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(10/06/10) The headlines are filled with tragic stories of young people taking their own lives after being tormented over their sexuality. Dr. Phil and his panel of experts examine this disturbing trend. And, the recent death of Tyler Clementi, an 18-year-old Rutgers University freshman, stirred outrage and remorse among classmates. The student allegedly jumped off the George Washington Bridge after a secret video of his sexual encounter with another male was streamed online. Clementi's roommate, Dharun Ravi, and Rutgers freshman, Molly Wei, both 18, have been charged with invading his privacy. Prosecutors say that Ravi tried to webcast a second encounter the day before Clementi's apparent suicide. Should the students face more severe charges in light of Clementi's apparent suicide? Were Clementi's civil rights violated? Don’t miss this powerful show!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: rmilazzo on Mar 18, 2015, 10:04AM
Let me start off saying that my sister has ashama and because of the serverity of her ashama she would have vio,ent attacks.  Due to the amount of times she would be sick she had to be home schooled for her priamary years.  My parents tryed to allow her to go to school in 1st grade but she had a lot of problems and was sick alot.  When she was in school she had a lot of badder weakness due to her medicine.  She asked her teacher to use the bathroom serveral times that year and she would not allow her to go.  When she would have frrequent accidents her teacher would call her a baby and make her clean it up.  My parents thought it was best to keep her home due to her illness and low imunity.  We moved to Florida in 1992ish and she was 7 or 8 at the time.  We started attending a chruch where she was again picked on for having ashama. Other kids started spraying her with lysol and other clean supplies or spraying perfume in the air causing her to have violent attacks.  After confronting them myself and getting my parents involved all it did was fuel the fire.  We moved churches and everything started to get better for her and she was able to return to public school in 9th grade.  When she started the year she was have a great year then she got sick and her English teacher started to make fun of cough and told her she had to sit by her self and was constently cleaning around her making it worse.  She allowed the other kids to call her names and make fun of her for her cough and ( beacuse of medicine) her smell.  She did everything she could to change herself but ended up in the hospital and had fuild around her lungs brought on by the cleaning suppies that the teacher was using.  My sister has been bullied by kids, teachers and even her own boss all due to her illness that she can not control.  I understand the plight of these kids today beacuse studnets do not change if there parents are the same ones that did it when they were young. The only way they will change is if we educate students that it is okay to tell that people are picking on you.  At times my sister stated she wanted to die but was able to talk her out of it because we went to the same school and I would walk her to class and eat lunch with her. I was her best friend and we still are today.
Replied By: ginny58m on Jan 9, 2015, 10:31AM - In reply to missvalerie
It is against the law to be pushed or anything else. Its called asult.
Replied By: ginny58m on Jan 9, 2015, 10:29AM
I consider bulling as continouse harrassment, and that is against the law. I think there should be some kind of law that hold this bullies and thier parents acountable for there actions.
Replied By: missvalerie on Nov 4, 2012, 10:55AM
When I was 12, or maybe a little older, I was bullied a lot. Not only with words but people pushed me of stairs and ripped my clothes, etc... It took one year for someone to notice, because I didn't dear to tell anyone. I changed schools, but the bullies could stay and never had any punishment. But I'm punished for life. I just turned 20 and I still think about it every day.
Sometimes I notice that I won't talk to friends or strangers. I need to pick myself up and just mix into a group of people.

Bullies forget, we don't!
I'm in college now. It's harsh, but I sincerely hope my bullies are making just enough money to sleep on cold stones for the rest of their life's.
Replied By: tieneke59 on Jul 19, 2011, 11:05AM
Dr. Phil,

I do have friends that are homosexual.
And I am a Christian.
Not on the moment with what I write down here below.
I also find it terrible that people come so far for thaking ther own life.
I am a woman and I hade my share of life and now what I am talking about.
In May 1988 I was save by our Lord Jesus Christ.
Comming from a disrupted family, married whit a policeman.
Having an affair with a turkisch-jewischmen,
Sonk down in drugs and alcohol and a sex addiction.
The turkischmen wanted more woman in the house and have sex with me and someone else.
And said that it was written in the Bijbel so it was good.
I tried and I feld dirthy. Not for me. In this life I was going down.
I did tray to take my own life.
And then I met my Lord and He saved me.

I started to read the Bijbel and by His Spirit I did find revelation on life.
There is writen: Romans 1:21-32.
About that I crying people are so lost in sin.
Allmost no one want to thake there possition in life.
Souls are lost and do not know to stand in what G'd wants them to be.
Sodom and Gommora whas trown up side down.
The uncleanness of sex. Has nothing to do with holy matrimony.
G'd greated men and woman.
Even nature shows from a appel three you can not reap a mellon.

I am not so good with writing but thelling what I feel inside is better,

Connected in His Love,

Replied By: godlovesuso on Jan 6, 2011, 7:53PM
It's to bad that this show "Bulling To Death" was used to promote Homosexuality

Parents need to be more involved with there children.....

