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(Original Air Date: 11/04/10) Why are so many 20-somethings obsessed with having a lavish lifestyle? Erica, 27, calls herself a princess, says she’s never held a serious paying job and spends most of her money getting Botox and maintaining her appearance. Her mom, Cindi, says she pays for Erica’s rent and other bills, and she’s tired of supporting her. Dr. Phil sends Erica to New York to intern for Dr. Phil special contributor Kelly Cutrone, a PR powerhouse and author of If You Have to Cry, Go Outside … and Other Things Your Mother Never Told You. Kelly has a message for the young woman, and it’s not pretty! Then, 28-year-old Josie says she won’t settle for a man who isn’t wealthy and powerful. Her mother, Alla, says she’s financed Josie her entire life, and she’s ready to cut her off. Can Josie learn to stand on her own two feet?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: katakozmy on Feb 11, 2014, 6:28AM
I just have to say, that i liked Josie ALOT... she is really funny and i would like to be her friend.
Replied By: jeannekcfan on Sep 29, 2011, 6:17AM
I get very sad when i see people like this. I hope they enjoy their lives because i would like give everything to have enough money and they have more money than they can ever spend in their lifetime. It's so sad to think of right? Many people are dying of hunger, other people can't even spend all their money in this lifetime. I know that "money is not everything" and that I take things for granted, too. But i am more than happy with my boyfriend and we've been together for over 4 years and the only thing we need is money. I could live my dreams if we had money. Some people sit with all the money in the world and miss a girlfriend/boyfriend, but we sit here happily with eachother and miss money! NOT to sound like we're not happy with eachother, we are! More than happy and we're so lucky to have found eachother, now we only need money ;) It will come someday i hope. I just hope that all the rich people in the world could live a day in the life of a person with "normal" or few money so they really appreciate having everything material afterwards. I actually understand if they don't appreciate it because they've never known any other life.
Replied By: jordielou on Sep 1, 2011, 9:03PM - In reply to dani99
i totally agree, im an aussie also and i like you wanted to jump her. it made me quite sick in fact. a lot of people are just a waste of space, it seems like she will not change.
Replied By: jordielou on Sep 1, 2011, 8:59PM
I'm a 22 year old Aussie girl, i realize that this episode aired in America a long time ago but it aired here today and id just like to say that firstly Ive never written on a message board before but once i saw the episode i had to say something!

Josie was an insult to all senses, she is the type of girl that wouldn't last in the town i grew up in, simply because NO ONE would take her shit, and would most likely be beaten down for insulting the wrong person. i know that sounds harsh but really I'm quite amazed it hasn't already happened!! she really has no sense of respect, and shes just deluded! i know i certainly wouldn't be able to be in her presence without either slapping her in the face or just screaming at her until she gets it - shes not this beautiful "glamour model" she thinks she is.
and as for her mother, shame on her for letting her daughter get away with being like that. its obvious that Josie runs the show and her mother is just along for the ride, whether shes scared to stand up to her daughter or not is another question. I'm pregnant with my first child and i will NEVER stand by and let my daughter/son speak like that to anyone.
i really hope that she seeks help, because i do agree with Kelly, i think there is some sort of mental disorder going on there, either that or she just cant see past her own selfish existence.
Replied By: dani99 on Sep 1, 2011, 7:57PM
Hi Dr Phil,

I'm an Aussie, so we get your show several months after it has been screened in the US.  That being the case, I know this one is probably off your radar now, but I just couldn't help but throw my two bob into the bowl.

Like almost everyone else, I found young Josie's behaviour on your show pretty appalling.  She was rude, offensive and arrogant, and with absolutely no justification for any of it.  But I was stunned more by the enabling behaviour of her mother.  I understand the urge to defend one's child, but to do so when your child is being an A-Grade prat beggars the understanding.  And when one's child is 28 years old (and therefore old enough to presumably know better) it is inexplicable.

Please spare us any more examples of the Spoiled and Entitled.  I'm usually a pretty even-tempered sort of person, but Josie gave me the urge to leap through my television screen and smack her lights out, so I could be sure that she would not breed up more of her type to use up valuable world resources.  Like air.

