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An intense roundtable discussion continues. Alana, Jennifer, Gloria, Kimm, Michelle and Rachael say their lives may look complete, but they are struggling to deal with issues such as infidelity, self-esteem and loneliness. Dr. Phil digs deeper into Alana’s past. Hear what made her so judgmental of others and what caused her marriage to fall apart. Can he get her to see that pain is a part of everyone’s past and that she has more in common with the other housewives than she thinks? Then, Gloria opens up about tragedies from her childhood and why she can relate to Kimm, who struggles with getting out of bed. Dr. Phil shows Kimm just how much life she is missing! And, Rachael says that her own mom was unavailable. Will hearing her story help Kimm rise to the occasion? Then, Dr. Phil uncovers a secret from Kimm’s past that has the other women saying she doesn’t deserve her husband! And, Jennifer shares her shocking reaction to her husband’s affair. The Housewives continue to sound off in the Dr. Phil Community. Log on, share your stories, read their blogs, and tell them what you think!

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Replied By: missbilly on Mar 29, 2011, 12:43PM
Why did this father take these out of control teens home? Let alone say that there mother has too many rules for them and they can't have fun!! Is he considering drinking and drugs them having fun? I mean come on these two girls need the rules. They are clearly showing that they are not mature enough to stay out of trouble and make good decisions. Hitting the mother I agree with Dr. Phil the police should have been called and that daughter should have been arrested, charged and put in either jail or juvenile detention for a year or more. My brother went to hit my mom one time as I was leaving for work and I luckily walked into it and yelled at him to put his hand down well he took off like crazy cause he knew I was coming after him. My value's as a kid and now are you do not hit your parents, it's completely unacceptable. I put my hand through the kitchen screen door cause he slammed it shut on me and I went off down the alley after his butt. When I got to a cross section he must have hid cause I didn't see him so I just yelled out at him you better hope you aren't home when I get home or that you are asleep because that is the only way I won't do anything. I grew up in Allentown,PA and when he started to fist fight with my father, my mom called the cops and he was taken into custody and a judge sent him off to behavior foster homes and he ran away from like three of them until they put him in one up in Montrose,PA which is on the border of New York. The only problem we didn't know about was that instead of making him follow the rules the lady was telling him that my parents were too hard on him. I went to pick him up to bring him home for christmas one year and she tried to sell that too me and it was the first time I had ever told someone older than me to shut there mouth because they didn't know what they were talking about. ***This is to the father, my brother was doing everything your daughters are and my parents took him to counselors and even put him in I think what was called the school of the Appalachian Mountains where the counselors took the kids on a camping hike and they had to set up tents and make there own food. Do you know my brother as tough as he thought he was would not leave the tent because he was scared stiff of seeing a bear. At any rate what Dr,. Phil is offering you is something that if he'd have been on back in the 70's they would have jumped at it to try to straighten him out. What you are doing is just mixing a recipe for disaster all over again." Not backing your wife up on rules is absolutely wrong!!  WHAT YOU ARE DOING DAVID IS NOT HELPING THOSE KIDS AT ALL, IF YOU DON'T PULL THE REIGNS IN NOW YOU ARE GOING TO WATCH YOUR GIRLS SPIRAL DOWNWARD JUST LIKE MY BROTHER DID AND YOU KNOW WHERE HE IS NOW? HE IS DEAD BECAUSE OF HIS DRUG USE AND HIS ALCOHOL USE AND HIS ANGER AT HITTING PEOPLE THAT HIS WIFE HAD TO PUT A PFA OUT ON HIM AND HE BROKE INTO THE HOUSE AND THE COPS WENT LOOKING FOR HIM AND HE HID AND ENDED UP DYING IN A HOTEL ROOM  BECAUSE  HE DIDN'T HAVE HIS DIABETIC MEDICINE  IN WHICH HE GOT AS A RESULT OF HIS DRUG USE. WAKE UP DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!
