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(Original Air Date: 10/07/10) Dr. Phil is fed up with teens being terrorized — both in the schoolyard and online — and he’s putting bullies on notice! Last summer, he took the battle against cyber bullies before Congress, and now he’s kicking off his own Anti-Bully Movement. Learn how cyber bullying is affecting 12-year-old Dara, and why her mom, Toni, fears the tween may harm herself if she doesn’t get help. Then, hear why Michael, a self-proclaimed cyber bully, defends his keyboard antics. Plus, Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy weighs in on bullying and cyber bullying and what can be done about this growing epidemic, and Parry Aftab, executive director and founder of StopCyberBullying.org, shares tips to keep your kids safe. Join the movement, and take Dr. Phil’s pledge to fight the abuse!

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Replied By: teeseeree on May 22, 2016, 7:49PM - In reply to xmisskim55x

One kid in my class in 7th & 8th grade, used to get a thrill out of slugging me in the breast.  Sometimes one slug on each side.  I'd be doubled up on my desk, and the teacher would either bop me on the head with a well-aimed chalkboard eraser, or tell me to run a lap.  This guy would also give me hateful looks, and threaten to kill me after school.   Back then, it just meant they would beat you up;they didn't have all of the school shootings in those days.  But I would purposely leave through the hallway when the bell rang, even though we'd been told not to.  It was better to risk being chewed out by a teacher or the principal than to risk the possibility of this guy pounding my breasts off at ages 12 & 13,  or doing something worse.  Only after I'd told my mom about these things, did the principal have my desk moved away from this guy, and give the teacher some info about what was continually happening whenever his back was turned.  Until then, I would be blamed for defending myself, when the teacher would turn around and catch me fighting back to keep these guys off me.
Replied By: teeseeree on May 22, 2016, 7:35PM - In reply to mstip44
This teacher wasn't the only bad one I had.  Just the worst example.  I had a couple good ones over the years, but a lot more that weren't.  Those two years were the worst, though.
Replied By: debgrish456 on Oct 13, 2012, 5:17PM
October is Anti-bullying Month and I would like to share a video with you on a song that Jim Mayer (Jimmy Buffett's Bassist) wrote for (2) 10-year old girls that took their lives of being bullied in school back in November of 2011 - Jasmine McCain of North Carolina & Ashlynn Conner of Illinois.

Shannon Selig and Jim co-wrote another version of the song and we recorded it on Shannon in July.

Shannon was bullied when she was in school and therefore is passionate about writing and performing music that will make a difference in somebody's life. That passion is evident in the following video on "Show Me The Light": http://youtu.be/Ki8D8FfJ2wcny