Replied By: skbruning on Dec 31, 2010, 10:53PM - In reply to robinstl68
And haven't you also noticed that the testimonies are younger and younger as to when they "knew" that they were gay???

And for surgeries, it has occurred to me to ask, "Where on earth would these people be without science?"

Nobody had these "problems" for the better part of human history....only now can a man chop off this, get that, get injections to give himself boobs and have a picture of himself nursing an adopted baby.  

Replied By: chemorn68 on Dec 31, 2010, 8:49AM
My son is in a gay/lesbian and friends support group w/i his school, Shawnee Mission South High School. This is in the same school district that Dr. Phil attended. I am not sure if the other high schools in the district have this support group. They are very outspoken, wear their support shirts proudly and have a great support group to lean on when needed. We reside outside Kansas City. I am shocked that other cities don't have this in their high schools for support of their teenagers. People always think of us as backward country folk. I guess we are more progressive than people thought.
Replied By: jaodee on Dec 31, 2010, 8:26AM - In reply to painful71
I wrestle with this same sort of thing and I feel the anger welling up inside me all the time for my children and what they have to put up with. It does sound like you have gone to great lengths to resolve the situation but getting no relief. I have a little bit of advice for you, and I know it will sound CRAZY, but believe it or not it has helped bring peace to my own mind and even relieved my children in some circumstances...a loving kindness prayer. I practice it and I have taught my children to picture the bullying or unfair person in their mind and to wish them health and happiness and peace and whatever else you want to add on. It some how gives you strength and takes the bully's power away. One day my daughter came home from school after we started these prayers and told me a mean girl bully was treating her totally different, non threatining even friendly. We looked at eachother in total wonder and amazement!!
Replied By: chermeier on Dec 31, 2010, 8:03AM
Over 25 years ago, my sister and I were the target of this one bully in our neighborhood - for YEARS, we were taunted, ridiculed, harassed - even today we still have the deep scars and wounds from it - so I COMPLETELY understand how all the bullied kids feel.
However, all the grown-ups on the show yesterday have it all wrong - especially Dr. Phil!!!  How can you blame the bystanders?  These bystanders are PETRIFIED that the same will happen to them.  Maybe it needs to be put another way - if you were in a bank robbery, and the robber had a gun and was pointing it on one of the people in the bank - how many of you would really speak up - or the gun would be pointed at you!!!
Sometimes the grown ups ARE the problem - they normally forget what it's like to be the teen in the situation.  They tell the teen "stand up for yourself - speak up against someone else who is bullying". They think it is so easy, because as an adult with many more experiences in life, it likely would be easier to do that.  Middle school life is not easy - it's scary - and add to that a pack of kids who all have low self esteem (both the bullies and the bullied), and you do not have anyone strong enough to stand up to the bullies.
My sister and I were told to ignore the bully.  Which we tried - but it didn't work.  Yes, I did finally stand up to the kid in 6th grade (heart pounding and all), and it did work ... for a time.  This was after about 3 years of incessant bullying and no adult means was helping us out.  But, 2 years after the standing up, he befriended another bully in middle school and the bullying resumed.  Relentless!
After really thinking about it, and now that I'm an adult, I realize that the true problem was that the kid had no self esteem - he was held back a year when he was in first grade (wish I knew that back then - I could have used it as ammunition, lol).  I have no idea what his parents did or knew, but I'm sure they were called to the school repeatedly.  Yet, nothing ever happened.  For YEARS.  And my sister and I had to suffer, needlessly.  This kid needed help - and no-one was helping him.  I actually feel sorry for him (now).
I really think the problem has to do with the source.  The source of all these kid's problems are a genuine lack of self esteem.  It's obvious that the bullies have low self esteem, and very clear that they would choose targets of weaker students (who always have low self esteems).
We, as parents,  need to get these kids to improve their self esteems, to have a sense of empathy, to build character.  None of that is happening today - parents are throwing their kids into daycares (because they have to most of the time), and these little kids are being deprived of the nurturing they need to build these skills.  Really, how can a daycare provider pay adequate attention to 20+ kids and really be able to build these skills into these children?  It's a much deeper issue that has roots that need to be addressed, and they are not being addressed at all.
I'd like to see Dr. Phil talk to the bullies on his show - kids that are accused of being the bully.  I'll bet that they have a lot of deep seated issues, mostly relating to poor self esteem.  There has to be something, or they wouldn't be doing this to these other kids.  No kid bullies "just because".  BOTH sides of the coin need to be addressed.  Everyone sees the bullies as the enemy - which they are - but they are also kids really crying out for help.
And yelling at bystanders, and making them feel guilty for protecting themselves by NOT saying anything, is SO NOT THE ANSWER!!!!!!
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