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(Original Air Date: 10/15/10) Parents: Could your child be participating in a scary new fad? Learn the top three questions you should ask your teen. Spice may sound like a common household ingredient, but it’s a slang term for synthetic marijuana. Chris, 20, and his 17-year-old brother, Tyler, say they smoke spice because it’s a legal alternative to pot, and it makes them feel relaxed. Their mother, Billie, says her sons become verbally abusive and destructive when smoking, and she worries that the drug may be affecting their health. Dr. Daniel Amen, a neuropsychiatrist, reveals the hidden dangers of spice. Then, rave parties attract thousands of teens, but could these electronic music and light shows be deadly? Dr. Phil talks to Gracie, the mother of 15-year-old Sasha Rodriguez, who died after attending the Electric Daisy Carnival. Should raves be banned? Nick, a self-described raver, speaks up. Plus, learn about a risky new trend that takes body art to a whole new level.

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Replied By: tisidi on Oct 16, 2010, 12:54PM
Found this to be a good reference: JWH-018 from Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JWH-018 According to the writer Kevin Keck, who sampled various brands of herbal incense containing JWH-018 for research on the subject, "A small amount does produce visual distortions and a marijuana-like buzz. I can easily understand how individuals with little or no experience in navigating this psychic terrain could experience extreme panic attacks that prompt them to seek medical attention...It is not a problem that responsible people use [JWH-018], it is a serious problem that naïve and foolish people use [it]. It is the same problem that surrounds alcohol and any other number of legal prescription drugs."[22]
Replied By: mchllshly on Oct 16, 2010, 8:08AM
My brother does spice and he is 18 years old. He says his main reason for doing it is because it is cheaper then beer and easier to get too. He also thinks that there is nothing wrong with it because it is legal. However it really scares me because addiction runs in my family.
Replied By: missread on Oct 16, 2010, 5:15AM - In reply to sistersam9149
I couldn't agree with you more, I am a mother of a 15 year old son and an 8 year old daughter.I believe that the self entiltlement of children these days mostly comes from the parents. In my day as I'm sure in yours we as kids had to work for what we wanted these days parents seem to over induldge their kids , so there is no sense of responsability , it's very sad.
Replied By: williamawendel on Oct 16, 2010, 4:37AM
Dr. Phil, comment on Friday show. 10-15--10

Young people always press their limits, I did so did my peers. For some reason, we pass good sense.
Most times we , all of us  know  what we should and should not do.

Many people, my generation, died from useing drugs, and alchol, as you know. I am 63 years old and  much has happened in my life time, some not so good.

Anything we put in our bodies affects us, some do it anyway, It's sad really.... I have always felt  anything
we take that alters our bodies, esp. if it alters our mood is something we should not do.

I do not understand why,  people do such things when so many have died.

I suppose maybe, it could be the empty challange , of beating the odds..... really  not worth it...

Just ask those in emergency rooms , or maybe go visit a drug rehab and see the destruction to the
lives of the risk takers.

There is a better answer... life can be wonderful if we can look beyond ourselves, to a higher power.

This is for the one that has no one, or so he thinks, when all seems lost, when your friends have gone
away, consider... the lilies of the field, they toil not, the birds in the air are provided for, all creatures have
a reason for being. Look up have faith, trust in the One that made all... His name is The Great I AM,
Our Father in Heaven, call on His Name.... Jesus He will come into your life and make it a new....
just call on Him, won't you?

