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(Original Air Date: 10/11/10) There are dangers lurking online that could potentially harm you and your family, and Dr. Phil is putting you on alert! Many young people who belong to social networking sites are posting provocative pictures and dialogue online. Dr. Phil conducts an experiment to prove just how easy it is to fake an identity online and lure in innocent victims. You won’t believe the outcome! Then, hear the shocking firsthand account of a young girl who was sold on the Internet for sex. Next, Dana is terrified that her 14-year-old daughter, Stephanie, will be kidnapped or raped by strangers she meets on the net. She says the teen is constantly chatting with older men, and she has found naked pictures in Stephanie’s email. Stephanie admits she sends these men risqué photos, and she makes a surprising confession to her mom. What’s motivating the teen's behavior? And, meet a family who was relentlessly cyber stalked by anonymous trolls following the death of their daughter.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: reedabelle on Apr 7, 2011, 2:05PM
I admit, I usually have a morbid curiosity about things like car crashes and crime scenes. I don't know why, it usually gives me nightmares. I would never say the mean things these "trolls" say but it still makes me think twice before googling something like this. I never realized what an intrusion it is for the family.
Replied By: clydebarrow on Apr 7, 2011, 1:45PM
So, where are the parents..Iwa
Replied By: pmparker2011 on Apr 7, 2011, 1:36PM
I have been separated since August of 2009 because my husband cheated on me with a woman he met playing poker online in another state. We had only been married 5 months when he began the affair. He wants to reconcile but I am almost worn out with giving him chance after chance and plus hi
Replied By: missbilly on Apr 7, 2011, 1:33PM
Kids don't understand the real dangers of talking to people on line and not knowing them. There are too many sweet talking people out there waiting to take advantage of these kids and it's hard to protect them from that danger other than taking the internet away from them. As far as Nikki my thoughts and prayers and sympathy go out to that family. For someone let alone a police officer to let pictures of her out on the internet is  so wrong in every sense of the word. What these other sites are doing I'd love to know how would they feel if this was there daughter and they would get online and see these comments about there own child. I hope that they are able to find out who has these sites up that have the pictures on and the nasty remarks. and I hope the man working on that can send these arrogant people a legal letter stating take it down or get sued. This is the last thing they need after losing there beautiful daughter and it is not just affect them but the other daughter is having a hard time also. I can't believe there are people out there that are so cruel and cold hearted to do this.
Replied By: renlleuw on Apr 7, 2011, 1:29PM
Dr. Phil,

Not only the internet is a new dangerous tool that predators use. One year ago in Shreveport a 13 yr old boy was lured by a text message ton his phone to go outside to meet a friend. The messenger had posed as a girl that the boy knew (he had taken the girl's phone)......the little boy was then murdered by this predator that was a convicted sex offender and driving a cab. The entire community is still horrified. Please help alert parents and everyone to these dangers as well. You have no way of knowing if a friend's phone has been stolen or their number used to contact you.  You just cannot be too careful.  His name was Justin Bloxom and this promising little boy died way too soon.
Replied By: marsbec on Apr 7, 2011, 1:27PM
the chp who posted the pictures of the accident i hope they got fired and sent to prison. it was a break in evidence . let alone a break in the oath the took to do no harm. that is to everyone the living and those that pass that includes their family left behind. this person was a complete idot and deserves to be punished. i can't believe he\she can sleep at night knowing this was done to this family.  as a nurse who cares for people young and old of those for surgery to those who overdose you can't just take pictures and post what you find is fun or cool people have feelings no matter what the situation is or who they are. this young girl and family did not deserve this. how would this chp appreciate it if this happened to his\her family??????? NOT so good i am sure......
Replied By: kimi103 on Apr 7, 2011, 1:23PM
I can speak first hand of how scary the internet can be. I myself, was a rebel teenager and my parents decided to get me a computer for my 14th birthday. Well, I spent ALL of my teenage yrs on chat lines. I got the addresses of a few men, and we even wrote letters back and fourth. Then when I got older and was able to drive a car, I started "meeting" men off the internet. I've probably talked to over hundreds of men online, and I've probably met about 10-12 men in person. It's horrible what I did, and I didn't realize at the time how much danger I was putting myself in. I was a dumb  teenager, and I didn't realize that I could've been killed, beaten, or raped. I wish kids these days knew the dangers of talking to people you don't know on the internet. It's a scary thing. But I learned my lesson, and now that I'm 28 yrs old, I know the dangers, and I'm so thankful nothing bad happened to me. I plan on monitoring my childs internet usage as he gets older, and making sure he isn't talking to people he doesn't know, or writing them letters, or meeting them in person. I think parents nowadays need to keep a closer eye on what their children are doing on the internet. If it doesn't seem right, then it probably isn't.
Replied By: omeomi09 on Apr 7, 2011, 1:20PM
You put a picture of female LEGS online and are surprised/shocked when men reply wanting to "hook up". Are you serious?  What type man would anyone expect to attract with that type image?

If you engage in prostitution you are choosing to associate with low lifes - is that really a news flash?

I know there is cyber stalking and cyber bullying that is a problem - but I find it hard to get emotional about women who sell their bodies and then cry about "poor me".  The excuse of "looking for love" is used as it has been for years - most are looking for money.  Let's get honest here.  If these girls were looking for love they'd be giving in to guys their age - they are looking for drugs and money and aren't all that innocent to begin with.

We have too many parents who are unwilling or uninterested in watching waht their children are doing online - and young people taking advantage of that freedom.  How is it a 12-16 yr old girl has the freedom to be prostituting and no one notices what's going on or where she goes?
Replied By: kathyn on Apr 7, 2011, 1:05PM
I knew there were sex ads and predators on the internet but it was only after I learned that my husband is bi-sexual that I really learned about the underbelly of Craig's List.  I was FLOORED by the M4M ads on there.  Where, when, what, with photos that would curl your hair.  And every time I go out for an afternoon, evening or away for a weekend, my husband trolls those ads.  And they're guys who are right here in the neighborhood who don't ask for anything but just to have anonymous sex.  He CLAIMS he only looks at the ads but I don't believe him.  We have no relationship any more and I wouldn't at this point without him being tested.  It is hideous how bad this is.  Every time I have looked, there have been dozens of married men hiding who and what they really are from their wives.  If you even SUSPECT your husband might be gay, bi- or curious, whatever, you better get tested because they can get dangerous gay sex free in every town in America.  It's like these guys never heard about AIDS!
Replied By: babygirlboots on Apr 7, 2011, 1:02PM
This is the reality we all face in todays world. Im a young adult and still have to deal with these internet trolls on a semi daily basis. Thankfully I am a young adult, my teenage daughter was being bullied all the time via facebook, this was sumthing her father and I took very seriously. My daughter no longer has a facebook accout, or my space account. In this society us parents need to step up to the plate and make decisions for a children for their own safety. Yes they are going to fight kick, scream and slam doors but on the long run the love and being able to help them into healthy, loving adults is all we have.
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