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An intense roundtable discussion continues with the Dr. Phil Housewives: Alana, Jennifer, Gloria, Kimm and Rachael. At the end of the premiere, Michelle walked out after Alana accused her of being rude and dominating the topic of conversation. Will she return? Dr. Phil turns his attention to Gloria, who shares her reason for seeking advice: She wants a relationship but wonders if she’s too intimidating or if her standards are too high. Dr. Phil has a powerful demonstration about the statement each of them makes to the world, and Gloria has a revelation. When she has the opportunity to receive unvarnished feedback from the other women, will she be able to take it? And, when Alana shares the statement she thinks she makes to the world, an opinion from one of the women sets her off. Dr. Phil has some strong words for Alana -- you don’t want to miss it! Then, a deeper look into Alana’s life may reveal why she’s so judgmental. Don’t miss Part 2 of this riveting series!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: meredith721 on Sep 7, 2011, 11:13AM
Seriously watching these "housewives" is like watching an episode of Judge Mathis, none of these women have the self respect or dignity to just shut up & listen to what another says...  None of them are really conducting themselves in the most lady like way and Alana is one mean, nasty peace of work, seems she wants everything to revolve around her thats why she cuts everybody off the moment they speak.  Newsflash Alana, the world does NOT revolve around you..  Alana needs to grow up and learn some self respect as well as how to respect others...  She has such a big mouth and i bet if anyone had to smack her she wouldn't drop them as she puts it but would go cry in a corner because thats what bullies do and i find her to be nothing more than a bully. Alana you are one ugly person inside and out, have some dignity instead of behaving like a 5 year old who throws temper tantrums all the time..
Replied By: abbyforgod on Mar 9, 2011, 1:53AM - In reply to sheeking
I just read this comment you made to Gloria  back in November 2010 since I am new on these blog things. and SO agreed with your reply to Gloria about living as selflessly as we can in theis life- For me it has been the only way of truly feeling the joy of love! We all fall short of the glory of God and yet we are made in His image so must celebrate our lives every moment!!!

love and peace to you sister in Christ!

Replied By: mommacita77 on Jan 19, 2011, 9:08AM
I am puzzled... Why are they referred to as the Dr. Phil Housewives? Only one or two of them are actually married.
Replied By: pipergirl on Dec 7, 2010, 2:19PM - In reply to mrspomlady
Please, I think all these guys are actresses.....i KNOW i saw Gloria on an episode of 'Millionarie MatchMaker for this season. She was in the background of a group of 20 or so women. Please respond to that!
Replied By: kastlsdp on Dec 3, 2010, 2:36PM - In reply to ww7506
I was watching the last episode of Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo and Gloria was one of the many women in the bar to meet the millionaire and hopr to bh chosen by him for a date. She was pushy, bossy and the guy was totally turned off by her aggressiveness. She also mentioned that she owns a surf school and owns a boutique hotel in costa rico. We didn't know this. Can't wait to see if she REALLY does all the things she says.
Replied By: nevadabound on Dec 3, 2010, 7:26AM - In reply to hipgnosis
Gloria, you need to get real, not only with yourself but with your sister housewives.

You are very good at giving advice, telling others what's wrong with them but haven't given any insight into yourself. I see you don't take constructive criticism well..
I must say, I didn't like your cattiness towards Kimm. When Kimm asked you WHY you had your feet on the counter that is was disgusting, what you said in return was most definately uncalled for. You were mean when you told Kimm why doesn't she raise her children right! It was the most dishonest statement to date. What you said had nothing to do with your barefeet on the counter, for goodness sakes, that's where you place your food!
I must ask, are you a Zen Buddhist? Do you practice Buddhism? If you do, then IMO, you are a hypcrite for Buddhist's are not mean, they don't set out to hurt anyone with words or anything else. They are peaceful and what you do, isn't peaceful. I also wonder, you've been hitting the wine awfully hard, do yoou have a problem? Are you in denial?
You packed your bags instead of confronting your inner fears. If you leave the housewives, you've just lost your opportunity to grow with the help of Dr. Phil who is most competant and truly wants to help. You feel you should be sitting by Dr. Phils side doling out remedies when you can't remedy your own egocentric self..Sorry to get down on you but your behaviour last week told me exactly the type of woman you are....and it didn't leave me with any good feelings...JMHO
Replied By: terristew on Dec 1, 2010, 11:40AM
This segment is absolutely entertaining. These women are going absolutely nuts and obviously it makes for great T.V. but I am trying to understand how this helps them.  I can't really pin point everyones problems because I am not a doctor and I definitely don't know how to solve said problems.

For example....I have a lot of the same issues as Alana.  I had many moments in my life where I had low self esteem and now I feel like I am constantly on the defence.  I almost can't help it...I reply angrily so fast to people I don't even know I am doing it.  Alana is definitely like this.  What I can't understand is how telling people there flaws can help them get rid of their insecurities so they can stop defending themselves.  I am mostly curious because I would like to figure this out myself.  I just wonder if this tell it like it is remedy would do more damage and make them more insecure.

I love you Dr. Phil but I just don't get it :)
Replied By: ww7506 on Dec 1, 2010, 9:51AM
Someone make her go home! She is negative bringing her witchcraft around where it does not belong! That explains the immaturity and downright evil behavior! These women are trying to better themselves and everything is fine until Gloria enters the room! We are all tired of watching her humiliate herself on national television! She loves the attention and the camera on her at all times (SICK), but it is backfiring! Everytime Dr.Phil arranges a group activity Gloria has to spoil it with her immature drama and get the camera right back on her! She does not want help, she wants attention and to gain some fame from this and that is all! She should go home!
Replied By: theejones on Nov 16, 2010, 8:14PM - In reply to sheeking

You are nothing if not judgemental....I cant wait until Dr. Phil starts in on you....you are obnoxious.....do you not realize that there is a reason why 4 out of he other 5 women in the house do not like you?????  Its not because you are so cool thats for sure.....its because you are a know it all, arrogant and have to be right all the time because LORD knows, you are the ONLY one who knows anything.   Damn Gloria, get over yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Replied By: irish67 on Nov 11, 2010, 12:54PM
Hi Dr.Phil,

this is in no way to belittle or hurt the Housewife's.
But from what I see, these woman have not told the whole story!!

You have Gloria  saying so many thing's , and I think her dominationg the session's saying everyone is after her.
She like's to tell everyone how smart she is , Well I am a partner in a Meat Co., not easy when it an all male
She said that all woman  hate her, i feel she goes out of her way to have people dis-like her.


   I feel she is using her mouth to hide all the pain she is in . It is written on her face.  That is her defense
so no one will dare call her out.

I feel all the Woman are not telling the whole truth, I think they are like many of us.

The fear of all the Truth , scare's them to death.

( this is in no way , insulting the woman!  but let it all out - you will be amazed at havng all the pain out in the
open , you will feel like a ton has been lifted, and it is so freeing.) 

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