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(Original Air Date: 09/30/10) Twenty-six-year-old Meagan weighs only 73 pounds and is struggling to overcome her battle with anorexia and bulimia. Her family says her eating disorders rule the house, and they say enough is enough. Will she give up control and accept help before it’s too late? And, three months ago, Sue and Allan sought Dr. Phil’s help for their daughter, Jennifer, who was battling anorexia and bulimia. How is Jennifer doing now? Sue and Allan and sister, Abby, share what they’ve learned while Jennifer was in treatment and how Meagan’s family can take their lives back. Plus, test your knowledge of eating disorders. Would you recognize the warning signs?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: jlopez2710 on Aug 5, 2012, 12:35PM
 new evidence-based treatment because it brings to light the fact that for all these years those who have been treating EDs have been merely practicing "someone's IDEA" of how to treat these illnesses without having scientific data to back it up and have consequently FALSELY blamed patients and their families not only for bringing on the illness but also for the caregovers's failure to successfully treat their patient! Go to feast-ed.org and aroundthedinnertable.org for thousands of families' testimonies worlwide!
Replied By: nicknino2 on Aug 6, 2011, 2:59PM
As I sat and watched the show , A Family's Fear, I wept and and the same time I felt so much joy , fear, concern and compassion for Megan and her entire family.
I has suffered from and eating disorder since i was a young girl... over 25 years.
I was diagnosed with bulimaxeria, where one struggles with both anorexia and bulimia. i am a mother of 3, one teenage daughter, who as an athlete, as well as myself and her brothers and is starting to show signs of control over what she eate, over exercise and weight loss.
I am currently in a phase where i'm coing thry all of the stressors that seem to be triggers for those of us that suffer from this horrible disease.
i went thru a divorce, lost 3 homes, a restaurant, a spinal injury which lead to 2 major back surgeries and a major weight loss.
Since all of these events took place my weigh droped from 129 to anywhere between 109-115 at 5'7. i am a professional fitness trainer and my daughter is a competitive athlete and she and i are now both the same size and height. She sees something wrong with me but denies she has an eating disorder.
I am so painfully concerned about her having to go thru the pain and misery that have my entire life...  is there any chance of helping us heal together???

At this point in time myw eight is dropping again due to my chronic pain frim my back as well as an auto immune disease that cause pain throught my entire body... as well as my 2 sons leve for cellege in the morning.. From A mother, woman in pain
Replied By: sklaus on Jul 30, 2011, 10:04PM - In reply to kiddingme1
What a relief to read kiddingme1's comment. First and foremost, the person with the mental illness is suffering. All the symptoms of the illness are just that - symptoms of the illness - not shrewd manipulation for the sake of it. The person is suffering. The distress this disease causes caretakers and how they handle it is another topic. Families of autistic children, schizophrenic children, depressed children, downs syndrome children are all under great stress. It is misguided to transfer the caretaker's frustration, anger, confusion, sadness, or impatience into blame of the mentally ill person. I fear this program has done damage to those who are already suffering enough and provided a superficial fix to caretakers.
Replied By: mwelchaz on Jul 29, 2011, 8:41PM
Thanks Dr. Phil for bringing this illness OUT for all to better understand.  I lived the hell of anorexia with my  husband of 15 years.  His struggle has gone on now for 11 years.  We divorced 5 years ago as a result of his eating disorder and I am now raising our 5 children on my own.  I really appreciated you bringing out the fact that this disease affects the ENTIRE family and how it's easy to enable our loved one who has this disorder.  I am still learning how to heal and NOT blame myself (even though he blames me).  I still feel "prisoner" in many ways and it's difficult to protect the children from the disease and allow for a healthy relationship with their dad.  He is 6'0 tall and approx 80 lbs.  I stopped counting the hospital visits, I think the total was 6 and 3 treatment centers - all of which he bailed out too soon and relapsed immediately following.  The last hospital stay was ICU and organs shutting down.  We thought we were saying goodbye but he pulled through and his parents fought for temporary guardianship and put him in yet another treatment center.  I think my biggest frustration is if this is such a horrible mental illness, why is there not enough help for the person or their families?  Even going through the court system failed because he was able to undo everything his parents  did.  These severely mentally ill individuals are able to walk out of treatment centers, etc.  If they are unable to make decisions for themselves, why are they ONCE AGAIN dictating what's best for them?  The cycle goes on and on and I have YET to understand why the family's hands are so tied!  It's hard for those who have not gone through this to fully understand what it's like to watch a loved one slowly die and feel so helpless and hopeless.  My heart goes out to all who suffer and especially for their families.  Someday, I believe we will have a better understanding of this disease and perhaps save more lives.  Thanks again for airing this show.
Replied By: megolfah on Jul 29, 2011, 7:52PM
Watching todays show reminded  me of my brother Tony.  Yes you heard riight  even boys and/or men can be anorexic also.  My brother Tony was anorexic for over forty years.  He died on his birthday this past December.  So let me tell you  if you don"t get your child help and help soon the results will be the same for you. It is not a question if anorexia can kill  it is only a question of when.  I miss my brother....
Replied By: getdannyback on Jul 29, 2011, 5:42PM
 I had a sense of shock and awe at how you explained to the father today that if it was his fault for poor parenting skills then the solution would be easy. And then you doubled your S and A factor by helping him give his love to his second daughter . It was so brilliant and yet so simple, careful, gental and easy for everyone to understand. Putting these two families together with the idea of Pay it Forward was so touching and real. Thank you for your inspiration.
Replied By: lawrmuf on Jul 29, 2011, 5:21PM
I grew up overweight. .  because of my weight I was tormented alot.  How much teasing can one girl take.  Many times I thought about eating and purging.  MANY TIMES!  I saw alot of shows about eating disorders, read alot and heard alot.  The only thing that kept me from trying this, I was afraid I would lose control and the eating disorder would take over me.    Keep doing these shows.  I now work in an elementary school cafeteria.  Some kids are already overly concerned about every fat gram and calorie.  Instead of criticizing the cafeteria food.  Mandate a class concerning eating disorders.
Replied By: lovethesun76 on Jul 29, 2011, 4:58PM
I saw today's show and just had to get online to let everyone know just how amazing the Center for Change really is!!  I am a recovered anorexic and I spent 4 months at Center for Change back in 2004.  Prior to going to CFC, I had struggled with severe anorexia for several years and had been hospitalized due to heart problems and severe malnutrition resulting from the eating disorder.  And, before going to CFC, I had been to another well-known residential treatment center twice, staying for three months each time.  Unfortunately, I relapsed not long after each stay and continued to struggle with anorexia until my family approached me about going to the Center for Change.  I turned 28 during my second week at Center for Change and that was the last birthday I have spent as an anorexic. 

