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(Original Air Date: 10/01/10) There are hundreds of thousands of children in foster care right now. Many are the silent victims of abuse and neglect, spending their entire childhoods being tossed from house to house, slipping through the cracks in the foster care system. Dr. Phil gives a voice to the children who feel thrown away and unloved. Find out how you can help a child in need! And, Cindy and Mick are well-intended parents of adopted sisters, Danielle, 13, and Marie, 11. They say they struggle to parent their oldest daughter, who lies and is very angry. Dr. Phil gives a powerful demonstration of what it’s like for kids in foster care, and what they deal with even after they are placed in a permanent, loving home. Then, meet Stacy, 19, who entered foster care at 10 and endured years of horrific abuse before aging out of the system at 18. She struggles to find resources to help her in college. Dr. Phil has several amazing surprises for the teen! And, Dr. Phil and Robin are national spokespersons for Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA). Learn how to become a CASA and help change a child’s life!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: dilligaf2u on Aug 26, 2011, 2:52PM
I am against foster care in any sense of the word. I was in foster care because of abuse at home from a step father " cop" that had a ego trip problem. He believed all " kids" were as he called us " punks" kids should be seen and not heard. As bad as I knew it was at home foster care was much worse !! I got the shuffel so much I knew never to unpack !! Kids like me were taught that we were unwanted trashand took  those lessons on with us in life and unfortunatly for me I too abanndoned my kids. Worst of all... to the same people that threw me away. My mother, if that what it was called, actually drove me to the interstate and gave me $ 2.00 when I was 12 years old. Of course I thought making my own "perfect family" was the answer, wow was I ever wrong ! I ran home to her when I was pregnant with my 2nd child and divorcing. She took my kids away because her opinion was I was not doing a good enough job. I will admit I was an ungrateful spoiled brat but even then... I knew never to unpack !! I was never able to go forward with my life until the day she died... on my birthday ! Foster care was probally the worst experience of my life. I always found it odd that the one's who even tried to care I was taken out of and the one's that were worse than the situation  I was removed from I was left in and had to run away from to be removed from!! My Mother was unfit to raise a SNAKE let alone children. I don't know which was worse life at home or tossed around in the cracks of a system set up to protect the children. My step father was a cop. When we went to school in sun dresses intentionally to show the beat marks from whatever he could get his hands on the fastet, belts, whips, riding crops, eletric cords.... teachers just turned their heads. Who were they going to inform? HIM?? He was after all a COP ! Remove the child  and throw the kid into a worse kind of hell. Make her appreciate the hell she had at home? Wonder why their little lives are so messed up?? Dismiss them and their problems just like when they were 12? Thank GOD they both died miserable painful deaths all alone with NO ONE TO HOLD THEIR LITTLE HANDS!!
Replied By: northontario on Jan 4, 2011, 1:51PM - In reply to suezeeque
I could not agree with you more. We are now going through hell on earth. Our teen accused my husband of abuse and we have no support from any agency, legal fund, nothing!!  We are about to lose everything because some stupid kid decided she wanted to leave to go down south and made up a story.  I have plenty of evidence but have no money for a lawyer. 

Maybe not all foster children are psycopaths but this one sure is!
Replied By: marachristine on Dec 25, 2010, 6:14PM - In reply to faeryedark
Being adopted into unfit families is a familiar theme that many adoptees discuss amongst ourselves.  Adoptive parents who molested us, beat us, mentally abused us, drugged us, and the ones who cannot speak are the ones who were murdered by their adoptive parents. 

The adoption machine and the baby pimpers who profit from it need to be put out of business.  There should be NO profit in the adoption of children.  $5 billion dollars/year has led to corruption and children ending up with people who have money but should never be allowed around children. 

Family reunification and helping women in "crisis pregnancies" to keep their children should be the focus in this country.  If a child cannot be raised by either parent (who has been given the opportunity to do so), then biological relatives should be sought out to provide kinship care.  If all else fails, children should be adopted by strangers only as a last resort and with every effort to keep their biological identities and their connections with biological relatives.  Closed records and closed adoptions are immoral unless needed due to exigent circumstances.
Replied By: roseanncoop on Dec 25, 2010, 11:16AM
 Even though I am now 72 yrs. old, The feeling of being unwanted as a child has always affected me thoughout my adult life.  Our mother abandon us when I was in the 4th grade.  There were 7 children at that time.  The two older ones went to live with our grandmother, the two babies were later put up for adoption and the 3 of us in the middle were put into a Children's Home.  After two years, I was put into a foster home.  I was in the 7th grade, and could cuss like a sailor and hated any adult around me.  I was hurt so much by many, sexually, emotionally and verbally.  I guess I grew up not knowing what love was about.  I was lucky than most kids as I was blessed with wonderful foster parents.  They really had their hands full, but we all survived.  I give them all the credit in the world for getting me on the right road.  But deep down emotionally, you carry so much pain.  I was married for 44 1/2 years, before my ex-husband wanted out of the marriage since he had found another woman on the internet.  That was a very tough time for me as once again in my life, I was abandoned.  The plus things about all of this, is that I never gave up in trying to find my two younger sisters that were adopted and finally after 44 years, I found them in the New England states.  That was a true miracle.  Sadly to say, they both are deceased now due to many health issues.  There is so many trials and tribulations in my life that I should write a book.  A lot of terrible memories.  Life does go on and you learn to deal with the past.  Off the subject for right now.  I am going though another emotional crisis as my oldest son has terminal cancer and it is only a matter of time.  He is only 52 years old.  God Bless you and Robin for all the emotional support that you offer people from all over.  So wonderful to have people like you to offer hope to people.  Wish there were more people like that in this big old world.  Thanks for listening.
Replied By: faeryedark on Dec 25, 2010, 8:58AM - In reply to marachristine
I agree. i also think the courts should take a good hard look on approving kinship care/ adoptions esp. when the biological parent(s) and foster parents  as well as family friend etc. are against it...hmmmm...might there be reason?
 Someitmes family member have motives for wanting to snatch or lure a chilf to their side and the child willingly goe because they see "fredom and respect" and the family member sees $$$ and and a babymaker  whose children can then be collected for ...as in cash assistance,  foodstamps etc.
Replied By: marachristine on Dec 25, 2010, 6:30AM
CASA's need to be appointed to children relinquished for adoption.

