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Tensions and raw emotions come to the surface when the Dr. Phil Housewives meet for the very first time! On the surface, Alana, Jennifer, Gloria, Rachael, Michelle and Kimm appear to have it all together – successful careers, good families, comfortable homes – but when Dr. Phil peels away the layers, new revelations and even some life-threatening issues are exposed. In a twist of convention, Dr. Phil takes the journey along with his viewers in this multi-part series, learning about the women at the same time his audience does. “I wanted this to unfold in a natural way, and I wanted to let these women not be defined by an issue they had declared when they came here, but by the issues that organically came up during these discussions,” he says. See the healing process unfold Tuesdays on Dr. Phil!

Watch Dr. Phil give his thoughts after his first meeting with the Housewives.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: mabcanada on Apr 18, 2012, 11:30AM - In reply to jonidrphil
Many people that have clinical depression are suicidal--I know because I was--I dont` want to divulge anything further on public forum.
Take Care
Replied By: eitorres on Mar 16, 2011, 5:50AM
Dr. Phil

It is so obvious that Alana is still affected by her past because she has now become the bully like the one who used to harrass her as a young person and has now continued to be that bully by now intimidating the smaller women in the show. It is obvious that she tries to be the big bully by making them feel that she will bulldoze over them physically, but she is using her big size to intimidate (her words dont mean much harm) so she is really back to where she was as a young woman. She really needs to get over what happened in the past because she is trying to do the same to these ladies by intimidating, but she barked on the wrong tree becasue these women are strong and are not easily bulldozed! The difference is that they are not insecure in their own shells as she has and conitnues to be!

I think Alana still thinks that she is that overweight person she used to be and can't get over that. she is still living in that fat woman's body. Alana, I hope you read this and take into heart for you to change., We wont lose sleep over this, but you know that you will in your own subconscious way!

good luck
Replied By: marypizzica on Feb 28, 2011, 8:08AM
Dr Phil I just watched Alana make a fool of herself on Judge Karen's Court. She is such a control freak she attempted to control the judge.  Before this woman continues to judge others behavior on the show she needs to step back and double check her own behavior and the men she chooses to "take care of".  It's pretty obivious why she cooses the type of men she does so that she usually has control but htis one got her and she could not handle it.  If she is so succcessful as she claims, lawyer, etc why is she is court suing a past BF for a tool box? come on enough already.  Keep her close Dr Phil she needs your guidance very badly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Mary Pizzica
Replied By: woofie9 on Jan 30, 2011, 1:27PM
Happened to catch Gloria on an episode of Millionaire Matchmaker as a potential date. Saw this a few months ago, interesting,....
Replied By: saskiacluett on Jan 20, 2011, 3:59AM
What an interesting programme. We have just had the first show aired in SA and I found it fascinating.  All the women are totally different.  Having seen the info on the website I gather that Michelle will be coming back; didnt doubt it.  Far too good a stage for her not to be on.  Alana has her number.  Look forward to episode 2.
Replied By: mrsbx40 on Nov 8, 2010, 7:40AM
Maybe I live a sheltered life but, I know what a decent, loving, kind, hardworking woman is!! And there aren't many on that panel of women.

Alana......grow up girl!!!  Maybe people would actually respect you if you had an ounce of kindness or compassion for anyone but yourself!!! You can have a reasonable discussion without threatening to take people out!!  If you can't,  you are surely not as educated and smart as you want us all to believe.

Kim...get off your spoiled, little girl butt and raise those kids of yours the way a real Mother should!!!

Gloria....you go girl!  You are the one that will take Alana down to where she should be to become a real human being!  You are beautiful.  Problem is, you know it a little TOO MUCH.  Tone it down a bit and you will be fine.

I haven't really figured the others out yet.  When I do I will post again.

Good luck Dr. Phil.  You've got your hands full!!
Replied By: zennaavila on Oct 13, 2010, 10:28AM
Other than Kimm & Jennifer, where are the Housewives?  Any other title, please!!!  The other 4 women work, right?  I just wish we could get out from under this awful title that was developed some few hundred dark ages ago!

Now, about the show's dynamics...it's a TV Show, for cripes' sake!  We get snippits of what really goes on, we all know that - the saddest thing is - and this is the BEST of it?  Must be really boring for Dr P.

I am learning a whole lot about certain of the women's issues, and can most relate to Michelle.  I, too, come off as passive-agressive, when in truth, I'm scared wittless to share my own idea of something.  Not only does it have to do with my own father not believing I'm his child, it also has to do with have 3 other very strong women to live amongst, being the youngest of 3 girls and a mother who was with NASA, in personnel, no less.  It's hard to have a voice when I felt shot down and told "we don't need you around here" or "go play by yourself, you'll just get in the way."

Also, with Kimm, I recognize alcoholism and depression all too well.  I had a friend whose mother took to the bed, and we all knew why.  I mean, what else are you doing in bed all day?  Those muscles in your core are going to start hurting that back, and if you think you're fat now, Kimm, watch out for the real blow - aka - Menopause!  I, too, am depressed, my husband died 9 years ago, and I take to the bed around the anniversary date every year.  It lasts right around the 12 days from when I took him in to hospital where he died 12 days later from Lung Cancer.  The rest of the time, it does come & go, but I don't have kids that I agreed to bring into the world and raise.  She's just lazy and self-indulgent.

Jennifer is just scared.  I know that one all too well.

Alana?  She's like some snap-diva who thinks she's gonna make a statement in her life - and I'll bet she does, too!  She already has made quite some major strides in getting honest and is way ahead of the game than any of these other ones.

Gloria?  Don't get me started...cut the mane, and lose those necklaces, and what've you got?  Ugleeee!  As in, ugly attitude - it ain't all about looks, and it certainly ain't all about knowing everything and not being able to hear or see.  I know, I was a beauty, a vixen, a siren...all that, and I was so clueless!  Thought I knew a whole lot - I knew it in my head - my heart was dead, just like Gloria's!  Yeesh!
Replied By: yellowbone_40 on Oct 10, 2010, 2:48PM - In reply to kenspecle
Ok these ladies still have a long way to go before they can begin to heal and my question is why is racheal on here since the housewives has started she has had nothing to say much so what is her deal come on now an gloria to me has to have men's attention just to feel good about herself. And the other (4) I haven't figure them out yet. But I will tho 
Replied By: kenspecle on Oct 6, 2010, 11:33AM
Could Someone please answer this for me - what is the point of the Dr. Phil Housewives? These women are strangers to one another and each have unique problems of their own. Dr. Phil brought them on the show to provide the with "help", but so far all they've done is talk about why they don't like one another. Why is that important? They are strangers. They never had to like one another before this show happened to them. Why is it important that they like each other now? Why is Dr. Phil not getting to the bottom of their issues.
This is my first visit to this site and the only reason I signed up was to have this addressed. Yesterday's show had me screaming at the television "let's move on." Hopefully I get some answers.
Replied By: drakestar on Sep 30, 2010, 10:37AM - In reply to tesha28
The show you were talking about was called "starting over". Now that you say that...I think I remember her also. Wonder what ever happened to that show.
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