The four months that I spent at Center for Change were extremely challenging as I fought to regain my life again, but despite the challenges I faced, I was also surrounded by the most loving and caring staff and group of patients I have ever met in my life.  The Center for Change saved my life and I truly believe that their program and approach to recovery was what made this treatment stay different from my two previous stays at another facility.  They use the "intuitive eating" approach and although it was definitely not easy at first, I can honestly say that I eat intuitively every day and I love it!!  I have been in recovery for almost 7 years and there were many times that I thought I would never get to this place.  I have maintained a healthy weight since I left CFC and have also had the opportunity to give talks on eating disorders with my former primary care physician. 

To anyone out there who is currently struggling with an eating disorder -- recovery IS possible and if you are looking into treatment I HIGHLY recommend Center for Change!!  They are awesome!!
Replied By: rmwexotics on Jul 29, 2011, 4:43PM
I wish my very ill daughter would still binge and purge at least she would absorb something. I have written MANY times about my anorexic daughter. we have been through over 1 million dollars worth of hospitalizations, therapists, psychogists, residential facilities. My daughter is 20 years old weighs 81 lbs. She is a walking skeleton. For the past few months her daily intake of food  is frozen salt free peas , carrots and mustard. THATS IT...no lie. About a year ago we stepped back trying to not let her disease run our family.We dont buy her food...so she only eats peas and carrots but if we do buy it she hides it ,but as a mom I am more likely to buy her what she wants with the hope that she eats some of it. If this is enabling...OK. We have been battling this for 7 years, the last time she was in the hospital she had stuck a metal hanger down her throat because her finger isnt long enough now. She ripped her esophogus down to her stomach. This was the 3rd time she died. I was furious with her because here we are at Stanford hospital with all of these little kids with no hair and hooked up to iv's fighting for their lives and shes pissing hers away. We are working on getting you a video. We are also relocating to Colorado, hoping to get her away from here and save her life...enabling again? I suppose but its my last chance to try to save her. In Oct I put her back into residential and even though she was willing she was 19 and walked out the next day. My daughter is going to die and I have been waiting for this for many years. She has to take a diet pill before she goes to bed or her heart rate goes so low she says it scares her. Her kidneys have been failing, I dont know why her heart hasnt stopped. I need some help to save my beautiful daughter If anyone knows someting that I havnt tried I am willing to do anything to save her.
Replied By: amish22 on Jul 29, 2011, 4:22PM
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