Children being adopted should have their civil rights as United States citizens protected, as well as their safety.

CASA's should ensure that:

1. Every adopted child has had both his biological parents notified of their right to parent and have been actively sought for relinquishment and not have their rights passively removed.  (Not notifying a man that he is a father and relinquishing his rights is passively violating his right to parent.)

2.  Every adopted child is placed in a home that is free of drug/alcohol abuse, pedophilia, and mental illness.  CASA's should ensure that a child is adopted into a home where the parents have pass drug tests, psychological exams, and full background checks.

3.  Every child should be able to maintain connections to his/her biological family, if it is safe to do so.  Every CASA should ensure that an adopted child's birth certificate is never sealed and amended.  A child is only born once and cannot have 4 biological parents.  Every CASA should make sure a child is issued a decree of adoption but his/her original (truthful) birth certificate stays intact. 
Replied By: suezeeque on Dec 25, 2010, 12:52AM
Having had intimate experiences with several psychopaths, I realize that even skilled psychiatrists will admit that it is very difficult to diagnose and that treatment always ends in failure.  Dr. Phil has academic but apparently no personal experience in this area, or he would not be trying to guilt those parents into keeping those two girls.  He always prefaces by saying he is not there to throw people under the bus and then proceeds to do it by pressing his own agenda in a passive-agressive manner.  Psychopaths can be very sympathetic characters and know how to manipulate those around them even from a very young age.  The father is absolutely correct that his oldest daughter is totally capable of accusing her father of abuse if he gets on her wrong side.  He should be cautious and mentioning it on TV is probably one way he is trying to protect himself.  Personally, I do not believe that these laymen should be expected to deal with these children when professionals have difficulty.  I have seen people that were "cured" only to revert back years later (being "saved" in church), marrying a woman with three children and after six years of outwardly good behavior ending up in federal prison and deserting his family.  An old boyfriend who actually ended up being a serial killer.  He had been secretly receiving psychiatic treatment as a condition of parole but of course I had no way of knowing that everything he ever told me was a lie.  He charmed everyone around him.  These people are like Hollywood actors; they imitate normal people down to the last detail.  I started being suspicious when there were descrepancies in his stories; but, you have a tendance to dismiss them because you just can't believe that those people exist except in fiction.  I also had a boss who terrorized everyone to the point that I considered taking a recorder into any closed door conversations with him as he would deny anything he said that was bizarre.  I have no faith that "talking" to someone can change their basic personality; it's a fantasy.  Some people can learn to function but if they have proclivities to damage and attack other people with impunity it does NOT go away.  The pare;nts are victims and their lives are ruined if they keep these children.  Period.
Replied By: jcre09 on Dec 25, 2010, 12:12AM
Your show is so misguided and designed to sensationalize the audience into believing that fathers and boys are not victimized by abusive mothers.  Aided by the family court, mothers are embolden by the court to abuse their children and use their children as a powerful tool to extort child support money from their loving and responsilbe fathers.  Your show is so macho and does not keep up with the times.  Today, there are increasing number of fahters who sacrifice their lives for their children and are further victimized by our family court system.  The divorce industry is an annual 100 billion dollars industry designed to impoverish responsible fathers.  It's one of the greatest wealth transfer systems.  You will serve your audience better by showing a balance of victimized fathers and children by their mothers and the family legal system.  USE OF OUR AMERICANA MACHO CULTURE AND WOMEN TO GARNER YOUR SHOW'S RATING IS BELIEIVING YOUR AUDIENCE ARE NAIVE !
Replied By: cherylkay38 on Dec 24, 2010, 7:25PM - In reply to unfundedhunter
I understand your pain. You are absolutely right about the case workers playing GOD. MY neices and nephew has been in the system for three years and has had many different case workers. They do not return your calls and could care less that a family member such as I, love them and very much want them to be in my home. I am going to talk to an attorney to see what I can do.Goodluck with your situation. I hope you get your grandchildren.
Replied By: cherylkay38 on Dec 24, 2010, 5:13PM
I have two neices and a nephew in the system. I also havebeen trying to get them. Cps/DHS will not return my calls. I want them to live with me but having no luck. The system could care less about these kids. They have been shuffled around in many homes and shelters for three years. They each failed a grade. And they are broken. I want them. I love them very much. Had CPS/DHS gave them to me from the beginning they would be flourishing.Please help me,help them.Who can help me?
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