this and don't get better after this they don't deserve to waste another breath of air. These girls are more then just drug addicts they are sick in the head.  They are proud of their action. They are proud  they are thieves and whores. 

I hope they get the help they need before they ruin another innocent life as the selfish little bastard that hit my son in law head on.
Replied By: cheryllsidrian on Jun 15, 2011, 10:50AM
I am in the middle of watching this program and I am absolutely disgusted!! First of all those children need to be taken away and NOT given to the grandmother. She is not part of the solution. She has nothing to say other than "I don't know". The father is as low as you can get as far as a human being ,because it is obvious to me that he is doing and supplying them with drugs as well. The whole family is a mess. They need to be put into a hard core re-hab and I am not sure that it would help. But like I said the children need to be taken away so that they have a chance in life (if they survive) and not fall into the cycle themselves once they are of age. My son is 37 years old and is a meth addict. He is homeless,no job, steals cars etc.. We his family have had to close our doors because when he is here he steals money my medication anything he gets his hands on. He is abbusive to us and threatens us bodily harm. We have offered to put in treatment but he refuses.So I do know the pain and heartache of drug abuse.
Replied By: coleswa on Jun 14, 2011, 8:08AM
I was drawn to watch this because of the children, but absolutely disappointed that families who are really doing what they can in terms of raising their children to be good members of society are not being displayed on such a worldwide basis!
Where are the families who struggle from day to day to make ends meet, but give their children all they can? Where are the families who are already trying their hardest to follow Dr. Phil's recommendations for a healthy family?
I'm not saying that I have it all together or that my family is perfect, but I know plenty of people who should be on Dr. Phil to set an example for families.  I am, frankly, getting tired of seeing people who have made messes of their lives and, to me, that is glamourizing dysfunction!
Replied By: lucykins91 on Jun 13, 2011, 1:31PM
I know a family that's in a similar situation to many of these Dr. Phil families. They are my neighbors, a couple in their mid 60's, who constantly cater to their 30 yr old drug addict daughter. She also has a small child, and CYS has been contacted before but my neighbors did not want to give the child up to foster care. Their daughter and her convict boyfriend (before he went to jail) used to steal things in their house from tools to kitchen appliences to get their drug money and their next high. Currently, my neighbors are paying for everything for their daughter and raising her child. I really feel the need to contact the show because my neighbors are like grandparents to me. What's the best and easiest way I can contact Phil?
Replied By: madams24 on Jun 10, 2011, 1:29PM
I need the ppl that helped all the other addicts on your show to help my sister and family to cope with my sisters heroin addiction. I am a 30 year old woman on disability and my mother works 6 days a week but we can't afford a rehab for her. she has great potential to be great in life. My sister had a 4.0 and was second in her class, 4 years later shes a dpoe fiend. I myself am on percocets for pain(prescribed). She throws that in my face, saying I am addicted to them so we are the same, however, she doesn't realize that I am not doing anything illegal to get them and am taking them as prescribed. I am though, trying to wing off of them and am seeing how hard it is to stop even the little I am stopping. I couldn't imagine getting off heroin. My mom is going crazy with my sister and is completely depressed. My family is torn and we need the same help the twins were offered. PLEASE HELP!!!
Replied By: takemetoparis on Jun 8, 2011, 9:11PM
Since this is a repeat episode, does anyone know of an update on the twins, and their father? I'm just curious on their recovery and their experience in rehab. I'm hoping Dr. Phil will do an update episode on this family.
Replied By: seekingwisdom on Jun 8, 2011, 8:55PM
What totally burns me up, other than the complete idiotic display of ignorance from this family, is what I saw on the tape :32 minutes into the show.  A twin was in the bathroom chopping up her Oxy-80...using a Debit Card, supplied as a result of receiving Unemployment Benefits!  DRUG TESTING should be required for everyone who is too sorry to work, or look for work, and choosing to use their Benefit Card to chop up some stupid pill.  I am up to my ears with such bullcrap.  It's MY hard earned money that they are sitting on their tails receiving...and the best they can do is chop up pills with the benefit card???
SERIOUSLY?????   GET A BRAIN...and a J-O-B, and don't use my tax dollars to help you snort your life away!!
Replied By: kimmiee25 on Jun 8, 2011, 8:54PM
Hi Dr. Phil, my name is Kim and I am 36 yrs. old and I lost my husband that was 36yrs old  to a herion overdose in Jan. 29th 2011. I have a 13year old and a 10 year old.  I watched the show on the heroin twins.  Something you said really hit me hard.  The part where you told the family they may find their twins cold dead bodies.  Well I did find my my husbands cold dead body.  It was was worst thing I had ever seen in my whole life.  I knew it could happen but untill it does it is something you can never ever prepare yourself  for.  I am going to collage to get my addictions studies certificate.  I could not save my husbands life I want to try to save someone elses life.  If I could take my expereience and use it to help other families I think  that would be part of my healing process.  If  there is any way I could do something Brandon and his mother are doing I would love to do what they are doing.  I am so glad he is free of drugs and trying to help other people.  If you have any sugustions for me I would love to here them. I love your show and I watch it all the time.  Thank you Dr. Phil
Replied By: libby1600 on Jun 8, 2011, 7:42PM
I can't believe that parents would allow let alone do drugs with their children.  I have a sister who use to do crank while living with us years ago.  It made me sick and told her she cannot stay with us, if she keeps doing it.  I was raised with a father who drank all the time while I was young.  He stopped drinking 20 years before he passed.  You forget about the things you do and say, but remember children don't.  I can attest to that.  Those children need to be put with someone who truly cares about their safety.  I applaud Brandon on his recovery and him and his mother paying it forward.  I  have a 16 year daughter still at home and I pray she does not get involved with drugs.  I would love to see Brandon go into schools and talk.  Maybe he already does that.  Thank you all for trying to help this family.  The really need it.
Replied By: d_julia on Jun 8, 2011, 6:39PM
How on earth can a "mother" test positive for heroin 9 times while pregnant, deliver a heroin addicted baby, and then be allowed to take the baby home after the baby spent 14 days in the NICU?? Why wasn't CPS called? How can this possibly be permitted? And then, the "grandmother" who knows full well that her daughters are doing drugs in the presence of their babies, does absolutely NOTHING? And, finally, Dr. Phil, why on earth would you be ok with this 'grandmother' taking custody of those babies? That woman exercised such extraoridinarily bad judgement that she should've been thrown under the bus, but instead, you want her to now, suddenly, step up to the plate and parent those babies? CPS may 'supervise' but they will not be in that home 24/7. Those poor babies. They don't stand a chance.
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