Replied By: debsvenus on Mar 10, 2011, 4:05PM - In reply to jennifer411
I am so sick of Aylana dominating entire group and show! I can't even feel bad whe
Replied By: tnttrina on Dec 1, 2010, 4:02PM - In reply to miccrab
you haven't yet seen all of the shows. i'm entitiled to my opinion, as to what i have observed.
Replied By: nicoletalia on Nov 30, 2010, 10:36PM
I watched todays episode and I don't think  there was a moment that you didn't have a drink in your hand! It was shocking to me and very disturbing, especially when you said something to Kimm about her drinking! What about yours?? WOW!! What you do is your business, but people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones!  I think that you owe her and apology!  she's not perfect, but by what I see, neither are YOU! I was very upset when I saw you not participating in the group cards and the workout in the morning!  I truly believed you were better than this!  Now, unfortunately I believe that you SHOULDN'T be in that house, you dont deserve to be there!  I see now that you are not a good person and its all DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA and its all about YOU! It's really sad!  I hoped to see better in you and I'm not after all these months!
Replied By: jennifer411 on Nov 3, 2010, 8:59AM - In reply to drscott
I feel that Dr. Phil allows Alana to be rude and insult everyone on the show..If that was anyone else who got in someones face and threatened them he would have had shot them down immediately..I think he needs to lay into her the way he has every other woman on the show..She is rude and ignorant, she has no respect for anyone and he needs to stop her constant bullying of the other women. She thinks that everyone just loves her and I think she is sadly mistaken because no one wants to be around someone who is constantly insulting..
Replied By: missbilly on Oct 20, 2010, 9:34AM - In reply to papanohana
Getting out and living your life is easier said than done for some people. I was adopted and grew up with a dad who showed me a great deal of love and helped me in so many ways. He even helped me with things that your mom should but she wouldn't. I'm sure my mom loves me, but to this day she cuts me down everytime I talk to her it's like nothing I do is right for her or good enough. She even put me down in front of my daughter a few years ago when we went up too stay with her and go to a concert together(my daughter and I) at Musikfest in Bethlehem. My husband was killed in a fatal one car accident and had been gone for 6 years and my daughter was about to turn 20 and my son 18. When I came back she jumped me about what kind of a mother are you? My son had told her that his sister and him made there own meals and she thought that was awful and that I was neglecting them and I should be making there meals because I'm there mother and they live with me. I did tell her well there old enough too start learning how too do that themselves and besides that they both sometimes prefer different food. Well she went off and started yelling at me so my daughter told her too shut up because by this time I just completely shut down and all I can remember saying in my head was shut up to her but didn't dare say it too her or I'd have been told I was the worst daughter in the world. Anyway my daughter told her to shut up and mind her own business because I was doing a good job of raising them without there dad. It was amazing she actually did shut up but the only thing that is sad is she does not realize that she alienated her granddaughter and this year when I went to see her again with a friend of mine she started on me all over again. I don't call her every week so I'm a mean daughter, well I'm having alot of difficulty with the loss of my husband yet and it's almost ten years so finally I said too myself enough is enough and I have not  called or seen her since. I feel like an outsider instead of a daughter and it seriously screws with my emotions and mind mentally. So I can completely understand the isolation and defensive living because I do both. I have one friend and that is the only person I trust other than my kids and my brother and his wife. I used to rely on my husbands judgement of other people whether they were trusting or not because I always felt he was a better judge of character than me. To this day I believe the only thing I've ever done right in my life was marrying him and having and raising my two children. It's very hard to live life when you have no trust for people.
Replied By: hooibe on Oct 12, 2010, 1:19PM
I'm happy to see the ladies are getting to their issues. Will it help?  What is it about America these days where we have no tolerance, caring or empathy/kindness for one another?  What's happened to our society?  Have we entirely lost all trust in our fellow human beings?  Every one seems to think others have selfish secret hurtful agendas.  I speak for myself as well.... I don't trust people.  I'm alone and I can literally spend 2 weeks without speaking or interacting with others.  When did this begin?  Why is it happening?  I'm so lonely that my will to live has almost disappeared.  What a sad state of community we are in.  How can we change it, how can I change it?