Cheers from, Down Under.
Replied By: holycow22 on Jul 18, 2011, 10:49AM
I don't watch Dr. Phil as often as I'd like - but happened to find him on today when I had a day off.  I have never commented on a message boarfd before, but the supremely over-the-top appalling behavior by both of the spoiled girls caused me to logon and register immediately.  First of all, I feel like I grew up with great parents who overindulged me and even now in my 40's struggle with not spoiling myself.  These gals have epic challenges ahead of themselves as the upbringing they had was way more dysfuntional than shopping or ego issues.  These girls are cruel in presenting their opinions and seem to lack a filter. When  I say I was spoiled, I mean too much shopping.  Thank God, my parents did not create an egocentric monster unable to relate to others.  These girls need to be deprived of all material goods, relieved of their credit cards, and dumped in the middle of a wakeup call seeing how people who are homeless and have no current options have survival skills, hope and the diligence to remake their lives.  I cannot imagine that the epiphany I hope for for both these gals would occur, but I will include them in my prayers.  These folks are the kind of people that turn to crime or prostituition and victimizing others, because they require immediate satisfaction and are not used to be kept within the normal confines of appropriate behavior.  Also, Kelly Cutrone was a lot more constrained than I would have been.  An intern needs to be in a receptive and accommodating mindset in order to get anything from that opportunity.  I sentence these gals to hard labor, or working in a alzheimers facility, or shelter where they can see something that may trigger a change.  I am hoping for some gracious and amazing transformations.  The world does not need more divas, it needs more love, humility and understanding.
Replied By: janealvarez on Jul 18, 2011, 5:41AM
There are so many people who really need help, people who are making a difference in this world -  why not hi-lite more of them instead of selfish individuals like this.  I watched the first episode...cannot stomach another one.
Sorry Dr. Phil, I will have to stop watching
Replied By: ladytiger on Jun 28, 2011, 7:01PM - In reply to crazy_in_love
i agree. of course, these young women could have developed more fake realities about life themselves. i knew a girl like that she developed all of this unrealistic fakes about ppl and life, so ignorant to everything who wasnt perfect. i dont know if her mom taught her this or not but her sister was more sane to talk too. the mothers are like i was taught this way i dont know what else to do is an excuse not to want the help anyway
Replied By: canadianbacon on Jun 26, 2011, 10:26AM
This show was very difficult to watch.  I can not beleive that there are women in this day and age that actually think along those levels.  Those families live in a compeletly sheltered pretend world.  Part of me wishes I could join them, but...I could never be so ignorant.

The turning point of the show (for me) was when Josie's mom suggested that she become a nurse.  Are you kidding me?  Her a nurse?  Not in a million years!  She would not last five minutes.  I am a nurse and I was actually offended that her mother would suggest that her selfish narcassistic daughter could possible be a nurse.   Nursing is the farthest from shelfish and the first time someone threw up on her she would be screaming like a child and running for the nearest exit.  I would like to know what her mother thinks nurses actually do?  Perhaps sit around and eat bon bons all day and chit chat with each other.

Josie a nurse?  Never! 
Replied By: pmat48 on Jun 24, 2011, 9:28PM
Reese Witherspoon said it right on the MTV awards show recently when she went up to accept her award.
She said that she was proud to be a working actor and that more people needed to want to do that instead of wanting to be a skanky reality star and only wanting to be that growing up. When your children grow up you want them to pick people they admire for their brain and hard working career choice and thats is what their parents or parent should be showing and teaching them also before they leave home .
Its funny that this womans mom was just the older version of her . And of course there was no father in the picture to tell his daughter that she is acting spoiled and selfish and immature and stupid ! NICE has nothing to do with her having a real life. All both mothers could bring up is they want their daughters to find a rich weathly man ?? Same problem ..not teaching their daughter to go get a degree and be independent for themselves even if they are dating someone . Both mothers are more intent on getting them a man to take them off their hands so they can quit supporting them . These are the mothers of today?? Hurry and grow up and go to college but ...if you find a rich man along the way give up your goals and dreams and career because getting a man should be first. Its funny all that money to have nice hair and nails and clothes and fake boobs and they cannot find a decent man that want them!
If this is what real life is to these mothers and daughters in this day and age i am glad I do not have grandchildren to watch grow up and turn into that male or female . Do not be a parent ever if you can not teach the basic love and skills to your children and learn the word NO and Yes are used for a reason before your children grow up and move away. Its called parenting and cosistency ...learn to use that when you children grow up ...

Reese Witherspoon said it correctly and I applauded her when she said that and Dr Phil needs to find that clip and show it on his show. We have two generations of selfish self asorbed children and young adults that do not understand real work ethic and having manners and what the real world is when they get out on their own. That lady who tried to be truthful had it right and we need more of her to fix the children who are coming from parents and a parent who did not teach them basic skills > this is why people say they miss the good old days !
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