God Loves You... and so do I , Watch TBN chanal 40 , you will see
Thank You, your friend , Bill
Replied By: alwaysmoo on Oct 16, 2010, 3:52AM
Hi there..So my thoughts about raving. Im a 20yr female and I rave, dose that make me a druggie? Ha No..To let you parents and other adults know..that when i was younger before my teen years i would always wonder what raving was like and i always wanted to go. Well when i turned 18 I was gonna go to one, but than i didnt and then i never gotten the chance to untill now...I only started this year..exactly on nye..yes some of you may know that one, and may call me a noob or whatever..but anywho the reason why i wasnted to rave was because of the music and to dance all night...yes that can be true for half or more people in the scene..I didnt start to rave because of drugs..and to be honest with you, before raving, when i was in my teens i did try a few drugs..and to let you all know i have tried E but i tried it before i got in the scene, the scene did not make me try it(just to let you know)..trying it was the curiosity of me, I wanted to know how it felt, yes it does make you feel good and etc. but yeah this does not make me a druggie, because everyone in this world will try something once in their life..but besides the point, i can say i do rave sober, i rave sober all the time, yes i have raved on drungs once or twice..but thats not why i joined the scene.. And being in this "world" of raving, i have notice that, alot of people do rave sober and yes you still have the people who dont, but i meet many people who tell me they are there for the music and not drugs, but raving is not about the drugs it is about the music, dancing, people and dressing up =)..i love going and meeting new people who love edm..and that world is like a big family..and i can honestly say i feel better while raving because i can be myself..and no im not replacing that world with reality, i can mange both, which alot of ravers do, alot have reg. jobs and go to school, and than on weekends they go to their escape for the weekend, its like going away on a trip for you non party goers..
Anywho another thought, you cant banned raves, because they are already illegal, these are EDM festivals(just like any other music festivals/concerts)  and i have seen/heard worst things happen at rap/hip hop/rock and etc. concerts. EX. i went to a rock/pop concert about 3-4yrs ago, they didnt have metal detectors, and they didnt search; see someone could of broughten in a gun/knife/drugs and ect. At least at raves they shearch you and ect. Also you have a more of a chance doing drugs at partys/kickbacks, at school, at the park..teens find any chance to get away from their parents to go party with their friends and drink and etc. You have more under age kids drinking and doing drugs at house partys and thats more of a chance of them getting really hurt and than no one will really be their to help, like drs. cops and etc, at least at raves you have all that there. So please stop saying our EDM festivals are horrible cause to be honest if your there for the right reason its not a horrible place.
And as for the 15yr old girl who lost her life, i dont want to sound mean, because it is very sad she passed at such a young age, but I blame her and her parents. She did know that that was a place she wasnt allowed to be at, and the word on  the street from people who did meet her at EDC was that she went both days, she snuck in  without a ticket, and that EDC was not her first rave and that she did do drugs before..also she did take E on her own no one slipt it in her drink or w/e. So she was not so innocent like her parents thought, they most likely didnt know what their daughter was doing at all which most parents dont know when their kids are teens, But they should of known where she was that weeked.  I also blame sashas friends, im sorry..her friends knew she took the drug and they apparently lefted her with out caring, im sorry I have friends that i sometimes rave with and sometimes they pop and i stay with them all the time, even when i meet random people who have popped, just to make sure they are okay, no matter if they have been doing it for years or not; sashas friends should not have lefted her and than they lied to cover their butts from getting into trouble. to me they were not such good friends the last night sasha was alive, and me, im a very PLUR person, if i would of saw/met sasha her last night alive i would of helped her(thats just who i am). I am sorry for sasha family..sorry they lost her. Its sad her life was short, but she is in a better place now and we should at least be happy about that...But because of all this bad media attention of the EDC death are festivals have been kinda egh..the media is giving us a bad name, yes we already had a bad, but they are making it worst..because its not all bad, its good too..its kinda like 50/50..sorry for me ranting on..i just had to get my thoughts out. 
Replied By: missread on Oct 16, 2010, 3:48AM
I saw what was once a very good freind of mine yesterday ( haven't seen her in about 10 years ) , in the nursing home where she resides. Back in april she decided that she didn't want to live , or be a mom to her 4 boys anymore. Now she is constantly in a wheelchair and has to have her diaper changed  , btw she is in her early 30's, I decided to take my children to c her ( for 1) she hasn;t seen them in as long as I have , and 2) I thought it would be a great lesson for them ). I felt some compassion for her and what she is going through , but not as much as I should have. I was more mad that she could decide that after all the crap she  and her boys have  gone through  together,   that she could just give up . I guess I just don't get it
Replied By: sistersam9149 on Oct 16, 2010, 2:34AM
Dr. Phil, I enjoyed the show today but I kept waiting for you to ask the brothers these questions. "Since you don't go to school, how are you contributing to the family home?  Are you paying rent?  These boys seem to have grown up without personal responsibility  Parents should start instilling responsibility before their children even go to school.  They can set the table, take dishes to the sink, dress themselves,,,
As a teacher who taught 36 years (now retired), I worry about this generation. It's true that their knowledge and use of technology is much better than my generation.  The activities they have experienced (dance, music, sports lessons and gaming) are far greater than most of the last generation. But how has that translated into the young citizens of today.  I see many self absorbed, rude people working minimum wage jobs & hating it. Well people, THE ONLY TIME SUCCESS COMES BEFORE WORK IS IN THE DICTIONARY.

Replied By: sherrian83301 on Oct 15, 2010, 11:20PM - In reply to nadjana74
Oregon and Idaho banned Spice today (10/15/10) .. who's next?? People, if your state hasn't banned this stuff yet; you need to be writing your legislators NOW and telling them they must - and remind them that the elections are only a few short weeks away and the way they handle this new blight in our land will have HUGE ramifications on how you vote come November.
Replied By: momof2gr8boyz on Oct 15, 2010, 11:19PM
My son was expelled from school for helping his friend sell this to a girl that ingested it in school. She got very sick and was rushed to the hospital. I never heard of this stuff nor did I know that my son had any involvement in this. I am a stay at home mom and I ask lots of questions and supervises him 100%. I never saw this coming!! He was asked by a friend of his to help him sell it and so he did. He has been expelled for his ENTIRE SOPHMORE year of High schoo. :( This has been devistating to me. I realize my son was involved and he did wrong but the girls that ingested it got 5 days suspension!!! I know in his little 15 1/2 yr old brain he was thinking well its not "ILLEGAL"!!! I feel that the system has failed him as well for not banning this earlier. The whole thing is INSANE!!!
Replied By: sherrian83301 on Oct 15, 2010, 11:14PM - In reply to nadjana74
If your state hasn't banned spice yet; you need to write your legislators and remind them the election is only a FEW short weeks away and their actions on banning this drug will influence your decisions at your voting place.
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