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(Original Air Date: 10/22/10) Are you more of an extrovert or do you tend to be neurotic? Learn about the five basic dimensions of personality, and take the Big 5 Test to determine which category you fall in! Brian is a mild-mannered fun husband and father, but when he sits behind the wheel, he says he gets so angry and aggressive that he constantly sprays other cars with windshield wiper fluid -- going through as much as three gallons of fluid every week! Can he put the brakes on his temper before someone gets hurt? Next, meet Sam Gosling, professor of psychology and author of Snoop: What Your Stuff Says about You. See what he learns about the Dr. Phil staff and Dr. Phil when he snoops through the office! And, body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass analyzes Darcy and Craig's behavior on a date. Is this couple of seven months compatible for the long haul? Plus, learn how to mesh your personality with someone who's opposite of you, and take a quiz to find out your dog personality!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: buckyshalf on Feb 19, 2015, 3:18PM - In reply to mppzael
Yes I will definitely let you know. I'm soooo curious!!
Replied By: buckyshalf on Feb 19, 2015, 2:55PM
Dear Dr Phil, I'm very curious about the sillohet of the woman at the beginning of the show. You ask did we see it spinning clockwise or counter clockwise. My question is what if it changed at several times while it was spinning. Half the time it was spinning clockwise and the other half was counter clockwise.  Does that mean something is wrong in my brain? Ha Ha! I'm very serious! Thanks, Kathy
Replied By: mppzael on Nov 12, 2013, 11:53AM - In reply to dariahoney
i too can see her spin both ways my husband said yeah right but i replayed it over and over. if u find out what this means please let me know .thank u
Replied By: sklemak on Apr 21, 2011, 1:30PM
My husband died almost 3 years ago. I would not bicker about his leaving a spoon on the counter. My priorities have changed since I lost him.
Replied By: jennysgram on Mar 19, 2011, 5:50PM
And what was Brian's wife finding so funny about his road rage-fueled, way over the speed limit type of driving? You'd think she would have tried to talk some sense into him long before now. My gosh -- she's actually in the passenger seat (at least some of the time) when Brian is pulling this nonsense on the road. Some things I will just never understand...
Replied By: jennysgram on Mar 19, 2011, 5:01PM
I'm seeing the show a day late but have to write about Brian. First of all -- who ever heard of using your wipers and windshield washer fluid to intimidate other drivers??? It's ridiculous. What is even MORE ridiculous is that Brian apparently thinks that when other drivers don't get, THEY are the ones who are stupid!! Brian is absolutely a menace on the road, and I pity anybody who has the misfortune to encounter him on the road. Just wish Dr. Phil would have been a lot more stern with this guy who has an ego (at least on the road) WAY bigger than his brain.
Replied By: browneyestwo on Mar 18, 2011, 7:37PM
I believe in say what you mean and mean what you say ! That way there is no misunderstanding .
Replied By: browneyestwo on Mar 18, 2011, 7:35PM
say what you mean and mean what you say !
Replied By: thinkable on Mar 18, 2011, 5:52PM

Dr Phil, When the housewives series started and you introduced Kim, you gave a brief description and included the fact that she has fibromyalgia.  Since that time it has never been mentioned. Why?  I know there is alot of emotional work for her to work on plus her drinking problem.  Fibromyalgia is a very real illness and could be a huge contributitor to why she behaves the way she does.  there is so much pain and fatigue involved with depression and anxiety too.  I hope you are always considering the fibromyalgia and how it can be affecting her actions.   
Replied By: krisikaye on Mar 18, 2011, 4:17PM - In reply to ghstwheel
I was shocked that my results fit me to a T! Most quizzes are hit and miss. This one and the Dog Personality test were pretty accurate!
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