Please feel free to pass this video on to anyone that you think may benefit from the message.
Replied By: salvationarmy on Jul 31, 2011, 8:46PM
Don't let the school personnel push you around. You wouldn't accept this if it happened at day care with young children so don't accept that the school can do anything.  They absolutely can intervene, it is their moral responsibility. Your child is under their roof  to recieve an education. That is her right to be there and be there safely. It is their job to assure this happens for her. You have more right than they let you know!! Push for a better environment for your daughter. She deserves it and is entitled to it.
Replied By: salvationarmy on Jul 31, 2011, 8:40PM
Dr.Phil, I have been in the school system for 19 years. I have seen bullying in the classroom and the teacher turn a deaf ear. I then would address kids involved immediately. If I hadn't the teacher would never have addressed it. The students involved  apoligized and made it right with person bullied and it stopped there!  Every time! Why can't the teachers and administration do the same? Several times at other schools I've intervened when school personnel looked the other way. Teachers and other  school personnel see and hear and know about bullies and choose to do nothing. I know this for a fact. It's time they really wake up and realize it is their reponlsibility to stop it then and there. We wouldn't expect a day care to ignore bullying, yet our schools ignore it and we accept that. Again, I know this because I have seen it over and over. 
Replied By: xmisskim55x on Jul 22, 2011, 6:24PM
I am 25 years old and I can still recall exact words and instances in middle school and high school where bullying made me want to just kill myself. Today I am very much a stronger person. BUT even at my work, I run into some of what use to be bullies in school and the feelings will always be there no matter how hard I try to forgive or forget. I am so proud/happy that Dr Phil is making this stand against bullying. Because I know in school the teachers didn't care to help. You felt defenseless. This is 100% the reason I skipped so many days of school just to avoid these girls. Not once did any teacher ask what the problem was, why I never came, etc. If just one teacher may have taken the time to talk to me in private, it would have made a difference. My parents always stood behind me. Many days girls would come right up to me and call you a name just to see what you would do.
Just dare you to try something. I can tell you as a young girl in middle school in 5th grade, some girl telling everyone she was going to wait until I came in that morning in the gym (where the buses let kids off at school) to fight me there on the bleachers. Knowing you are going to school and someone is waiting there to possibly physically attack you?? Horrible feeling. Kids, students need something to protect them. I stand behind every aspect of this anti bullying.
Replied By: linanye on Jul 21, 2011, 4:47PM
I tried to sign the movement but couldnt. Do I print it and mail it to you?
Replied By: on Jul 20, 2011, 8:06PM
I am also a parent of a 13 year old daughter who has gotten bullied at school. I have talked to the school on several occasions and a few times I was told that she was exagerating. I have also filed 2 police reports one for a death threat on the internet and then she got her brande new coat painted on by another girl because my daughter wouldnt cover for her so she could skip class.  I filed a complaint  and the mother of the child gave me 70 of the 150 dollar coat back. she had a choice to pay me or have her child go through court diversion so I at least got 70. My daughter has been called a whore, ugly, weird. Im just praying that this coming school year goes better. fingers crossed. When I tell her to say something back to the kids who are mean she tells me she doesnt want to hurt there feelings. I just dont understand how somebody could be so cruel to someone who is so nice and caring. If theres anything I can help out with to stop these bullies I am on board.
Replied By: om_namaste on Jul 20, 2011, 6:45PM

I think one important point that I would have liked to have seen Dr. Phil point out is many of these cyberbullies are insecure themselves.  They have secret insecurities and those who join in with bullies have weak and insecure personalities also.  Those who follow or support the bullies don't want to be a target themselves. 

These weak  and unconscious kids have no emotional intelligence and have a need to make others feel bad so that they can feel better about themselves. If Dr. Phil mentioned this nationwide, it would not only reveal one important component in the dynamics of bullying, it would make these bullies think twice about bullying or cyber-bullying as it will then "LABEL" them as weak and insecure.

If there is a campaign in schools, media and in every home that associates bullying with being a weak and undeveloped individual, I can assure you many bullies will avoid this behavior. 

Like the common form of persuasion called intensifying, one of the tactics is through association.  Marketers use this technique with Celebrities to associate a brand with them so that people will go out and buy the product.

Believe it or not the act of bullying is related to the oppression of women as well.  I can try to explain in a future post. 


IF THIS BECOMES UBIQUITOUS, THESE BULLIES WILL STOP THE BEHAVIOR.  We all know how influencial TV commericals and TV programing can be.  If it weren't advertisers wouldn't spend billions of dollars a year.

Replied By: mmontana61 on Jul 20, 2011, 3:17PM
My kids get bullied almost everday.  I have even contacted the police, but they are no help at all.  But the one thing that my husband and I have always done, is support our kids and help them to see that they are beeautiful people and ugly words, from nasty people don't change who we are.  And I just don't understand this mom.  She let this 12 year old have an AIM account when she was 10 and didn't stop what happened there.  She allowed her to have a myspace and again, didn't stop anything.  And then let her move on to facebook.  Who supports this girl?  Who stops anything.  First, just don't let her do it.  Don't allow her to have the account.  Then remember there is a button to shut it off.  There is a button to block these people.  There are parents responsible for these children and a school to go to as well.  Who's teaching her that, though these words are hateful, they don't make up who you are?  I can't stand parents that sit and cry, because "oh my poor child", but yet they don't really help the situation at all.  Grow a spine and stand up for your kid.
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