Replied By: kcl2006 on Oct 11, 2010, 6:16AM
I don't have time to go through all the blogs but I do watch the show every Tuesday.  I do learn more about these women but I agree with Jennifer that it is moving slow..it seems the whole show only gets through one topic and the rest is arguing over who is right, who is this and that, and who wants to place a foot in someones a...however I will still watch but sometimes it feels like I'm watching a show about children arguing than adults.  That being said,  I think all woman can relate to someone on this show and if you don't think so, I'm sure you can ask one of your friends or family members and they can let you know.  The one I relate to the most is Kimm.  I don't spend most of my time in bed, but I know that if I had a nanny I would.  I do get up because I have to work but most days I don't feel like it at all,  I too have wonderful children that I love more than anything and a husband who would do anything for me,  but I don't have the same contentment and zest for life that I used to,  I have gained weight too and I don't know why I don't care as much as I would when I was younger,  so I am really eager to find out what Dr Phil has to say about it because I'm sure me and Kimm aren't the only ones that are like this.   The rest of the girls I don't relate to but I have an open mind and am trying to understand where each one stands.  I feel bad for Jennifer, you are not ugly,  you married a man that wasn't ready to get married, but none of that is your fault,  I know you already spent so much of your life with him but you need to think of yourself now.  You will be so much happier being your real self instead of with a man who doesn't deserve you.  I think Gloria as much as she puts on an air as being self confident is really the opposite and once she sees that she is more than a pretty face and nice body she can stop attracting the wrong men and find someone who loves her for herself.  I havent really heard enough from Racheal but I do feel horrible that her mother wasn't there the way she should have been,   everyone deserves to have a loving mother in there life and I can only imagine the pain that she is feeling..Alana I think  had already admitted to her issue,  being overweight and no self confidence and now feeling like it's her turn to look down on others..but if only she could remember how hurt she was when things were said and think of how she is affecting others with her words..and only when she knows this she will be happy with herself..I'm still trying to figure out Michelle.  I know the first day she was attacked by the girls and so haven't really heard much since then.  Here's to hoping all the women get help and if only they realized that even though there issues are different,  they all have the same insecurities and hurts and all deserve to be talked to with respect and understanding,  If they did this than the show will be a success and all the women will be happier.  I can't wait to see more and hopefully see them reach their full potential.  
Replied By: drscott on Oct 5, 2010, 7:23AM
We know that Alana was hurt during the time she was big, okay, we get that. She tries to appear to be this self confident, I don't give a sh-- about what you say bully who tries to intimidate people by saying negative things to them but I'm will to bet that if one of them stands up to her and call her out, she'll back down in a heart beat.  All that saying she's going to put her food up somebody's "A--" is not necessary.  She's making herself look foolish and sounds down right stupid.  Shut her up!!!  Any time a person has to get a message over to another in the way she does it, is hurting inside and don't know how to be herself without bringing attentention to herself.  That's her way of protecting her feelings and putting up a wall so that no one will get to close to her.
Replied By: wilmas02 on Oct 4, 2010, 2:04PM
I have a special interest in watching the show because of self esteem issues I have grown up with. Alana is the person I always wished I could have been, but I grew up with a mother who controlled everything we did and said. So to be frank and honest or in Alana's case bold was never an option for me. I grew up with a fear of interacting with people I did not know and this has caused me so much heartache throughtout my life.  I don't know anyone who has lived the type of childhood or adult life I have and to this day I struggle. I take my hat off to Alana although, she could tone it down to look at both sides of a situation and reach out to those she foes not understand because they could be one like me..
St. Louis
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